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Podcast Profile: Through the Telescope

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23 episodes
Median: 57 minutes
Collection: Physics, Math, and Astronomy

Description (podcaster-provided):

A podcast putting the lens on astronomy.
Through the Telescope is a podcast exploring some of the big topics in astronomy in little pieces. Whether you know your red giants from your redshifts or still get caught up on the difference between astronomy and astrology, join Rose and Elliott as they journey through the Cosmos and generally have fun along the way.
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Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Astronomy topics • Planets • Stars • Space exploration • Cosmic events • Scientific discoveries • Space technology • Astronomy history • Astronomical phenomena • Life in the cosmos • Human space activity

"Through the Telescope" is a podcast dedicated to exploring the vast and intriguing field of astronomy. Hosted by astrophysicist Rose Waugh and her co-host Elliott Bruce, the show aims to make complex astronomical topics accessible and enjoyable for a broad audience, whether they are seasoned scientists or casual enthusiasts.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics within the realm of space and astronomy. Listeners can expect detailed discussions on various celestial bodies, including planets like Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Earth, as well as stellar phenomena such as red dwarfs, neutron stars, and pulsars. The episodes delve into the composition, characteristics, and unique aspects of these celestial entities, providing listeners with a deep understanding of each subject.

A recurring theme in the podcast is the exploration of the history and future of space exploration. Topics such as space missions, the potential for human colonization of other planets, and the technological advancements driven by space research are frequently discussed. The hosts also tackle the broader impact of space exploration on society, examining how space technologies influence everyday life and even contribute to fields like archaeology and citizen science.

Another significant aspect of the podcast is its focus on the larger-scale structures and events in the universe. Episodes investigate the formation and characteristics of galaxies, the dynamics of the solar system, and the ultimate fate of the universe itself. The hosts also engage with current scientific debates and discoveries, providing insight into cutting-edge research and its implications.

Overall, "Through the Telescope" offers an engaging and informative journey through the cosmos, blending scientific rigor with an approachable and entertaining presentation style. The podcast not only seeks to educate its listeners about astronomy but also to inspire a deeper appreciation for the wonders of the universe.

Episode Image Centaurs and Where to Find Them
57 minutes
Episode Image Mars, Rovers and Theses
86 minutes
Episode Image The End of the Universe and how we get there
63 minutes
Episode Image The Moon, getting there and going back
75 minutes
Episode Image Red dwarfs, M dwarfs and the difference between them
61 minutes
Episode Image Earth, Life and Aurorae
65 minutes
Episode Image Stellar Clusters and SpaceX
41 minutes
Episode Image What has Space Ever Done for Us? Part 2
59 minutes
Episode Image What has Space Ever Done for Us? Part 1
68 minutes
Episode Image Venus
60 minutes
Episode Image Pulsars and Neutron Stars
69 minutes
Episode Image Mercury
51 minutes
Episode Image How to Classify Stars
58 minutes
Episode Image Solar Activity and Solar Sails
58 minutes
Episode Image The Sun
52 minutes
Episode Image Jodrell Bank
52 minutes
Episode Image Pale Blue Dot
23 minutes
Episode Image The Solar System
51 minutes
Episode Image Exoplanets Part 2
50 minutes
Episode Image Exoplanets Part 1
50 minutes
Episode Image The Night Sky
45 minutes
Episode Image Galaxies
54 minutes
Episode Image Welcome to Through the Telescope
1 minute