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Podcast Profile: Naked Astronomy, from the Naked Scientists

podcast imageTwitter: @NakedScientists@drbtmcallister
205 episodes
2009 to present
Average episode: 44 minutes
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Categories: Astronomy • Interview-Style

Podcaster's summary: Naked Astronomy: the Naked Scientists' Astronomy and Space Science Podcast - audio that's out of this world...

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List Updated: 2023-Dec-02 13:28 UTC. Episodes: 205. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2023-Oct-30 • 63 minutes
Brits in Space!
Not one but two British astronauts in this edition of Space Boffins...
2023-Oct-08 • 59 minutes
Shuttle Blankets and Space Burials
Sending your remains skyward, and a space repair reminscent of Apollo 13...
2023-Aug-28 • 42 minutes
Gui Bluford, and the end of ESA's Aeolus
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the flight of the first black astronaut, and India makes it to the moon...
2023-Jul-28 • 47 minutes
Space junk, giant claws and dark skies
Clearing up space debris and dead satellites, and tackling the issue of light pollution...
2023-Jun-19 • 69 minutes
Space broadcast legend and 20 years at Mars
Apollo 17, Orion and working with Russia in space...
2023-May-02 • 63 minutes
Hitchin to Houston: NASA's new science head
Artemis Moon missions, and "rapid unscheduled disassembly" go under the microscope...
2023-Mar-22 • 63 minutes
Juice to Jupiter and forgotten space shuttles
Icy moons, magnetic fields, and life elsewhere in the solar system are under our microscope this month...
2023-Mar-01 • 51 minutes
Space Toilets and the New Guys
What's the toilet like in SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft?
2023-Mar-01 • 24 minutes
Talking about Time
Is time something truly fundamental to our Universe, or just an illusion?
2023-Feb-06 • 71 minutes
Mike Massimino and Meet the Minister
A Hubble astronaut and the UK's "Space Minister" grace the podcast this month...
2023-Jan-11 • 26 minutes
Multiverses, the Big Bang and laws of physics
Ben McAllister talks to Paul Davies on some of the biggest questions confronting cosmologists...
2022-Dec-21 • 59 minutes
Nasa's outgoing head of science, Thomas Zurbuchen, discusses the James Webb Space Telescope, future missions to the Moon and Mars and research into UFOs...
2022-Dec-05 • 57 minutes
Cute Mars Rovers
Scientists reminisce about Sprit and Opportunity...
2022-Nov-15 • 55 minutes
Last Man on the Moon: BONUS EPISODE
For the first time in full, our interview with the last man on the Moon, Gene Cernan...
2022-Oct-30 • 72 minutes
Moon Trees
Stuart Roosa, Moon Trees and the UAE mission to Mars...
2022-Sep-30 • 62 minutes
Space Tyranny!
How do you design a space settlement government without it descending into tyranny?
2022-Aug-27 • 61 minutes
Apollo Remastered
Pictures of Neil Armstrong's face on the Moon, and other remastered images from the Apollo era...
2022-Jul-03 • 48 minutes
Poppy Northcutt and Launch UK
Poppy Northcutt discusses retrieving astronauts from the Moon, the Apollo 13 drama, and what was on channel 53...
2022-May-27 • 49 minutes
Lessons from an Astronaut
Not one but four astronauts feature in this month's Space Boffins...
2022-Apr-25 • 44 minutes
Return to the Moon
With the first Artemis mission on the launchpad, a look ahead to the next footsteps on the Moon...
2022-Mar-01 • 54 minutes
Do we need astronauts?
Are we seeing the end of astronauts and the rise of robotic spacefarers in our stead?
2022-Jan-28 • 60 minutes
Fiery Worlds and go for Mars
Looking ahead to Europe's mission to the red planet, and what's next for the James Webb...
2021-Dec-15 • 53 minutes
Flowers in Space
This time, horticulture in orbit, 3d-printed space rovers and cleaning up space rubbish...
2021-Nov-22 • 71 minutes
James Webb and astronaut Jessica Meir
The next big leap for mankind in telescope terms, and the first all-woman spacewalk...
2021-Nov-01 • 46 minutes
BepiColombo lobster eyes and Apollo legends
How BepiColombo looked down on Mercury as it flew by recently...
2021-Sep-29 • 31 minutes
SETI: Looking for Life across the Universe
Naked Astronomy goes in search of the civilisations with which we might share the cosmos...
2021-Sep-10 • 55 minutes
Europe leads the space station
Soon to be Commander of the International Space Station, Samantha Cristoforetti, talks Dragons, Star City, and preparing for leadership...
2021-Aug-12 • 54 minutes
Space Station Commander
Pilot and International Space Station Commander, Terry Virts, on flying the Shuttle...
2021-Jul-13 • 55 minutes
Wally Funk Heads for Space
We celebrate the Mercury 13 mission and Wally Funk's return to the void...
2021-Jun-14 • 60 minutes
Mission to Europa
The prospects for finding life on Jupiter's icy moon...
