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Podcaster's summary: Physics podcast from the Foundational Questions Institute

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FQxI February 17, 2024 Podcast Episode
The Universal Constructor: A Conversation with David Deutsch
FQxI December 31, 2023 Podcast Episode
The Year in Physics Review 2023 Part 3
FQxI December 29, 2023 Podcast Episode
The Year in Physics Review 2023 Part 2
FQxI December 28, 2023 Podcast Episode
The Year in Physics Review 2023: Part 1
FQxI December 24, 2023 Podcast Episode
Is there a Theory of Everything? Great Mysteries of Physics Part 6
FQxI April 7, 2023 Podcast Episode
What is Life? What is Consciousness? Great Mysteries of Physics Part 5
FQxI April 3, 2023 Podcast Episode
Does Objective Reality Exist? Great Mysteries of Physics Part 4
FQxI March 25, 2023 Podcast Episode
Is There a Multiverse? Great Mysteries of Physics Part 3
FQxI March 17, 2023 Podcast Episode
Is Our Universe Fine-Tuned For Life? Great Mysteries of Physics Part 2
FQxI March 16, 2023 Podcast Episode
Is Science Becoming Less Disruptive?
FQxI March 8, 2023 Podcast Episode
Is Time an Illusion? Great Mysteries in Physics Part 1
FQxI December 31, 2022 Podcast Episode
The Year in Physics Review Part 3: Concluding our countdown of the biggest stories in physics, as chosen by quantum physicist Ian Durham.
FQxI December 30, 2022 Podcast Episode
The Year in Physics Review Part 2: Continuing our countdown of the biggest stories in physics, as chosen by quantum physicist Ian Durham.
FQxI December 28, 2022 Podcast Episode
The Year in Physics Review Part 1: Beginning our countdown of the biggest stories in physics, as chosen by quantum physicist Ian Durham. We start with a discussion about whether a wormhole really was created in a quantum computer, in the lab?
FQxI August 20, 2022 Podcast Episode
Testing Time: Quantum physicists Fabrizio Piacentini and Laura Knoll discuss their recent experiment testing the predictions of Constructor Theory, a new meta-framework of physics that may encompass all other theories. The new framework could solve the mystery of why time marches in only one direction, even though the microscopic laws of physics are reversible. With Logan Chipkin
FQxI June 30, 2022 Podcast Episode
Happy Higgs-versary! Particle physicist Kevin Black tells Zeeya Merali about the LHC's new quest. Also, time-travel at the LHC, an update on the W Boson tests with Frank Wilczek; Catalina Curceanu on testing the origin of consciousness; & Queensland physicists are building quantum clocks.
FQxI June 27, 2022 Podcast Episode
The End of Everything: Astrophysicist Katie Mack on her book describing ways to destroy the universe, & on hints of new physics at the LHC; a quantum engine that heats & cools simultaneously; how the thermodynamic gradient may have driven the evolution of intelligence through culture; & the UK's physics of life network.
FQxI June 21, 2022 Podcast Episode
'Quantum dots' can teach us about thermodynamics in the nanorealm.
FQxI June 9, 2022 Podcast Episode
Time's Arrow: A conversation with Paul Davies about time's irreversible flow, black holes, memories of Stephen Hawking and the information paradox, Maxwell's demon and living systems -- and how to improve universities. With Logan Chipkin.
FQxI May 18, 2022 Podcast Episode
Quantum Steampunk: Physicist Nicole Yunger Halpern talks about her new book on quantum thermodynamics, temperatures below absolute zero, and the physics of yesterday's tomorrow.
FQxI April 20, 2022 Podcast Episode
Constructor Theory and Irreversibility: A conversation with Chiara Marletto and Vlatko Vedral on a novel unification between information theory and thermodynamics and their recent experiment that tested, and corroborated, the constructor theoretic notion of irreversibility. With Logan Chipkin.
FQxI March 31, 2022 Podcast Episode
Eerie quantum Aharanov-Bohm effect demonstrated for gravity; mysteries about the nature of time; how choices can curve spacetime; and the Science of Can and Can't.
