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Google Scholar Links for Physicists on Bluesky

A list of physicists with over 50 followers. Also see Astronomers on Bluesky.

Updated: 2023-Jun-08 03:03 UTC. Entries: 9. Inclusion criteria. See full group. Feedback:

1. profile imageKatie Mack

Cosmologist, pilot, author, connoisseur of cosmic catastrophes. @TEDFellow, CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar. She/her. Dr.
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2. profile imageRobert McNees

Professor and physicist. Black holes, quantum gravity, cosmology. Rocky Top. Tar Heel. Reposts are spooky action at a distance. These are my views, not my employer's.
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3. profile imageGreg Gbur aka Dr. SkySkull

Professor of optics, blogger of physics, history, & pulp fiction. Generally tries to keep things light-hearted, in spite of *waves hands at everything*
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4. profile imagePhysgal ⚛️

University physics lecturer and associate dean, learning. Physics demystifier. Supporter of girls and women in physics. 3MNTF She/her Ph.D.
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5. profile imageSean Carroll

Physics, philosophy, complexity. Johns Hopkins & Santa Fe Institute. Host, #MindscapePodcast. Married to He/him. New book: The Biggest Ideas in the Universe.
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6. profile imageLeo C. Stein

Physics Prof @U of MS. Black holes, gravitational waves, general relativity & beyond. Formerly Caltech MIT Cornell. Need thin pizza + fruity coffee. He/him 🌐 @duetosymmetr y everywhere
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7. profile imageKelly Truelove

Curator of science, philosophy, & mathematics lists at covering podcasts, Mastodon, & Bluesky. Curious about the nature of things. Physics PhD. More: (words) • http://TrueSciPhi.Art (images).
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8. profile imageGeorge Musser

Scientific American contributing editor, Quanta contributing writer, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to String Theory, author of Spooky Action at a Distance, @[email protected]
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9. profile imageAdam Becker

Author, journalist, astrophysicist. He/him. @FreelanceAstro on the bird site.
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