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Podcast Profile: Philosophy Bakes Bread, Radio Show & Podcast

podcast imageTwitter: @PhilosophyBB@erictweber@anthonycashio
94 episodes
2015 to 2020
Average episode: 54 minutes
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Categories: Broadcast Radio Programs • Interview-Style • Two Hosts

Podcaster's summary: Philosophy Bakes Bread is a radio show and podcast that showcases the importance of philosophy for everyday life and for leadership. The saying goes that "philosophy bakes no bread." We disagree and co-hosts Dr. Eric Thomas Weber and Dr. Anthony Cashio invite engaging philosophers as guests for interviews about various ideas and conflicts that matter to people in real life, beyond the academy.

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List Updated: 2024-Apr-14 06:08 UTC. Episodes: 94. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2020-Jul-24 • 13 minutes
Ep89 - BC17 - Education and Gender
An interview with Dr. Jane Roland Martin.
2019-Dec-05 • 77 minutes
Ep88 - School Was Our Life
An interview with Dr. Jane Roland Martin.
2019-Sep-27 • 76 minutes
Ep86 - French Toast Episode
Eric and Anthony answer voicemails and revisit some recordings on the river in Maine from our 2018 canoe trip.
2019-Apr-24 • 60 minutes
Ep85 - God Is a Question
An interview with Dr. William Irwin.
2019-Mar-29 • 64 minutes
Ep84 - Feminism and Peace: Jane Addams's Legacy
An interview with Dr. Patricia Shields.
2019-Mar-12 • 76 minutes
Ep83 - Philosophy and Environmental Policy
An interview with Dr. Andrew Light.
2019-Mar-04 • 64 minutes
Ep87 - Going to College in the Sixties
An interview with Dr. John Thelin.
2019-Feb-09 • 17 minutes
Ep82 - BC16 - On Addams and Dewey
A breadcrumb episode with Dr. Marilyn Fischer.
2019-Jan-25 • 25 minutes
Ep81 - BC15 - Listener Vmail: Addams on Immigrants from Europe versus Africa
One of our first two follow-up chats with Dr. Marilyn Fischer.
2019-Jan-01 • 29 minutes
Ep80 - BC14 - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Sports Fandom
A breadcrumb episode responding to a listener voicemail with Dr. Erin Tarver.
2018-Dec-13 • 60 minutes
Ep78 - Demons and Other Unusual Mental States
An interview with Dr. Tadd Ruetenik.
2018-Nov-13 • 70 minutes
Ep77 - Justifications for Intellectual Property & Copyright Law
An interview with Professor Brian Frye.
2018-Oct-27 • 67 minutes
Ep76 - Evil, Suffering, God, & Ethics
An interview with Jack Symes of The Panpsycast philosophy podcast.
2018-Oct-20 • 8 minutes
Ep79 - BC13 - One-Sheet - Clutter
A breadcrumb reading of our One-Sheet on "Clutter"
2018-Oct-06 • 67 minutes
Ep75 - All Philosophy's a Stage
An interview with Monica McCarthy.
2018-Sep-29 • 68 minutes
Ep74 - Outdoor Education
An interview with Ben Vockley, Seth Walton, and Dr. Alejandro Strong
2018-Sep-20 • 64 minutes
Ep73 - The Character Gap
An interview with Dr. Christian Miller.
2018-Sep-09 • 66 minutes
Ep72 - A Multicultural Manifesto
An interview with Dr. Bryan Van Norden
2018-Sep-01 • 61 minutes
Ep71 - The Not So Golden Rule
An interview with Dr. Dan Flores.
2018-Aug-25 • 69 minutes
Ep70 - Human Rights and Political Philosophy
An interview with Toby Buckle.
2018-Aug-18 • 18 minutes
Ep68 - BC 12 - The Best of the Best or a Nice Variety of People at the Table?
A breadcrumb episode with Grace Joy Cebrero.
2018-Jul-21 • 62 minutes
Ep67 - Jane Addams and Democratic Activism
An interview with Dr. Marilyn Fischer.
2018-Jun-26 • 68 minutes
Ep66 - Disability and Popular Culture
An interview with John Altmann.
2018-Jun-12 • 66 minutes
Ep69 - Loving Life
A follow-up interview with Dr. John Lachs.
2018-May-31 • 68 minutes
Ep65 - The Stories of Our Day 2: Westworld
An interview with Dr. James South and Dr. Kimberly Engels.
2018-May-24 • 78 minutes
Ep64 - Philosophy as Play
An interview with Matthew Salzano, Dr. Michael Rings, and Dr. Sergia Hay.
2018-Apr-28 • 61 minutes
Ep63 - Democracy and Public Exposure
An interview with Dr. Mark Sanders.
2018-Apr-21 • 79 minutes
Ep62 - Is the Church Killing God?
An interview with Dr. J. Aaron Simmons.
2018-Apr-05 • 64 minutes
Ep61 - The Future of Community College Education
An interview with Dr. Cliff Harbour.
