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Podcast Profile: Physics World Stories Podcast

podcast imageTwitter: @PhysicsWorld
100 episodes
2015 to present
Average episode: 39 minutes
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Categories: Interview-Style • Physics

Podcaster's summary: Physics is full of captivating stories, from ongoing endeavours to explain the cosmos to ingenious innovations that shape the world around us. In the Physics World Stories podcast, Andrew Glester talks to the people behind some of the most intriguing and inspiring scientific stories. Listen to the podcast to hear from a diverse mix of scientists, engineers, artists and other commentators. Find out more about the stories in this podcast by visiting the Physics World website. If you enjoy what you hear, then also check out the Physics World Weekly podcast, a science-news podcast presented by our award-winning science journalists.

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List Updated: 2024-Apr-20 06:27 UTC. Episodes: 100. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2024-Mar-22 • 49 minutes
An orchestral trip through the moons of our solar system
Amanda Lee Falkenberg describes the process of turning mysterious worlds into music
2024-Feb-26 • 62 minutes
Dark matter vs modified gravity: which team are you on?
Two researchers who have switched sides in this heated cosmic debate
2024-Jan-23 • 35 minutes
Radio pioneers: the enduring role of ‘amateurs’ in radio astronomy
With its wartime origins and iconic facilities, radio astronomy has always inspired curious tinkerers
2023-Dec-19 • 45 minutes
Radiant chills: the revolutionary science of laser cooling
Chad Orzel discusses the pivotal breakthroughs in the history of laser cooling
2023-Nov-21 • 41 minutes
The biographer who inspired Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster film Oppenheimer
A conversation with Kai Bird, co-author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Robert Oppenheimer
2023-Oct-13 • 40 minutes
Physics for fairness: tackling global sustainability challenges through science
Hear from two physical scientists applying their knowledge to create a more equitable world
2023-Sep-04 • 58 minutes
Green and novel: the future of energy generation
Harnessing energy directly in space and from the ocean flow
2023-Aug-07 • 30 minutes
Our universe is humming with gravitational waves
What the new discovery of gravitational wave imprints in pulsar signals can reveal about the cosmos
2023-Jul-04 • 61 minutes
Moore’s law in peril and the future of computing
Demand for computer power continues to soar, but can the hardware keep up?
2023-Jun-09 • 54 minutes
Will AI chatbots replace physicists?
Large language models are changing the way physics is taught and practised
2023-May-12 • 38 minutes
Cosmic generosity: a selfless investment in the future of physics
Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell won a $3m prize and is giving it all to physics PhD students from under-represented groups
2023-May-03 • 39 minutes
How can we make lithium-ion batteries more sustainable?
Circular economies and alternative lithium sources could reduce the environmental impacts
2023-Mar-28 • 60 minutes
Quantum melodies: the intersection of music and quantum physics
Music generated by quantum computers is intriguing from musical and scientific perspectives
2023-Feb-24 • 33 minutes
Finding solace in the stars
Astrophysicist’s story shows the power science and human connection
2023-Jan-31 • 45 minutes
Making spaceflight accessible to people with physical disabilities
ESA launches parastronaut feasibility study to make spaceflight more inclusive
2022-Dec-21 • 27 minutes
Robin Ince and the joy of popular-science books
Our traditional end-of-year episode will give you some holiday reading ideas
2022-Nov-28 • 44 minutes
Quantum technology gathers pace
The 2022 Nobel Prize for Physics celebrated research that is underpinning a tech transformation
2022-Oct-28 • 59 minutes
Is the 2022 FIFA World Cup really carbon neutral?
