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Podcast Profile: The Titanium Physicists Podcast

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96 episodes
2011 to 2020
Average episode: 54 minutes
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Categories: Interview-Style • Physics

Podcaster's summary: Dr. Ben Tippett and his team of physicists believe that anyone can understand physics. Black Holes! Lightning! Coronal Mass Ejections! Quantum Mechanics! Fortnightly, they explain a topic from advanced physics, using explanations, experiments and fun metaphors to a non-physicist guest. Visit the website to see a list of topics sorted by physics field.

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2020-Oct-13 • 63 minutes
Episode 86: Live at AAAS- Quantum Computers
Dr. Sarah and Dr. Danica Marsden are here with me in Seattle, Washington for our live show at the AAAS! We talk about how quantum computers do their quantum computer thing. Our guests are Old friends of the show: Matt Sheehy (from Lost Lander),...
2020-Feb-01 • 83 minutes
Episode 85: Decoherence Not Incoherence
Our Guest Today is Ted Leo, of "Ted Leo and the Pharmacists" Fame. Our experts today are Dr. Danica Marsden and Dr. Stephanie Simmons. Our topic is QUANTUM COHERENCE and DECOHERENCE: how a quantum superposition will not stay that way forever....
2020-Jan-01 • 103 minutes
Episode 84: Super Stars Look Like Zebras
The topic of this Episode is O-type stars, the biggest, brightest stars in the universe! Astrophysicists Dr. Benjamin Brown and Hannalore Gerling-Dunsmore break it all down for our guest Ryan North (of Dinosaur Comics, and Squirrel Girl).
2019-Nov-30 • 68 minutes
Episode 83: Feeling Feeble WIMPS and Axions
Today's guest is a marvel! It's the host of the Drabblecast: Norm Sherman! Norm joins Dr. Ken Clark and Dr. Katelin Schutz, experts in dark matters. today we talk about dark matter candidates: our best guesses for what is causing the crush we...
2019-Nov-01 • 93 minutes
Episode 82: Snowing Diamonds
Andray Domise joins Dr. Sabine Stanley from Johns Hopkins University and Erin Wenckstern from the Weather Network to learn about NEPTUNE! Home to the fastest winds in the solar system, where it rains diamonds, and...
2019-Sep-30 • 79 minutes
Episode 81: LISA the Giant Tumbling Space Triangle
Humorist and Podcaster Benjamin Ahr Harrison (Greatest Generation, Friendly Fire) Join me and Dr. Joey Shapiro Key and Dr. Jocelyn Read to talk about THE NEXT GENERATION of gravitational wave detectors: LISA (the Giant Tumbling Space Triangle)...
2019-Aug-21 • 95 minutes
Episode 80: Picturing the Bach Hole
Adal Rifai from "Hello From the Magic Tavern" joins us to talk about the first PHOTOGRAPH of a black hole by the Event Horizon Telescope. Our guide through this amazing story are Dr. Leo Stein and Dr. Katie Bouman. We learn the basics of...
2019-Mar-11 • 62 minutes
Episode 79: MiniBooNE or Giant Curse
Sterile Neutrinos
2018-Sep-10 • 75 minutes
Episode 78 The Heat Death of The Universe
Dr. Katie Mack and Dr. Robert McNees team up to explain the heat death of the universe to Award Winning Author Ken Liu.
2018-Feb-19 • 56 minutes
Episode 77: Disruptive Feedback
A supermassive blackhole at the centre of a galaxy can cause the gas that falls into it to glow SO BRIGHT that it stops the creation of new stars. What? How? Courtney Brooke Davis is here to ask the questions! Dr. Victoria Scowcroft and Dr. Carolin...
2017-Dec-18 • 69 minutes
Episode 76: All that Glitters
Announcing the return of the A Team! Jocelyn Read! David Tsang! joining us today the comedian Charlie Demers! Episode 76! This episode is gold. specifically, it's about neutrons stars MASHING TOGETHER in the depths of space!
