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Is this odd little mummy actually an alien? (Spoiler alert: no.) On a new @genomeresearch paper from @atulbutte @sanchitab @cdbustamante et al: https://t.co/DF5Njg61s7 pic.twitter.com/46y3rHl0zm

— Erika Check Hayden (@Erika_Check) March 22, 2018

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A mysterious company known as Ayers Energy LLC -- which doesn't appear in any corporate registry and has no publicly listed phone number -- just bought more than 20,000 acres of sensitive public land.

That's more common than you might think: https://t.co/kXvBVVc1nL

— Natasha Geiling (@ngeiling) March 22, 2018

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Crash dive of a Kingfisher.
The photographer took the perfect picture of a diving kingfisher after six years and 720,000 shots to get it right. Via Fb Mind Unleashed Art

Photo: Mario Cea Sanchez pic.twitter.com/JWEW5eYGka

— Carin Anne Bondar (@carinbondar) March 19, 2018

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This is the essence of the Facebook debacle. They insist it’s not a “breach.” It’s worse. It’s their business model. https://t.co/zNdyNFI2WT

— James Gleick (@JamesGleick) March 17, 2018

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Can't... stop... watching...
Amoeba (green) trying to engulf a mutant yeast cell, BURSTING, then trying again pic.twitter.com/z5YSqCvaoz

— Rowan Hooper (@rowhoop) March 22, 2018

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Never forget. This man created #Brexit chaos because of an internal Tory party feud. He then knighted all of his mates (and f***ed off) pic.twitter.com/SIqHtbRdRT

— Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) March 22, 2018

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excellent, critical, infuriating overview of how opioid crackdown destroys pain patients and does NOT help addiction, either. https://t.co/eFpojFnRNV

— Maia Szalavitz (@maiasz) March 19, 2018

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Ayers Energy LLC doesn't appear to be registered in any state. It doesn't have a publicly available phone number. In a day, it changed its address from Texas to Wyoming.

And it now owns rights to oil and gas development on 20,000 acres of public land: https://t.co/rInKJImRcy

— Natasha Geiling (@ngeiling) March 22, 2018

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I have had black friends minding their own business and stopped on the street and had their pockets turned out by NYPD. This city is NOT a center of progressive policing. Even though it’s theoretically legal to carry a small amount, they do not practice what they preach. https://t.co/aOBgqOwJi8

— Erin Biba (@erinbiba) March 20, 2018

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In which I fact-checked a piece of fake news, used an AI fact-checker to fact-check that news, and then a human fact-checker fact-checked it all. My latest for @PopSci https://t.co/9KcuOvTia5

— Brooke Borel (@brookeborel) March 21, 2018

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Facebook is under scrutiny for its outsized role in spreading political misinformation. But it’s also a platform where pseudoscience, snake oil remedies, and medical falsehoods multiply unchecked. https://t.co/eRGMjKtcqt

— Nidhi Subbaraman (@NidhiSubs) March 17, 2018

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Our Earth and the Moon as seen from Mars. pic.twitter.com/TzT562O6N3

— Sarah Cruddas (@sarahcruddas) March 18, 2018

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"Two of the firms involved in its construction were previously accused doing of shoddy, unsafe work"#BridgeCollapse #MiamiBridgeCollapse https://t.co/vuQ3bbsvuq

— WTFH? (@GrrlScientist) March 17, 2018

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We may have been unwittingly spreading antibiotic resistance for years. A new study published in Nature show antihistamines, blood pressure meds, painkillers among vast array of drugs that somehow promote resistance to antibiotics in gut bacteria. By me https://t.co/EC3pLVbCpy

— Ananyo Bhattacharya (@Ananyo) March 19, 2018

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Reminder: Bolton's Super PAC paid Cambridge Analytica $1.1 million. #Bolton long ago stopped being a national security professional. He's a hard-right political activist and longtime Fox News favorite.

In other words, we're right back to General Flynn. https://t.co/nxF0JCDslt

— Dan Fagin (@danfagin) March 22, 2018

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Today, fossil fuel companies face off against the cities of San Francisco and Oakland in federal court.

The topic? Climate science: https://t.co/jtgAmAqPRX

— Natasha Geiling (@ngeiling) March 21, 2018

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Wild: "“I'm proud of being a leader of a poop cult.” https://t.co/RE0VXYA9WF

— Peter Aldhous (@paldhous) March 17, 2018

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today i answered: why dogs (and cats) do polite paws, according to science!! https://t.co/DUzWLQdZQB

— rae paoletta (@PAYOLETTER) March 20, 2018

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The results of the GOP's 8-year experiment in slashing taxes and regulations in Oklahoma are now in: "We are dying." https://t.co/ulKZF5BBD5

— Steve Silberman (@stevesilberman) March 19, 2018

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My latest: How A “Poop Cult” With 58,000 Followers Set Off A Facebook War

— Nidhi Subbaraman (@NidhiSubs) March 17, 2018