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1. One retweet per 4 followers:

If you’re like “I don’t know anyone who’s had an abortion” what you’re actually saying is:
“No one I know trusts me enough to tell me about their abortion”

— Emily Calandrelli (@TheSpaceGal) June 24, 2022

2. One retweet per 16 followers:

The irony that’s emerging is that their decision will be so widely ignored that the 219 year old tradition of judicial review will now come to an end. Government should stop paying SCOTUS’ salaries

— Dr. David Warmflash (@CosmicEvolution) June 27, 2022

3. One retweet per 35 followers:

Vertus Hardiman was just 5 years old when he and nine other Black children from Lyles Station, Indiana, underwent "treatment" for ringworm in 1927. Unbeknownst to their parents, that treatment was radiation exposure. https://t.co/ZJFtxXTJUB pic.twitter.com/ESJzd68ATq

— Nicholas St. Fleur (@SciFleur) June 27, 2022

4. One retweet per 35 followers:

My gender has always been "other graphics card" pic.twitter.com/n1NFVrAgMV

— Annalee Newitz (@Annaleen) June 23, 2022

5. One retweet per 38 followers:

An AP reporter tested social media policies by posting an offer on Facebook to mail out abortion pills

FB removed it within a minute, citing rules on "guns" + other regulated goods.

When they posted about mailing guns or weed, FB left the post alone 🤔https://t.co/cSrrY97GBi

— Lisa Song (@lisalsong) June 28, 2022

6. One retweet per 41 followers:

Lately I have really been thinking people don't understand the scope of the catastrophe we're about to face.

— Kendra "Gloom is My Beat" Pierre-Louis (@KendraWrites) June 22, 2022

7. One retweet per 47 followers:

Fuck this ruling and fuck the talk of coat hangers. In the US in 2022, it is possible to have a safe self-managed abortion using medication. Mifepristone and misoprostol are 95% effective at ending a pregnancy, and they're safer than Tylenol. https://t.co/X0OqbpC3or

— Dana Smith (@SmithDanaG) June 24, 2022

8. One retweet per 67 followers:

RT @HC_Richardson @Jenna_Blum: When I was doing a book tour in Germany in 2017, a German police detective who was a child during Hitler’s regime said to me, “be very careful. Democracy disappears by inches and then quickly.” I believed him then and we are watching it now.

— Marc Abrahams (@MarcAbrahams) June 24, 2022

9. One retweet per 77 followers:

"It’s breathtaking the breadth of data that’s out there that could be weaponized." - @JesseLehrich

Really good @dvergano and @benjaminopowers piece on digital surveillance in the post-Roe world: https://t.co/1gJccGgFks

— Dave Levitan (@davelevitan) June 24, 2022

10. One retweet per 80 followers:

Y’all need to know that in white evangelicalism, children are not fully, independently human. Children are objects to collect, own, beat bruised and bloody, control and, yes, sacrifice for a ‘greater good’. And girls even more so than boys, by far. It’s doctrinal.

— Emily Willingham (@ejwillingham) June 24, 2022

11. One retweet per 85 followers:

Does anyone believe that Republicans, if they win the Senate, will allow a Democratic minority to use the filibuster to block legislation? They will not. They will eliminate the filibuster on Day 1. They will say, “You Democrats kept complaining about the filibuster. So here.”

— James Gleick (@JamesGleick) June 25, 2022

12. One retweet per 90 followers:

I did an interview on Monday and was like, "covid broke a lot of climate reporters. Here is a disease with a relatively short cause and effect and it can kill you and cause long term illness and you can greatly reduce risk with moderate inconvenience and still we're like YOLO

— Kendra "Gloom is My Beat" Pierre-Louis (@KendraWrites) June 28, 2022

13. One retweet per 138 followers:

If this were really about babies, the government would provide paid maternity & paternity leave, childcare, diapers & formula. They’d go all in on keeping kids safe at school, providing adequate subsidized housing & making sure no child goes hungry.

This is not about babies.

— Sheril R. Kirshenbaum (@Sheril_) June 24, 2022

14. One retweet per 142 followers:

At 67, Justice Roberts probably thought he was going to leave a thoughtful, nuanced legacy as a jurist. He was wrong. Roberts will be remembered for only one thing: presiding over the most grotesquely corrupt and unscrupulous Supreme Court in history. pic.twitter.com/fIMPTrgNwo

— Steve Silberman (@stevesilberman) June 25, 2022

15. One retweet per 149 followers:

Jagdish Mehra and Helmut Rechenberg's multivolume history of the development of quantum mechanics is really the last word on the topic. In equal parts historical overview and anecdote and technical exposition, nothing else comes even close. Mehra talked to every pioneer. pic.twitter.com/sSnXu2D5PS

— Ash Jogalekar (@curiouswavefn) June 23, 2022

16. One retweet per 164 followers:

"In 2019, 754 mothers died during pregnancy. In 2020, another 850 patients died because of pregnancy-related events." Pregnancy is far more dangerous than abortion, Adebayo Adesomo writes in an op-ed for @sciam): https://t.co/EdjbeWwvf6

— Tanya Lewis (@tanyalewis314) June 24, 2022

17. One retweet per 165 followers:

Today, my new book The Book of Minds is published in the UK by @picadorbooks and in the US by @UChicagoPress. Here's a thread on what it's about. pic.twitter.com/Chjc6kqBZD

— Philip Ball (@philipcball) June 23, 2022

18. One retweet per 168 followers:

This feels less science fictional every second https://t.co/AbvquDgyMX

— Annalee Newitz (@Annaleen) June 26, 2022

19. One retweet per 181 followers:

I'm selling stickers to raise money for the NW Abortion Access Fund, which helps people in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska access abortions! 100% of the proceeds will go to @nwaafund. Pre-orders available on my website now: https://t.co/auoYPpKVcA pic.twitter.com/gQRwPb4w7t

— JoAnna (@JoAnnaScience) June 27, 2022

20. One retweet per 190 followers:

.@ProjectDrawdown just updated its climate solutions set, adding 11 solutions related to #oceans #agriculture & more. The #goodnews: If we go all out on all 93 currently available technologies & practices, we can put the brakes on #climatechange now. https://t.co/vJhRuXsbLK

— Mary Hoff (@mkhoff) June 28, 2022