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The CDC is ***desperately*** in need of professional science communicators.

The CDC ***desperately*** needs to hire people who are trained and experienced in speaking to the public about complex science.

— Erin Biba (@erinbiba) July 30, 2021

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Wait till you hear about how they give each other funerals, have regional dialects, read traffic lights, and recognize the faces of humans they hate and hold grudges against them. https://t.co/Q4SnPNOjfk

— Erin Biba (@erinbiba) July 28, 2021

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The climate is changing. But We need to change.pic.twitter.com/UKUPYUQ8WW

— Sheril R. Kirshenbaum (@Sheril_) July 30, 2021

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Ben Affleck as the climate crisis: a thread.

Sea level rise pic.twitter.com/Qne7xcvoEd

— Emma Marris (@Emma_Marris) August 1, 2021

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Hey, national news desks: Your covid breakthrough infection heds, while accurate, are making it seem like covid vaccines don’t work, and they do. Please talk to your science teams and lock that down.

— Adam Rogers (@jetjocko) July 30, 2021

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I just read six write ups of the infrastructure bill. Only one - CNN - included a link to the bill. None included the NAME of the bill so if you wanted to look it up yourself you could. If you're curious, it's H.R. 3684.

I really really don't understand political journalism.

— Kendra "Gloom is My Beat" Pierre-Louis (@KendraWrites) August 2, 2021

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I spent 2.5 years working on this story for @NYTmag, and I'm so glad it's finally out today. It's certainly the hardest story I've ever tackled, the most infuriating & the most heartbreaking. Extremely grateful to the brave women who shared their stories. https://t.co/5rZaGKDlPE

— Melinda Wenner Moyer (@lindy2350) August 3, 2021

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To the men sending me hate mail saying that my story about military sexual assault is bunk because women aren't actually sexually assaulted, etc: You know you're just proving the point right? Your reactions are quite literally illustrating the depth of the problem.

— Melinda Wenner Moyer (@lindy2350) August 3, 2021

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New: Google's quantum computing team in collaboration with physicists say they have demonstrated a genuine time crystal for the first time. I've been chasing this story for months now; the paper finally dropped yesterday evening. Read all about it: https://t.co/isIk1FBGPO

— Natalie Wolchover (@nattyover) July 30, 2021

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Ohhh are people talking about Terry Pratchett today??? Here's one of my favorite brilliant anecdotes from him about why rich people are rich: pic.twitter.com/niqlhgVpxw

— Erin Biba (@erinbiba) July 31, 2021

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I want to say something important for folks who are still relying on 6-foot distancing rules. The 6 feet suggestion became a meaningless number the second we learned COVID was airborne a year ago. It's better to think of COVID dispersing like cigarette smoke. 6 feet is useless.

— Erin Biba (@erinbiba) July 30, 2021

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BREAKING: The GAO has denied @blueorigin and Dynetics protests of @NASA's decision to pick only @SpaceX Starship for the human moon lander contract.

— Emilee Speck (@EMSpeck) July 30, 2021

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Very helpful advice fo anyone, like me, who has a relative with dementia pic.twitter.com/k3pzN2pCmd

— Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) August 2, 2021

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NEW: Delta is chicken-pox-level contagious, acts almost like a new virus, breakthroughs abound, internal CDC document reveals. Not good. SCOOP from @yabutaleb7 @Carolynyjohnson https://t.co/wHqzioDmcX

— Joel Achenbach (@JoelAchenbach) July 30, 2021

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Thinking about the relationships between ultra-long-lived Bowhead whales & Greenland sharks. I imagine some must know each other individually. Theres no way you can swim in the Arctic for 200 years & not know that one creepy Greenland shark who's been hanging around for 400 years

— Peter🌲Brannen (@PeterBrannen1) July 30, 2021

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Here's the evidence that made the CDC backtrack on masks: Among 469 COVID-19 cases in the Provincetown outbreak, 74% of them were fully vaccinated, and 90% of specimens sequenced were Delta. https://t.co/bgISlkoYVD

— Tara Haelle (@tarahaelle) July 30, 2021

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BREAKING: The CDC is expected to release data on Friday showing that vaccinated people may transmit the Delta variant, a finding that prompted its new masking advice.https://t.co/yfVXjreg86

— Apoorva Mandavilli (@apoorva_nyc) July 29, 2021

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How is this kid being more critical and less reactionary about delta than most of the people on this toxic hellsite pic.twitter.com/klgXjm2mfG

— JoAnna (@JoAnnaScience) August 1, 2021

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If Johnson renegotiates the EU deal, perhaps we could renegotiate the last General Election?

— Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) July 28, 2021

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*New study suggests that vaxx people *may* NOT spread Delta as easily as unvaxx.

Viral loads seem similar at first, but then decline rapidly in *vaxx* folks as neutralizing antibodies rush in. 💪🏽#MaskUp #GetVaccinated We're in this together. https://t.co/pUBV9cqCiq pic.twitter.com/lwp2ardcUK

— Amy Maxmen, PhD (@amymaxmen) July 31, 2021