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Podcast Profile: Maths on the Move

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16 episodes
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Categories: Interview-Style • Math

Podcaster's summary: Maths on the Move, the podcast from plus.maths.org, will bring you the latest news from the world of maths, plus interviews and discussions with leading mathematicians and scientists about the maths that is changing our lives. Hosted by Plus editors Rachel Thomas and Marianne Freiberger.

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List Updated: 2022-Jun-29 11:52 UTC. Episodes: 16. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2022-Jun-28 • 15 minutes
Maths on the red carpet –Revisiting the 2018 International Congress of Mathematicians
We are getting very excited - next week is the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM)- one of the highlights of the mathematical calendar! The ICM takes place every four years and it’s the biggest maths conference of them all, attracting thousa...
2022-Jun-14 • 30 minutes
The maths and magic of shuffling
We all have our favoured methods of shuffling cards, but most of us don't think any more about it once we've started playing a game. But there's so much more to be discovered! In this podcast mathematician Cheryl Praeger and magician Will Houstoun reveal...
2022-May-24 • 28 minutes
Living Proof: Anita Layton – one of Canada’s most powerful women
In this episode we meet the irrepressible Anita Layton. As well as leading a busy research team, Anita also spends much of her downtime fostering diversity and mentorships throughout her networks, and is professionally engaged across disciplines as disti...
2022-May-17 • 26 minutes
On the mathematical frontline: Matt Keeling
"We all work with exponential growth and we're really, really used to it, but we are still amazed at how fast things take off at the end." This is epidemiologist Matt Keeling talking about how a disease outbreak can still take you by surprise even if you...
2022-May-10 • 26 minutes
Reducing NHS waiting lists in the wake of COVID
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for men in the UK and second most for women. During the first lockdown from March 2020, elective cardiac procedures and outpatient consultations were postponed and many appointments have not yet been r...
2022-May-03 • 37 minutes
Living Proof: Collaborating with the Isaac Newton Institute
Have you every wondered about what goes on behind the scenes of Plus? Find out in this special guest episode! We are very pleased to be collaborating with the wonderful Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (INI) in Cambridge. Recently Plus ...
2022-Apr-26 • 26 minutes
New ways of seeing with the INTEGRAL project
It's amazing what you can see now thanks to remote imaging technology! Visiting far away landscapes via satellite images or watching live feeds from a famous street is fun, but remotely gathered images offer exciting opportunities to map and observe the ...
2022-Apr-19 • 28 minutes
How to predict a changing climate
How do you go about predicting something as complex as the Earth's climate? In this podcast — featuring climate modelling experts Emily Shuckburgh and Chris Budd — we explore what those climate models look like, the uncertainties involved in climate mode...
2022-Apr-12 • 18 minutes
Flying home with quantum physics
In this week's podcast we reach into our archive for a favourite story we first heard back in 2010! The quantum world is usually associated with the weirder end of physics, including strange phenomena like superposition or quantum entanglement, the "spo...
2022-Apr-05 • 25 minutes
La La Lab: A tour through maths and music
Although people often talk about the links between maths and music, if you're neither a mathematician nor a musician these links might not be that obvious. In this podcast we get to explore the connection by going on a tour of the La La Lab exhibition wi...
2022-Mar-30 • 22 minutes
On the mathematical frontline: Francesca Scarabel
Like many early career researchers, Francesca Scarabel has moved around the world to take the first steps in her career: from her home in Italy, to Finland for her PhD, to Hungary and Canada for postdoctoral research. Now she works at the University of ...
2022-Mar-29 • 16 minutes
On the mathematical frontline: Ed Hill
The Mathematical frontline podcast is about the mathematicians who are grappling with the unprecedented challenge of studying a live pandemic unfolding in front of their eyes. In this podcast we are really pleased to talk to Ed Hill, a member of the mod...
2022-Mar-28 • 25 minutes
On the mathematical frontline: Ellen Brooks Pollock and Leon Danon
Like many couples, Ellen Brooks Pollock and Leon Danon, have had to make it through the pandemic juggling lockdowns, child care and work. But unlike many of us, they have also both been working together on the mathematical front line of the COVID-19 pan...
2022-Mar-25 • 24 minutes
On the mathematical frontline: Mike Tildesley
Mike Tildesley is now a professor in the Zeeman Institute for Systems Biology and Infectious Disease Epidemiology Research at the University of Warwick - but he started out doing a PhD in astrophysics, which is far literally and mathematically from stud...
2022-Mar-24 • 31 minutes
On the mathematical frontline: Julia Gog
Over the last two years we have done a lot of reporting on the maths of the COVID-19 pandemic. Behind the maths there are of course people — those mathematicians who make the epidemiological models that do (and sometimes do not do not) inform government ...
2022-Mar-23 • 33 minutes
Looking back at our first glimpse of the virus: with David Spiegelhalter
Today, 23 March 2022, marks two years since the UK locked down for the first time in the COVID-19 pandemic. We relaunch the Plus podcast by looking back to where our pandemic coverage all began, by revisiting our podcast from April 2020. Back in March ...