2017-Nov-13 • 61 minutes
Episode 75: The Undeniable Outward Push
Like how the same basic stuff can make many different types of star, and planet and cookie, this episode brings a lot of familiar things together in new ways! Hanalore Gurling-Dunsmore! Dr. James Sylvester! and our guest Zach Weinersmith!...
2017-Aug-24 • 49 minutes
Episode 74: Jingle Bell Sweaters
Biophysicists Dr. Nicole Prent and Dr. Jacqueline Townsend are back. this time we're talking about Electron Spin Resonance, a technique that's like Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, but different. our guest this time is Diana Goodman, Host of the Thirty...
2017-Jul-10 • 88 minutes
Episode 73: An Episode with Glass
A touch of Glass! Dr. Jane Cook and Dr. Jessica Rimsza are here to talk with Bobak Ferdowsi about glass. We talk about what glass is, and how it forms, and what makes it glassy, and where to find it, and so many more things! FASCINATING!
2017-May-01 • 64 minutes
Episode 72: Moonquake
Dr. Briony Horgan and Dr. Meg Rosenburg are here to explain that the moon is actually shrinking. It's getting smaller. And we know that it is because we have been studying it. Today's guest is Eric Molinsky, host of the "Imaginary Worlds" podcast.
2017-Mar-20 • 61 minutes
Episode 71: Neutriyes or NeutriNO
I'm gonna give it to you straight: we make beams of neutrinos. Neutrinos are particles that barely touch anything as they pass through everything. Ken Clark and Tia Michelli are back and this episode is awesome. neutrino beams: why would...
2017-Jan-16 • 61 minutes
Episode 70: Muon, science cat, muon
Muons are very small fundamental particles that are much heavier than they should be. they fall apart pretty quickly, but they rain down on us. It's magical. Today's physicists are Ryan Martin, the particle physicist; and Diana Cowern, host of...
2016-Dec-12 • 72 minutes
Episode 69: Super Hyper Fire Hose Bucket Challenge
Today our guest is a person I've wanted to meet for years: The founder of the Skepchick website, Rebecca Watson. Our physicists are Dr. Katie Mack and Hannalore Gerling-Dunsmore. TODAY'S TOPIC: Supermassive Black Holes!!
2016-Nov-07 • 61 minutes
Episode 68: The Shadows of Creation
This episode is about the The Sunyaev–Zel'dovich Effect, where photons from the big bang are used to backlight giant galaxy clusters! My Physicists this episode are Dr. Michael Zemcov, and Dr. Danica Marsden. Our guest this time is TED...
2016-Oct-01 • 58 minutes
Episode 67: A Phonon Call
A phonon.. that's not a spelling mistake... is a quantum of vibration. it's a particle... that lives as a vibration in a crystal. and it's bananas!!! Doctors Fiona Burnell and Darren Peets have joined me to try to explain this all to Megan and...
2016-Jul-20 • 68 minutes
Episode 66: Life On Mars
There are astrophysicists who study life on mars. specifically, the prospects of detecting life on mars. Zach Weinersmith Joins Catherine Neish and Briony Horgan and we talk about LIFE ON MARSSSSS!!!
2016-May-23 • 55 minutes
Episode 65: New Ways of Looking
How does a camera work? no, a digital camera, I mean. yeah... yeah.. optics. I know all about lenses. how does the plate at the back.. the one the photons hit.. how does it turn photons into electronic signals that turn into digital...
2016-Apr-25 • 85 minutes
Episode 64: E and N (The edges of Einstein)
Maya Inamura Joins Me, Katie Mack and Leo Stein and we talk aboutTEST OF GENERAL RELATIVITY
2016-Mar-25 • 60 minutes
Episode 63: Worldbuilding
Patrick Mchale makes his triumphant return to the show! Astrophysicists Catherine Neish and Brian Jackson explain how planets form around stars, and why the planets we see around other stars are so weird.
