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1. One retweet per 91 followers (average):

Putting this out there once more, again with heavy hearthttps://t.co/tFHMYyzF4R

— Peter Aldhous (@paldhous) May 19, 2018

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— Emily 💙💜💖 (@seelix) May 12, 2018

3. One retweet per 150 followers (average):

A New Facebook Feature Shows Which Pro-Trump Facebook Pages Are Run From Overseas https://t.co/CT3t5MmQcR via @janelytv

— Peter Aldhous (@paldhous) May 11, 2018

4. One retweet per 157 followers (average):

Dear Bay Area:
Please fill out your USGS Did You Feel It? reports! https://t.co/TDaVMoUi5a

Yes, fill it out even if you felt nothing! This data is key for understanding actual experienced quake vs models

— Mika McKinnon (@mikamckinnon) May 15, 2018

5. One retweet per 210 followers (average):

Happy 100th birthday, Richard Feynman! #OTD #Feynman100 https://t.co/fDZbr3g94F #FreeToReadhttps://t.co/5hAswBX41a pic.twitter.com/kpe4Ivwxpw

— Robert Garisto (@RobertGaristo) May 11, 2018

6. One retweet per 210 followers (average):

Happy 100th birthday, Richard Feynman! #OTD #Feynman100 https://t.co/fDZbr3g94F #FreeToReadhttps://t.co/5hAswBX41a pic.twitter.com/kpe4Ivwxpw

— Robert Garisto (@RobertGaristo) May 11, 2018

7. One retweet per 226 followers (average):

There is simply no one who writes animal stories like @edyong209 https://t.co/zIWaVYbnt5 pic.twitter.com/TqK31ssa5D

— Ross Andersen (@andersen) May 17, 2018

8. One retweet per 243 followers (average):

USPS is launching their Sally Ride forever stamp tomorrow. https://t.co/qm1AOJbcgx pic.twitter.com/sCuTXx3HM3

— Eric Berger (@SciGuySpace) May 22, 2018

9. One retweet per 254 followers (average):

This thing is called the Dark Doodad Nebula and now we know why it's not making stars. https://t.co/Bao8opfoL2

— Lisa Grossman (@astrolisa) May 10, 2018

10. One retweet per 281 followers (average):

Roses are red
Violets are fly https://t.co/NkHPwkzU1X

— Ed Yong (@edyong209) May 16, 2018

11. One retweet per 290 followers (average):

The world’s lightest wireless flying machine lifts off https://t.co/S26WDCZrac Research by @blinkminster Shyam Gollakota et al. Story by me. #RoboFly #Microdrones pic.twitter.com/EEI1QfD9vg

— Ananyo Bhattacharya (@Ananyo) May 15, 2018

12. One retweet per 291 followers (average):

Epic beginning of David Goodstein's book "States of Matter" https://t.co/vPwSOVdNQm pic.twitter.com/Lh8sauL01R

— Ash Jogalekar (@curiouswavefn) May 18, 2018

13. One retweet per 307 followers (average):

Coal energy is dying in the U.S. faster under Trump than experts had projected even just a year ago. https://t.co/IdQmvr7qdr

— John Upton (@johnupton) May 11, 2018

14. One retweet per 326 followers (average):

Just when you think you've seen it all, Kilauea starts producing electric blue flames. It's a giant gas leak! https://t.co/ER5qnrK7Yt

— Maddie Stone (@themadstone) May 23, 2018

15. One retweet per 334 followers (average):

Electric utilities, which profit from a shift to electric cars, suing Trump admin over fuel standards rollback. https://t.co/s95ENiI4A5

— John Upton (@johnupton) May 18, 2018

16. One retweet per 334 followers (average):

So cool! https://t.co/mLf4CfnXjS Insects imagined as Star Wars characters pic.twitter.com/CPndTV2i2T

— Gwen Pearson🐜🐛 (@bug_gwen) May 21, 2018

17. One retweet per 348 followers (average):

David Liu and Feng Zhang have started a new base editing company. https://t.co/oEFcI0dGD4

— Emily Mullin (@emilylmullin) May 14, 2018

18. One retweet per 348 followers (average):

Physics exposes the EM-drive for what it really is. Fantastical bullshit.https://t.co/cmdMv6rLtH

— Eric Berger (@SciGuySpace) May 21, 2018

19. One retweet per 356 followers (average):

The EmDrive, NASA's "impossible" space engine, really is impossiblehttps://t.co/ZQsGeyGRcZ
From the "conservation of momentum wins again" department.

But the discovery of what's likely causing the anomaly is fascinating!

— Ethan Siegel (@StartsWithABang) May 23, 2018

20. One retweet per 358 followers (average):

Reminder: The United States has made it almost impossible for scientists to conduct research on guns https://t.co/qR6ePFNtAc

— Rachel “The Yellow Dart” Feltman (@RachelFeltman) May 18, 2018