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Podcast Profile: This Week in Science – The Kickass Science Podcast

podcast imageTwitter: @TWIScience@drkiki@Jacksonfly@blairsmenagerie (@TWIScience followed by 16 science writers)
Site: www.twis.org
50 episodes
2021 to present
Average episode: 100 minutes
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Podcaster's summary: The kickass weekly science and technology radio show presenting a humorous and irreverent look at the week in science and tech. Each show TWIS discusses the latest in cutting edge science news on topics such as genetic engineering, cybernetics, space exploration, neuro science, and a show favorite Countdown to World Robot Domination. The show is hosted by Dr. Kirsten Sanford, a PhD in neuroscience, Justin Jackson, a wisecracking professional car salesman and armchair physicist, and Blair Bazdarich, a zoologist. Consistently voted one of the top science radio shows on the web - check it out and hear a science news program like no other.

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List Updated: 2022-Sep-28 12:10 UTC. Episodes: 50. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2022-Sep-22 • 106 minutes
Falling in love with Science
This Week: IgNobel, Anxiety, Blue light, NASA News, Ants, Frogs & Mosquitos, Octopuses, Woodlice, Ancient opium, Microbial name calling, Alzheimer's, Moss, And Much More Science!
2022-Sep-15 • 121 minutes
It's Time for Science Potty Talk
This Week: Vomit, Poop, Cells, Crying Babies, General Relativity, Cryptococcus Neoformans, Interview with Bryn Nelson RE: Poop!, Cockatoos VS Humans, Camouflage, Mimicking Exercise, Virtual Reality, And Much More Science! | The post 14 September, 2022 – Episode 892 – It’s Time for Science Potty Talk appeared first on This Week in Science - The Kickass Science Podcast.
2022-Sep-08 • 114 minutes
What Is The Rain Shadow Effect?
What is in the This Week in Science Podcast? This Week: Patience, Galling Wasps, Albatross, Human Pollution, Stock Markets and Cannabis, Concussion Skull, Drumming Chimpanzees, Rain Shadow Effect, Plastic Pollution, Gut-Brain Circuits, Axolotl Brains,
2022-Sep-01 • 100 minutes
31 August, 2022 – Episode 890 – How to Make an Embryo
This Week: Synthetic Embryos, Zombie Ice, Digital Self-Harm, Rearranging Evolution, Siberia Warming, Slime Time, Beetles with Pockets, Dolphins, Oxygen on Mars, Micro Break, Pattern Finding, Chronic Pain & Cancer, And Much More Science!
2022-Aug-26 • 112 minutes
How Big Could Lizards Get?
This Week: A Water World, Good news!, Color Blindness, Climate News, Drought, Schizophrenia & COVID, Long Covid, COVID Incubation, Pesticides, Super Frogs, Bipedal Old Times, Artificial Detection, Zapping Brains, Mouse Memory, And Much More Science! | The post 24 August, 2022 – Episode 889 – How Big Could Lizards Get? appeared first on This Week in Science - The Kickass Science Podcast.
2022-Aug-22 • 32 minutes
Interview - Dr. Kiki Interviews Dr. Moiya McTier
Special interview with Dr. Moiya McTier Check out the full video interview on YouTube or Twitch. And, remember that you can find TWIS in all the podcast directories. If you are looking for science podcasts on Spotify, we are there!
2022-Aug-19 • 123 minutes
17 August, 2022 – Episode 888 – Will We Return to The Moon?
This Week: Artemis, Curing, Sleepy Flies, Sponge Sneezes, Synthetic Circuits, Ancient Genes, Styrofoam Upcycling?, Long COVID, CDC Restructuring, Cannibalism, Social Connections, Misophonia, Sugar, Consciousness Solved??? And Much More Science!
