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Podcast Profile: The Springer Math Podcast

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15 episodes
2021 to 2023
Median: 35 minutes
Collection: Physics, Math, and Astronomy

Description (podcaster-provided):

This is a podcast about mathematics and the people who develop it. The episodes combine recent developments and visions for the future of the field and aim at creating a virtual hub that highlights ideas, people and research topics in mathematics. ISSN 2731-4804

Themes and summary (AI-generated based on podcaster-provided show and episode descriptions):

➤ Mathematics and researchers • Optimal transport • Scientific and academic journeys • International collaborations and congresses • Intersections with physics • Mathematical publishing • Women in mathematics • Mathematics in various global regions • Applications in cancer therapy and better living

The Springer Math Podcast delves into the world of mathematics and the people who shape its evolution. It aims to highlight recent developments, visionary ideas, and notable research in the field. The podcast covers a broad spectrum of mathematical topics and features interviews with renowned mathematicians, each sharing their unique perspectives and experiences.

One of the central themes recurring across many episodes is the exploration of mathematical theories and their applications. The podcast frequently addresses topics like optimal transport, scientific publishing, and the expansion of mathematics in different global regions. It also provides insights into the integration of mathematics with other fields such as physics and cancer therapy, showcasing the interdisciplinary nature of modern mathematical research.

In addition to technical discussions, the podcast often highlights personal journeys within the mathematical community. It features conversations with mathematicians about their paths in academia, their pioneering contributions, and the challenges they faced along the way. These narratives offer a glimpse into the motivations and passions driving these individuals, enriching the listeners’ understanding of the human element behind mathematical advancements.

The show also underscores the inclusivity and accessibility of mathematical knowledge. Several episodes discuss efforts to make mathematical content accessible for the visually impaired and initiatives to foster inclusion within the mathematical community. The podcast explores the diverse backgrounds of its guests, illustrating the global and varied nature of the field.

Ultimately, the Springer Math Podcast serves as a virtual hub that brings together discussions on cutting-edge mathematical research, personal stories, and efforts to widen the reach and impact of mathematics. It offers listeners both deep dives into specific areas of mathematics and broader reflections on the role of mathematics in the contemporary world.

Episode Image Scientific Publishing in a Transformative World - A Mathematician’s Perspective: Ilka Agricola interviewed by Lynn Brandon
44 minutes
Episode Image Optimal Transport across Mathematical Boundaries: Nicola Gigli interviewed by Camillo De Lellis
33 minutes
Episode Image People and their passions for ICIAM 2023 Tokyo: A dialogue between Ken Hayami and Hisashi Okamoto
18 minutes
Episode Image A Personal Journey through Optimal Transport: Fields medalist Alessio Figalli interviewed by Luigi Ambrosio
44 minutes
Episode Image Exploring the World of Optimal Transport: Luigi Ambrosio interviewed by Alfio Quarteroni
41 minutes
Episode Image The Expansion of Mathematics in Korea: Jaigyoung Choe interviewed by Masayuki Nakamura
22 minutes
Episode Image A Life in Mathematical Publishing: Catriona Byrne interviewed by Bernard Teissier
46 minutes
Episode Image Dialogues between Mathematics and Physics: Yang-Hui He interviewed by Daniel Wang
34 minutes
Episode Image Mathematics in Latin America: Challenges and Perspectives. Marcelo Viana interviewed by Robinson dos Santos
39 minutes
Episode Image Mathematics Unbound: The Life and Legacy of John Horton Conway
50 minutes
Episode Image Mathematics and Love: Catherine Beneteau and Dmitry Khavinson interviewed by Dorothy Mazlum
42 minutes
Episode Image Mathematics and Cancer Therapy: Trachette Jackson interviewed by Lynn Brandon
23 minutes
Episode Image Managing Research: Aslak Tveito interviewed by Martin Peters
26 minutes
Episode Image Women in Mathematics: Past, Present and Future. Kathryn Leonard interviewed by Dahlia Fisch
33 minutes
Episode Image Mathematics for a better life: Alfio Quarteroni interviewed by Francesca Bonadei
35 minutes