2016-Feb-11 • 32 minutes
NONEPISODE: ben's feeling
Hi!LIGO just announced detecting.1. gravitational waves2. colliding black holes 1.3 billion years away.this is just me talking about my feelings about it.
2016-Feb-01 • 89 minutes
Episode 62: Black Bells
Did you know that if something falls into a black hole it will "ring" like a bell, radiating gravitational waves at a very specific frequency. pretty fun! Brent Knopf and Matt Sheehy are back! Two new physicists: Leo Stein and Chiara...
2016-Jan-18 • 50 minutes
Episode 61: Levitating Trains
*sorry about the audio quality**one guy was in china, and my mic broke and all sorts of bad stuff happened. :(*OH MAN!!!Erika Ensign, from all the dr. who podcasts, has come on our showso that Darren Peets and Abby Shockley and I can do our best to...
2015-Dec-16 • 73 minutes
Episode 60: Meters Of Interference
Radio telescopes have really crummy resolution.but if we line them up and hook them together, using a technique called "radio interferometry" we can see the head of a screw 300 km away. This episode, our guest is Ben Acker, one...
2015-Dec-01 • 51 minutes
Episode 59: Strange Truth and Charming Beauty
The Strong Force
2015-Oct-25 • 67 minutes
Episode 58: Extraordinary Evidence
The Big bang. How do we know it happened? How do we know what happened?Dr. Michael Zemcov and Dr. Katie Mack and I talk to the clever hosts of Encyclopedia Brunch. It's Tim Dobbs and Kathryn Cogert! WHAT FUN!
2015-Sep-18 • 91 minutes
Episode 57: Two Photons Walk Into An H Bar
BIOPHYSICS! Nicole Prent! Jacqueline Townsend! Broadway actor Brian Cross joins us to talk about how biophysicists use frequency doubling of photons To LOOK INSIDE CELLS! well, it's really cool I can't wait for you to hear it!
2015-Jun-07 • 82 minutes
Episode 56: What "In Tangles" Meant
Oh boy it's been a while since we got an episode scheduled, recorded, edited and out the door. but the wait has been worth it because THIS EPISDE IS AMAZING! Dan Harmon (From Channel 101, The Sarah Silverman Show, Monster House, COMMUNITY!,...
2015-May-18 • 18 minutes
Question Barn 8
Ken Clark Joins me! we answer Ramiro's question, who asked "I have heard that bosons are the force carriers. So what force is the higgs boson "carrying" ?"
2015-Apr-01 • 54 minutes
Episode 55: Laser Laser Laser Laser Laser Laser
Laser Laser Laser LASER laser LAAASSEERRRR
2015-Mar-23 • 16 minutes
Question Barn 7
Me and Amanda Bauer Answer a question from dave! "First of all I really enjoy the podcast! And for a while I’ve been wanting to send in this question and think it would be perfect for the new segment. My question is: What...
2015-Feb-12 • 66 minutes
Episode 54: The Way the Dog Ran Away
Erin McGathy (from the "This Feels Terrible" and "Harmontown" podcasts and the USB theater in LA) joins us! Dr. Rupinder Brar and Dr. Amanda Bauer have both returned after WAY TOO LONG! We talk about the milky way! dust and pancakes....
2015-Feb-01 • 32 minutes
Question Barn 6
Dr. Katie Mack and I talk about big bang stuff. the question is from bob: "Hello again Ben. I've found and listened to the QB episodes. Thanks for the help with locating them. Since you seem to have ready access to a cosmologist, I'd...
2015-Jan-11 • 47 minutes
Episode 53: Consistent Variables
Vicky Scowcroft and David Tsang were talkin' to me, and i was like "Yoooo what kind of show topic should we do" and Vicky was like "Cepheid Variables" so i was like... hmm. A star who tells us about distance and travelling... Who else should I ask on...
2014-Dec-26 • 56 minutes
Question Barn 5
Geoffrey Lovelace and I talk about Interstellar. mostly we geek out over the relativity. we ran out of time before we could make this podcast 3 hours long. it was definitely a possibility.