2022-Aug-11 • 101 minutes
10 August, 2022 – Episode 887 – Vlogs, Dogs, or Science?
This Week: Linking Gut to Heart, PFAS, Locusts, Restoring Hearing, Hold the Ice, Food Impacts, One Antibody to Rule Them All, Spiders Sleep, Sterile Mice, Rewilding the West, Montana Bison, Animal Aging, Sleepy Brains, And Much More Science! | The post 10 August, 2022 – Episode 887 – Vlogs, Dogs, or Science? appeared first on This Week in Science - The Kickass Science Podcast.
2022-Aug-05 • 92 minutes
None of This is Right, But Science
This Week: Dead Pig Society, Oldest evidence of people in North America, Spider silk, Embryo Progress, CBD for anxiety, Biological Electricity, Shrimpy cement, Whale eyes, Bumblebees, Global Warming, Dolphin Memory, Neanderthal Brains, And Much More Science!
2022-Jul-28 • 107 minutes
How Do AIs See The Universe?
This Week: Alternate Physics?, HIV, Necrobotics, RNA Zip Codes, Wildfires, Death By Lactose, Wildlife Photography, COVID Update, Monkeypox Emergency, Placenta, Nasa core mission on Mars, Victory Memo, Ant Networks, AI Analogies, And Much More Science!
2022-Jul-21 • 117 minutes
How to moonwalk
This Week: NASA Webb Results, Helpful Gonorrhea, Instruments and covid, Big Dino Era, Hot blooded ear wax, Sun & Satiety, Frozen rat livers, Vaccine's and menstruation patterns, Headbanging woodpeckers, Bean moms, Four-legged Fish, Red Deer Cave DNA, Volcanic Dark Matter, Emotional Memories, Imagination Language, And Much More
2022-Jul-14 • 82 minutes
What is in the This Week in Science Podcast? This Week: JWST, Gamer brains, Bee Waggle Dances, The anti-science brain, Sarlacc, Ancient Europeans, Foxes, Lice, Dinosaurs, Webbs, And Much More… Become a Patron!
2022-Jun-30 • 86 minutes
Smells Like Fresh Science!
What is in the This Week in Science Podcast? This Week: Arms and Karaoke skills, Friends of a Feather, Water, Plants, Wet Wood, Buggy Bite Strength, Go Dig a Well, Ancient Hominins, Missing Microbiomes, And Much More… Become a Patron!
2022-Jun-23 • 104 minutes
What is Crawling on Your Face?
This Week: Charon's Red Cap, Pee farming, Tea, Almost Meat, One-legged longevity, Eat Plants Locally, It's time to talk about face mites, Frogs, Bats, Ancient pre-Brexit England, Cancer killing plants, Breathy Identity, Touching Itch, And Much More!
2022-Jun-16 • 108 minutes
How to See the Galaxy
What is in the This Week in Science Podcast? This Week: GAIA Data, Sample Return, Planetary systems, Wigs, Tired Plants, Human echolocation, Baby Brains, 1000 genes, Baby Whales, Seals, Baby Compass, Hot Heads, Sleepy Anger,
2022-Jun-09 • 104 minutes
Oceans of Science on Ocean Day
This Week: Cancer Remission, We're in the bad place, Noise pollution, Marsbucha, Rock on!!!, Zinc Poles, Ladies, always ask about your birth control, Ugly fish, Kelp, Otters, Conservatives die sooner, Welfare, Metabolites, Fungal Vision, Fungeyes, No Pole Swap?, And Much More!
2022-Jun-02 • 104 minutes
How to Make a Big ole Science Omelet!
This Week: Techie Liver Transplant, Axolotl model, Polar Bear Poop, Electric Evolution, Eggstinction event, Big Plant, COVID Impacts, Aerosols & Exercise, Baboon bros before baboon ladies, Spider Dances, Ancient Underwater Cities, Ancient Overgrown Cities, Exercise Matters, Antibiotic Athletes, And Much More!
2022-May-27 • 88 minutes
Don't Forget Your Towel OR Science!
