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Podcast Profile: Multiculturalism Bites - Audio

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10 episodes
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Podcaster's summary: Multiculturalism is one of the most vexing political issues of our day. How can people with very different values and customs live alongside each other? What is the history of multiculturalism? What are the arguments for and against its various forms? Has it failed? Does it have a future? The Open University's Nigel Warburton interviews ten leading thinkers about the meaning and implications of multiculturalism. David Edmonds introduces each episode.

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2011-Jul-08 • 20 minutes
Tariq Modood on The History of Multiculturalism
In this interview Tariq Modood traces the history of the idea from US civil rights movements in the 1950s and 60s via Canada to present day Europe.
2011-Jul-08 • 18 minutes
Chandran Kukathas on Varieties of Multiculturalism
Chandran Kukathas analyses the varieties of multiculturalism and the implications of a rigorous liberalism.
2011-Jul-08 • 15 minutes
Martha Nussbaum on Disgust
Martha Nussbaum argues that disgust plays to large a role in many people's assessment of those from whom they differ.
2011-Jul-08 • 20 minutes
Clare Chambers on Justifying Intervention
Can a liberal ever intervene in another person's way of living? Clare Chambers argues that in some circumstances intervention is appropriate.
2011-Jul-08 • 19 minutes
Anne Phillips on Multiculturalism and Liberalism
Anne Phillips explores some of the challenges that multiculturalism provides for liberals and in the process questions some assumptions about the nature of culture.
2011-Jul-08 • 19 minutes
David Miller on the Welfare State and Multiculturalism
David Miller explains how these two institutions can be perceived as incompatible.
2011-Jul-08 • 16 minutes
Alan Haworth on Free Speech and Multiculturalism
Alan Howarth explores questions of offence and the value of being able to express dissenting or potentially offensive views.
2011-Jul-08 • 18 minutes
John Horton on Political Obligation and Multiculturalism
Should members of a minority be obliged to respect the laws imposed by a majority? John Horton discusses this difficult question.
2011-Jul-08 • 20 minutes
Susan Mendus on Toleration
The concept of toleration has a long history; Sue Mendus shows how present day debate is informed by 17th Century discussions.
2011-Jul-08 • 18 minutes
Nancy Fraser on Recognition and Multiculturalism
Recognition and respect are key ideas when it comes to achieving political equality. They are, Nancy Fraser argues, central to the debates surrounding multiculturalism.