FQxI March 10, 2022 Podcast Episode
Information as Fuel. Quantum physicist Natalia Ares describes her quest to test thermodynamics in the quantum realm with carbon nanotubes. Philosopher Owen Maroney and theoretical physicist Janet Anders explain what such experiments can teach us about the foundations of physics and biology.
FQxI December 31, 2021 Podcast Episode
2021: The Year in Physics Review Part 3. FQXi's annual countdown of the physics highlights concludes, with quantum physicist Ian Durham.
FQxI December 30, 2021 Podcast Episode
2021: Year in Physics Review Part 2. Our rundown of the physics highlights of the year continues, with quantum physicist Ian Durham.
FQxI December 28, 2021 Podcast Episode
2021: Year in Physics Review Part 1. Beginning our countdown of the biggest and best stories in physics, with quantum physicist Ian Durham.
FQxI December 24, 2021 Podcast Episode
Schrödinger's Tardigrade: Has a multicellular organism really been entangled with a superconducting qubit? Physicist Vlatko Vedral defends his team's controversial claims; Mitch Waldrop discusses the long-running Hubble tension saga and the launch of the JWST; and | "The Hiding Place and the Universe," a dramatic interpretation of the life of an experimental quantum physicist.
FQxI September 27, 2021 Podcast Episode
Breakthrough Prize winner Jun Ye talks optical lattice clocks; the thermodynamic cost of timekeeping with Marcus Huber; & microbead minimotors help John Bechhoefer investigate information processing in nanomachines and biological systems.
FQxI March 8, 2021 Podcast Episode
The Disordered Cosmos: Physicist Chanda Prescod-Weinstein discusses the hunt for axions, her new book on dark matter, racism and misogyny in science, and the controversy surrounding the Thirty Meter Telescope.
FQxI December 31, 2020 Podcast Episode
2020: Year in Physics Review Part 2: Concluding our countdown of the biggest stories of the year in physics, as chosen by quantum physicist Ian Durham.
FQxI December 29, 2020 Podcast Episode
2020: Year in Physics Review Part 1: Beginning our countdown of the biggest stories in foundational physics and beyond, as chosen by quantum physicist Ian Durham.
FQxI June 14, 2020 Podcast Episode
#ShutDownSTEM and the #Strike4BlackLives; Retrocausality Reviewed; Measuring Consciousness in Fruit Flies; Superior -- The Return of Race Science; & the Mystery of the Monster Galaxy.
FQxI December 31, 2019 Podcast Episode
2019: Year in Physics Review Part 2: | Concluding our countdown of the biggest stories of the year in physics, as chosen by quantum physicist Ian Durham.
FQxI December 29, 2019 Podcast Episode
2019: Year in Physics Review Part 1 | Beginning our countdown of the biggest stories of the year in physics, as chosen by quantum physicist Ian Durham.
FQxI December 24, 2019 Podcast Episode
An amped up version of the Schrodinger Cat Paradox spells trouble for all quantum interpretations -- according to its architect Renato Renner. He tells Zeeya and Brendan how the controversial thought experiment works, and why he thinks it is bad news for fans of Many Worlds and quantum parallel universes, QBism, Collapse models and (less so) for Bohmian interpretations of quantum mechanics. But not everyone agrees.
FQxI October 6, 2019 Podcast Episode
Quantum Supremacy Milestone? Rumours abound that Google's quantum processor Sycamore has performed a task that would flummox the best classical computer — a first in quantum computing. Physicist Ian Durham assesses the claims, gives us a quantum computing primer, and discusses concerns about the term 'quantum supremacy'.
FQxI September 8, 2019 Podcast Episode
Quantum Mind Reading. Could we create a quantum experiment to predict what a person will do, without having to simulate their consciousness? Physicist Adam Brown argues a classic quantum "bomb tester" proposed in the 1990s could be modified to do just that.