2021-May-26 • 24 minutes
Finding the God Equation
Could a 1-inch equation describe all of physics?
2021-May-14 • 64 minutes
Britain's First Astronaut
Helen Sharman joins the Space Boffins to mark 30 years since her Juno mission...
2021-Apr-09 • 70 minutes
Celebrating 60 years of human spaceflight
Marking the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight and 40 years of the Space Shuttle...
2021-Mar-31 • 31 minutes
Storms on the Sun
There's weather on Sun, but what does that mean for us on Earth?
2021-Mar-11 • 37 minutes
Perseverance on Mars
NASA's new rover is safely rolling around on Mars. So what awaits it?
2021-Feb-26 • 32 minutes
What might aliens look like?
Applying what we know about life on Earth, to space
2021-Feb-11 • 44 minutes
Space Zombies
Neutron stars, astronaut recruitment and Yuri Gagarin are up for discussion this month...
2021-Jan-27 • 28 minutes
Is There Liquid Water on Mars?
How moist is the Martian landscape?
2021-Jan-13 • 53 minutes
China on the Moon
One country's ambitious plans for the Moon and beyond...
2020-Dec-25 • 36 minutes
Lighting up Dark Matter
There's five times more dark matter than regular matter, but what exactly is it?
2020-Dec-15 • 59 minutes
Tim Peake Reveals All
Marking the fifth anniversary of his mission to the International Space Station, astronaut Tim Peake tells all...
2020-Nov-25 • 31 minutes
The largest telescope ever made
What will the square kilometre array teach us?
2020-Nov-17 • 44 minutes
Asteroids and Artemis
NASA has just collected a sample from an asteroid...
2020-Oct-25 • 28 minutes
The End of the Universe
How is it all going to end?
2020-Oct-14 • 65 minutes
Space Station Special
Recognising 20 years of continuous occupation of the ISS, we bring you 7 astronauts in one show...
2020-Sep-17 • 43 minutes
America's first space station
The Space Boffins look skywards to the story of space habitation and Skylab...
2020-Aug-12 • 59 minutes
Space Boffins celebrate their century
Celebrating the 100th Naked Scientists Space Boffins edition, with NASA's head of science, Thomas Zurbuchen, and the UK Space Agency's Libby Jackson...
2020-Jul-14 • 43 minutes
2020 Missions to Mars
Mars is the destination of choice for three Mars missions this summer, with the US, China and the United Arab Emirates all preparing for launch...
2020-Jun-15 • 52 minutes
Following the successful Crew Dragon launch, Apollo 8 commander Frank Borman talks about the terrors of splashdown...
2020-May-10 • 41 minutes
Maiden Flight
Astronauts are preparing for the first flight in the Dragon spacecraft...
2020-May-01 • 36 minutes
The Loneliest Human: Space Boffins Special
Richard Hollingham celebrates Apollo 15 astronaut Al Worden, who died in March.
2020-Apr-14 • 36 minutes
Cubesats, Hubble and Apollo 13 Trouble
The famous space telescope's 30th birthday, and 50 years since one of space's luckiest escapes...
2020-Mar-10 • 45 minutes
Solar Orbiter, stamps and exoplanets
New ways to study the sun and planets outside our solar system, and the show takes a philatelic slant...
2020-Feb-10 • 37 minutes
Hubble, TRUTHS and space Law
Recorded live at European Astrofest 2020, space law, lunar ownership and the James Webb Space Telescope...
2020-Jan-10 • 41 minutes
Robot Arms and Space Toilets
Shuttle astronaut Mike Mullane recounts stories of space sexism, toilets, and M'n'Ms...
2019-Dec-24 • 38 minutes
2020 State of the Universe Address
On the tenth anniversary of Naked Astronomy, physicist Ben McAllister asks what's changed in astronomy over the last decade?
Glove Actually and the Sew Sisters
Seamstresses to the stars: the team who made Neil Armstrong's spacesuit
2019-Nov-10 • 52 minutes
Moving to Mars
What would a house on Mars look like?
2019-Oct-15 • 44 minutes
Cosmic Girl - from California to Cornwall
Virgin Orbit, Sweden's contribution to space, and an interview with the world's first spacewalker...
2019-Sep-10 • 45 minutes
Boffins on Mars
The Boffins learn how to keep Mars safe from Earth-bugs. Plus: two Mars rovers, and a quarantine facility...
2019-Aug-10 • 38 minutes
Lunar Heritage and Lost Meteorites
Recorded at the recent Bluedot festival; preserving the Apollo sites and latest meteorite mission.
2019-Jul-10 • 57 minutes
Apollo 11 Special (Part 2)
Continuing the anniversary celebration - and featuring the only woman in launch control for Apollo 11...
2019-Jun-10 • 55 minutes
Apollo 11 Special (Part 1)
The Boffins celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings...
2019-May-16 • 30 minutes
Remarkable Women: A hidden history
Sue Nelson interviews two remarkable women: Hidden Figure Christine Darden and Mercury 13 legend, Wally Funk.
