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Podcast Profile: The Urban Astronomer Podcast

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30 episodes
2018 to 2022
Median: 32 minutes
Collection: Physics, Math, and Astronomy

Description (podcaster-provided):

The Urban Astronomer podcast is the audio version of the popular Urban Astronomer website, which has been sharing news and information about space science and astronomy since the year 2009. The website has undergone several facelifts, and changes in editorial style and focus over the years, but it's always stayed true to its principles of honest science presented simply, without oversimplifying.
While Urban Astronomer is not the largest or most popular astronomy website on the internet, we've managed to retain a small, loyal following who have stuck with us through both good times (Allen won a special commendation in a science journalism award ceremony), and bad (when output slowed to about one new posting per month, thanks to increased family and work pressure).
This podcast is the next chapter in the Urban Astornomer story, and features News, Science, Interviews, and the occasional rant on the role and perception of science and astronomy in the modern world.
We at Urban Astonomer expect to become one of South Africa's leading science and astronomy podcasts within the year. If we think we deserve that position, you can help us by simply listening the the episodes, and sharing them with your friends. And if we don't meet your standard, we're definitely open to criticism.
Thanks for listening!

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Space science news • Astronomical interviews • Science communication • Exoplanets • Astronomy techniques • Historical astronomy debates • Star and planet formation • Cultural astronomy • South African astronomy • Astronomy outreach

The Urban Astronomer Podcast delves into the world of space science and astronomy, offering a rich blend of content that ranges from interviews with prominent figures in the field to detailed science explanations. The podcast, described as the audio extension of the long-standing Urban Astronomer website, seeks to present complex scientific concepts in an accessible yet accurate manner, avoiding oversimplification.

Within the episodes, listeners will find a diverse array of topics. One recurring element is the "Science Explainy Bit," where the host tackles fundamental questions about the cosmos, such as the composition of celestial bodies, the mechanics of orbits, and the reasons behind the visibility of the Moon during the day. These segments aim to clarify basic but often misunderstood elements of astronomy.

The podcast also includes a significant number of interviews, featuring a variety of guests who have made notable contributions to astronomy and space science. These interviews explore topics like the specifics of astrophysics research, the professional journeys of scientists, and insights into groundbreaking surveys and projects. Interviewees range from postdoctoral researchers to seasoned professors, providing a broad perspective on the field.

Another theme within the episodes is the discussion of topical news in astronomy, including current events and recent discoveries. This includes coverage of unusual astronomical phenomena, such as the discovery of a seemingly “impossible” exoplanet, and broader scientific debates, like the role of rhetoric in scientific discourse.

Additionally, the podcast occasionally addresses philosophical and historical questions, reflecting on the evolution of astronomical theories and the public’s perception of science.

Overall, this podcast offers a well-rounded exploration of astronomy, combining up-to-date news, educational content, and personal stories from experts, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in the mysteries of the universe.

Episode Image Impossible exoplanets and Rhetoric
26 minutes
Episode Image Interview with Dr Julia Healy
38 minutes
Episode Image How do we know what things in space are made from?
20 minutes
Episode Image Interview with Imogen Whittam
25 minutes
Episode Image Southern skies and Northern skies
17 minutes
Episode Image Interview with Carol Botha
63 minutes
Episode Image What’s the deal with Leap Years?
17 minutes
Episode Image Interview with Dr Tony Lelliott
27 minutes
Episode Image Season 3 launching next week
2 minutes
Episode Image Season Three coming soon…
2 minutes
Episode Image Star colours and what space is like
32 minutes
Episode Image Interview with Nicole Thomas
36 minutes
Episode Image Guns in Space and Why Venus is so Hot
26 minutes
Episode Image Interview with Dr Tana Joseph
38 minutes
Episode Image Why did I defend the geocentric model?
32 minutes
Episode Image Interview with Dr Jarita Holbrook
41 minutes
Episode Image Why do planets orbit in the same plane?
22 minutes
Episode Image Interview with Dr Rosalind Skelton
34 minutes
Episode Image How do orbits work?
19 minutes
Episode Image Interview with Dr Daniel Cunnama
44 minutes
Episode Image Why are planets always round?
16 minutes
Episode Image Interview with Dr Wendy Williams
24 minutes
Episode Image Second season coming July 2nd
5 minutes
Episode Image Robert Ormerod at ScopeX 2018
52 minutes
Episode Image Podcast #41: Angus Burns at ScopeX 2018
41 minutes
Episode Image Podcast #40: Christmas Special with Clem Unger
51 minutes
Episode Image Podcast #39: Clyde Foster at ScopeX 2018
52 minutes
Episode Image Podcast #38: Dr Pieter Kotzé at ScopeX 2018
42 minutes
Episode Image Podcast #37: Mission Update and Tim Cooper at ScopeX 2018
45 minutes
Episode Image Podcast #36: José da Silva at ScopeX 2018
35 minutes