FQxI August 19, 2019 Podcast Episode
Downward Causation. Cosmologist George Ellis investigates agency and argues that causation is a two-way process between the mind and lower level biological and physical functions. From the 6th FQXi meeting in Tuscany, in July.
FQxI August 15, 2019 Podcast Episode
Designing the Mind. Cognitive scientist Susan Schneider talks transhumanism and asks at what point does human enhancement go too far? Are we in danger of accidentally destroying ourselves through technological augmentation and creating new beings in our stead? From the 6th FQXi Meeting, in Tuscany.
FQxI August 13, 2019 Podcast Episode
Measuring Free Will. To what degree are our choices really free, rather than determined? And how much control do we have over them? Quantum physicist Ian Durham presents a new mathematical model for free will. From the 6th FQXi Meeting, in Tuscany.
FQxI August 12, 2019 Podcast Episode
How do we make decisions? Physicist Carlo Rovelli discusses the science behind choice -- arguing that agency is intimately tied to time's arrow. From the 6th FQXi meeting in Tuscany.
FQxI August 9, 2019 Podcast Episode
Building an AI Physicist. Cosmologist Max Tegmark describes the challenges with creating trustworthy artificial intelligence, and his own project writing a code that used neural networks to re-discover 100 equations from the Feynman lectures.
FQxI August 1, 2019 Podcast Episode
The Limits of Computation. Astrophysicist Fred Adams argues the world will run out of resources for computation in 32 years without a paradigm shift. And he discusses how alien civilizations could mine stars to create solar-system-sized "black cloud computers," which could be detected on Earth. From the 6th FQXi meeting in Tuscany.
FQxI July 30, 2019 Podcast Episode
Causality, Memory and the Arrow of Time. Cosmologist Sean Carroll is searching for a mathematical description of why causes precede effects and asking what makes our memories of the past special. Audio of a talk from the FQXi meeting in Tuscany.
FQxI December 31, 2018 Podcast Episode
2018 Year in Physics Review Part 2: We conclude our countdown of the top physics stories of the year, as chosen by Ian Durham.
FQxI December 30, 2018 Podcast Episode
2018 Year in Physics Review Part 1: We begin our countdown of the top physics stories of the year, as chosen by Ian Durham.
FQxI September 10, 2018 Podcast Episode
Superhuman: In this special edition, evolutionary biologist Rowan Hooper discusses his new book, which examines the extremes of mental and physical ability. He discusses encounters with some of the world's cleverest people, investigates the role of genetics in intelligence, memory, drive and focus, and describes people whose immense resilience has seen them come through terrible adversity. Hooper also describes lessons we can take from human evolution when programming AI.
FQxI August 26, 2018 Podcast Episode
High-energy neutrino traced back to a distant galaxy, with Azadeh Keivani; possible discovery of sterile neutrinos, with Richard Van de Water; black holes replaced by fuzzballs, with Samir Mathur; finding an almost-quantum theory, with Miguel Navascues; and testing free will with AI, with Avi Loeb.
FQxI July 23, 2018 Podcast Episode
Losing the Nobel Prize: In this special edition, physicist Brian Keating discusses his new book, which recounts the ill-fated BICEP2 announcement--and retraction--of the claimed discovery of primordial gravitational waves in 2014.
FQxI March 20, 2018 Podcast Episode
Remembering Stephen Hawking; light from the first stars in the universe, with Rennan Barkana; our place in the multiverse, with Eugene Lim; & setting up a science hostel in Maui, with Garrett Lisi.
FQxI December 31, 2017 Podcast Episode
2017 Physics Countdown Part 3: What was the biggest physics breakthrough of the year? FQXi's review, as chosen by quantum physicist Ian Durham, concludes.
FQxI December 29, 2017 Podcast Episode
2017 Physics Countdown Part 2: FQXi's review of the biggest breakthroughs of the year, as chosen by quantum physicist Ian Durham, continues.
