Professional Science Writers' Clubhouse Event Announcements

Updated: 2022-Jan-26 16:03 UTC. Entries: 2. Based on tweets of Professional Science Writers on Twitter. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

Professional Science Writers' tweets announcing Clubhouse events (ordered by tweet date, most recent first):

Come join me and @tweetycami on Clubhouse at 2pm EDT today to talk physics and much else! https://t.co/GBqTkdDRsa

— George Musser (@gmusser) October 15, 2021

Is an electron conscious? Is the very question silly or profound? Come talk about panpsychism in science and philosophy with @Philip_Goff, @annakaharris, @seanmcarroll, @danfalk, Owen Flanagan, and me today at noon Eastern on #Clubhouse https://t.co/loAC7i1VLG

— George Musser (@gmusser) October 8, 2021