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We’re on pace for 1,340 cases of measles in the US this year, double the biggest year since measles was eliminated in 2000.

Fun! This is fun. We’re having fun.

— Dave Levitan (@davelevitan) March 22, 2019

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Retweet if you'd like to buy John Bercow a drink for doing the right thing.

— Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) March 18, 2019

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1 Arrest poor people, often POC, for bullshit crimes

2 Make it nearly impossible for them to keep up with court fees and fines

3 Remove right to vote if you can’t keep up with those fees/fines

4 Win tainted elections and pass more laws allowing you to arrest more poor people https://t.co/TI8LEzseVJ

— Dave Levitan (@davelevitan) March 19, 2019

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Small lovely fact: trees absorb the sun’s heat, and their trunks act like radiators stuck in the frozen late-winter ground. Spring’s first flowers will bloom in the thaw circles at their base.

From this @ESAEcology study: https://t.co/6eouE6Fe5c pic.twitter.com/XjwhF2cciI

— Brandon Keim (@9brandon) March 20, 2019

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La NASA confirma que un asteroide ☄️ entró en nuestro planeta el 18 diciembre y explotó con x10 la potencia de las 💣 de Hiroshima. No nos dimos cuenta porque lo hizo sobre el mar de Bering. 😅
Cómo no destinemos 💰 a la protección planetaria, acabaremos como dinosaurios 🦖☄️ https://t.co/a57dFAoSxP

— Luis Quevedo (@luis_quevedo) March 18, 2019

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I've been wanting to try and capture the moon's wobble for quite some time. So far, I've collected 4 frames (March 14-17) and couldn't wait to GIF 'em. OMG that little patch of terrain playing peek-a-boo on the right side. 😍 #moon #wobble pic.twitter.com/JPXvM9g8N8

— Pauline Acalin (@w00ki33) March 18, 2019

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Politician who opposed mandatory chickenpox vaccine has been hospitalized after getting chickenpox #VaccinesWork Vaccination is not about attacking individual freedom, but maintaining global health & safety https://t.co/mjlBGF88Lp

— Sheril Kirshenbaum (@Sheril_) March 20, 2019

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“how do we keep this franchise relevant for aging millennials?”

“let’s feature a toy made of garbage that’s having an existential crisis and just wants to go in the trash where it belongs" https://t.co/qZmkhLVawk

— Rachel "The Yellow Dart" Feltman (@RachelFeltman) March 19, 2019

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When this is over and those who shafted us - Farage, Rees-Mogg, Boris, Cameron, Davis, Gove, May, Redwood and Co - are exposed for the criminal damage they have done to our country, remember one person did the right thing: John Bercow. He defended our Parliamentary democracy.

— Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) March 18, 2019

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This is truly awful and will do extremely great damage to chronic pain sufferers who are already extremely dehumanized by the terrible hardships of US healthcare and I really hope you will research this more before proceeding.

— Erin Biba (@erinbiba) March 19, 2019

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A baby monkey has been born, created using sperm from frozen immature testicular tissue—a step toward preserving fertility in young boys undergoing cancer treatment. By @emilylmullin for @sciam: https://t.co/HPwsYfaM7n

— Tanya Lewis (@tanyalewis314) March 21, 2019

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"He may have sought notoriety, but we in New Zealand will give him nothing. Not even his name." This is a truly heroic response and our own country and media needs a learn a massive fucking lesson from this. https://t.co/OGf3o7CIPn

— Erin Biba (@erinbiba) March 19, 2019

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"Oversharing" from FEMA reveals personal information of 2.5 million survivors of wildfires and Hurricanes Irma, Harvey & Maria. By @JoelAchenbach @TheWanReport @TonyRomm https://t.co/nxTtcc7HNh

— Laura Helmuth (@laurahelmuth) March 22, 2019

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Surgeries and "Acute" pain don't just wrap up in a neat package of being finished with pain in 7 days. C-sections, for example, aren't just feeling great in a week. The definition of "Acute" is less then 6 months. Imagine having to call your doctor once a week for 6 months.

— Erin Biba (@erinbiba) March 19, 2019

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Recycling. In the US. IS A LIE. AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN.

We just have to stop making so much waste and pretending waste is ok if we lie to ourselves that recycling solves the problem! https://t.co/iXrripKtGq

— Erin Biba (@erinbiba) March 18, 2019

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i'm starting to get suspicious that t-rex is a big paleontologist inside joke, that they're all sitting around presenting weirder and weirder renditions to see just how dumb looking they can make it until people catch on pic.twitter.com/zO60raSVE1

— peeeeeeent (@RyanFMandelbaum) March 19, 2019

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1/ A thread!

I wrote about fertility doctor in Indianapolis, who kept a secret for 30+ years—only to have it exposed because of 23andMe and AncestryDNAhttps://t.co/WMDTmKRcq8

— Sarah Zhang (@sarahzhang) March 18, 2019

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Great visualization of today's record-smashing 24°C (75°F) reading in Tofino, British Columbia (Vancouver Island). It's an unprecedented temp for any date outside the May-to-October window. https://t.co/tFNWnDgUxa

— Bob Henson (@bhensonweather) March 19, 2019

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This is a ginormous yikes. Politicians are not doctors and it's hugely problematic for them to be determining patient need like this. There are legitimate and *extremely necessary* needs for long term opiods for chronic pain sufferers. https://t.co/8ZKCl3mRrU

— Erin Biba (@erinbiba) March 19, 2019

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For many many chronic pain sufferers their long term disability is an arduous process to identify and treat. Their pain can be considered acute for quite a while before doctors are able to find out what the cause is. This will really cause everyone harm.

— Erin Biba (@erinbiba) March 19, 2019