FQxI December 26, 2017 Podcast Episode
2017 Physics Countdown Part 1: FQXi's review of the biggest breakthroughs of the year, as chosen by quantum physicist Ian Durham.
FQxI November 24, 2017 Podcast Episode
Real numbers are not (ontologically) real, says Nicolas Gisin; living in a Sudoku Universe, with Emily Adlam; FQXi launches a new essay contest and large grant round, with Anthony Aguirre and Jan Wallaczek; & fine-tuning quantum theory, with Matt Leifer.
FQxI October 30, 2017 Podcast Episode
Gravitational waves from a neutron star collision; creating Majorana particles in the lab with Kang L. Wang; quantum Darwinism with Gerardo Adesso; & making a quantum replicant with Jayne Thompson.
FQxI August 20, 2017 Podcast Episode
China takes the first steps to building a quantum Internet; testing quantum gravity in the lab; making a baby universe in a particle accelerator; and singing about physics.
FQxI December 31, 2016 Podcast Episode
Concluding our list of the top physics breakthroughs of 2016, as chosen by Ian Durham.
FQxI December 30, 2016 Podcast Episode
Counting down the biggest physics breakthroughs of 2016, with Ian Durham.
FQxI December 12, 2016 Podcast Episode
Retrocausal reality with Ken Wharton; tips for FQXi's new essay contest; the Breakthrough prizes in physics; the science of terrorism, with Peter Byrne; & Carlo Rovelli gives a brief lesson on writing a physics bestseller.
FQxI October 12, 2016 Podcast Episode
Science & Creativity: Conversation with bestselling science fiction author Neal Stephenson, artist Jayne Tollaksen, and musical physicists Ian Durham, Stephon Alexander & Brendan Foster. With Zeeya Merali.
FQxI September 3, 2016 Podcast Episode
Max Tegmark on measuring consciousness in the lab -- and finding a hidden dimension in natural language. From the 5th FQXi Meeting.
FQxI August 21, 2016 Podcast Episode
Sean Carroll asks What Happens Inside the Wavefunction? From the 5th FQXi International Meeting.
FQxI August 20, 2016 Podcast Episode
Quantum physicist Matt Leifer reveals the dirty secrets of quantum foundations: the Copenhagen Interpretation does not exist and Copenhagen-like interpretations are as crazy as invoking parallel universes. From the 5th International FQXi meeting.
FQxI August 19, 2016 Podcast Episode
Physicist Paul Davies reveals the "dirty secrets of life." From the 5th FQXi conference.
FQxI May 31, 2016 Podcast Episode
Happy 10th Birthday to us! FQXi's director Anthony Aguirre celebrates a decade of the Foundational Questions Institute, and chats about the Kepler's planet haul and Breakthrough Starshot; Catalina Curceanu on testing a quantum rival under a mountain; & Sean Carroll talks about his book The Big Picture, and emergence.
FQxI May 2, 2016 Podcast Episode
A MICROSCOPE on Galileo; how gravitational waves open a new window on the universe; searching for defects in spacetime; & a quantum-horror short story.
FQxI December 31, 2015 Podcast Episode
FQXi's countdown of the top physics breakthroughs of 2015 concludes, with Ian Durham.
FQxI December 29, 2015 Podcast Episode
Our countdown of the biggest physics breakthroughs of 2015 continues, with Ian Durham.
FQxI December 28, 2015 Podcast Episode
Our review of the year in physics, with quantum physicist Ian Durham, begins.
FQxI November 29, 2015 Podcast Episode
Physics of Information special featuring black hole firewalls, ruling out reality & the search to define what information actually is. Plus highlights of other FQXi-funded research projects.
FQxI November 9, 2015 Podcast Episode
FQXi launches a new large grant round & Neutrino physicists win the Nobel and Breakthrough Prizes; a cosmic test for time; safeguarding the future of humanity; & Brains from Thunderbirds explains quantum physics.
FQxI August 31, 2015 Podcast Episode
Hawking claims to solve black hole paradox & quantum spookiness passes toughest loophole-free test yet; relativity could cause quantum collapse; 5 steps for saving the world; quantum thermodynamics; & the physics filmmaker.
