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Podcast Profile: Exploring Philosophy - Audio

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Podcaster's summary: Have you ever considered what being conscious actually means? By choosing to live in a particular state are you consenting to be subject to all its laws? For some there’s an assumption that philosophy might not be relevant to modern life but Dr. Nigel Warburton, senior lecturer in Philosophy at The Open University argues that many of us today are faced with philosophical questions such as these as we live our lives in the twenty first century. In this collection we ask academics to discuss these questions in addition to other important philosophical issues and concepts such as the morality of abortions and the reconciling a world with evil and a good God. | | This material forms part of The Open University course A222 Exploring philosophy.

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2011-Jun-13 • 5 minutes
Philosophy in the real world
Nigel Warburton applies philosophical questions to every day life.
2011-Jun-13 • 12 minutes
Thought experiments
Thought experiments use hypothetical questions to create philosophical dilemmas.
2011-Jun-13 • 10 minutes
Personal identity
Nigel Warburton and Professor Anthony Grayling discuss what defines personal identity.
2011-Jun-13 • 13 minutes
Faith and Reason
Is religious belief based on blind faith or evidence?
2011-Jun-13 • 14 minutes
The problem of evil
How can a world created by an all powerfull all good God contain so much evil?
2011-Jun-13 • 22 minutes
Philosophers on abortion
A discussion about morality of abortion and the rights of the foetus and the mother.
2011-Jun-13 • 10 minutes
The problem of consciousness
What is consciousness? And what is the best way to understand self awareness.
2011-Jun-13 • 11 minutes
Two theories of political obligation
A debate over wether citizens consent to political obligation by living within that state.
2011-Jun-13 • 13 minutes
Courage to refuse
Can citizens decide which laws to follow for moral reasons?
2011-Jun-13 • 14 minutes
Descartes, doubt and knowledge
A discussion about how Descartes used doubt as a means to clarifying his understanding of the world.
2011-Jun-13 • 13 minutes
Cartesian dualism
Dualism suggests that human beings are made of two independent substances, the mind and the body.