2019-Apr-10 • 48 minutes
Giant Rockets to the Moon
The Space Boffins get to see inside the NASA's famous Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Centre - a building so large that it has its own weather system. It's being adapted so that NASA's Saturn V replacement the new SLS or...
2019-Mar-11 • 31 minutes
Spacecraft Reunited
This month Space Boffins contemplates the missing universe, the nature of humanity and reunites astronaut Nicole Stott with her Space Shuttle Atlantis. Richard Hollingham is joined by theoretical physicist and comedian Dr Fran Day to...
2019-Feb-11 • 29 minutes
Astrofest Live!
Space Boffins have a stellar line-up of guests at Astrofest 2019...
2019-Jan-16 • 40 minutes
Flying hotdogs
Mice and flying hotdogs on the podcast as we report from NASA on how to save Apollo's famous mission control and discuss China's landing on the far side of the Moon. Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham are in Milton Keynes where...
2018-Dec-13 • 50 minutes
Mission to the Moon
Apollo 8 commander, Frank Borman, joins Space Boffins Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson in this month's podcast. Fifty years ago Apollo 8 became the first manned mission to orbit the Moon and so the podcast has a lunar theme. Recorded at...
2018-Nov-12 • 31 minutes
Don't call me Fruit Loops!
The Space Boffins podcast is in New York with NASA astronaut, engineer and Big Bang Theory star Mike Massimino. Recorded on the Hudson River from the flight deck of the USS Intrepid - where Massimino works once a week - Space Boffins...
2018-Oct-10 • 29 minutes
Space Boffins Live ESA Special
Astronaut Paolo Nespoli joins Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham for a podcast special recorded at the European Space Agency's ESTEC facility in The Netherlands during their Open Day. Thousands of people travel from across...
2018-Sep-11 • 28 minutes
Spy Satellite Special
In a special edition of Space Boffins, Richard Hollingham meets a man rarer than a Moonwalker - a spy satellite engineer. Phil Pressel led the team that built the camera for the Hexagon spy satellite system - the most complicated satellite...
2018-Aug-10 • 42 minutes
Space Boffins Blast Off!
It's a rocket special on this month's Space Boffins with Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham. As the UK's plans for a Spaceport forge ahead, two microlauncher companies are at the forefront of a commercial space race for launching small...
2018-Jul-10 • 46 minutes
Rockets in the Jungle
It's the 7th anniversary of Space Boffins and Sue and Richard are joined by BBC Science Correspondent, Jonathan Amos - a guest on the very first podcast. Meanwhile, Richard reports from the new Ariane 6 launchpad being built at the European...
2018-Jun-10 • 53 minutes
Magnificent Mercury: BepiColombo
Magnificent Mercury is in full focus. Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham are at the National Space Centre in Leicester with BepiColombo mission scientists Professor Emma Bunce and Dr Suzie Imber. They also visit London's...
2018-May-11 • 43 minutes
Sampling An Asteroid
Asteroid expert Professor Simon Green joins the Space Boffins to discuss missions to collect samples from space rocks and return them to Earth, and the perils of re-directing asteroids heading our way. Richard and Sue also chat to Romanian...
2018-Apr-10 • 38 minutes
Water on Mars
After 2000 days on Mars, NASA's Curiosity rover is still going strong. In this month's Space Boffins Richard visits Imperial College London to talk to one of the lead scientists on the mission, Sanjeev Gupta, about water on Mars, life and...
2018-Mar-12 • 43 minutes
Killer Asteroids
Could life on Earth be wiped out by a killer asteroid? The short answer is yes. This month the Space Boffins hear about a new European telescope to spot the threat before it's too late. Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson are joined at the...
2018-Feb-09 • 47 minutes
Space, Boffins & Rock Stars
Queen guitarist, rock star and astronomer Brian May adds some celebrity stardust and big hair on this month's podcast for the launch of the 2019 Starmus Festival. May talks about the essential humanity of a science, arts and music overlap...
2018-Jan-10 • 43 minutes
Zero G
Sue bags a flight on Europe's 'Zero G' aircraft to experience microgravity. Back in the studio, Richard and Sue are joined by Libby Jackson from the UK Space Agency to discuss her new book on women in space. And the Boffins celebrate the...
2017-Dec-11 • 45 minutes
Space Highlights of 2017
Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson are joined by space journalist Sarah Cruddas and rocket insurer, David Wade, to discuss 2017 and look ahead to 2018 in space. Featuring genetically engineered astronauts, Cassini and giant private rockets,...
2017-Nov-10 • 49 minutes
How to Leave the Planet
This month, TV science presenter Dallas Campbell joins Sue and Richard to discuss how to leave the planet. The Space Boffins also hear from Apollo 15 legend Al Worden, who spent 3 days isolated in his space capsule around the Moon. And what...
2017-Oct-10 • 47 minutes
Space Boffins Explore ESTEC
Two astronauts and an Imperial Storm Trooper join the Space Boffins podcast from The Netherlands at the European Space Agency's ESTEC Open Day - where thousands of people can see the Agency's spacecraft testing facilities and meet the...