FQxI July 28, 2015 Podcast Episode
Pluto, pentaquarks & Earth 2.0; Frank Drake talks about the new 100 million dollar hunt for alien life; conjuring a neutron star from a nanowire; & "Edge of the Sky" talks physics without the jargon.
FQxI June 17, 2015 Podcast Episode
How do we communicate foundational physics to the public? Panel discussion with physicists and communicators Sabine Hossenfelder, Matt Leifer, Dagomir Kaszlikowski & Brendan Foster, from the New Directions meeting in Washington, DC.
FQxI May 25, 2015 Podcast Episode
Physics poetry; curving spacetime in the lab; & searching for undecidable problems.
FQxI April 18, 2015 Podcast Episode
Bohmian Rhapsody: Physicists Shelly Goldstein and Jean Bricmont discuss features of the deterministic alternative to standard quantum mechanics proposed by David Bohm. From the Quantum Foundations meeting in Erice, Italy, supported by COST.
FQxI March 27, 2015 Podcast Episode
Physicists Angelo Bassi and GianCarlo Ghirardi discuss collapse models. From the COST quantum foundations meeting in Erice, Italy.
FQxI March 15, 2015 Podcast Episode
A quantum reality check; observing black hole firewalls; & a quantum theory of network explains time's arrow.
FQxI December 30, 2014 Podcast Episode
2014 in Review: physicist Ian Durham reveals the top two physics stories of the year; & we give you tips for entering FQXi's new essay contest: "Trick or Truth? The Mysterious Connection Between Physics and Mathematics".
FQxI December 27, 2014 Podcast Episode
2014 in review: Ian Durham's countdown of the top 5 physics stories of the year continues; & we launch FQXi's RFP "The Physics of What Happens."
FQxI December 24, 2014 Podcast Episode
2014 in review: Ian Durham picks his top 5 physics stories of the year; & we congratulate the winners of the first FQXi video contest.
FQxI November 29, 2014 Podcast Episode
How parallel worlds interact with ours; redefining "life" in terms of predicting the future; questioning the founding assumptions of quantum theory; & the Philae lander sends back songs from a comet.
FQxI October 2, 2014 Podcast Episode
Primordial gravitational waves turn to dust and why this is good news for inflation theory; Julian Barbour's model in which the big bang created twin mirror universes, solves the arrow of time problem; & Paul Davies on his physics-based evolutionary-model of cancer, which recommends oxygen treatment and immunotherapy.
FQxI August 31, 2014 Podcast Episode
Watching Schrodinger's cat die; black holes bounce into white holes; sharpening Occam's razor; catching quantum pigeons; & generating quantum Cheshire cats.
FQxI June 30, 2014 Podcast Episode
Time travel is simulated in the lab; Alan Guth on the doubts clouding the BICEP2 result; how the Higgs should have destroyed the universe already; & could entropy explain why nature obeys quantum rules?
FQxI May 7, 2014 Podcast Episode
Andrei Linde and Joao Magueijo on the BICEP2 discovery of primordial gravitational waves; using thermodynamics to explain the origin of gravity; & is quantum entanglement the fundamental glue that binds reality together?
FQxI January 21, 2014 Podcast Episode
Max Tegmark proposes that consciousness may be another state of matter in his talk at the 4th FQXi International Conference.
FQxI January 9, 2014 Podcast Episode
Sean Carroll questions conventional wisdom on quantum fluctuations, whether we might be disembodied "Boltzmann Brains" floating through space & eternal inflation leading to a multiverse, in his talk at the 4th FQXi conference.
FQxI January 7, 2014 Podcast Episode
"What is quantum information *really* good for?" Physicists William Wootters, Caslav Brukner, Andrew Briggs, Raymond Laflamme, Sorin Paraoanu & Gerardo Adesso discuss this question at FQXi's 4th International Conference in Vieques.