2014-Dec-20 • 82 minutes
Episode 52: Through The Mirror
I was super excited about this Episode! Our Guest is ! We Talk about CPT symmetry (Charge-Parity-Time inversion symmetry), which leads to discussions about antimatter, and the nature of time. it's a SUPER EPISODE! It goes ON AND ON! CRAZY...
2014-Dec-09 • 27 minutes
Question Barn 4
email your questions to [email protected] the question today: "Howdy, The Higgs boson turned out to be a massive particle from what I understand. It is also supposed to be a field through which everything moves. So,...
2014-Nov-17 • 25 minutes
Question Barn 3
This is the Third episode of "Question Barn" send your questions to [email protected] This one has Mike Zemcov
2014-Nov-14 • 16 minutes
Question Barn 2
This is the Second episode of "Question Barn" send your questions to [email protected] This one has Ken Clark.
2014-Nov-12 • 20 minutes
Question Barn 1
This is the First episode of "Question Barn" send your questions to [email protected] This one has Jocelyn Read on it.
2014-Oct-22 • 49 minutes
Episode 51: Tabled Tops
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
2014-Sep-01 • 48 minutes
Episode 50: The Death Of Spirals
Galaxies are cool. some are eliplical (blobby) some are swirly. there's a reason why. Our guest today is Katrina Griffiths from . and my experts are Sean Moran and Laura Hainline (they're married. that's why they keep interrupting each other. it's...
2014-Aug-01 • 52 minutes
Ep 49: Parallel Philosophies with Christopher Reynaga
Christopher Reynaga is an awesome author, and he has written the best story ever which is called . look it up, a link to a podcast reading of the story will be on teh website. Anyway, I wanted to talk to him so I told him...
2014-Jul-01 • 72 minutes
Domains of Influence with Matt Sheehy and Brent Knopf
magnet magnet magnetic field magnets WOOO magnets
2014-Jun-18 • 49 minutes
Episode 47: The Song Of Falling Stars with Robot Hugs
Long story short: there's no such thing as a stable orbit... any two objects in orbit will emit gravitational waves.. and slowly get closer and closer together. If the two objects in question are neutron stars, we can even detect the gravitational...
2014-May-11 • 51 minutes
Episode 46: Burning Twice as Bright with Alasdair Stuart
Today is a super episode! it's got so much stuff in it it's CRAYCRAY. Alasdair Stuart, from the Pseudopod podcast joins James Silvester and Vicky Scowcroft and me. and we talk about STARS. what's inside them and how they work and how they change.
2014-Mar-28 • 49 minutes
Episode 45: The ThumBprint of Creation with Ryan North
The most amazing thing has come to pass: a telescope at the south pole called BICEP2 has detected decisive evidence demonstrating that the model of how the universe grew over the first second of existence is correct. It detected evidence of...
2014-Mar-12 • 33 minutes
Episode 44: Radiation oncology
Chad Jones from the collapsed wavefunction podcast joins us today. My experts are Dr. Kiri Nichol and Dr. Ken Clark and we talk about how radiation can be used to cure cancer. Good work, everyone. We talk about Neutron Therapy, Radio Therapy,...
2014-Feb-17 • 66 minutes
Episode 43: Approaching Singularity
Jocelyn Read! Katie Mack! Jesse Moynihan! A mighty ensemble to talk about the strangest thing in physics: Gravitational Singularities! Black Holes! Big Bangs! Event Horizons! ADVENTURE.
2014-Feb-01 • 48 minutes
Episode 42: Quantum Twins Talk In Code
This episode we are talking about Quantum Cryptography! With the host of CANADALAND, Jesse Brown! Also announcing the completion of my ultimate quantum team: Miles Steininger and Dr. Katherine Brown!
2014-Jan-01 • 67 minutes
Episode 41: The Light Which Pushes Back The Darkness
There was a time when light would not shine in the universe. There was a time when nothing was shining, and the universe was full of light-absorbing gas. But the first stars came, and pushed back the darkness and made the heavens clear. This is...