This Week: AI Updates Theory, Living with dogs, Termite Travels, Gliding Salamanders, Aging Cells Go Placental, Jackdaw Coordination, Diabetic COVID Susceptibility, Not More Severe, Vaccination & Long COVID, Dolphins pee pals, Sea turtles need shades, Corvid Smarts, Comparing Sleeping Brains, And Much More
2022-May-19 • 91 minutes
Galactic Navel Gazing
This Week: Tabula Sapiens, Denisovan tooth, Tiny dentists, NeuroMechFly, Renewables Lifeline, Rocket Realism, Eat your vegetables, Conservation Wins!, Cockroaches, Spiders, Headbutting Muskoxen, Medical contact lens for glaucoma, Video Game Smarts, Stimulate The Circuits, And Much More!
2022-May-12 • 99 minutes
Why is Helium Rising?
This Week: Atmospheric Rise, Viva La Virus, Concussions, One In 10, California, Fungal Fitness, Stress and fertility, Ominous Omicron, COVID Creativity, Good news, Dolphins with the Snake, Bee like Bats, Ancient indigenous Uruguay DNA, Healthy tattoos, Brain Fluid Boost, Brain Squirts, Brain Berries, And Much More!
2022-May-05 • 99 minutes
May the Fourth be with us!
This Week: Black Hole Sound, Poo Pills, Abortion, Global warming will kill all the fish, Coral Coves, Sweet CO2, What's that? A tired bird?, Bats, Vegetarian kids, Bioreactor burgers, Eye Screen, Factory Resets, Reset Diseases, And Much More!
2022-Apr-28 • 110 minutes
This Show has Teeth!
What is in the This Week in Science Podcast? This Week: Death, Regeneration, Fear, All Your Base, Snot Bugs, Yamanaka factor, Locating Lupus, Lockdowns, New mRNA Vaccines, Great Tits, Teeth, Fire Control, Microbe Survivalists, Brain Ocean,
2022-Apr-21 • 121 minutes
Going Cuckoo For Earth Day!
This Week: Earth Day Climate, Sound Cancer Cures, Robot Rat, Accelerating Currents, Acoustical Charging, The Oreometer, COVID Update, Cuckoo Eggs, Rhino Value, Trilobite Camera, Spicy Fuel Cells, Lying Lyres Like Drama, Imagine Aphantasia, And Much More…
2022-Apr-14 • 114 minutes
Can the Internet Handle This Science?
This Week: Scientific Skepticism, Linking Brains, Biodiversity with Leeches, Less Lightning, Electricity From Archaea, Porpoise’s, Chimps, Rhesus Monkey Hearts, Missing Hub Humans, Space Balloons, Baby Brains, Plant Protection, And Much More… | The post 13 April, 2022 – Episode 871 – Can the Internet Handle This Science? appeared first on This Week in Science - The Kickass Science Podcast.
2022-Apr-07 • 104 minutes
Are Brains or Brawn Better?
This Week: Honey Tech, Squid Games, Nighttime Solar Energy, Fungal Phenomena, Nighttime Solar, XE Identified, WHO Plan, Infection Inflammation, Bat Buddies, Darwin vs. bigotry, Fungal Phone, Asbestos, Brain Changes, And Much More...
2022-Mar-31 • 95 minutes
Science Appreciates Manatees
This Week: How AI will kill everyone, Tissues, Caribou, Nasal sprays for covid, Vaccine vs Vaccine, Fruit Fly Sperm, Boa Constrictor Breathing, Rude AI, Two Legged Snakes, And Much More…
2022-Mar-24 • 116 minutes
What Should Astronauts Eat?
This Week: RNA Replication, Space Health, Entangled Protons, Robot Control, Ruffs, Totipotent Cells, Climate Optimism, Replication, Mind Control, And Much More…
2022-Mar-17 • 113 minutes
When Irish Pi Are Smiling
What is in the This Week in Science Podcast? This Week: Egg To Offspring, Female jockeys, Webb Alignment, Homeopathy, Cell Lineage, Good news; but just Blairly, COVID Rising, School Masking, Birds Smell, Fire Bad, Fire Good, The Winning Mindset,
2022-Mar-14 • 120 minutes
What is the Secret to Longevity?
