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Podcast Profile: The Happier Hour

podcast imageTwitter: @MissMMcCarthy
54 episodes
2018 to 2019
Average episode: 26 minutes
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Categories: Interview-Style • Life Philosophy

Podcaster's summary: Equal parts philosophy and self-help (with a dash of humor thrown in for taste), The Happier Hour aims to make philosophy useful for the rest of us. Each episode explores a modern-day dilemma, via the lens of the greatest philosophers of all time, and often with special guests in the hot seat who know about stuff. Like the joy that comes from a strong drink at half the price, this show is for curious minds who want to know more about philosophy, without going back to school. Join your host Monica McCarthy, because it’s time to get happier!

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List Updated: 2024-Apr-14 06:08 UTC. Episodes: 54. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2019-May-28 • 22 minutes
#054 Humility Q&A: Self-Care, Self-Promotion, And The Myth of Being Self-Made
What Audre Lorde and Auguste Comte Can Teach Us
2019-May-21 • 38 minutes
#053 Losing My Religion With Auguste Comte and AJ Jacobs
How Luck And Gratitude Can Make Us Humble
2019-May-14 • 47 minutes
#052 Speaking Up With Audre Lourde and Serene J Khader
On Feminism, Oppression, and Humility
2019-May-07 • 18 minutes
#051 Design Q&A: Designing Our Dreams With Derrida and Kant
With Debbie Millman and Kathleen Wallace
2019-Apr-30 • 35 minutes
#050 Moral By Design With Immanuel Kant and Kathleen Wallace
How The Categorical Imperative Can Change Your Life
2019-Apr-23 • 40 minutes
#049 Designing Your Life With Debbie Millman and Jacques Derrida
On Meaning, Purpose, And Making Your Own Rules
2019-Apr-18 • 30 minutes
#048 Doubt Q&A: On Skepticism, Cynicism, and Optimism
What Socrates and Karl Popper Can Teach Us To Be Happier
2019-Mar-26 • 35 minutes
#047 Weird Science With Karl Popper and Maryam Zaringhalam
What doubt, pseudoscience, and philosophy can teach us
2019-Mar-19 • 39 minutes
#046 Doubt With Socrates and Nick Pappas
How some skepticism can turn fear into curiosity
2019-Mar-07 • 36 minutes
#045 Failure With Jean-Paul Sartre and Olivia Goldhill
How Existentialism Can Help Us Fail Better
2018-Dec-29 • 34 minutes
#044 Reflecting On The Year That Was
Celebrating the anniversary of the Happier Hour and 2018
2018-Dec-23 • 26 minutes
#043 Legacy Q&A: On Sacrifice, Success, and Selfies
Social media, sociopathy, and society
2018-Dec-19 • 30 minutes
#042 Achievement With Friedrich Nietzsche and Mary Pilon
On sports, fans, fame, and failure
2018-Dec-16 • 29 minutes
#041 Storytelling With David Hume and Barry Lam
On passions, legacy, and skepticism
2018-Dec-12 • 34 minutes
#040 Practice With William James and Scott Barry Kaufman
Creating A Legacy One Habit At A Time
2018-Dec-09 • 26 minutes
#039 Revelry Q&A: On Beauty, Bacchae, and Becoming
What Immigrants, Burlesque, and Cotton Candy Have In Common
2018-Dec-05 • 23 minutes
#038 Sexy Time with Michel Foucault and Jezebel Express
How burlesque can help us be happier
2018-Nov-29 • 27 minutes
#037 Fiestas & Solitude With Octavio Paz and Daniel Campos
On immigrants, revelry, and combating loneliness
2018-Nov-26 • 28 minutes
#036 Nostalgia With Svetlana Boym and Not Your Average Cotton
How looking back can help you be more present
2018-Nov-21 • 22 minutes
#035 DISCOVERY Q&A: On Cruises, Knowledge, Books, and Brains
Audience Asks, Discovery Guests Answer
2018-Oct-30 • 29 minutes
#034 Your Brain On Avicenna and Shannon Odell
Neuroscience, self-help, and social media
2018-Oct-24 • 24 minutes
#033 It's All Relative With Albert Einstein and Dr. Elise Crull