2013-Dec-22 • 51 minutes
Episode 40: Snowlines and No Rhymes
Teachers take things from an unrefined state to a point where they are wonderous. Poets are apt at describing both of these. This episode of TiPhy aims to teach genius poet Taylor Mali about where the planets in our solar system came from. Taylor's...
2013-Dec-07 • 37 minutes
Episode 39: Pasta Stars
So. If someone comes up to you and tells you that there are planets out there made of ice and water, you'd go "yeah". and if they said "there are planets made of diamond", you'd probably shrug. what if I told you there were stars made of pasta? well...
2013-Oct-30 • 54 minutes
Episode 38: Tron
So Tia and Ken and I talk with Dave Shumka from Stop Podcasting Yourself! we talk about accelerators. how they work. what they get used for. whether aspiring supervillains sould invest in a particle accelerator or a giant laser. How Congress is in the...
2013-Oct-17 • 56 minutes
Episode 37: Quantum Shave and a Haircut
Q-Bits! we're talking about quantum computers today! ha. Okay! our guest today is comicbookgirl19, and my experts are Omair Taibah and Katherine Brown. This episode is fun, but the audio quality is BAAD. After weeks of obsessive work, I...
2013-Sep-01 • 43 minutes
Episode 36: Useless Spheres and Wasteful Rockets
So. One day we will be a space-faring species. currently, we're more of an "earth orbit" faring species. anyway. we'll need large structures to help us get into space, and maybe to help us live in space. MEGASTRUCTURES IN SPACE. Mur...
2013-Jul-22 • 41 minutes
Episode 35: Crater?! I Hardly Know Her!
Hooooooohh! It's ! The Creator of Bee and PuppyCat! and also Fionna and Cake! We're going to talk about Craters! CRATERS! how they form! I've recruited Charlie Barnhart (from science sort of) and Lissa Ong to explain everything to us!
2013-Jun-24 • 49 minutes
Episode 34: Ladder To The Stars
Mookie Terracciano! James Silvester! Amanda Bauer! Lets talk about the methods we use to figure out how far stars are away from us. the answer is: LOTS OF CLEVERNESS.
2013-Jun-09 • 47 minutes
Episode 33: His Dark Materials
“Into this wild Abyss/ The womb of Nature, and perhaps her grave--/ Of neither sea, nor shore, nor air, nor fire,/ But all these in their pregnant causes mixed/ Confusedly, and which thus must ever fight,/ Unless the Almighty Maker them ordain/...
2013-May-08 • 47 minutes
Episode 32: Sailors take warning
Red sky at night: Rapper's delight.
2013-Apr-08 • 39 minutes
Episode 31: Pushing Mirrors
Lets Talk about the Casimir Effect! The difference between the vacuum between two mirror and the vacuum beyond them sucks the mirrors together! Vacuum Energy! Negative Mass! Warp Drives! Quantum mechanics! Tia Miceli, Mike Zemcov! I SUMMON YOU!...
2013-Mar-10 • 49 minutes
Episode 30: Subtle Pursuits
Particle Detectors! Tia Miceli! Ken Clark! I summon you! Explain geiger counters, scintilators, cloud chambers, bubble chambers, photomultipliers, CCD's, and CERN's mighty ATLAS detector to our guest Gareth L. Powell, author of Ack-Ack Macaque! this...
2013-Feb-12 • 57 minutes
Episode 29: Dark Equivalence
Alasdair Stuart joins Jocelyn and Dave on this episode. We talk about black holes and time: specifically how black holes affect time.Everything we say will make sense, because we will introduce the Equivalence Principle. the movie "Twins" is...
2013-Jan-21 • 41 minutes
Episode 28: Smoke Like Swirls on the Moon
"Conceiving my heart as gutter broke, my sweet love grants me a boon, and joy rose up, grey billowing smoke, smoke like swirls on the moon" -no quality poem ever. So back when i started the show I sent Catherine an email. She's...
