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Theresa May accepting resignations over Brexit https://t.co/zFvChz5NvV

— kelly oakes (@kahoakes) November 15, 2018

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A high school student asked me if she could still be a scientist if she wasn't doing well in her science classes.

I told her science isn't what's written in textbooks and regurgitated on tests. Science is what's done in labs and in the field that'll wind up in future textbooks.

— Maryam Zaringhalam, PhD (@webmz_) November 19, 2018

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City-size impact crater found under Greenland ice. And it might be linked to one of history's great extinction mysteries. https://t.co/bx9zfG5CBa #natgeostaff

— Brian Clark Howard (@socialpyramid) November 14, 2018

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In the not-so-distant someday when telescopes become capable of photographing planets around other stars, this may well be the first new world we see.https://t.co/ngjVuyKa0M

— Sarah Kaplan (@sarahkaplan48) November 14, 2018

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One of the most beautiful videos of cell division ever made.

Produced by filmmaker Francis Chee, this 30+hr time lapse shows a frog zygote undergoing cleavage, which rapidly multiplies the number of cells without increasing the embryo's overall size pic.twitter.com/ou04vxbrO7

— Ferris Jabr (@ferrisjabr) November 14, 2018

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climate disaster capitalism, everyone https://t.co/VoHhGzroIu

— hanner (@hannahjwaters) November 13, 2018

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Trump standing in the ashes of the most deadly wildfire in California history, blaming the state for not "taking care of the floors" or some random nonsense, while adults stand around him trying hard not to blurt out 'WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU BABBLING ABOUT?' pic.twitter.com/ttTIC9uNax

— Steve Silberman (@stevesilberman) November 17, 2018

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We did it! The nations of the world have agreed — We're redefining the kilogram! #SIRedefinition https://t.co/rmvZYPjstC

— Emily Conover (@emcconover) November 16, 2018

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"You don't look like a scientist" is a very bad pick up line.

— Maryam Zaringhalam, PhD (@webmz_) November 19, 2018

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New agenda for House Science Committee:

1) Addressing #climate change
2) Supporting #STEM Ed
3) Restoring credibility of the committee on science
4) Dealing w sexual harassment in science
5) Focusing on diversity & inclusion https://t.co/clqnNDBXRD

— Sheril Kirshenbaum (@Sheril_) November 16, 2018

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More important than test scores and academic performance:
👉 an understanding of science as a process
👉 creativity and the ability to think outside the box, which can't be taught as much as nurtured
👉 resilience to failure, because science is riddled with it

— Maryam Zaringhalam, PhD (@webmz_) November 19, 2018

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Well it's not like they're actually arresting black lawmakers for demanding that every vote be counted - oh wait, they totally are. https://t.co/5zdb3ba1Qe

— Steve Silberman (@stevesilberman) November 13, 2018

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let them in they wanna be cultured https://t.co/6F8J8Uiw0G

— rae paoletta (@PAYOLETTER) November 14, 2018

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What’s happening with Interpol? Oh, nothing much. The U.S. is turning it over to Putin, that’s all. https://t.co/AESt9JXHqF

— James Gleick (@JamesGleick) November 17, 2018

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The kid strolled down a sidewalk mouthing raps flowing thru his earbuds - "puffs of rhyme in the icy air," @dugganwapo writes. Suddenly there was a mugger with a gun. Mass shootings get the attention, but hundreds of others like this happen every day. https://t.co/gyHnWFatAQ

— Darryl Fears (@bydarrylfears) November 13, 2018

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Cellular justice warriors. pic.twitter.com/2dS2NPfQ1U

— Beatrice the Biologist (@beatricebiology) November 15, 2018

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News you cannot actually use, but you REALLY want to know the answer to. https://t.co/A30ODcchQ7

— Gwen Pearson (@bug_gwen) November 18, 2018

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With the death toll now at 42, and more than 7100 structures consumed, the #CampFire is the deadliest and most destructive wildland fire in California history https://t.co/zpj84jSqWg pic.twitter.com/8OjW9qS9xO

— Bob Henson (@bhensonweather) November 13, 2018

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I didn’t understand how terrifyingly fast the Camp Fire grew until I worked on this timeline.

My heart breaks for the people of Paradise, who lost homes and so many neighbors to the oncoming blaze. https://t.co/zbItpWxrTM

— Sarah Kaplan (@sarahkaplan48) November 13, 2018

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#OTD in 1859: Darwin publishes the Origin of Species, one of the most important books ever written. It's a book that ages like fine wine, getting more insightful with every reading, and the astonishing thing is how ahead of his time Darwin was and how many things he got right. pic.twitter.com/OtCkwXwSfg

— Ash Jogalekar (@curiouswavefn) November 19, 2018