How metaphysics and empathy are related
2018-Oct-21 • 28 minutes
#032 Bonus Episode: Well-Placed Travels with Jessica Parker
The Business of Travel
2018-Oct-17 • 29 minutes
#031 The Road Less Travelled With Santayana and David Farley
How travel can be our teacher
2018-Oct-08 • 35 minutes
#030 Lessons Learned: On Podcasting & Philosophy
Season 1 Finale of The Happier Hour
2018-Oct-04 • 20 minutes
#029 CREATIVITY Q&A: On Art, Madness, and the Middle East
The grand final on our CREATIVITY series
2018-Oct-02 • 24 minutes
#028 Facing Our Fears With Montaigne and Adam Valen Levinson
Challenging our assumptions and creatively communicating
2018-Sep-27 • 27 minutes
#027 Reflections In Wonderland with Gwenda-lin Grewal
Creativity As Uncovering
2018-Sep-25 • 29 minutes
#026 The Third Way With Émilie Du Châtelet and Amber Baldet
Blockchain, Big Banks, and Authentic Creativity
2018-Sep-23 • 7 minutes
#025 And The Tree Was Happy: A Story of Generosity
How giving can make you happier
2018-Sep-20 • 13 minutes
#024 Money Q&A: The Value of Currency
Voting, Meaning, and Universal Basic Income
2018-Sep-18 • 25 minutes
#023 Making Money Work With Voltaire And Jill Schlesinger
Cultivating our gardens with common cents
2018-Sep-16 • 40 minutes
#022 Act II: Existential Angst and Career Change
When you who you were is no longer who you are
2018-Sep-13 • 27 minutes
#021 Moral Money With Adam Smith and Jennifer Morton
How scarcity changes our choices
2018-Sep-11 • 31 minutes
#020 Do The (Side) Hustle With Epicurus and Chris Guillebeau
How freedom in work can change your life
2018-Sep-09 • 44 minutes
#019 The Write Life With Jenny Blake
How to write and live with more ease and joy
2018-Sep-06 • 15 minutes
#018 Rebellion Q&A: I’ll Have What She’s Having
Fighting Oppression One Philosopher At A Time
2018-Sep-04 • 24 minutes
#017 Making A Racket with Hypatia and Simone de Beauvoir
Changing the shame game
2018-Sep-02 • 10 minutes
#016 Labor Of Truth: Ain't I A Woman
Sojourner Truth and Women Who Run The World
2018-Aug-30 • 30 minutes
#015 Sinners and Saint Teresa of Avila with Dr. Christia Mercer
Rebelling With Grace
2018-Aug-28 • 29 minutes
#014 Radical Resistance With Hannah Arendt and Genesis Be
How a shift in perspective can change the conversation
2018-Aug-26 • 10 minutes
#013 Embracing The Amateur
For The Love Of The Game
2018-Aug-23 • 11 minutes
#012 LOVE Q&A: Love, Loss, and Loving More
When Breakups Can Become A Blessing
2018-Aug-21 • 27 minutes
#011 Commit To A Character with Aristotle and William Beteet
How Acting "As If" Can Change Your (Love) Life
2018-Aug-19 • 13 minutes
#010 Getting To The Good Place
How Rules Can Make Us Happier
2018-Aug-16 • 26 minutes
#009 Soulmates, Sartre, and Beauvoir with Skye Cleary
How Existentialism Can Save Modern Marriage
2018-Aug-14 • 22 minutes
#008 Your Love Blueprint and Sigmund Freud with Terri Cole
How to break the cycle of bad relationships
2018-Aug-12 • 29 minutes
#007 Ancient Wisdom For Modern Anxiety with Jules Evans
How Stoicism, CBT, and Loving Kindness Can Help Us Cope
2018-Aug-09 • 15 minutes
#006 Resolutions Q&A: Plato, Seneca and Camus Walk Into A Bar
with Dorie Clark, Massimo Pigliuccui, and Rita J King
2018-Aug-07 • 24 minutes
#005 Just Your Imagination with Albert Camus and Rita J King
How philosophy and myth change the way we view the world
2018-Aug-02 • 13 minutes
#004 How A Dinner Party Can Change Your Life
Happier Ever After Hours Bonus Episode 1
2018-Aug-02 • 29 minutes
#003 Keep Calm And Carry On with Seneca and Massimo Pigliucci
How Stoicism Can Save The Day
2018-Aug-02 • 20 minutes
#002 Beginnings with Plato and Dorie Clark
How to choose the right goals?
2018-Jul-24 • 2 minutes
#001 It's About Time To Get Happier
With A Shot Of Philosophy