FQxI December 31, 2013 Podcast Episode
The final part of our Year in Physics review, with Ian Durham; & could ancient aliens have thrived in the universe 15 million years after the big bang?
FQxI December 29, 2013 Podcast Episode
The FQXi Year in Physics Review with Ian Durham continues; & Tejinder Virdee talks about the Higgs discovery, the Nobel Prize, & inspiring the next generation of particle physicists in Africa.
FQxI December 28, 2013 Podcast Episode
Physicist Ian Durham begins his physics review of 2013; & astronomer Sara Seager talks about exoplanets, alien hunting and her MacArthur genius grant.
FQxI October 7, 2013 Podcast Episode
Was our universe birthed by a 5-D black hole?; Dark Energy Survey launches; Voyager 1 leaves the solar system; Quantum space experiments; & a Superposition of physics & art
FQxI August 20, 2013 Podcast Episode
Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek talks tests of the cosmological multiverse & lab experiments for quantum parallel universes; neutrinos shift personality; a proof for Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle; & plants do math.
FQxI June 12, 2013 Podcast Episode
Temporal cloak hides events in time; Lee Smolin on his new book "Time Reborn"; Loop quantum gravity cuts out the core of black holes; & Laser experiment entangles two photons that do not co-exist.
FQxI April 22, 2013 Podcast Episode
What the Planck results & others mean for the universe; Nobel laureate Brian Schmidt recalls discovering dark energy; New FQXi essay contest hints & tips; & Computing with DNA
FQxI March 6, 2013 Podcast Episode
Diverting asteroids headed for Earth; how the Higgs could destroy the Universe; SQUID experiments create light from the quantum vacuum; & does photosynthesis in plants have quantum roots?
FQxI January 25, 2013 Podcast Episode
Is God a good cosmological theory? Would God *choose* to create a multiverse?; How quantum effects help birds navigate; & How the laws of physics we perceive may depend on our choice of clock.
FQxI December 16, 2012 Podcast Episode
Reviewing the top physics stories of 2012 with Ian Durham; searching for time's arrow in the string multiverse; & looking for the fundamental building blocks of space and time.
FQxI November 16, 2012 Podcast Episode
Experiments testing the limits of wave-particle duality; connecting time's flow to the illusion of the enduring self; & Jim Al-Khalili on his new book "Paradox".
FQxI October 15, 2012 Podcast Episode
Photon experiments raise uncertainty about Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle; the lowdown on FQXi's new $3 million Physics of Information grant round; casting the universe as a hologram to discover when time began; & art meets physics at the Jiggling Atoms exhibition.
FQxI September 6, 2012 Podcast Episode
Questioning the parallel beliefs of quantum many-worlds supremo Everett; history of the Higgs with it's co-inventor Gerry Guralnik; quantum computing rewritten; & faster than light cosmology with Joao Magueijo.
FQxI August 1, 2012 Podcast Episode
Taking particle physics to Ghana in our Higgs update; Julian Barbour explains why time does not exist, shapes are fundamental and the connection between consciousness and quantum gravity; and the psychology of mental time travel.
FQxI June 30, 2012 Podcast Episode
Gruber Prize for Cosmology goes to WMAP ; searching the sky for "cosmic textures"; predicting the end of civilization; and the quantum fuel for time travel.
FQxI May 30, 2012 Podcast Episode
Did the universe--the multiverse, the cyclic universe, & the "cosmic egg"--have a beginning?; tips for winning the FQXi essay contest; the quantum art of gravity & linguistics; sniffing out a quantum theory of smell; and we put *your* questions about string theory & sound to our physicists.
FQxI April 30, 2012 Podcast Episode
Splitting the electron into two quasiparticles, the orbiton and spinon; how the brain perceives time—and how to fool it; and a table-top test of quantum gravity.
FQxI March 30, 2012 Podcast Episode
A radical rethink of quantum mechanics suggests time can flow backwards; Frank Wilczek discusses not-so-speedy neutrinos; and string theory, religion and music collide in two physics operas.