Investigating how sporting events can become more sustainable without losing their magic
2022-Sep-16 • 57 minutes
Trouble on the Horizon for UK-based researchers
Political wrangling over the UK’s status in the Horizon Europe research programme leaves scientists in limbo
2022-Aug-16 • 59 minutes
The science-fiction legacy of Satyajit Ray
Ray’s eclectic work is a treasure trove for scientists
2022-Jul-04 • 57 minutes
The Higgs boson discovery revisited
Reflecting on that historic day, 10 years later
2022-Jun-01 • 40 minutes
Fixing our bodies with glass
Bioglass can heal our bones while fending off harmful microbes
2022-May-04 • 37 minutes
Cutting the carbon footprint of supercomputing in scientific research
More efficient coding and quantifying climate impacts are among the solutions
2022-Apr-04 • 38 minutes
JET’s record result and the quest for fusion energy
Physics World Stories examines the recent breakthrough at the Joint European Torus experiment
2022-Mar-08 • 51 minutes
Music from our material world
From spiderweb harmonies to a viral hit inspired by the COVID-19 spike protein
2022-Jan-25 • 46 minutes
The James Webb Space Telescope launches astronomy into a new era
Now the mission has reached its destination, what lies ahead for the science programme?
2021-Dec-22 • 48 minutes
Physics books that captured the imagination in 2021
Some of the year’s best popular-science books and a Stephen Hawking quiz
2021-Nov-24 • 42 minutes
Sharing is caring: open hardware has global impact
High-spec microscope is helping malaria diagnosis in Tanzania
2021-Oct-20 • 43 minutes
Searching for signs of alien technologies
Astronomers are looking for the technosignatures of advanced civilizations
2021-Sep-22 • 44 minutes
Free and open-source software is driving physics forwards
Pioneers of free and open-source software discuss opportunities and challenges for science
2021-Aug-24 • 43 minutes
We’re all going on a geeky holiday
Science-themed vacations are gaining in popularity: hear from people who have caught the geek travel bug
2021-Jul-09 • 51 minutes
Deflecting asteroids and exploring a metal world
Profiling NASA’s two upcoming asteroid missions, DART and Psyche
2021-Jun-15 • 45 minutes
Helgoland and the captivating origins of quantum theory
Carlo Rovelli discusses his new book and the role of philosophical thought in physics
2021-May-28 • 46 minutes
The bots are not as fair-minded as they seem
Physics World Stories investigates ethical issues at the heart of artificial intelligence
2021-Apr-29 • 49 minutes
Muon mania: are we finally on the brink of new physics?
A detailed look at the two recent results from CERN and Fermilab
2021-Mar-17 • 40 minutes
Arecibo Observatory: a scientific giant that fell to Earth
Exploring the legacy and the future of the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico
2021-Feb-10 • 44 minutes
Searching for signs of past life on Mars with NASA’s Perseverance rover
Exploring the scientific goals of one of the three missions to arrive at Mars this month
2021-Jan-22 • 48 minutes
Life at CERN during the pandemic
How the particle-physics community is adapting to COVID lockdowns
2020-Dec-23 • 62 minutes
The best of physics in books, TV and film in 2020
Looking back at some of the year’s most memorable books and media
2020-Nov-23 • 49 minutes
Physics and LEGO: an enduring love affair
In addition to the fun, LEGO can be an effective teaching tool
2020-Oct-14 • 29 minutes
How capable are today’s quantum computers?
Exploring what the first quantum computers might achieve, plus a preview of Quantum 2020
2020-Sep-23 • 49 minutes
Could there really be life in the clouds of Venus?
Exploring the story behind the detection of phosphene in the Venusian atmosphere
2020-Aug-26 • 43 minutes
Autonomous cars: potential lifesavers but with new risks
Exploring the consequences of removing humans from the driving seat
2020-Jul-17 • 42 minutes
Planet Nine: is it a planet, a primordial black hole, or something else entirely?