2012-Dec-31 • 61 minutes
Episode 27: Death and Heat Death
Yaaaay! Today we're talking about Entropy. It's an oft cited but also oft misunderstood law of nature. Our Guest is Cory Doctorow, Author, Blogger, King of the Blogosphere! (If you go to the website you can read an...
2012-Dec-10 • 71 minutes
Episode 26: Black Gold
Pssst. Want some free energy? who doesn't want an unlimited supply of energy? no one, that's who! today we're talking about how to use a black hole to turn everyday objects (like garbage and ducks) into sweet, sweet energy. our guest is Kai...
2012-Nov-12 • 55 minutes
Episode 25: The No Bear Theorem
This week's guest is Anne Casselman! and Dave and Jocelyn are back. and we're talking about what happens if you fall into a black hole. mostly, we make bear spaghetti. Things are very sad. Listen past the end song to hear a fun discussion of the no...
2012-Oct-14 • 43 minutes
Episode 24: Higgs In A Blanket
Zounds! What Fun! So when I started the show, everyone was like "HEY BEN! DO A SHOW ON THE HIGGS" and i was like "No, it's boring and hard to explain and they aren't even going to find it anyway." then they found it and everyone was like "Hey Ben! Do...
2012-Oct-01 • 50 minutes
Episode 23: Quantum Tunneling
well. here is a very stupid riddle: How does a very small mole? if you answer it, send me an email and i'll send you a prize. lets talk shop. 1) todays show is about quantum tunneling. it features henry Reich blowing us all out of the water with his...
2012-Sep-17 • 55 minutes
Episode 22: Falling Down the Stepped Leader
Hi everyone! We're back, after a short vacation, with a show for the summertime! THUNDER! banana-nananana THUNDER! banana-nananana! THUNDER! today's guest is Elizabeth Bear, award winning author! and our experts are Amanda Bauer and Zach...
2012-Aug-20 • 44 minutes
Episode 21: Things Fall Apart
Today the topic is Particle decay. it's the first of a larger set of episodes leading up to an explanation of the discovery of the Higgs. but more interestingly. particles decay. My guest is Dan Jankwoski, and my physicists are Ken Clark...
2012-Jul-29 • 57 minutes
Episode 20: Time Dilates When You're Having Fun
Oh gosh, we got carried away on the discussions in this one. the raw recording was about 100 minutes long, and even after some heavy editing, i couldn't get the "regular show" part under 40 minutes *shame*. perhaps... your clock is just running faster...
2012-Jul-14 • 48 minutes
Episode 19: The Northern Lights
Hello everybody. What causes the northern lights? as far as I understand it... northern lights are what happens when polar bears drink cocacola. but... maybe I'm just being silly. Today's guest is Nathan Lowell! Go listen to some of...
2012-Jul-02 • 45 minutes
Episode 18: That Superconductor Episode
Fiona Burnell! Darren Peets! Ryan North! it's a Festival of wonderful. listen, i'm going to admit it here. I didn't know much about how superconductors work when i chose this topic. I don't know why i never learned how it worked, but I never did....
2012-Jun-25 • 58 minutes
SBS! The Weekly Weinersmith Ep. 2
Hi tiphyters! there was a problem this week and we had to postpone recording. boooo I know. but don't feel bad. the next episode will have ryan north and fiona return. we'll talk about superconductors. anyway, I thought I'd try one of the fun...
2012-Jun-09 • 54 minutes
Episode 17: See Spot Sun!
Hellooo. today we're going to talk about how the solar dynamo causes sunspots to form. and we're doing it with this episode is pretty rad. listen past the end music to hear a lot of silly conversations. there are a lot of them. :(...
2012-May-28 • 49 minutes
Episode 16: Drinking Superfluid from the Fire Hose of Knowledge
Oh My gosh! It's Kelly Link! The awardwinning Author of my favourite short story "Magic for Beginners"!!! You can download some of her stories for free, and even listen to them . Anyway, we're talking about superfluids today. What's a...