This Week: Science Headlines, Hybrid Genes & Mammoth Things, Napping Sharks, Mice Aging Cured, Jay Learning, 10-Legged Octopus?, Animal Sounds, Storm-water Emissions, Shackleton's Ship!, Worm Decisions, Aging Brains, And Much More...
2022-Mar-04 • 89 minutes
How to Pronounce Science
This Week: Science & Policy, Mask Pollution, Personality Takes Guts?, Let's Eat Bugs, Cancer Cures, Tires Are Bad, Chimp Learning, Animal All-Nighters, Face Mask Followings, Epigenetic Brain MRI, Energetic Vision, Space Quickies, And Much More...
2022-Feb-26 • 99 minutes
It's not Twosday. It's Science Day!
This Week: It's A Gas, Tapir Frog, Synthetic Neurons, Why Tie Tubes?, The Birds, COVID Vs. HIV, Vaccine Networks, Lizard Tails, Self-aware Fish, Rat Time, Singing In The Brain, Brain Death, And Much More...
2022-Feb-24 • 95 minutes
How to Make A Time Crystal
This Week: Time Crystals, HIV Cured?, Sex Ed, AI Fashion Maps, Extreme Life, Heart Fish, Venom Resistant Birds, Animal Optimism, Bacteria & Fatigue, Caloric Restriction, Clutter Or Enrichment?, MS Twins Study, And Much More...
2022-Feb-11 • 99 minutes
Is This The Science Trap?
This Week: Scientific Resignation, Fusion Megajoules, Laser-Powered Martian Spaceship, Nervous Spider Silk, Partner Pathogens, COVID Update, Cheater Crabs, Chimp Bug Medicine, Old Europeans, App Avoidance, Sonogenetic Science, Friendly Lady Brains, And Much More...
2022-Feb-04 • 62 minutes
Why is One the Loneliest Number?
This Week: Earth's Trojans, Artificial Leaf, Better Plastic?, Electric Microbes, Capybara Guts, COVID Update, Alcohol Reduction, Mental Mashup, Exercise Harder, And Much More...
2022-Jan-28 • 89 minutes
How to Grow a Leg
This Week: Webb Wins, Dinosaur Death Month, Growing Frog Legs, Ichthyosaurs Went Backwards, How Deep Is Life?, COVID Update, Hippo Language, Female Feline Flirts, Artificial Sweetness, And Much More...
2022-Jan-21 • 96 minutes
Within the Margin of Error
This Week: Error Free Quantum Computing?, Billions Of Black Holes, Concussion Urine, Poo Pills For People, Antifreeze Mice, Ribosome Disruption, COVID Update, Helpful Neighbors?, US Tiger Problem, Martian Life?, Bone-Building Bots, And Much More...
2022-Jan-14 • 103 minutes
How to Transplant a Pig Heart
This Week: Pig Heart Transplant, Older Modern Humans, Dolphin Clitoris, Moon Churn, Moon Chum, Zoo Air, COVID Update, Spider Pants, Dog Language, My Little War Pony, Drug-Laden Invasion, Genetic Fingerprints, Fixing Broken Hearts, And Much More...
2022-Jan-07 • 96 minutes
05 January, 2021 – Episode 857 – 2022 Science Predictions
This Week: Predictions from 2021, Predictions for 2022, Schrödinger's Tardigrade, Fishmobile, Hostile Earth, Amputee Advantage?, Baby Cry Recognition, Crow Tools, Bear Guts, No Matter Difference, And Much More...
2021-Dec-31 • 107 minutes
The Top Science News of 2021
This Week: What does This Week in Science think were the year's top science stories? This end-of-year episode counts down the Top 11 science news stories of 2021, and much more...
2021-Dec-18 • 92 minutes
Bringing TWISmas Cheer with Science!