2017-Sep-10 • 42 minutes
Cassini's Grand Finale
Space Boffins Sue Nelson, Richard Hollingham and studio guest Sarah Cruddas talk rockets, total eclipses and Cassini's final days at Saturn. Apollo, Mercury and Shuttle propulsions engineer John Tribe reminisces about his incredible career...
2017-Aug-10 • 47 minutes
Extraterrestrial Humans
This month, European astronaut Luca Parmitano suggests a future for genetically engineered space travellers, the Space Boffins celebrate 40 years of the Voyager mission and look forward to the demise of Cassini, shortly to plunge into...
2017-Jul-10 • 31 minutes
Mission To Mercury
Space Boffins Sue Nelson and the Guardian's Stuart Clark are at the European Space Agency's ESTEC facility in The Netherlands to see the BepiColombo spacecraft - Europe's mission to Mercury. As the LISA Pathfinder mission comes to a...
2017-Jun-10 • 36 minutes
Missions to Mars
The Space Boffins return to Mars to hear about progress on the plus-sized US and petite European rovers. Recorded in the Mars Yard in Stevenage, Richard and Sue are joined by guests Abbie Hutty from Airbus and science journalist Stuart...
2017-May-10 • 33 minutes
Space Alien Special
Richard is at SETI in California to hunt space aliens with the institute's chief astronomer, Seth Shostak. He also reports from the iconic Parkes space telescope in Australia on the Breakthrough Listen hunt for ET. And, in the search for...
2017-Apr-10 • 42 minutes
Mission Control
This month, Space Boffins highlights the unsung heroes of the space programme - mission controllers. Featuring the director of a new documentary film on mission control, David Fairhhead, we hear from a man at the heart of the Apollo 13...
2017-Mar-10 • 41 minutes
Space Tomatoes in Urine
SpaceX and NASA compete to get people back to the Moon, Richard meets a man who grows space tomatoes in human urine, and heads to a lab where volunteers are being paid to stay awake. This month, Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson are joined...
2017-Feb-10 • 40 minutes
Space Boffins at Astrofest
The Space Boffins are at Astrofest in London in front of a live audience. Guests include an Antarctic meteorite hunter, the scientist tracking down the Solar System's missing planet and the flight director who's landed a spacecraft on a...
2017-Jan-25 • 33 minutes
Welcome to Mars
Elon Musk is aiming to have people on the Red Planet by 2024 so what will it be like for would-be Martians?
2017-Jan-10 • 47 minutes
Double Hubble
Broadcaster Dallas Campbell joins the Space Boffins at the British Interplanetary Society to discuss the giant new replacement for Hubble, hypersonic spaceplanes and balloon flights to the edge of space. They hear from astronaut Ron Garan...
2016-Dec-25 • 23 minutes
The End of Night?
As we enter the darkest depths of winter, the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Or at least that's how it's supposed to be. But since the invention of the light bulb, we've long been working towards the end of night. But does this...
2016-Dec-10 • 45 minutes
The Best of Space Boffins
In a bumper end of year special, Space Boffins features Buzz Aldrin, last man on the...
2016-Nov-25 • 28 minutes
Where is everybody?
If life is common in the universe, where is it? Graihagh Jackson tackles Fermi's paradox.
2016-Nov-14 • 40 minutes
X15: To Infinity and Beyond!
Space Boffins' Sue Nelson was at ESA mission control recently when the ExoMars...
2016-Oct-25 • 23 minutes
Going Gaga Over Gaia
...but why? What's so exciting about this probe? Graihagh Jackson investigates...
2016-Oct-10 • 42 minutes
Roving Over Mars
Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham are on Mars...
2016-Sep-10 • 46 minutes
Nursing NASA's Astronauts
Dee O'Hara recals what it was like to work with America's first astronauts...
2016-Aug-25 • 25 minutes
Connie won a meteorite
...and Graihagh Jackson made it her mission to find out about this hunk of space rock.
2016-Aug-10 • 36 minutes
From The Blue Dot Festival
Space Boffins are at the Blue Dot festival where they hear music from Cern's cosmic piano.
2016-Jul-25 • 25 minutes
Jupiter: King of the Planets
Juno reaches Jupiter in a death-defying mission through radiation belts but what now?
2016-Jul-10 • 41 minutes
Jupiter's Juno Mission
This month: Jupiter's Juno mission, the magical world of Pluto and spacewalking.
2016-Jun-25 • 31 minutes
Will we ever return to the moon?
...and should we? Or should we be looking further afield to Mars?
2016-Jun-10 • 35 minutes
Hot from Spacefest
Captain Gene Cernan and Rusty Schweickart join the Space Boffins at Spacefest in Tucson...
2016-May-25 • 38 minutes
Reaching for the Stars
When you look up and see thousands of stars, do you ever wonder what you are looking at?
2016-May-10 • 40 minutes
Have you been mis-sold time?
This month the Space Boffins get to grips with general relativity...
