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Podcast Profile: Space Time Mind

podcast imageTwitter: @spacetimemind99@onemorebrown@petemandik
39 episodes
2014 to 2022
Average episode: 81 minutes
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Categories: Interview-Style • Science and Technology • Two Hosts

Podcaster's summary: Philosophy professor Pete Mandik tackles topics ranging from the neuroscience of consciousness to the philosophical foundations of physics.

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List Updated: 2024-Apr-14 06:08 UTC. Episodes: 39. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

Episode 40: Crungus Among Us (with Alex Kiefer)
Are language models such as LaMDA and DALL-E the arrival of the AI apocalypse?
Episode 39: Complicated Moist Robots (with Tarik LaCour)
Religion resurfaces on SpaceTimeMind as Pete chats with Tarik LaCour (philosophy PhD student at Texas A&M) about how a Mormon can also be an illusionist about consciousness.
Episode 38: The Spirit of the Senses Session
Host Pete Mandik switches roles and becomes Guest Pete Mandik in order to answer questions from members of the Spirit of the Senses Salon in Phoenix, Arizona.
Episode 37: Rainbow in the Dark (with Jacob Berger)
Pete Mandik talks to Jacob Berger (Lycoming College) about Jake’s work on consciousness within the Higher-Order Thought approach. Pete and Jake also get into the closely related quality-space view of sensory qualities that Jake defends.
Episode 36: NeuroYogacara (with Bryce Huebner)
Buddhist philosophy meets neuroscience.
2015-Oct-31 • 56 minutes
Episode 35: Consciousness and Funky Content
explaining consciousness
2015-Oct-16 • 57 minutes
Episode 34: Awareness, Attention, and Globally Accessible Information
Consciousness and Informational Availability
2015-Sep-15 • 108 minutes
Episode 33: The Philosophy of Mind of Pain (with David Pereplyotchik)
Can a robot feel pain? Can conscious pains be scientifically understood?
2015-Sep-01 • 73 minutes
Episode 32: Technological Immortality and Secular Hell
Is Immortality Inevitably Infernal?
2015-Aug-15 • 61 minutes
Episode 31: Future Philosophy
The future of philosophy and the philosophy of the future.
2015-Jul-31 • 69 minutes
Episode 30: Singularity Cinema: Ex Machina and Advantageous
recent movies about mind uploading and AI
2015-Jul-15 • 73 minutes
Episode 29: The Rise and Fall of Phizzy Callizm and the Spiders From Mars
Are minds ultimately physical?
2015-Jul-01 • 61 minutes
Episode 28: Psychedelic Artificial Neural Networks
Can metal minds have electric dreams?
2015-Jun-15 • 102 minutes
Episode 27: Pains and Brains (with David Pereplyotchik)
The philosophy of pain consciousness.
2015-Apr-15 • 101 minutes
Episode 26: Your Digital Afterlives (with Eric Steinhart)
Computational theories of life after death.
2015-Mar-18 • 109 minutes
Episode 25: Leaning Into the Linguistic Turn (with David Pereplyotchik)
Language, Truth, and Meaning
2015-Mar-01 • 97 minutes
Episode 24: Fading Qualia
Where go your qualia if your mind slips from meat to metal?
2015-Feb-15 • 81 minutes
Episode 23: Transhumanist Hot Tub (w Ken Williford)
just add water
2015-Feb-01 • 86 minutes
Episode 22: Time Shuffling, Finger Sausages, and a Brain Made out of Paper.
Temporal counterparts, transparency of consciousness, and the extended mind.
2015-Jan-16 • 99 minutes
Episode 21: Three Men and a Baby Universe (with Sean Carroll)
A physicist and two philosophers talk about the entirety of existence. And then some.
2015-Jan-01 • 88 minutes
Episode 20: Paradoxes of Physical Information
Philosophy of physics, metaphilosophy, and miscellany.
2014-Dec-14 • 93 minutes
Episode 19: Fun, Pain, and Ontology (with Eric Kaplan)
Does all of reality exceed what we believe about it? Even the reality of fun? How about the reality of pain?
2014-Nov-30 • 52 minutes
Episode 18: Truth and Naturalism
Can evolution by natural selection ground our ability to represent truths that transcend usefulness?
2014-Nov-15 • 90 minutes
Episode 17: Memory, Emotion, and Consciousness (with Joe LeDoux)
Neuroscience and philosophy meet to tackle memory and emotion.
2014-Nov-01 • 93 minutes
Episode 16: Singularity and Sociopathy (with Roger Williams)
The technological singularity and Hannibal Lecter walk into a bar...
2014-Oct-15 • 69 minutes
Episode 15: Supernature (with Roger Williams and Gregg Caruso)
supernature, a hypothetical realm that is, in some sense, above and beyond the world accessible to the natural sciences
2014-Oct-01 • 87 minutes
Episode 14: Eternalism Versus Presentism (with Brit Brogaard)
A Brogaard/Brown presentist team-up gives Pete “Erstwhile Eternalist” Mandik a run for his money…forever.
2014-Sep-15 • 56 minutes
Episode 13: Neurophilosophy and Consciousness (with Brit Brogaard)
What makes some states of the mind or brain conscious and others unconscious?
2014-Sep-01 • 60 minutes
Episode 12: The Fourth Dimension
Consider the view that time constitutes a fourth dimension analogous to the three spatial dimensions of height, width, and depth.
2014-Aug-14 • 100 minutes
Episode 11: Scientism
Is it true that anything worth knowing is worth knowing scientifically?
2014-Aug-01 • 100 minutes
Episode 10: All Up In the Global Workspace of Consciousness (with Bernard Baars)
Neuroscience and philosophy meet in the arena of consciousness when neuroscientist guest Bernard Baars joins philosopher hosts Richard Brown and Pete Mandik on the SpaceTimeMind podcast.
2014-Jul-15 • 67 minutes
Episode 9: A Journey to the Edge of Hypertime
What is time? Is there a real distinction between now and other moments, or are all times equally real?
2014-Jun-28 • 74 minutes
Episode 8: Alien and Machine Minds (with Eric Schwitzgebel)
Could a robot or an alien have a mind even though its physical structure may contain nothing similar to a human brain?
2014-Jun-13 • 92 minutes
Episode 7: The Illusion of Free Will (with Gregg Caruso)
Does our best science tell us that there is no such thing as free will? And if it does, should we listen?
2014-May-29 • 97 minutes
Episode 6: The Extended Mind (with Lara Beaty)
Is the mind bigger than the brain? Is it necessarily social?
2014-May-15 • 94 minutes
Episode 5: Transhumanism and Existentialism
Will the post-human future will be populated by Kantian superheroes or Sartrean sociopaths?
2014-Apr-28 • 97 minutes
Episode 4: Death and Logic (with Eric Schwitzgebel)
Philosopher Eric Schwitzgebel joins Richard & Pete to discuss death, logic, time, and (meta)physics.
2014-Apr-14 • 51 minutes
Episode 3: Consciousness explained (?) part 2: The nature of explanation
What counts as a good explanation in physics? And in metaphysics?
2014-Apr-06 • 49 minutes
Episode 2: Consciousness explained (?) part 1: Computational Pythagoreanism
Philosophical flirtations with the idea that everything is ultimately mathematical or computational.