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Podcast Profile: Nonlocal: a quantum computing podcast

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4 episodes
2020 to 2021
Median: 52 minutes
Collection: Physics, Math, and Astronomy

Description (podcaster-provided):

This podcast takes you behind the scenes into the world of quantum computing research: through conversations with researchers, we explore the latest and most exciting ideas in the field. The podcast is aimed at anyone interested in quantum computing.
About the hosts:
Vincent Russo ( has a PhD in computer science. Software engineer by day and quantum engineer by night.
William Slofstra ( is a mathematician at the University of Waterloo.
Henry Yuen ( is a computer scientist at Columbia University.

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Quantum computing research • Quantum advantage • Shallow circuits • Quantum cryptography • Data deletion • Quantum channel capacities • Mermin-Peres magic square • Privacy applications

"Nonlocal: a quantum computing podcast" is designed to illuminate the intricacies of quantum computing research through engaging discussions with leading researchers in the field. The podcast is hosted by Vincent Russo, a software and quantum engineer, William Slofstra, a mathematician, and Henry Yuen, a computer scientist, who bring their academic and practical expertise to each episode.

The episodes delve into diverse topics within quantum computing, aiming to unravel complex ideas for an audience that is interested but not necessarily specialized in the field. The podcast explores foundational and advanced concepts such as quantum circuits and their potential superiority over classical circuits, the implications of quantum encryption, and the nuanced challenges associated with quantum channel capacities. It also addresses specific mechanisms like the Mermin-Peres magic square which plays a crucial role in quantum cryptography and complexity theory.

Conversations with experts like David Gosset and Anne Broadbent provide listeners with insights into current research, such as proving quantum advantage and developing protocols for quantum-certified data deletion. Other episodes feature discussions on quantum channel capacities, highlighting their counterintuitive properties and the challenges in calculating them, and provide perspectives on historically significant topics like the Mermin-Peres magic square.

The themes of the podcast are inherently technical, focusing on both theoretical advancements and practical implications in the realm of quantum computing. Each episode often references key academic papers and discusses their findings and significance, providing listeners with a rich understanding of both the current state and the evolution of quantum computing research. The podcast thereby serves as a platform for both educating and updating its audience on cutting-edge developments in quantum science.

Episode Image 004: Shallow quantum circuits with David Gosset
74 minutes
003: Quantum certified deletion with Anne Broadbent
35 minutes
002: Quantum channel capacities with Debbie Leung
63 minutes
001: The origin of the Mermin-Peres magic square
42 minutes