2016-Apr-25 • 26 minutes
Eyes on the Sky for Mercury
On 9 May, Mercury will be seen as a black dot silhouetted against the Sun...
2016-Apr-10 • 38 minutes
Riding on a Space Sofa
Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham bring news of space sofas and Martian sunsets...
2016-Mar-25 • 27 minutes
Adventures in Satspotting
This month, we turn our instruments inwards and look back at planet Earth...
2016-Mar-10 • 24 minutes
Buzz Aldrin and his master plan for Mars
The legendary Apollo 11 astronaut reveals his thoughts on the red planet...
2016-Feb-25 • 34 minutes
The Next Revolution in Astronomy: Gravitational Waves
Gravitational waves are beginning to unlock the secrets of the universe...
2016-Feb-10 • 43 minutes
Russian Lunar Rovers and Floating Number Twos
This month on Space Boffins, it's all things rovers...
2016-Jan-25 • 31 minutes
Cosmic Quandries: The Origins of Time
When did time begin? Was it with the Big Bang or was there something before?
2016-Jan-10 • 39 minutes
Surgery in Space
What happens when you need surgery but are living aboard the International Space Station?
2015-Dec-10 • 39 minutes
Christmas in Space
Prepping for Tim Peake's launch with Britain's first astronaut Helen Sharman...
2015-Nov-10 • 37 minutes
Gravity and Guitars with Tim Peake
British astronaut, Tim Peake, bares all, from gravity and guitars to missions to Mars...
2015-Oct-10 • 40 minutes
The First Woman in Space
On June 16, 1963 Valentina Tereshkova became the first female cosmonaut.
2015-Sep-10 • 35 minutes
Done and Dusted: What's Next for Rosetta?
Now that the probe has reached the perihelion, Space Boffins ask what's next?
2015-Aug-12 • 34 minutes
Hello, this is the International Space Station
In a first for the Space Boffins podcast - an interview with astronauts in space! NASA...
2015-Jul-13 • 41 minutes
Rocketing into Space
Recent rocket fails; a village on the moon and is space exploration good for all?
2015-Jun-10 • 22 minutes
How to Fly a Space Shuttle
Eileen Collins talks of flying shuttles and how female astronauts are treated by the media
2015-May-10 • 28 minutes
Rosetta: Six Months Later
Six months after the historic landing the Space Boffins catch up with the Rosetta team.
2015-Apr-16 • 37 minutes
Out of this World: Britain's history in space
Space Boffins visit the original Apollo 10 craft; Skylon's spaceplane and ExoMars mission.
2015-Mar-10 • 38 minutes
All Systems Go: NASA's new giant rocket
How NASA's Space Launch System is getting along and Europe's new mission to Mercury....
2015-Feb-10 • 34 minutes
Recovering Beagle 2 from Mars
Why we should rescue Beagle 2; why Uranus should be next on the agenda; and space music..
2015-Jan-10 • 38 minutes
Space Exploration in 2015
Space Boffins look forward to the most exciting missions of 2015...
2014-Dec-10 • 36 minutes
Orion: the first step to Mars?
How astronauts get their caffeine fix in space, the future of NASA and the Orion launch...
2014-Nov-14 • 39 minutes
Space: triumph and tragedy
Rosetta's comet landing, the tragedy of SpaceShipTwo and a man who commands a Mars base.
2014-Oct-10 • 29 minutes
ESTEC: The heart of the European Space Agency
New spaceplanes, chocolate comets and the future of space travel...
2014-Sep-10 • 34 minutes
The Spacewalk from Hell
A song about photons, how to choose a landing site on a comet and the spacewalk from hell
2014-Aug-10 • 27 minutes
The Last Man on the Moon
Space Boffins speak to the last man to ever set foot on the Moon, Gene Cernan.
2014-Jul-10 • 30 minutes
Rescuing astronauts from space
How do you orbit a comet? Set up a government in space or rescue a space shuttle crew?
2014-Jun-10 • 34 minutes
Drowning in Space
How to build a the ultimate spaceship, what it's like to drown in space and Google's new satellite.
2014-May-10 • 29 minutes
Virtual Rides into Space
Virtual rides into space, why Scotland needs a spaceport and the incoming asteroid with Earth's name on it...
2014-Apr-10 • 34 minutes
The Mars Yard
The Space Boffins are joined by UK minister Vince Cable on a visit to a Mars mock-up on Earth, and talk to shuttle astronaut Jon McBride...
2014-Mar-10 • 36 minutes
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
This month, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the challenge of looking for space aliens and why they never attack Belgium...
2014-Feb-10 • 30 minutes
Exo Mars and Crowd-funded SpaceCraft
We meet a prototype Exo Mars rover on location at Airbus Defence & Space in Stevenage, reports on Urthecast aboard the ISS, and KickSat...
2014-Jan-10 • 26 minutes
Chris Hadfield: How to fix a space toilet
Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham meet astronaut Chris Hadfield.