Fleets of tiny probes might discover what’s lurking at the edge of our solar system
2020-Jun-30 • 41 minutes
Working in medical physics: not your average career
Exploring the variety of careers at the Christie Hospital
2020-May-27 • 34 minutes
The mystery of missing marine plastic
Oceanographers are not sure where all the plastics are ending up in the world’s oceans
2020-Apr-28 • 43 minutes
Doing physics in the time of COVID-19
How the pandemic is affecting the present and how it might permanently change the way physics is done
2020-Mar-31 • 56 minutes
Tips for a rewarding career in physics
Taking a closer look at the reality of life as a researcher
2020-Mar-06 • 50 minutes
The acoustics of music and theatre venues
Find out why Bristol’s Old Vic and Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall sound so great
2019-Dec-18 • 53 minutes
Book of the year 2019
Physics World’s book of the year revealed and the runners up discussed – listen to the December episode of the Physics World Stories podcast
2019-Nov-28 • 36 minutes
Physics and film, a match made in Hollywood
Looking behind the scenes of Interstellar, Contact and The Martian
2019-Oct-28 • 40 minutes
Doing physics in microgravity environments
The opportunities of doing physics experiments on the ISS and other microgravity facilities
2019-Sep-30 • 41 minutes
Driving in the present
Exploring the technology and economics of electric cars
2019-Aug-16 • 49 minutes
Physics and the climate crisis
How can scientists reduce the climate impact of their labs without compromising on the quality of their research? Andrew Glester investigates
2019-Jul-24 • 30 minutes
50th anniversary of Apollo 11 – returning to the Moon and going beyond
The Physics World Stories podcast explore what’s next for manned and robotic space travel
2019-Jun-26 • 53 minutes
50th anniversary of Apollo 11 – hidden stories
The Physics World Stories podcast investigates some of the lesser known stories from the Apollo era
2019-May-22 • 36 minutes
The story behind the first ever black hole image
Physics World Stories explores this feat of science and engineering and the EHT’s prospects for further breakthroughs
2019-Apr-23 • 39 minutes
The future of the Internet
Emerging technologies shaping our connected world
2019-Mar-12 • 60 minutes
Physics World 30th anniversary podcast series – 30 years of the World Wide Web
Fifth episode in mini-series revisits the birth of the Web and the challenges it now faces
2019-Feb-27 • 31 minutes
Physics World 30th anniversary podcast series – high-temperature superconductivity
Fourth episode in mini-series tracks the hype, frustration and renewed hope for this field
2019-Jan-22 • 49 minutes
Physics World 30th anniversary podcast series – fusion energy
Third episode in mini-series explores the prospects for fusion as a viable energy source
2018-Dec-17 • 65 minutes
Physics World Book of the Year 2018
Tune in to the December Physics World Stories podcast to hear from the winner of our 2018 Book of the Year award, as well as catch up with previous winners
2018-Nov-28 • 68 minutes
Physics World 30th anniversary podcast series – gravitational waves
Second episode in mini-series explores the future of astronomy
2018-Oct-23 • 43 minutes
Physics World 30th anniversary podcast series – particle physics
First episode in mini-series explores the future of particle physics
2018-Sep-18 • 50 minutes
Communicating science at music festivals
Talks, plays, poetry and many more innovative approaches
2018-Aug-17 • 29 minutes
Driving in the future
How we might wean ourselves off high-carbon transport
2018-Jul-24 • 45 minutes
A quantum leap for industry
Exploring the emerging technologies based on quantum physics
2018-Jun-18 • 35 minutes
Doing business in space
Asteroid mining, Brexit impacts and the UK’s first spaceport
Learning from the ozone solution
Nobel laureate Mario Molina and Lorraine Whitmarsh discuss climate politics
2018-Apr-18 • 16 minutes
Plant-inspired innovations
From tackling oil spills with lotus leaves to mangrove-inspired coastal defences
2018-Mar-21 • 30 minutes
Artificial intelligence: is there anything to fear?
Polymath Nathan Myhrvold on why he disagreed with his friend Stephen Hawking
2018-Mar-15 • 33 minutes
Falcon Heavy and Humanity Star: trailblazers or space junk?