2018-Mar-10 • 64 minutes
Ep60 - Existentialism and Romantic Love
An interview with Dr. Skye Cleary.
2018-Feb-16 • 68 minutes
Ep59 - Finding Peace
An interview with Dr. Annie Davis Weber.
2018-Feb-07 • 66 minutes
Ep58 - Posthumanism and the Media
An interview with Dr. J. J. Sylvia.
2018-Jan-26 • 64 minutes
Ep57 - Philosophy Outdoors
An interview with Dr. Alejandro Strong.
2018-Jan-19 • 64 minutes
Ep56 - Inclusion and Philosophy
An interview with Grace Joy Cebrero
2017-Dec-21 • 68 minutes
Ep55 - Evaluating Public Philosophy
Anthony and Eric talk about their recent paper, "Lessons Learned Baking Bread."
2017-Dec-14 • 64 minutes
Ep53 - Kneeling and Civil Protest
An interview with Dr. Arnold Farr
2017-Dec-09 • 65 minutes
Ep52 - Against the Common Core
An interview with Dr. Nicholas Tampio
2017-Nov-29 • 66 minutes
Ep51 - What Philosophers Owe Society
An interview with Zach Biondi
2017-Nov-18 • 62 minutes
Ep50 - Transitional Justice
An interview with Dr. Colleen Murphy
2017-Nov-08 • 4 minutes
Ep54 - BC11 - Super Cute PBB Promo
This breadcrumb presents the 36-second promo spot we recorded for WRFL
2017-Nov-03 • 61 minutes
Ep49 - Public Philosophy and Polarization
An interview with Matt Yglesias.
2017-Oct-29 • 11 minutes
Ep48 - BC10 - How to Read Philosophy? The Answer Might Surprise You
A breadcrumb episode with Dr. Nancy McHugh.
2017-Oct-26 • 65 minutes
Ep47 - Philosophy and Social Change
An interview with Dr. Nancy McHugh.
2017-Oct-21 • 62 minutes
Ep46 - Philosophy at Home
An interview with Amy Leask of Red T Media and Engaged Education.
2017-Oct-17 • 68 minutes
Ep45 - Experimentation in Art and Law
An interview with Dr. Brian Butler.
2017-Oct-06 • 68 minutes
Ep44 - On Philosophy, Leadership, & SOPHIA
An interview with Dr. Eric Thomas Weber
2017-Sep-29 • 69 minutes
Ep43 - The Stories of Our Day 1: Game of Thrones
A round-table discussion featuring Dr. Shane Courtland
2017-Sep-23 • 9 minutes
Ep42 - BC9 - Overcoming Redneck State Stigma
A second breadcrumb episode with Dr. Larry A. Hickman
2017-Sep-22 • 7 minutes
Ep41 - BC8 - The Meaning of Life? Answered.
One of two breadcrumb episodes with Dr. Larry A. Hickman
2017-Sep-17 • 61 minutes
Ep40 - Democracy and Education Today
An interview with Dr. Larry A. Hickman
2017-Sep-07 • 14 minutes
Ep39 - BC7 - Stoicism Today
A breadcrumb episode featuring Dr. Greg Sadler
2017-Sep-06 • 60 minutes
Ep38 - The YouTube Philosopher
An interview with Greg Sadler
2017-Aug-30 • 60 minutes
Ep37 - Philosophy in High School
An interview with Nick Caltagiarone
2017-Aug-25 • 58 minutes
Ep36 - Quality Philosophy for Everyone
An interview with Cole Nasrallah
2017-Aug-18 • 67 minutes
Ep34 - Saving American Culture in a Yurt
An interview with Drs. Randall Auxier and John Shook
2017-Aug-10 • 63 minutes
Ep33 - Cakes, Capes, and Culture Wars
An interview with Dr. John Corvino
2017-Aug-05 • 66 minutes
Ep32 - The Public Philosopher and the Gadfly: Return of the Curry!
A follow-up interview with Dr. Tommy Curry
2017-Jul-31 • 69 minutes
Ep31 - Sports Fan I Am
An interview with Dr. Erin Tarver
2017-Jul-25 • 69 minutes
Ep30 - Private Government
An interview with Dr. Elizabeth Anderson
2017-Jul-24 • 6 minutes
Ep35 - BC 6 - 10,000 Downloads Celebration and Giveaway!
Celebrating an exciting early milestone and info on how to win some swag!
2017-Jul-22 • 68 minutes
Ep29 - What's the Public Got to Do with It?
An interview with Drs. Amanda Fulford and Naomi Hodgson
2017-Jul-18 • 59 minutes
Ep28 - Philosophy in Nature
An interview with Dr. Andrea Christelle.
2017-Jul-17 • 61 minutes
Ep27 - Leadership and Civic Engagement
An interview with Drs. Judy Whipps, Danielle Lake, and Mike Ricco.
