TrueSciPhi Themes

Thematic playlists of episodes selected from various philosophy & ideas podcasts.

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Interviews featured in Women of Ideas, edited by Suki Finn

1. Amia Srinivasan on What is a Woman?Philosophy Bites
2. Janet Radcliffe Richards on Men and Women's NaturesPhilosophy Bites
3. Patricia Churchland on What Neuroscience Can Teach Us About Morality Philosophy Bites
4. Christine Korsgaard on the Status of AnimalsPhilosophy Bites
5. Ashwini Vasanthakumar: Do victims have obligations too?Philosophy 24/7
6. Miranda Fricker on Epistemic InjusticePhilosophy Bites
7. Kimberley Brownlee on Social DeprivationPhilosophy Bites
8. Sarah Fine on the Right to ExcludePhilosophy Bites
9. Anne Phillips on MulticulturalismPhilosophy Bites
10. Jennifer Saul on Implicit BiasPhilosophy Bites
11. Martha Nussbaum on DisgustMulticulturalism Bites
12. Elisabeth Schellekens Dammann on Disagreement About TastePhilosophy Bites
13. Emma Borg on Language and ContextPhilosophy Bites
14. Rebecca Roache on SwearingPhilosophy Bites
15. Teresa Bejan on CivilityPhilosophy Bites
16. Katherine Hawley on TrustworthinessPhilosophy Bites
17. Onora O'Neill on Medical ConsentPhilosophy Bites
18. Katalin Farkas on Knowing a PersonPhilosophy Bites
19. Jennifer Nagel on Intuitions about KnowledgePhilosophy Bites
20. Susan James on Foucault and KnowledgePhilosophy Bites
21. Kate Kirkpatrick on the life and work of Simone de BeauvoirPhilosophy Bites
22. Katherine Morris on Merleau-Ponty on the BodyPhilosophy Bites
23. Alison Gopnik on Hume and BuddhismPhilosophy Bites
24. Katrin Flikschuh on Philosophy in AfricaPhilosophy Bites
25. Angie Hobbs on Plato on WarPhilosophy Bites
26. Helen Beebee on Possible WorldsPhilosophy Bites
27. Tamar Gendler on Why Philosophers Use ExamplesPhilosophy Bites
28. Rebecca Newberger Goldstein on Progress in PhilosophyPhilosophy Bites
29. Mary Warnock on Philosophy in Public Life Philosophy Bites

Selections for an introduction to philosophy course, curated by @ranilillanjum

1. RelativismIn Our Time: Philosophy
2. Paul Boghossian on Moral RelativismPhilosophy Bites
3. MM McCabe on Socratic MethodPhilosophy Bites
4. Ain't No Sunshine: The Cave Allegory of Plato's RepublicHistory of Philosophy Without Any Gaps
5. Plato's RepublicIn Our Time: Philosophy
6. Plato's CaveThe Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast
7. Plato's Political PhilosophyThe Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast
8. Soul and the City: Plato's Political PhilosophyHistory of Philosophy Without Any Gaps
9. Melissa Lane on Plato and SustainabilityPhilosophy Bites
10. Aristotle's Basic PhilosophiesThe Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast
11. Down to Earth: Aristotle on SubstanceHistory of Philosophy Without Any Gaps
12. Julia Annas on What is Virtue Ethics For?Philosophy Bites
13. VirtueIn Our Time: Philosophy
14. A.C. Grayling on Descartes' CogitoPhilosophy Bites
15. Colin McGinn on Descartes on Innate KnowledgePhilosophy Bites
16. Mary AstellIn Our Time: Philosophy
17. David HumeIn Our Time: Philosophy
18. Peter Millican on Hume's SignificancePhilosophy Bites
19. InductionThe Philosopher's Arms
20. Mary WollstonecraftIn Our Time: Philosophy
21. Adrian Moore on Kant's MetaphysicsPhilosophy Bites
22. Kant's Categorical ImperativeIn Our Time: Philosophy
23. Kantian EthicsThe Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast
24. UtilitarianismIn Our Time: Philosophy
25. UtilitarianismThe Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast
26. Peter Singer on Using AnimalsPhilosophy Bites
27. Hannah ArendtIn Our Time: Philosophy
28. Samantha Hill on Hannah Arendt on PluralismPhilosophy Bites
29. Philosophical bias, expert disagreement and democracy in science Cause Health (non-podcast)
30. The Scientific MethodIn Our Time: Philosophy
31. Baconian ScienceIn Our Time: Philosophy
32. PopperIn Our Time: Philosophy
33. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, by Thomas KuhnContext with Brad Harris
34. Sabina Leonelli: Science In The World of Big DataThe Dissenter
35. Brian Wynne How To Think About Science (non-podcast)
36. Speaking Truth To PowerThe Reith Lectures
37. Wendell BerryHow To Think About Science (non-podcast)

On teaching philosophy and ethics in schools, curated by @Lauradol4

1. Ethics and Absolutes in the ClassroomPhilosopher’s Zone
2. Philosophy for Children: the why and the how Philosopher’s Zone
3. The Ethics BowlHi-Phi Nation
4. Bringing Up BritainCritical Thinking
5. Compassion: caught or taught?Philosopher’s Zone
6. Does ethics belong in schools?The Minefield
7. The Young and the ReasonablePhilosopher’s Zone
8. The Aims of EducationPhilosophy Bites
9. Philosophy in EducationPhilosophy Now
10. Primary School PhilosophyPhilosophy Now
11. The School of EthicsPhilosophy Now
12. Teaching Philosophy to ChildrenPhilosophy Now

On existentialism, curated by @Skye_Cleary

1. Kate Kirkpatrick on the Life and Work of Simone de Beauvoir Philosophy Bites
2. Amia Srinivasan on What is a Woman?Philosophy Bites
3. YOLO ApologeticsHi-Phi Nation
4. Christopher Janaway on Nietzsche on MoralityPhilosophy Bites
5. Sebastian Gardner on Jean-Paul Sartre on Bad FaithPhilosophy Bites
6. Failure With Jean-Paul Sartre and Olivia GoldhillThe Happier Hour
7. Mariam Thalos discusses freedomElucidations
8. Claire Carlyle on Kierkegaard's Fear & TremblingPhilosophy Bites