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Physicists on Bluesky

A list of physicists with over 100 followers. Also see Astronomers on Bluesky.

Updated: 2023-Oct-04 15:09 UTC. Entries: 58. Inclusion criteria. List only women. List only patron opportunities. List only video channels. List only accounts with Google Scholar links. Switch to grid view. Download as Bluesky CSV. Feedback:

1. profile imageKatie Mack

Cosmologist, pilot, author, connoisseur of cosmic catastrophes. @TEDFellow, CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar. She/her. Dr.
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Video channel
2. profile imageChanda Prescod-Weinstein

Asst Prof: Physics/Astro/STS. Author: #DisorderedCosmos. [email protected]. Twitter: IBJIYONGI. all Black/Jewish. queer/agender/woman/she. Posts by/for me🖖🏽
3. profile imageSean Carroll

Physics, philosophy, complexity. Johns Hopkins & Santa Fe Institute. Host, #MindscapePodcast. Married to He/him. New book: The Biggest Ideas in the Universe.
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4. profile imageMika McKinnon

Field geophysicist, disaster researcher, scifi science consultant, science writer, public speaker, irrepressibly curious. Occasional rock-licker, frequent devourer of board books. 🇨🇦🇺🇸
Video channel
5. profile imageDr. "Allan" SkySkull

Professor of optics, blogger of physics, history, & pulp fiction. Generally tries to keep things light-hearted, in spite of *waves hands at everything*
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6. profile imagePhysghoul 👻

University physics lecturer and associate dean, learning. Physics demystifier. Supporter of girls and women in physics. 3MNTF She/her Ph.D.
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7. profile imageRobert “The Bobby Yaga” McNees

Professor and physicist. Black holes, quantum gravity, cosmology. Rocky Top. Tar Heel. Reposts are spooky action at a distance. These are my views, not my employer's. Just terrible at this.
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8. profile imageNora's Guide to the Galaxy

I love space! PhD, Astrophysics 🌌✨✨🌌 come explore our galaxy with me 🔗:
9. profile imageSophia Gad-Nasr

I do cosmology and astroparticle theory. I pick apart the Universe to figure out how it works. Science Advisor. Dark Matter hunter. 🇵🇱✡️🇪🇬☪️
10. profile imageMatthew R Francis

Science writer, journalist, physicist, queer, hat man. @DrMRFrancis on Twitter. Toss a coin to your freelancer. He/him
Patreon page
11. profile imageEle Willoughby

Artist/marine geophysicist (PhD Physics) Printmaker minouette.blogspot. ca I post art, science, #sciart and stuff with typos. (She/her, Settler in Tkaronto)
12. profile imageHelen Czerski

Physics, bubbles, oceans, hot chocolate and curiosity. Associate Professor at UCL, writer, broadcaster. Author of Storm in a Teacup and Blue Machine
13. profile imageProfBrianCox

Professor of Particle Physics at The University of Manchester and Royal Society Professor for Public Engagement in Science
14. profile imageLoreno Heer

PhD | Postdoc @ETHZ | Mathematician | Physicist | analysis in metric spaces, Gromov hyperbolicity, geometric group theory | gravitational waves, general relativity | geometry in neuroscience | 💉⁶ | he/him
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15. profile imageKelly Truelove

Curator of science, philosophy, & mathematics lists at covering podcasts, Mastodon, & Bluesky. Curious about the nature of things. Physics PhD. More: http://TrueSciPhi.AI (words) • http://TrueSciPhi.Art (images).
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Video channel
16. profile imageGeorge Musser

Scientific American contributing editor; Quanta contributing writer; author of Putting Ourselves Back in the Equation, Spooky Action at a Distance, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to String Theory; @[email protected], @[email protected]
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17. profile imageBrian Wecht

Musician, comedian, theoretical physicist
18. profile imageLeo C. Stein

Physics Prof @U of MS. Sloan Fellow. Black holes, gravitational waves, general relativity & beyond. Formerly Caltech MIT Cornell. Need thin pizza + fruity coffee. He/him 🌐 @duetosymmetr y everywhere
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19. profile imageKaren Masters

Professor of Astronomy and Physics, Haverford College. Spokesperson SDSS-IV. PI of Galaxy Zoo. AAS Education Co-Chair. Pre-orders open for latest book “The Astronomers Library” about books, libraries and astronomy - three of my favourite things.
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20. profile imageCosmicPinot

Brian P. Schmidt: Astronomer at Mt Stromlo Observatory, Vigneron and Winemaker Maipenrai, Vice Chancellor Australian National University, Nobel Laureate Physics
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21. profile imageSteven Strogatz

Mathematician, writer, Cornell professor. All cards on the table, face up, all the time.
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22. profile imageRoger Freedman

Physics educator at UC Santa Barbara, textbook author, and San Diego Comic-Con OG. he/him/his
23. profile imagePeter Coles 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🇮🇪

Theoretical astrophysicist specializing in the Universe and all that surrounds it. Based in Maynooth, Ireland Blog:
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Video channel
24. profile imageClara Nellist

Particle Physicist working on the ATLAS Experiment at CERN and Science Communicator Possibly the first exp. particle physicist on Bsky
Video channel
25. profile image

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Video channel
26. profile imageStephanie Deppe, PhD

Content Strategist at Vera. C. Rubin Observatory and lover of icy asteroids in the outer Solar System. ADHD brain in a neurotypical world. Sci-fi/fantasy nerd. Probably hiking a mountain somewhere. she/her
27. profile imageAndrew Robinson (no, not Garak)

Contract Instructor in Physics, but has PhD in Physical Chemistry. British Immigrant to Canada. Won some teaching awards. Dad to son with DLG-4 Synaptopathy (SHINE Syndrome). Pronouns: he/him/his. Likes tea. Bertie the Labradoodle's human. #iteachphysics
28. profile imageSvenja Lohmann