Recent private space launches have provoked public awe but also a few dissenting voices
2018-Jan-23 • 29 minutes
Physics in 2018
Physics World journalists discuss what excites them about the year ahead
2017-Dec-13 • 36 minutes
Book of the Year 2017
Physics World book experts Matin Durrani and Tushna Commissariat discuss the themes and trends that surround some of the best popular-physics books of 2017, before announcing the winner of our annual book award
2017-Nov-09 • 38 minutes
Exploring the cosmos with gravitational waves
Recent discoveries usher in a new era of multimessenger astronomy
2017-Oct-10 • 31 minutes
Illuminating a radio icon
How the historic Lovell telescope was transformed into a multimedia art installation
2017-Sep-21 • 45 minutes
How science gets women wrong
Exploring the gender issues raised in Angela Saini’s book Inferior
2017-Aug-30 • 35 minutes
Science-themed comedy: are you having a laugh?
Performers describe the opportunities and challenges of making science funny
2017-Jul-17 • 28 minutes
Music and science: a harmonious or discordant duo?
The fascinating things, and the limits, of what science can tell us about music
2017-Jun-15 • 31 minutes
How politicians misuse and mangle science
Exploring the issues behind Dave Levitan’s timely new book Not a Scientist
2017-May-11 • 27 minutes
Bees and their magnetic superpower
How bees use internal compasses to find their way
2017-Apr-06 • 30 minutes
Exploring the worlds of TRAPPIST-1
What we know so far about the recently discovered Earth-like planets
2017-Mar-07 • 25 minutes
Tracking neutrinos in virtual reality
VR app lets you explore the inner workings of the MicroBooNE neutrino detector
2017-Feb-09 • 30 minutes
Nuclear diamonds: the ultimate long-life battery?
Potential power supply for deep-space missions
2016-Dec-14 • 25 minutes
Book of the Year 2016
Physics World book experts Tushna Commissariat and Margaret Harris discuss a few of the best popular-physics books of 2016 and announce the winner of the magazine’s annual book award
2016-Nov-24 • 21 minutes
Doing physics by ear
Hear what it's like to do particle physics without sight
2016-Oct-25 • 8 minutes
Recipe for success with topological materials
Hamish Johnston visits Beijing on a hunt for the elusive Weyl fermions
2016-Sep-23 • 19 minutes
Still not even wrong
Ten years after his infamous anti-string-theory book, Peter Woit thinks the subject is more tangled than ever
2016-Aug-23 • 13 minutes
The monk and the multiverse
A journey into the remarkable mind of the 13th-century monk, scholar and proto-cosmologist Robert Grosseteste
2016-Jul-22 • 22 minutes
Bringing Native American voices back to life
Recordings of songs and speech restored using technology from particle physics
2016-Jun-28 • 16 minutes
Out of this world cuisine
g-ASTRONOMY merges cosmology with fine dining
2016-May-25 • 11 minutes
Art McDonald explains why neutrinos continue to amaze physicists
First detected 60 years ago, neutrinos provide a window to physics beyond the Standard Model
2016-Apr-20 • 28 minutes
Physics for all – building a more inclusive discipline
Feedback and reaction to the March 2016 issue of the magazine on diversity in physics
2016-Mar-30 • 11 minutes
How to succeed at networking in science
Make the most of your next conference with these tips from networking experts
2016-Feb-23 • 20 minutes
Mary, Queen of Scottish banknotes
The life and legacy of Mary Somerville, who will appear on the new RBS £10
2016-Jan-27 • 19 minutes
Rocking the status quo in science
The working lives of scientists and musicians are more similar than you might think
2015-Dec-15 • 28 minutes
Book of the Year 2015
Physics World editor Matin Durrani and reviews editor Margaret Harris discuss some of the year's best popular-physics books and select a winner from a strong shortlist
2015-Nov-17 • 16 minutes
Is there life on Mars?
Lewis Dartnell discusses the search for life on Mars and what forms it might take
2015-Oct-21 • 14 minutes
The rise of neutron scattering
Michael Banks visits the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source to find out how the lab is looking to attract more users from industry
2015-Sep-22 • 11 minutes
Why information grows
César Hidalgo explains why information can help us to understand economics