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Criteria for Including Accounts in List of Professional Science Writers on Mastodon

Updated: 2023-Sep-08 19:15 UTC. Feedback: @[email protected].

To be listed, an account must have at least 100 Mastodon followers and belong to an individual as opposed to a group.

List members may have a variety of roles in science writing: columnists, reporters, editors, book authors, and so on. This list is focused on individuals engaged in science writing as their primary occupation, and therefore it excludes professional researchers who also write for the public as a supplemental activity. Some such scientists may be found on the separate lists of astronomers and physicists on Mastodon.

The list is not necessarily comprehensive. In particular, coverage outside the communities of most existing list members may be poor. Suggestions for additions, including self-nominations, are welcome via Mastodon DM.