Scientist in career-change limbo | PhD in Physics | Book lover | Coffee addict | Lindy hopper | Plant friend | she/her 📍Uppsala, Sweden
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29. profile imageChristopher Berry

Gravitational-wave astrophysicist. University of Glasgow Senior Lecturer. Science, education, LEGO & cake. May contain traces of nuts 🐘 🐦 📚
Google Scholar page
30. profile imageSteve McCormick

Sweden-based, Germany-adjacent, Scottish-Australian Mathematician. Geometric analyst who pretends to be a physicist sometimes. Maker of dubious memes, and exploring my new home near the arctic circle.
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31. profile imagePaul Coxon

Physicist in Materials Science researching solar cells, molten salts, and sustainable energy ☀️ With added bikes and allotment content 🪴🥦🍆🧅
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32. profile imageGaël Varoquaux

Research & code: Research director @inria ►Data, Health, & Computer science ►Python coder, (co)founder of scikit-learn & joblib ► Sometimes does art photography ►Physics PhD
Google Scholar page
33. profile imageRhiannon Dauster

Pole dancing astrophysicist. She/they/any.
34. profile imageThe finite physicist

don't sleep through dreams that can't come true
Google Scholar page
35. profile imageMichael Merrifield

Professor of astronomy at the University of Nottingham. Too frequent appearances on YouTube. All my own views. bore→muted (“bye”); abuse→blocked.
Google Scholar page
36. profile imageMatthew Buckley

Theoretical physicist, Rutgers professor.
Google Scholar page
37. profile imageDr. Lizzly Atoms

Nuke physicist/policy nerd. Formerly neutrinos, now 'trons. Bear/beer aficionado, lousy 𝄢ist. Posts are mine, especially the bad ones. Follow/❤️/🔃 ≠ E, &c. AFOL. Trust the process ᕕʕ•ᴥʔ୨⚛
38. profile imageMete Atature

Professor of Physics at University of Cambridge Bilingual tweets (English & Turkish), Mostly about science, politics & cats (
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39. profile imageChad Orzel

Physicist, professor, author of books about science for non-scientists. Longer-form stuff at
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40. profile imagedrmaBOO! 🍁🍂🧛🏾‍♂️👻🎃

Dad of 3, husband, liberal, no - more liberal than that, geek in many ways, writer, former physics teacher, consultant, maker of puns. He/him/his
41. profile imageKatie McCormick

Physicist-turned-science writer. Writing about quantum computing for Google Quantum AI and about other stuff at Quanta, Knowable, News from Science, APS Physics Mag, etc.
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42. profile imageCassie Herbert

philosophy & wgss prof. she/her. often talks excitedly about philosophy of language, gender, and social media
43. profile imageFreya Blekman

Particle physicist at @CMSExperiment at CERN - Lead Scientist DESY & Professor of Physics University of Hamburg - She/her/Dr - World citizen ➡🇳🇱🇺🇸 🇬🇧🇨🇭🇧🇪🇩🇪 Posts: #physics #SciComm + summaries of all #CMSpapers
44. profile imageHaley Wahl, PhD

Pulsar PhD turned science writer for MIT Lincoln Laboratory
45. profile imageCasey Handmer PhD

Physicist, Immigrant, Pilot, Dad. Former Caltech, Hyperloop, NASA JPL. Founder Terraform Industries. Build more solar!
Google Scholar page
46. profile imageRobert Fisher

Caltech-UC Berkeley-LLNL-Chicago-UMass Dartmouth. American & Italian Theoretical and Computational Astrophysicist. Professor. He/him/his.
Google Scholar page
47. profile imageJacopo Bertolotti

Associated Professor of Physics at the University of Exeter. Scientific visualizations (grouped under the hastag #PhysicsFactlet). He/lui/on. All opinions are my own fault.
Google Scholar page
48. profile imageAdam Becker

Author, journalist, astrophysicist. He/him. @FreelanceAstro on the bird site.
Google Scholar page
49. profile imageLisa M

Health Physics professor, environmental consultant, animal lover, garbage can not a garbage can’t. She/her
50. profile imageDaniel Whiteson

Particle physics and ML ( Co-creator @DanielAndJorge podcast and @ElinorWonders TV. Patreon:
Google Scholar page
51. profile imageCliff Burgess

Particle Theorist and one Helluva Guy
52. profile imageestebanmoro

Researcher, scientist at MIT and UC3M
Google Scholar page
53. profile imageLisa L. Ouellette

Stanford Law prof & physics PhD. Researching IP & innovation. Coauthor of free patent casebook:
Google Scholar page
54. profile imageBen Monreal

Nuclear, particle, and astrophysics experimentalist at Case Western. Posting about physics, climate, urbanism, Cleveland. See also: https://bmon https://www
Google Scholar page
55. profile imagePatrick Koppenburg 🐧

Nikhef physicist at LHCb Experiment at CERN. Offline software. #OpenAccess #Outreach #FlavourAnomalies🐧📷🎓💻💫. H/EW/t factory WG convener at #ECFA. Born at 327.55 ppm CO₂.
Google Scholar page
56. profile imageEdd Edmondson

(Former) physicist with alliterative name waiting for the lab accident that will grant him superpowers. Now does HPC IT. 🏳️‍⚧️-ally
57. profile image

The twitter-er formerly known as @physicsteo. Recovered #CompChem-ist. Doing publishing stuffs. Brooklynite from 🇮🇹 via 🇪🇸, 🇸🇪 & 🇩🇪. Came over from twitter/X, don't make me regret it!
Google Scholar page
58. profile imageJustin Read

Astrophysicist hunting for dark matter. All opinions my own.