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Google Scholar Links for Mathematicians on Bluesky

Mathematicians with over 100 followers. Also see Physicists on Bluesky.

Updated: 2024-Feb-22 04:20 UTC. Entries: 28. Inclusion criteria. See full group. Feedback:

1. profile imageAdam Kucharski

Epidemiologist/mathematician. Author of The Rules of Contagion.
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2. profile imageSteven Strogatz

Mathematician, writer, Cornell professor. All cards on the table, face up, all the time.
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3. profile imageDaniel Litt

Assistant professor (of mathematics) at the University of Toronto. Algebraic geometry, number theory, forever distracted and confused, etc. He/him.
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4. profile imageClara Grima

Mujer, matemática, casada, con hijos, feliz.
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5. profile imageLior Pachter

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6. profile imageLoreno Heer

PhD | Postdoc @ETHZ | Mathematician | Physicist | analysis in metric spaces, Gromov hyperbolicity, geometric group theory | gravitational waves, general relativity | geometry in neuroscience | 💉⁶ | he/him
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7. profile imageMichael Plank

Professor of Applied Mathematics @UCNZ. Math modelling in biology and epidemiology. Bicycles make the world a better place. He/him
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8. profile imageJordan Ellenberg

Mathematician, writer, Orioles fan, Wisconsinite, cargo shorts dad
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9. profile imageAlice Schwarze

ON THE JOB MARKET// postdoc @Dartmouth Math // pres @Women in Network Science Society // math, networks, complex systems, machine learning // books & birds // mom & cat lady // she/they
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10. profile imageMichael Kinyon

Mathematics professor at the University of Denver. Quasigroups, Semigroups, Automated Deduction. He/Him. Mostly hanging out at Mathstodon, checking in here only occasionally.
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11. profile imagePaul Macklin

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education at Indiana University School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering • mathematical biologist • multicellular systems & cancer with PhysiCell • OpenSource • astrophotography Web:
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12. profile imageJoshua Grochow

Asst. Prof. @CU Boulder Comp. Sci. & Math; Research: TheoryCompSci, pure math, complex systems. Other: climate; covid; equity, inclusion, & accessibility. @joshuagrochow@{mathstodo,}
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13. profile imageSteve McCormick

Sweden-based, Germany-adjacent, Scottish-Australian Mathematician. Geometric analyst who pretends to be a physicist sometimes. Maker of dubious memes, and exploring my new home near the arctic circle.
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14. profile imageDr. Marissa Kawehi Loving

Kānaka maoli & Black. Assistant Professor of Mathematics @UW Madison. Usually tired (not sleepy). Forever dreaming of home (Moku o Keawe).
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15. profile imageVince Vatter

Mathematician at the University of Florida. Here for the hot takes. Also @[email protected]
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16. profile imageChristelle (she/her)

Math, cryptography, justice. No alt text = no engagement. Cis het white woman, québécoise, Canadian American, tired. Profile pic: raised fist; banner pic: masked white woman giving a talk entitled “Introduction to cryptography”
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17. profile imageArtem Chernikov

Michael Brin professor of mathematics at @UofMaryland (also @UCLA, on leave). Mathematical logic, model theory -and connections to combinatorics, algebra, etc
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18. profile imageDavid Clark

Mathematician at GVSU, but all views are my own. Author of Grading for Growth, the book and the blog! Info: larkdav/
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19. profile imageRobert Talbert

Math professor at Grand Valley State University. Teacher, writer, speaker, dad, bass guitarist, wannabe data scientist. My views != GVSU.
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20. profile imageBarbara Fantechi

Mathematician, cis woman, bi, het married, parent of adults. Loud in the physical and metaphorical sense.
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21. profile imageÁlvaro Lozano-Robledo

Professor of Mathematics, number theorist (arithmetic geometry), author, Hagoromo chalk ambassador, bonsai amateur.
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22. profile imageDave Kung

Mathematician, policy wonk, joyful conspirator, violinist, runner. Work for (but don't speak for) UT Dana Center & Wondrium.
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23. profile imageJay Cummings

Math professor at CSU Sacramento
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24. profile imageHaydee

Commutative algebraist + math Asst Prof at Harvey Mudd College. Jamaican 🇯🇲. Good trouble 🔥. Semper vigilans 👀.
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25. profile imagebenjamin dickman

@hewittschool. @AmherstCollege BA, @FulbrightPrgrm(🇨🇳🇵🇭), @TeachersCollege @Columbia @NSFGRFP PhD, past @BUWheelock #FiddleBrix! http://tinyurl. com/bmdmaths
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26. profile imageDr. Courtney Gibbons

Twitter refugee seeks same (professor, AAAS STPF in the Senate last year, NSF this year). Tl;dr: cats
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27. profile imageTivadar Danka

I make math accessible for everyone. Mathematician with an INTJ personality. Chaotic good. Writing
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28. profile imageDr. Maryam K.,

I had 8603 tweets on the bird site - I miss them. Some of them were bangers. Here for #MathTwitter. Ask me about moonshine (the math, not the alcohol). Buy me a coffee:
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