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Podcast Profile: Quantized Ramblings

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19 episodes
2020 to 2022
Median: 48 minutes
Collection: Physics, Math, and Astronomy

Description (podcaster-provided):

This podcast is an attempt to record the (hopefully) coherent ramblings of three guys working their way through a physics degree.
We like to listen to each other talk about physics. We will recklessly extrapolate and assume that you like to listen to us ramble too. Welcome to Quantized Ramblings

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Physics theories • Quantum gravity • String theory • Swampland conjectures • Neutrinos • Symmetry breaking • Compactification • Thermodynamics • Academia experiences • Science fiction elements • Mathematical physics

"Quantized Ramblings" is a podcast featuring the musings of three physics students, often joined by guest speakers, as they navigate the complexities of their field. The show's overarching theme is the in-depth exploration of various concepts that span across quantum mechanics, quantum field theory (QFT), condensed matter physics, and cosmology, blending rigorous scientific discussions with casual, often speculative conversation.

A recurring subject matter is string theory, discussed from multiple angles such as its origins, limitations, and implications in modern physics. Episodes delve into theoretical constructs like the eikonal approximation, factorization theorems, and quantum gravity, often relating these ideas to advanced topics such as Vasiliev gravity and quantum anomalies. The swampland conjectures and the weak gravity conjecture are also explored, underlining their relevance to effective field theories (EFTs) and the broader quest for a UV completion of these models.

In addition to theoretical discussions, the podcast frequently revisits key concepts in physics, including spontaneous symmetry breaking, integrability, and the role of algebraic structures in different models. The discussions often segue into conversations about anomalies, RG flows, and the emergence of physical laws from seemingly fundamental mathematical principles, as exemplified by Witten's work on gauge-gravity amplitudes in twistor space.

Episodes also branch out to address interdisciplinary concerns, such as the interplay between quantum field theories and condensed matter physics. Topics like Anderson localization, stochastic thermodynamics, and non-hermitian Hamiltonians highlight the show's commitment to covering a wide spectrum of ideas. Occasionally, the hosts discuss speculative topics like advanced civilizations or the structure of vacua in the context of compactified theories, providing a lighter, imaginative contrast to the more heavily theoretical content.

Guest episodes featuring researchers like Rohan Maniar and Gautam Hegde offer specialized insights into niche areas like 2D magnetic systems and Bose-Einstein condensates, respectively. Throughout, the podcast maintains an informal tone, blending educational material with informal chat, making complex physics accessible and engaging.

Episode Image 8.5 Part 3: String theory and (other) science fiction
103 minutes
Episode Image 8.5 Part 2
91 minutes
Episode Image 8.5 Part 1: Impromptu over chai
86 minutes
Episode Image Positivity bounds and gravity
46 minutes
Episode Image CPT and the neutrino story
64 minutes
Episode Image Thoughts on Academia
50 minutes
Episode Image 2D magnetism with Rohan Maniar
37 minutes
Episode Image "Chai pe charcha"
33 minutes
Episode Image Integrability
48 minutes
Episode Image From Parafermions to the Swampland
36 minutes
Episode Image Cosmological collider physics
31 minutes
Episode Image An operator for time?
36 minutes
Episode Image Bose-Einstein condensates with Gautam Hegde
56 minutes
Episode Image Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking
49 minutes
Episode Image But, what is Time?
40 minutes
Episode Image From Compactifications to Topological Insulators
51 minutes
Episode Image Starts with a bang: story of the Universe
52 minutes
Episode Image Hot stuff: From Temperature to Black holes
29 minutes
Episode Image RG flows and all that
32 minutes