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Make no mistake, this is no accidental visual. This is Vice President Mike Pence PERFORMING white supremacy, blandly sneering at caged brown men before turning his back on them. It's like racist pornography. https://t.co/vsTJc1o4NG

— Steve Silberman (@stevesilberman) July 13, 2019

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AP reporter asks if Acosta knew whether Epstein was “an intelligence asset.”

Which was followed by an EPIC non-denial-denial.

— Dave Levitan (@davelevitan) July 10, 2019

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I've decided to become a "Pepsi Still Has a Secret Navy" truther. https://t.co/2shygXTICD

— Maggie Koerth-Baker (@maggiekb1) July 16, 2019

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#Alert, Nunavut, Canada—at latitude 82.5°N, the northernmost permanently inhabited spot on Earth—hit 69°F today (20.5°C) for the first time on record.

Needless to say, this one can't be pinned on an urban heat island. https://t.co/1ZhnoYPlH5

— Bob Henson (@bhensonweather) July 14, 2019

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Boris Johnson is the ultimate proof that Britain is depressingly far from a meritocracy. He is the ultimate proof that, even if you are incompetent, dishonest and morally vacuous, the highest post in the land can be yours as long as you come from the right class. pic.twitter.com/QeySBTnaRt

— Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) July 16, 2019

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Note: Some levee segments along MS River in New Orleans may be as low as 18 feet. "Thus, a 20-foot river height could cause overtopping at some of those locations, something that has never happened in the city's modern history." https://t.co/IwHPIID20J

— Bob Henson (@bhensonweather) July 10, 2019

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Anti-vaxxers and pseudoscience peddlers who endanger lives continue to be legitimized and it is absolutely SICK. Everyone who told me to calm down about Williamson look at what is happening. Her deadly rhetoric gets more attention every day. This is unacceptable. https://t.co/HZfvcZEr0I

— Erin Biba (@erinbiba) July 17, 2019

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Single-celled is often synonymous with microscopic—for good reason. But there are exceptions. Strange, wonderful, and (comparatively) giant exceptions.

Such as Valonia ventricosa, aka bubble algae or sailor’s eyeball. This single-celled alga can grow up to 2 inches in diameter pic.twitter.com/xMJ5w8uZbs

— Ferris Jabr (@ferrisjabr) July 10, 2019

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*Competition time*

WIN a *personalised signed copy* of my book The Space Race dated July 20th 2019.

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This is the story of how humans reached for the stars, how we got to now and where we could be heading. #apollo50th https://t.co/e8LhGrasYE pic.twitter.com/svOVeF45MH

— Sarah Cruddas (@sarahcruddas) July 14, 2019

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If you want evidence of the extraordinary media bias against Corbyn, watch or listen to a Tory MP talk of the "profound danger to the country of a Corbyn govt" and witness the interviewer let it stand without even bothering with the bare minimum journalistic interjection: "Why?"

— Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) July 10, 2019

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— rae paoletta (in 🇨🇱) (@PAYOLETTER) July 11, 2019

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Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing by reading about the women who made space flight possible and who broke the celestial glass ceiling.

Thanks @CA_AstroComm for inspiring this list! 🚀✨https://t.co/CjmXe0Zyr7 #WomenInSTEM #Books #ReadMoreScience

— Sarah Olson (@ReadMoreScience) July 15, 2019

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Today is Astrophysicist Susan Jocelyn Burnell's birthday, she's responsible for the discovery of pulsars--A source of radiation in the cosmos, that is detected by their bursts of radio emissions.

She's also someone who literally donated her award money to support #WomenInSTEM. pic.twitter.com/nxB4bMKfJU

— Rose DF (@_Astro_Nerd_) July 15, 2019

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Guys, did you know we don't really understand how the Moon got here? It's one of the weirdest, most special things about the Earth.

Thanks @nytimes for asking me to write about my favorite problem in science, just in time for the Apollo anniversaryhttps://t.co/SYGX1ogMv0

— Rebecca 🌓 Boyle (@rboyle31) July 10, 2019

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Woohoo! @Virgin_Orbit achieved another milestone today with the very first drop test of #LauncherOne. What an awesome experience watching Cosmic Girl take off in the Mojave desert. Ain’t she a beauty! pic.twitter.com/tGVOWtonyR

— Pauline Acalin (@w00ki33) July 10, 2019

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The answer was basically, there has indeed been reporting to that effect, and hey there has been reporting “to a lot of effects,” and gosh you end up down a rabbit hole with this stuff, dontchaknow.

— Dave Levitan (@davelevitan) July 10, 2019

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THIS - Billions of air pollution nanoparticles found in hearts of city dwellers

New research shows associated damage to critical pumping muscles, even in children as young as three

Exclusive, by mehttps://t.co/50JZQfJAaK

— Damian Carrington (@dpcarrington) July 12, 2019

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Wow! In terms of atmospheric views, I think this may be my favourite lunar eclipse ever. Here’s a view – of DSLR LCD screen – around maximum (partial) eclipse, moments ago. #LunarEclipse2019 #LunarEclipse pic.twitter.com/au0MjSlD5U

— Will Gater (@willgater) July 16, 2019

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[THREAD] This re-analysis of two partial fossil skulls from Apidima Cave in Greece is super interesting! One looks to be a Neandertal from ~170,000 years ago https://t.co/EiJScdM6Yx [Image: Katerina Harvati, Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen] pic.twitter.com/1SQoIoso0v

— Kate Wong (@katewong) July 11, 2019

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Yeah, no, it's fine, the new self-cloning invasive tick is just exsanguinating U.S. livestock, no big deal. "The deceased young bull...had more than 1,000 ticks on it and the owner had lost four other cattle under the same circumstances.” https://t.co/5EKBAyd8Jm

— Melinda Wenner Moyer (@lindy2350) July 10, 2019