Patron Opportunities Among Professional Science Writers on Twitter

Science writers, columnists, reporters, editors, etc. reaching general audiences. Excludes active scientists (also see lists of astronomers and physicists).

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1. profile imageAriel Waldman

NASA advisor. Antarctic explorer. Author of amzn.to/1MFUEVC. Global director @ScienceHackDay. YouTuber youtube.com/arielwaldman.
What's It Like in Space?
San Francisco
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11 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 8/day • 14% new, 57% replies, 17% retweets, 12% quotes
32,840 1,716 
2. profile imageRiley

Distant cousin of T. rex. Author of My Beloved Brontosaurus, Written in Stone, & Skeleton Keys (coming 2019). Blogs @sciam. Furry self: @RileyBlackCat
Skeleton Keys
The T Rex Handbook (Discovering)
Prehistoric Predators
Where the fossils are.
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9 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 15/day • 24% new, 23% replies, 44% retweets, 8% quotes
25,108 1,201 
3. profile imageMatthew R Francis

Writer of physics and astronomy. Wearer of jaunty hats. Tryin' to publish a novel. Proud Rebel scum. Avatar by @ScienceComic . He/him.
Cleveland, OH
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8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 60/day • 18% new, 41% replies, 31% retweets, 12% quotes
17,392 893 
4. profile imageBeatrice the Biologist

Science illustrations, comics, and books! Co-host of @sciencebrunch, a conversational and irreverent science podcast. My real name is Katie McKissick.
The Hidden World of Garbage - Mul...
Art and Culture American Indian A...
Ecstatic Dandelions
Los Angeles, CA
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8 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 4/day • 22% new, 55% replies, 17% retweets, 7% quotes
13,039 467 
5. profile imageEthan Siegel

The Universe is: Expanding, cooling, and dark. It starts with a bang! #Cosmology Science writer, astrophysicist, author, Forbes & NASA columnist.
Beyond the Galaxy
Portland, OR
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7 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
Tweets: 6/day • 19% new, 63% replies, 15% retweets, 4% quotes
13,035 704