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Enough toxic coal ash to fill 180 dump trucks had spilled from the site of a retired ⁦coal plant near Wilmington amid Florence flooding, ⁦@DukeEnergy⁩ says. https://t.co/ZAWp17VTjB

— John Upton (@johnupton) September 16, 2018

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Robots landed on an asteroid...
Did you hear me?

I'm old enough to remember when this was Sci Fi.#asteroidlanding

Good morning https://t.co/d6orSiD94m

— Rose DF (@_Astro_Nerd_) September 22, 2018

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At this rate, Earth risks sea level rise of 20 to 30 feet. “It doesn’t need to be a very big warming, as long as it stays 2 degrees warmer for a sufficient time, this is the end game,” a researcher said. https://t.co/pZ3ygBAV6B @chriscmooney

— Darryl Fears (@bydarrylfears) September 20, 2018

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Throughout Hurricane Florence, Duke Energy held out hope that a dam next to its toxic coal ash basin wouldn't breach. That hope was dashed today. https://t.co/2aUuttakBy @eilperin @brady_dennis @StevenMufson pic.twitter.com/9BfMiq4x7V

— Darryl Fears (@bydarrylfears) September 21, 2018

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"Theresa May to provide £2 billion for social housing", declares @bbcnews. OK. 300,000 houses per year required. Say they cost £100,000 each. That money (even if real) would provide less than 7% of houses needed. How about someone at BBC doing the calculation? Basic journalism.

— Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) September 19, 2018

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I want for more men to understand how devastating it is to wonder all the time **in professional settings** whether a man’s interest in you is because of your talent or because he wants to sleep with you. https://t.co/MNYOqUyjgU

— Maryam Zaringhalam, PhD (@webmz_) September 16, 2018

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STORY: Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft successfully drops rovers on asteroid Ryugu https://t.co/XWbnUFFjlI pic.twitter.com/WGPaJDJ24f

— Jason Davis (@jasonrdavis) September 22, 2018

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An Antarctic glacier is no longer named after a geologist accused of sexually harassing former female graduate students in the field. It may be the first geologic landform name toppled by #MeToo https://t.co/SzMdd6I0we

— Maddie Stone (@themadstone) September 17, 2018

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~60,000 NC residents get their drinking water from the Cape Fear River, which is already tainted with GenX, a chemical with potentially serious health risks. https://t.co/ZV8kUH72iD

— Natasha Geiling (@ngeiling) September 21, 2018

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Friends, I have a very rare opportunity. We have two all-expenses paid places available in an upcoming workshop. If you know someone doing amazing marine science or ocean conservation work in New York (I'll also consider Boston or Providence), please point me to them. #oceans

— LizNeeley (@LizNeeley) September 18, 2018

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We now have a human-measured storm total from #Florence of 33.90", collected just N of Swansboro, NC, by a @CoCoRaHS volunteer. This includes 0.01" as of Thurs AM, 14.25" Fri, 16.33" Sat, and 3.31" Sun.

— Bob Henson (@bhensonweather) September 16, 2018

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As a young black man in America, Botham Jean scrupulously avoided even the most routine encounters with police, his mother Allison told me. Then an off-duty police officer, who says she mistook him for a burglar, shot and killed him in his own home. https://t.co/Fp2YcxnJze

— Amy Harmon (@amy_harmon) September 21, 2018

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“We cannot rule out that coal ash is moving into the river,” ⁦@DukeEnergy⁩ says.

That means the poisonous pollution is almost certainly moving into Cape Fear River.

Neighbors have been fighting for Duke to clean this up for years. Duke fights hard. https://t.co/xo4ASfstzA

— John Upton (@johnupton) September 21, 2018

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Note: Greg Carbin is chief of the Forecast Operations Branch of the NOAA/NWS Weather Prediction Center, so these strong words are backed up by serious expertise. https://t.co/gislaSJj0J

— Bob Henson (@bhensonweather) September 16, 2018

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His DNA test says 6 percent Native American and 4 percent African, and now he's suing to be certified a minority business owner https://t.co/H3hU7R0hsW

— Sarah Zhang (@sarahzhang) September 19, 2018

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Can’t stop thinking of something my friend @DNLee5 says: inequality is not inherent, it’s designed. Injustice is not inevitable, it’s cultivated.

We choose who to uplift and what to protect. Spend your care and attention like the precious things they are.

— LizNeeley (@LizNeeley) September 17, 2018

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#Brexit is the perfect deflector shield. While our A&Es and ambulance service and mental health services collapse; while homelessness rockets; while working people have to go to food banks and children go hungry, the Tories squabble over #Brexit and our media report the squabbles

— Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) September 17, 2018

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Why don't Blair & Co realise that undermining Corbyn, advocating a new political party etc will only ensure the continuation of this awful Tory government. Do they actually care about the millions upon millions of ordinary people who are suffering so appallingly?

— Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) September 22, 2018

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One private passenger would have made history. But an entire spaceship full of civilians, with different backgrounds, from different nations, would completely rewrite it.

On SpaceX's big reveal:https://t.co/QF5B8zjNpx

— Marina Koren (@marinakoren) September 18, 2018

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Me n' @jesswade wrote about why we're working to get @AngelaDSaini's ~Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong—and the New Research That's Rewriting the Story~ into every NYC public school library for @sciam. https://t.co/hfAWVS0VH9

— Maryam Zaringhalam, PhD (@webmz_) September 17, 2018