2017-Jul-12 • 7 minutes
Ep26 - BC5 - Thanks & an Outtake
Thanks for listener feedback & some laughs about an outtake
2017-Jul-05 • 61 minutes
Ep25 - Assessing Assessment
An interview with Dr. Annie Davis Weber
2017-Jul-05 • 11 minutes
Ep24 - BC4 - Teaching Kids about Pessimism
Our second follow-up conversation with Dr. Mariana Alessandri
2017-Jun-30 • 18 minutes
Ep23 - BC3 - Who Bakes Bread Anymore?
Our first of two follow-up conversations with Dr. Mariana Alessandri
2017-Jun-29 • 64 minutes
Ep22 - The Little Engine that Couldn't
An interview with Dr. Mariana Alessandri
2017-Jun-24 • 20 minutes
Ep21 - BC2 - What to Do About Wicked Problems? Voicemail and Response Breadcrumb
A follow-up conversation with Dr. Danielle Lake, responding to Phil's great voicemail.
2017-Jun-22 • 57 minutes
Ep20 - Is the Cross Examined Life Worth Living?
An interview with Chris Tatem of the Cross Examined Life podcast
2017-Jun-14 • 61 minutes
Ep19 - On Anger and Forgiveness
An interview with Dr. Martha Nussbaum
2017-Jun-05 • 64 minutes
Ep18 - Creating Community through Dialogue
An interview with Dr. Chris Long
2017-May-31 • 70 minutes
Ep17 - The Wisdom in Humor
An interview with Tom Cathcart and Danny Klein
2017-May-24 • 56 minutes
Ep16 - On Disability and American Philosophy
An interview with Drs. Justin Bell, Daniel Brunson, Nate Jackson, and Sarah Woolwine
2017-Apr-26 • 58 minutes
Ep15 - Part II of II on Teaching Philosophy to First-Gen College Students
An interview with Dr. Jackie Kegley and Dr. Bertha Alvarez Manninen
2017-Apr-22 • 10 minutes
Ep14 - BC1 - How to Begin Philosophy with Children
Some insightful fun with Dr. Jana Mohr Lone
2017-Apr-12 • 62 minutes
Ep13 - Philosophy for Children
An interview with Dr. Jana Mohr Lone
2017-Mar-31 • 70 minutes
Ep12 - That's a Wicked Problem You've Got There
An interview with Dr. Danielle Lake
2017-Mar-28 • 63 minutes
Ep11 - Mass Incarceration
An interview with Dr. Chris Surprenant
2017-Mar-23 • 64 minutes
Ep10 - Media Ethics
An interview with Dr. Scott Stroud
2017-Mar-21 • 75 minutes
Ep 9 - Studying Black Men
An interview with Dr. Tommy J. Curry
2017-Mar-03 • 72 minutes
Ep 8 - Selfish Ethics?
An interview with Dr. Shane Courtland
2017-Feb-25 • 69 minutes
Ep 7 - How to Live the Deepest Human Life
An interview with Dr. Scott Samuelson
2017-Feb-16 • 65 minutes
Ep 6 - Part I of II on Teaching Philosophy to First-Gen College Students
An interview with Drs. Seth Vannatta and Daniel Brunson
2017-Feb-09 • 64 minutes
Ep 5 - John Lachs on Stoic Pragmatism
An interview with Dr. John Lachs
2017-Feb-07 • 66 minutes
Ep4 - Shared Values in the Abortion Debate (Remastered)
An interview with Dr. Bertha Alvarez Manninen
2017-Feb-01 • 60 minutes
Ep3 - All Shook Up about World War III
An interview with Dr. John Shook
2017-Jan-22 • 68 minutes
Ep2 - The Ethics of Dentistry
An interview with Dr. Bill Myers
2017-Jan-19 • 68 minutes
Ep1 - The Molemen and Plato's Cave Today
An interview with Dr. Anthony Cashio
2016-Feb-06 • 36 minutes
Ep0.4 - Uniting Mississippi-PILOT
This episode considers what philosophy has to say about leadership. It features a recorded presen...
2015-Aug-01 • 31 minutes
Ep0.3 - Coping with Uncertainty-PILOT
This episode focuses on challenges for live and work that concern uncertainty and fear of the unk...
2015-May-21 • 28 minutes
Ep0.2 - Purpose in Life and Work-PILOT
This second episode of Philosophy Bakes Bread considers the challenge of envisioning and choosing...
2015-Mar-14 • 26 minutes
Ep0.1 - Acceptance & Happiness with Stoicism-PILOT
This first episode of Philosophy Bakes Bread begins with a very personal story about how stoic ph...
2015-Feb-16 • 7 minutes
Ep0.0 - BACKGROUND - "Philosophy Bakes Bread," Thank you and acceptance speech for MS Humanities Council's 2015 Humanities Scholar Award
This is the speech Dr. Eric Thomas Weber gave in thanks and acceptance of the Mississippi Humanit...