2013-Dec-25 • 27 minutes
Astronomy in South Africa
Meera Senthilingam takes a tour of the South African Large Telescope (SALT) and neighbouring facilities.
2013-Dec-10 • 38 minutes
The future of lunar space missions
The Space Boffins have a lunar love-in featuring Apollo 13 astronaut Jim Lovell and studio guests David Baker and Gareth Jones.
2013-Nov-25 • 40 minutes
The Space Boffins look forward to ExoMars
The Space Boffins report from the UK control room of the Mars SAFER field trial as scientists operate an ExoMars rover prototype.
2013-Nov-08 • 40 minutes
Looking forward to ExoMars
Sue reports from the UK control room of the Mars SAFER field trial as scientists operate an ExoMars rover prototype.
2013-Oct-25 • 29 minutes
Comet ISON is coming!
As Comet ISON draws near to its close approach with the Sun in November, much uncertainty remains over how brilliant it will be.
2013-Oct-10 • 38 minutes
Sue in a Centrifuge
Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham undergo G forces with a special podcast from QinetiQ's centrifuge.
2013-Sep-25 • 49 minutes
Exploring the Solar System
Dominic Ford reports from the European Planetary Science Congress, where he heard about the latest misisons to Mars and the Moon.
2013-Sep-10 • 37 minutes
Missions to Mars
The space boffins present a special Mars-themed podcast.
2013-Aug-25 • 56 minutes
Mapping out the Milky Way
This autumn, the Gaia spacecraft will be launched on a mission to find out where the Milky Way's stars came from.
2013-Aug-10 • 38 minutes
NOAA's Space Weather Centre
The Space Boffins are joined by a cosmic hedgehog with a report from NOAA's space weather centre in Colorado.
2013-Jul-25 • 54 minutes
The National Astronomy Meeting 2013
In a special episode of Naked Astronomy I travel to the UK's biggest annual astronomy meeting to catch up on the latest space science.
2013-Jul-10 • 35 minutes
Landing on a Comet
Space Boffins Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson go to a comet, Mars and into space.
2013-Jun-25 • 53 minutes
Giant planets
How much detail can amateur astronomers see on Jupiter, and how can space scientists use this to probe the Solar System's largest storms?
2013-Jun-10 • 32 minutes
Britain's First Official Astronaut
A full, frank and funny interview with Tim Peake, Richard goes inside NASA's 'crazy ideas', and Sue meets with 'astrogirls'.
2013-May-25 • 60 minutes
The Milky Way's local black hole
The processes that can trigger a galaxy to double in brightness
2013-May-10 • 34 minutes
Dodging Space Harpoons
The Space Boffins visit Europe's largest space company and find out how to get rid of space junk.
2013-Apr-25 • 59 minutes
Measuring the Universe
The latest results from the Planck Space Telescope, and the amateur astronomer who observes shooting stars with a security camera.
2013-Apr-10 • 34 minutes
Solar Science and Space Planes
Sue and Richard meet Apollo 15 astronaut Al Worden explore solar science with Lucie Green and discuss the risks of flying space planes...
2013-Mar-25 • 30 minutes
Radio Astronomy in the Australian Outback
Kirsten Gottschalk visits the Murchison Widefield Array in Western Australia
2013-Mar-10 • 30 minutes
The First Phone in Space
Comets, Mars and the first phone in space are featured in the latest Space Boffins podcast. Recorded at London's Royal Astronomical Society.
2013-Feb-25 • 58 minutes
Captivated by Comets
2013 looks like a good year for comets! We find out where these balls of dust and ice come from and what to expect from Pan-STARRS and ISON.
2013-Feb-10 • 34 minutes
Methane on Mars and Meeting Astronauts
The Space Boffins meet British astronaut Tim Peake at the British Interplanetary Society, and discuss Martian methane, the future of the British Interplanetary Society and Enceladus' icy plumes.
2013-Jan-10 • 38 minutes
Don't Panic! Keeping Your Cool in Space
Why space can damage your health, live views of Earth from the Space Station and crisis management tips from an Apollo 13 Flight Director...
2012-Dec-13 • 53 minutes
Dealing With Debris
How can we solve the space debris problem? What will we learn from LOFAR? This month, we meet TechDemoSat and catch up with Curiosity!
2012-Dec-10 • 34 minutes
Space Boffins on the ISS
The Space Boffins take a tour of the International Space Station, meet an Apollo astronaut and discuss the politics of space toilets...
2012-Nov-10 • 29 minutes
Houston, we have a Podcast
This time the award winning Space Boffins podcast comes from Houston to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the last man on the Moon...
2012-Oct-25 • 59 minutes
New Science with NuSTAR
How can we measure some of the most energetic events in the universe? This month, we're exploring the new science being carried out by NuSTAR, a space-based high-energy x-ray telescope. Plus, we'll find out why being outside the...
2012-Oct-10 • 30 minutes
Space Boffins Search for ET
The Space Boffins Podcast comes to you this month from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) in Silicon Valley California and features the search for life and Earth 2.0. Richard talks to SETI's Senior Astronomer, Sue reports...
