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1. One retweet per 41 followers (average):

i found out the scientific reason why cats blep and i promise you will not be disappointed!!! https://t.co/663KJVBXpF

— rae paoletta (@PAYOLETTER) March 14, 2018

2. One retweet per 42 followers (average):

Stephen Hawking was brilliant but never won a Nobel Prize. Why? Lack of evidence confirming his work. https://t.co/G5B07nHmb4

— seth borenstein (@borenbears) March 14, 2018

3. One retweet per 60 followers (average):

Un regalo para las retinas The Aurora Named STEVE via @NASA https://t.co/BzLkImAHOx pic.twitter.com/KxBO9zna5L

— Luis Quevedo (@luis_quevedo) March 15, 2018

4. One retweet per 73 followers (average):

no, scott kelly's genes didn't change in space. that story is wrong. please stop sharing it https://t.co/moj0F2Aian

— rae paoletta (@PAYOLETTER) March 15, 2018

5. One retweet per 93 followers (average):

Thanks for showing us the universe, Stephen Hawking. https://t.co/1AtptZDdIq

— Adam Rogers (@jetjocko) March 14, 2018

6. One retweet per 93 followers (average):

This is a really nice piece about why autism isn’t to blame for that guy who doesn’t understand your boundaries. https://t.co/8dVto0w98p

— łopatologia (@mslopatto) March 13, 2018

7. One retweet per 100 followers (average):

Of course, @alexismadrigal on the neural net that wrote knitting patterns is delightful https://t.co/g5e0hbCaYu

— Sarah Zhang (@sarahzhang) March 6, 2018

8. One retweet per 110 followers (average):

YMMV but if they insist on employing Ryan Seacrest to do red carpet interviews, I want to see the "awkward moments" https://t.co/JWtkRHoo1C

— John McQuaid (@johnmcquaid) March 4, 2018

9. One retweet per 111 followers (average):

Rapid genome sequencing is diagnosing some of the sickest babies in time to save them. My latest: https://t.co/CEAhR34xr4

— Emily Mullin (@emilylmullin) March 8, 2018

10. One retweet per 121 followers (average):

So I wrote about this weird obsession of mine https://t.co/5HecxjCfwj

— Sarah Zhang (@sarahzhang) March 16, 2018

11. One retweet per 132 followers (average):

The best way to visualize sound is with hair https://t.co/Sp47lI5USY pic.twitter.com/4ROashSMB6

— Kyle Hill (@Sci_Phile) March 12, 2018

12. One retweet per 133 followers (average):

This is so simple and surprising: round peg in a square hole. https://t.co/p3wI9UCjnV

— Aatish Bhatia (@aatishb) March 11, 2018

13. One retweet per 151 followers (average):

At its essence, Bitcoin is an arbitrage game that turns electricity into money https://t.co/6oB35Y4LYm

— Ross Andersen (@andersen) March 12, 2018

14. One retweet per 153 followers (average):

One less order of insects to memorize! https://t.co/IKnPeoJFAc

— Gwen Pearson🐜🐛 (@bug_gwen) March 4, 2018

15. One retweet per 158 followers (average):

Novichok agents are rare, deadly, and 💯 Russian in origin. https://t.co/A03nLC6leT

— Geoff Brumfiel (@gbrumfiel) March 13, 2018

16. One retweet per 170 followers (average):

Read @AdamSerwer on Obama's bounce pass to Gina Haspel https://t.co/sTw2XRs08t

— Ross Andersen (@andersen) March 14, 2018

17. One retweet per 184 followers (average):

Sorry, @StationCDRKelly, but space didn’t permanently alter 7 percent of your DNA https://t.co/FracaWHodg pic.twitter.com/6TwjePprKp

— Loren Grush (@lorengrush) March 15, 2018

18. One retweet per 184 followers (average):

My latest: How A “Poop Cult” With 58,000 Followers Set Off A Facebook War

— Nidhi Subbaraman (@NidhiSubs) March 17, 2018

19. One retweet per 228 followers (average):

Why 'Enabling' & 'Rock Bottom' Shouldn't Stop Safe Injection Sites, my latest https://t.co/ffTvZhSQsC

— Maia Szalavitz (@maiasz) March 13, 2018

20. One retweet per 243 followers (average):

A pre-World War I tunnel threatens 20 percent of the U.S. economy:https://t.co/9oIqjxXE8U

— Eric Roston (@eroston) March 5, 2018