Professional Science Writers' Clubhouse Event Announcements

Updated: 2021-Sep-25 15:03 UTC. Entries: 4. Based on tweets of Professional Science Writers on Twitter. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

Professional Science Writers' tweets announcing Clubhouse events (ordered by tweet date, most recent first):

There's a partial eclipse tomorrow! Check out this thread for info and also join us on Clubhouse tonight at 8pm in @StepsLeaps https://t.co/eijtidv5iL

— Liz Landau (@lizlandau) June 9, 2021

Today at 2pm ET if you're on Clubhouse - come on out! https://t.co/ss35MRhiR9

— Liz Landau (@lizlandau) June 4, 2021

What are you doing tomorrow morning at 6am ET? Come on over to #Clubhouse @StepsLeaps as @NASA Chief Scientist Dr. Jim Green and JPL friends discuss the Ingenuity helicopter flight on Mars. The downlink will be happening during the conversation!!

— Liz Landau (@lizlandau) April 18, 2021

What are YOU doing Monday at 3:30am ET? I'll be on the Clubhouse app with NASA's Chief Scientist and JPL engineers to discuss @NASA #MarsHelicopter Ingenuity. The results of the first flight attempt will be coming back during the conversation! Set your alarms and join: https://t.co/hHI6TrolFk

— Liz Landau (@lizlandau) April 10, 2021