2012-Sep-25 • 59 minutes
Excitement about ALMA
How can we see stars as they first come into being? This month, we're looking at ALMA - the Atacama Large Millimetre Array - possibly the most complicated telescope to date, that promises to peer into star forming regions.Plus, we chat to...
2012-Sep-10 • 30 minutes
Mars InSights, rings around Saturn and satellite docking games...
A new mission to Mars, how Kinect games consoles are assisting with satellite docking and new data from the rings of Saturn...
2012-Aug-24 • 53 minutes
Martian Matters
Why are we still curious about Mars? This month on Naked Astronomy, we're looking into Martian matters to find out how we got to where we are today, ushering in a new era of Martian discoveries from the Mars Science Laboratory. Also,...
2012-Aug-10 • 30 minutes
The First American Spacewalk
This month on the Space Boffins Podcast, we will be exploring strange new worlds, discovering a Swedish spaceport, and celebrating the first American space walk. Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson meet the team sending a mobile phone-based...
2012-Jul-25 • 60 minutes
Finding Impossible Stars
When does the impossible become possible? Researchers have found Red Dwarf stars that simply shouldn't exist, so in this month's Naked Astronomy we find out how theory needs to catch up with observations. Also, how do citizen scientists...
2012-Jul-10 • 30 minutes
Work, rest and play: Mars and space tourism
NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission lands on Mars next month after a nine-month journey across our Solar System. On arrival the most advanced suite of instruments ever sent to the red planet will get to work. In this edition of...
2012-Jun-25 • 58 minutes
Plant Pathogens Observed From Orbit
What can farmers learn from physicists? This month in Naked Astronomy we'll find out how satellite imaging can help to understand and control crop diseases, as well as how precisely timed pulsars point to gravitational waves. Plus, a...
2012-Jun-10 • 30 minutes
Introducing Space Boffins!
This week at Naked Astronomy, we're launching something very special. We've teamed up with the Space Boffins podcast to bring you even more space science. Each month, Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson will be exploring the science and...
2012-May-25 • 54 minutes
The Dominant Force in the Universe
When did Dark Energy become the dominant force in the universe? In this month's Naked Astronomy, we look back at the history of our expanding universe to find out when gravity lost its grip. We also examine the global trade in meteorites...
2012-Apr-02 • 60 minutes
The National Astronomy Meeting 2012
How do tornadoes form on the Sun? Why does Jupiter enhance our Meteor showers? And how can pulsars be used as a deep space positioning system? This month's Naked Astronomy comes from the Royal Astronomical Society's National Astronomy...
2012-Feb-25 • 53 minutes
Naked Astronomy AstroFest Special
Is an asteroid impact more likely than winning the lottery? What can Moon rock tell us about the Earth? And how did a biology teacher discover a new astronomical object? In this Naked Astronomy AstroFest special, we'll ask if the Kepler...
2012-Jan-25 • 58 minutes
Meeting MIRI and Detecting Dark Matter
Can a mid-infra red view reveal the universe's secrets? In this month's Naked Astronomy, we meet MIRI, the Mid Infra Red Instrument set to launch on the James Webb Space Telescope. It should give us a glimpse of the very first galaxies...
2011-Dec-20 • 59 minutes
Seeing Your House from the Space Station
If you could look down from the International Space Station, what would you look at? This month on Naked Astronomy, we discover UrtheCast - a system that could let you point a camera down from the International Space Station, and integrate...
2011-Nov-25 • 62 minutes
Stars and Supernovae
Can supernovae account for all of the oxygen in the universe? What happens to massive stars at the end of their lives? This month, we delve into stellar science to look at the ultimate fate of stars, and why the first stars might be...
2011-Oct-25 • 58 minutes
Blue Stragglers and the Polarised Universe
What are the mysterious blue straggler stars? In this month's Naked Astronomy we'll findout why some stars stand out from the crowd, as well as investigate the polarity of the universe.  Plus, we hear the latest news from the...
2011-Sep-25 • 54 minutes
Dark Planets and Dark Matter
Are the foundations of Dark Matter crumbling? How can a planet be blacker than black paint? What are the sunsets like on a planet with 2 suns? In this month's Naked Astronomy, we'll discover Kepler-16b; a planet with two suns, we look to...
2011-Jul-25 • 59 minutes
The Year In Space Science
We look back over the last few months of Astronomy interviews.  We'll hear how scientists search for planets in the glare of their parent star, why a simulated mission to Mars will help us to understand how astronauts will cope...
2011-Jun-25 • 60 minutes
Star Death, STEREO & South Africa's SKA bid
What happens when a black hole rips a star to shreds?  What can a solar science mission tell us about other stars?  And is South Africa prepared for the largest radio telescope ever planned?   This month...
2011-May-25 • 58 minutes
The Birth of Sunspots and Black Hole Collisions
How are sunspots born? What does a black hole collision look like? How long does it take to make a full-size galaxy? This month on Naked Astronomy, we find out why people searching for pulsars might spot colliding black holes in their...
