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Podcast Profile: Philosophy: Justice and Morality - Audio

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Podcaster's summary: Although what constitutes justice may vary depending on culture or historical context, all forms of justice are built on a foundation of moral assumptions that include ideas about ethics, fairness and the law. Philosophers have often debated the nature of both morality and justice and their relationship with each other and in this collection we explore some of the most influential ideas on the topics from Kant to Bentham and investigate problems such as can inequalities be justified, provided they are to the benefit of the worst off? | | This material forms part of The Open University course A222 Exploring philosophy.

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2011-Jun-13 • 18 minutes
Plato on justice and self interest
A debate on whether citizens follow the law because of their good nature, or because they fear retribution.
2011-Jun-13 • 18 minutes
Classical and modern utilitarianism
A discussion about the differences between classical and modern utilitarianism.
2011-Jun-13 • 13 minutes
Kant's moral philosophy
An examination of Kant's teachings on morality.
2011-Jun-13 • 8 minutes
Rawls on distributive justice
Rawls argues that it's fair to create a society that eliminates all forms of bias, including talent.
2011-Jun-13 • 8 minutes
Nozick on Libertarian theories of justice
Is taxation on par with forced labour? Nozick believes this to be the case.