2012-May-13 • 48 minutes
Episode 15: Music From Before Time
Today's Show is Awesome because our guest is ! the guy from the (Tell Balgeary, Balgury is Dead)! I bring together Vicky Scowcroft and Mike Zemcov and we talk about how GIANT SOUND WAVES which rang through the universe at a time before...
2012-Apr-30 • 40 minutes
Episode 14: How Do You Spell Quasar?
Hey everyone! I decided to do a show on Quasars. because I didn't know what they were. So then I looked It up. Turns out, they're black holes! My Favourite. I also looked up two of my other favourites, Laura Hainline and Sean Moran. Turns out,...
2012-Apr-16 • 68 minutes
Episode 13: That Which Lies Beneath The Ice
Today we've got Andrew Johnstone from the. I wanted to do him ONE BETTER, and In a cool way, so today we're going to talk about Ice Cube (not the rapper). ICE CUBE is humankind's largest constructed structure. It's a one-kilometer squared cube...
2012-Apr-02 • 45 minutes
Episode 12: Exiled Worlds on the Outskirts
this one is not an april fool's joke.
2012-Mar-18 • 40 minutes
Episode 11: Of Matters Dark...
Hello everyone. Allow me to introduce my old friend Ken Clark, and my new friend Amanda Bauer. He works on Ice Cube and she works in australia. But he's not a bar tender, and she is not a kangarooist. rather, they are my NEWEST TITANIUM PHYSICISTS!...
2012-Mar-05 • 32 minutes
Episode 10: Neutron Stars
OH HOH HOH! we're on episode 10. double digits! A NEW ORDER OF MAGNITUDE. To celebrate, I've invited my old standards Jocelyn Read and David Tsang up from the basement I keep them in to help me explain Neutron Stars to my dear wife Bethany...
2012-Feb-20 • 41 minutes
Episode 9: Warp Drive
In episode 9, Its back to the A team (which stands for Apple, which points to "g", cuz their words have weight!) with Jocelyn Read and Dave Tsang! Today We're talking about the Alcubierre Warp Drive. You've probably heard of this before, but not in...
2012-Feb-05 • 37 minutes
Episode 8: The Sea of Dirac
Jocelyn is back, and this time it's with our good pal Fiona Burnell! Today we get to talk to Ryan Haupt of fame. The Topic of today's show is The Dirac Sea! You know how when you cookie-cutter out a cookie from some rolled out dough, there's a...
2012-Jan-22 • 35 minutes
Episode 7: Extra Solar Planets
It's my old Friends Rupinder Brar and Joanna Woo! Today we get to talk to Ryan North of fame. We try to explain how planets around other stars get detected. Also Star Trek gets mentioned. There's some edited-out conversation after the...
2012-Jan-09 • 35 minutes
Episode 6: Gravitational Waves
the gibbering music of the spheres
2011-Dec-23 • 38 minutes
Episode 5: The Dunes of Titan
In This Episode, charlie Barnhart, Catherine Neish and I talk to Ryan North about the similarities between Titan, Earth and Mars. This show has a bit of bonus conversation after the closing music
2011-Dec-11 • 39 minutes
Episode 4: The Solar Neutrino Problem
The Titanium Physicists explain the Solar Neutrino Problem To Artist and Apiarist Amy Pollien.
2011-Nov-28 • 38 minutes
Episode 3: Time Travel
Dave, Jocelyn and I sit down with dr mcninja creator Christopher Hastings. We teach him about time travel.
2011-Nov-13 • 32 minutes
Episode 2: Black Hole Detection
We explain black hole detection to Kelly Weinersmith.
2011-Nov-09 • 34 minutes
Episode 1: Big Rips
Titanium Physicists Jocelyn Read, David Tsang and Ben Tippett try to explain Big Rips to internet comic superstar Ryan North.