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Retweet if you are worried about the normalisation of corruption in UK politics

— Marcus Chown (@marcuschown) February 22, 2021

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I wrote about something I've thinking about a lot recently:

19th century doctors were themselves obsessed with ventilation. How did we manage to forget that? 1/ https://t.co/Fvv6MgXgP1

— Sarah Zhang (@sarahzhang) February 22, 2021

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Stop what you’re doing and watch us land on Mars. This is the first time ever we’ve had this perspective. What a beautiful, special, absolutely astounding thing to have this footage. My god. pic.twitter.com/SqLgbexTyH

— Shannon Stirone 💀 (@shannonmstirone) February 22, 2021

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My 2021 spirit animal is one of those frogs with a macro-mutation where the eyes develop on the roof of the mouth and to see they have to walk around gawping at everything through agog jaws. pic.twitter.com/yGAfkoswdf

— Jules Howard (@juleslhoward) February 23, 2021

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Getting more frustrated every day that everyone is only talking about preventing hospitalization and death as the goal of vaccination and absolutely no one is recognizing or discussing the extreme impact of long-haul Covid and how chronic illness is a horrible life sentence.

— Erin Biba (@erinbiba) February 28, 2021

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These are old photos of famous artists and scientists animated into 'living portraits' using AI: https://t.co/GhfiagWUM2
An eerie yet captivating technology, raising many complex issues.

Emily Dickinson pic.twitter.com/AZ2yuvlnsO

— Ferris Jabr (@ferrisjabr) February 27, 2021

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Both things can be true:

The Covid vaccines are fantastic and much better than anyone had hoped for, and vaccinated people will not die or be hospitalized.

The Covid vaccines may not entirely prevent transmission of the virus so vaccinated people should still wear masks.

— Apoorva Mandavilli (@apoorva_nyc) February 23, 2021

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I have some thoughts about Elon’s desire to go to Mars and his laughing at Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot. My latest for ⁦@TheAtlantic

Mars Is No Earth - The Atlantic https://t.co/YzaAKXimWn

— Shannon Stirone 💀 (@shannonmstirone) February 26, 2021

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🎶✨Would you like to help out with some new research on @NASA data sonifications? You can listen to sounds from our space data & answer a few questions. It should take about 15 minutes. Listen & participate here: https://t.co/HjqD1iJfgC pic.twitter.com/OHTy0TwbsM

— Kimberly Kowal Arcand (@kimberlykowal) February 24, 2021

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It's quite something how quickly we went from "How dare you call us Nazis" to "We're Nazis, get over it."

— Steve Silberman (@stevesilberman) February 27, 2021

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Moon rising during a stroll through Yosemite this weekend. 🏔 pic.twitter.com/x67oo30wRX

— Pauline Acalin (@w00ki33) February 23, 2021

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Something I think a lot of Silicon Valley-type space enthusiasts really don’t appreciate is that there is nothing we could do, nuclear war-wise or climate change-wise that would make the Earth more uninhabitable than Mars.

— Peter🌲Brannen (@PeterBrannen1) February 21, 2021

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Whoever made this meme is a freaking genius pic.twitter.com/RY7VQSziCm

— WUDAN YAN (@wudanyan) February 27, 2021

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Etna is going for broke right now: it’s shooting out fountains of lava twice the height of the world’s tallest skyscraper. So I got in touch with volcanologist @etnaboris to get his thoughts.

“It’s so fucking awesome,” he said.

Me, for @atlasobscura https://t.co/l3qwYMSYn6

— Dr Robin George Andrews 🌋 (@SquigglyVolcano) February 27, 2021

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A webcam atop Maunakea in Hawaii captured a singular moment: Upward-shooting red sprite & blue jet lightning to the right, the Gemini North observatory to the left, the handle of the Big Dipper in the distance. https://t.co/L18H5cdT1c pic.twitter.com/1D5p2WaScn

— Corey S. Powell (@coreyspowell) February 25, 2021

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NEW VENUS SHOTS JUST DROPPED! I mean look at this photograph, it’s pure sci-fi nectar. 🤤

It was taken by the Parker Solar Probe as it continues to spiral toward the sun. The bright arc around Venus may be oxygen atoms glowing in the dark!

More here: https://t.co/zon3S3mHRc pic.twitter.com/1QmmGsnaLZ

— Dr Robin George Andrews 🌋 (@SquigglyVolcano) February 24, 2021

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Florence Nightingale was the original ventilation influencer. As a nurse in the Crimean War, she saw 10x soldiers die of disease than wounds.

She was also a pioneering statistician. This is her famous infographic illustrating deaths during the war

2/ pic.twitter.com/3Ey3GKGfEt

— Sarah Zhang (@sarahzhang) February 22, 2021

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Sit back and listen to the first *directly recorded* sounds of Mars.

The first audio file includes noise from the rover, the second one filters out that noise. The louder sound you hear is a 5m/s wind gust. pic.twitter.com/VREXp1AfnJ

— Emily Calandrelli (@TheSpaceGal) February 22, 2021

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This prayer from a 13th century French philosopher always brings me to tears, especially the ending pic.twitter.com/Q9tPyo8m5e

— Jennifer Harrison⁷ (@GeneticJen) February 23, 2021

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I swear, dudes will take a bullet for M*sk, but he would mash their living bodies into slurry for rocket fuel if that were technically feasible.

He doesn't love you, bro. He will never love you.

— Matthew R "The Stone Child" Francis (@DrMRFrancis) February 26, 2021