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This balloon is 6 meters high.

It will fly over London.

During President Trump's visit to London https://t.co/8ibbltJ0v4 pic.twitter.com/X61cQfNwsm

— Arielle (ADR) Duhaime-Ross (@adrs) July 5, 2018

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We Should Reward Scientists for Communicating to the Public:
Universities need to rethink how they evaluate academics for promotion https://t.co/OlkuYAbL6V via @sciam #scicomm #sciengage

— Caitlin S(cientist) (@Paleophile) July 6, 2018

3. One retweet per 88 followers (average):

Sorry friends, but Jupiter no long has 69 moons. It’s got at least 79 now, and one of them is kind of weird! https://t.co/TIhuQM1mUN pic.twitter.com/GwYFtA3Srn

— Loren Grush (@lorengrush) July 17, 2018

4. One retweet per 111 followers (average):

The Bizarre Origin Story of American Drug Laws, my latest https://t.co/RTeJnuZTeA

— Maia Szalavitz (@maiasz) July 13, 2018

5. One retweet per 122 followers (average):

Spiders can "balloon" by pointing their bums at the sky, releasing silk, and taking off. People often say the silk catches on the wind. But a new study points to a more incredible explanation: https://t.co/HJhzQl8eC3

— Ed Yong (@edyong209) July 5, 2018

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— rae paoletta (@PAYOLETTER) July 12, 2018

7. One retweet per 140 followers (average):

Some moths evolved long streamers to confuse the sonar searches of hungry bats. @sciam podcast by @cintagliata, image by @FloridaMuseum https://t.co/u4uFmzBJwu pic.twitter.com/xx5zWQj9eh

— (((Steve Mirsky))) (@SteveMirsky) July 17, 2018

8. One retweet per 142 followers (average):

Ivanka Trump's Chinese-made products spared from tariffs https://t.co/viTDUZso7m

— Erin Biba (@erinbiba) July 9, 2018

9. One retweet per 146 followers (average):

The source of the mysterious ozone-killing emissions is confirmed: China https://t.co/DbHjm4prng pic.twitter.com/nPArfE1S9i

— Akshat Rathi (@AkshatRathi) July 9, 2018

10. One retweet per 159 followers (average):

An iceberg about the size of lower Manhattan just popped off Greenland, and a team of scientists caught the action on camera. https://t.co/ODERTB4Mfg

— Maddie Stone (@themadstone) July 10, 2018

11. One retweet per 159 followers (average):

A new infection that responds to almost none of the few drugs available to treat it appeared simultaneously on 4 continents - and that's not the scariest part. Me at @WIRED: https://t.co/aEwRJ3V8U7

— Maryn McKenna (@marynmck) July 13, 2018

12. One retweet per 163 followers (average):

For everyone thinking, “If only billionaire kleptocrats could exert more secretive influence on our politics …” https://t.co/hcTgH2OxZA

— James Gleick (@JamesGleick) July 17, 2018

13. One retweet per 175 followers (average):

Sharks make splash in Brooklyn with new building/exhibit at @nyaquarium of @TheWCS Photo by @julielmaher https://t.co/k7pe1DfUiW pic.twitter.com/af2I9CeFd7

— (((Steve Mirsky))) (@SteveMirsky) July 5, 2018

14. One retweet per 180 followers (average):

Prototype flexible electronic mouthguard measures lactate levels in saliva, a marker for muscle fatigue during athletic training. From @PARCinc, @NextFlexUS and UCSD. @sciam podcast by @lggreenemeier. Photo from UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering https://t.co/STkm8muk6V pic.twitter.com/CKLOs09PLl

— (((Steve Mirsky))) (@SteveMirsky) July 13, 2018

15. One retweet per 205 followers (average):

FDA regulates bottled water
EPA regulates drinking water from the tap https://t.co/BTQwQzchLI https://t.co/8WEflogDBb

— Nidhi Subbaraman (@NidhiSubs) July 11, 2018

16. One retweet per 211 followers (average):

Hey look, the invasive longhorned tick has how been found in four more West Virginia counties: https://t.co/ELMpNmlIy7 My article on the significance in @sciam: https://t.co/tKAmNehCf2

— Melinda Wenner Moyer (@lindy2350) July 9, 2018

17. One retweet per 216 followers (average):

He injected a billion mitochondria, in about a quarter of a teaspoon of fluid.
Within two days, the baby had a normal heart, strong and beating quickly. “It was amazing,” Dr. Emani said. https://t.co/R1IkfDp6TZ

— Roger Highfield (@RogerHighfield) July 15, 2018

18. One retweet per 224 followers (average):

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention posts extensive new content for healthcare providers about myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome: https://t.co/tpeCKFam2W #mecfs #chronicfatiguesyndrome #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis

— Miriam E. Tucker (@MiriamETucker) July 12, 2018

19. One retweet per 230 followers (average):

South Africa's MeerKAT radio telescope has delivered the clearest view yet of the center of our galaxy, including unexplained long, snake-like filaments. https://t.co/I7kY8eRuIt pic.twitter.com/fY1nd4gWD9

— Corey S. Powell (@coreyspowell) July 13, 2018

20. One retweet per 236 followers (average):

Out of 127 ABC, CBS and NBC news segments about blistering heat across the U.S., just one mentioned climate change — despite climate change's important role in amplifying heat waves. https://t.co/dfCdh9soE4

— John Upton (@johnupton) July 12, 2018