This Week: Krypton Origins, Probing The Sun, Defusing A Bomb, Dog-Fish-Worm Parasite, New Organs, 14 New Shrews!, COVID-19, 10,000 Monoliths, Pregnant In America, Neandertals Loved Fire, Plastic Brains, Life On Earth, And Much More...
2021-Dec-12 • 98 minutes
What Time Does Science Say to Eat?
This Week: Pollution & Sex, Just Good News, Salmon Taste Test, Primate Cavities, Unconfirmable Results, Daytime Eating Good, COVID Update, Light Flyers, Spider Boys, Bear Feet?, Prison Education, Klotho Strength, Brain Boost, And Much More...
2021-Dec-04 • 90 minutes
01 December, 2021 – Episode 853 – Science to Soothe Your Mississippi Madness
This Week: Xenobot Reality Check, Spicy Breast Milk, Sperm Plastic, Solar Water, Flexible Biorepair Gel, COVID Update, Community Hippo Poop, Fishing Monkeys, Internet Of Brains, Brain PING, And Much More...
2021-Dec-01 • 106 minutes
It's TWISGiving 2021!
This Week: Talk About Space, Just Good News: Big Brother Edition, Face Touching, Storing Carbon, Baby jokes, Baby Smells, STEM Gender Bias, Worm Mind Reading, COVID Update, Meat Eating Bees, Ant Spit, Missing Link, Post Paris Picture, Mammoth Find, Seabirds Aren't Turkeys, The Albatross Difference, And Much More...
2021-Nov-19 • 93 minutes
What Would You Call It?
This Week: Natural HIV Cure?, Telescope Names, Disrupting Bacteria, Lungfish Cocoons, COVID Update, Orangutan Art?, Cats Do Care, Exercise Guts, Grandmother Brain, Psychopathic Society, And Much More...
2021-Nov-12 • 99 minutes
Talking Science on World Science Day
This Week: Telescope Bias, Just Good News: Tech Edition, No Good Ski Wax, Protein Mapping, Disgusting Humans, Sound The Alarm, COVID Update, Penis Worm Shells, Fish Rubbing, Language Trace, Future Hurricanes, Different Neurons, Sponge Nerves, Pain Signal, And Much More...
2021-Nov-05 • 102 minutes
Are You Jelly of the Science?
This Week: Hot Planet Big Rain, Different Rocky Planets, Just Good News, ALAN Ruining Things, Promiscuous Proteins, Australian Gas, Old Cat Hips, COVID Update, Dead Fruit Flies, Murderous Chicks, Climate Convention Update, Magnetic Treatment, Long Lived Proteins, And Much More...
2021-Oct-29 • 103 minutes
Is This Spoopy Science?
This Week: It Wasn't Aliens, Mummy Mystery, Hare Suits, No New Neutrino, Tracing Sitting Bull, Tell The Tooth, Hippo The Size, Prairie Dog Kisses, Falklands Find, Termite BRAINS!, Feeling Threatened?, And Much More... | The post 27 October, 2021 – Episode 848 – Is this Spoopy Science? appeared first on This Week in Science - The Kickass Science Podcast.
2021-Oct-22 • 98 minutes
How to Monkey Around with Science
This Week: Transplant Success?, Wooden Tools, Green Energy, Blood Update, Ducks In a Row, COVID Update, Natalia Reagan, Just Good News, Simulated Sniffer, Lady Brains, Sleep Training, And Much More...
2021-Oct-15 • 86 minutes
How Do You Dig Fossils?
This Week: Space Future?, Just Good News, Ancient Poop, Water On Mars!, Climate Extinction, Strange Space Signals, Molar Emergence, Gorillas Hear Voices, Human Survival, Real Bible Stories, Pain Fingerprint, Dye Storage, And Much More...
2021-Oct-08 • 97 minutes
Who Are the Science Prize Winners?
This Week: Nobel Prizes!, Fat Bears, Stressed Solitude, No Spider Medicine?, Old Bears, Error Correction, COVID Update!, Worm Milk, Cold Women, Ancient Jaw, Just Good News, Brain Implant Success, Constipation Memory, And Much More...