2011-Apr-22 • 61 minutes
The National Astronomy Meeting 2011
In this special podcast from the National Astronomy Meeting in Llandudno, we hear how twisted sunspots cause solar flares, how 17th century poetry can put a date on a supernova, and why some pulsars are part-timers. We'll find out how...
2011-Mar-25 • 51 minutes
Astronomy at the Cambridge Science Festival
In this special edition of the Naked Astronomy podcast we look at the astronomical events held at the Cambridge Science Festival. We'll hear from Dr Dan Stark about exploring the early Universe, find out what tooth x-rays and telescopes...
2011-Feb-25 • 62 minutes
Kepler 11 - A Unique Extrasolar System
In this month's Naked Astronomy, we explore the unique system of six planets orbiting the star Kepler 11, and find out what to expect from the James Webb Space Telescope. Plus news of the runaway star spotted by WISE - the Wide-field...
2011-Jan-25 • 58 minutes
Antimatter Storms and the Universe's Dark Ages
This month on Naked Astronomy, we discover the streams of antimatter coming from lightning on Earth, and find out how to study the stars that ended the dark ages and brought light to the universe. We hear about Jupiter's role in Earth...
2010-Dec-25 • 64 minutes
Lessons from the Past
This month, we read the history of Martian science in a collection of globes, and find out why it's important to understand ancient and aboriginal astronomy. We find out why some Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs) are shrouded in darkness, discuss...
2010-Nov-25 • 63 minutes
A Decade of Living in Space
The International Space Station celebrated 10 years of habitation this month, pushing the boundaries of our knowledge of life in orbit. We find out more about living in space, as well as discover new gravitational lenses in this month's...
2010-Oct-25 • 62 minutes
An Alien's Eye View and Cosmic Climate Change
What would an extrasolar observer see of our solar system? We find out in this month's Naked Astronomy as well as explore the events that led to climate change on a cosmic scale. Plus, news of an asteroid flyby, surfing Venus' atmosphere...
2010-Sep-25 • 55 minutes
Making Steam Inside Stars
How do you make steam inside a star? We explore the science of solar chemistry to find out how water molecules are created inside the envelope of red giants and We get an delegates-eye-view of the European Planetary Science Congress in...
2010-Aug-25 • 46 minutes
Is Our Solar System Strange?
Is our solar system normal? We compare ourselves to the ever increasing list of exoplanets to find out if we're the weird ones in the universe in this month's Naked Astronomy. Also, we explore the Nili Fossae region of Mars, where the...
2010-Jul-25 • 54 minutes
The Biggest Questions in the Universe
How do you answer the biggest questions in the Universe? In this month's Naked Astronomy, we'll find out how Stuart Clark tackles these issues, why satellites the size of a Rubic's cube can help launch new and innovative technology, and...
2010-Jun-25 • 47 minutes
Watching Worlds Wander
Can we watch whole worlds wandering? We'll explore the mechanisms of - and evidence for - planetary migration in this month's Naked Astronomy, and find out if migration in our own solar system can account for Earth's violent history. ...
2010-May-25 • 51 minutes
The Brightest Events in the Universe
Gamma Ray Bursts are the brightest events in the Universe. They shine like beacons, revealing the existence of galaxies we couldn't previously see, but what are they now showing astronomers? Also, we focus on the engineering challenges of...
2010-Apr-25 • 49 minutes
Riding in a Comet's Wake
We find out how to measure a comet by riding in it's wake in this Naked Astronomy, as well as explore the latest exhibit in the Galaxy Zoo - brand new Hubble Space Telescope images. Plus, spotting a lightning strike on Saturn, Venusian...
2010-Mar-25 • 66 minutes
Is there anybody out there?
Is our galaxy home to aliens? Well, yes, but only if you're talking about clusters of stars. We find out how the Milky Way has stolen globular clusters from other galaxies on this month's Naked Astronomy, as well as explore why our search...
2010-Feb-25 • 58 minutes
What's Hiding in the Starlight?
Blocking the light from a star is the only way to see some extra solar planets, as we find out in this month's Naked Astronomy. We discover how small, precise optics can do this job for us, as well as explore some of the current missions...
2010-Jan-25 • 53 minutes
How to Spot a Supernova
We find out how to identify an exploding star in this edition of Naked Astronomy, with record holder and super supernovae spotter Tom Boles. Plus, how the Faulkes Telescope Project puts schoolchildren in charge of a 5 million pound...
2009-Dec-25 • 49 minutes
Is there a planet beyond Pluto?
In this edition of Naked Astronomy, why scientists are making mud in the laboratory to try free a trapped Mars rover, the discs that give birth to new planets, the space equivalent of an ordnance survey map for the stars and how scientists...
2009-Nov-20 • 52 minutes
The Oldest Light in the Universe
In this launch edition of Naked Astronomy, we report on how the Planck probe is seeing the oldest light in the Universe, the Rosetta mission flyby en-route to a distant comet, how LCROSS executed a deft lunar impact and what it revealed,...