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Podcaster's summary: The BBC brings you all the week's science news.

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2024-Apr-11 • 31 minutes
Bird flu in Antarctica
Highly pathogenic bird flu has been detected along the Antarctic coast
2024-Apr-04 • 27 minutes
Earthquake in Taiwan
A powerful earthquake in Taiwan demonstrates the country’s preparedness.
2024-Mar-28 • 27 minutes
Star for a day
A star on the brink of explosion will be visible from Earth. But not for long.
2024-Mar-21 • 33 minutes
Out of Africa
A rare glimpse into the lives of the ancestors moving from Africa to the whole world.
2024-Mar-14 • 29 minutes
Impacts of global warming
Will 2024 be another record-breaking year for the climate?
2024-Mar-07 • 30 minutes
The first stars in the universe
Astronomers think they have seen glow the first generation of stars after the Big Bang
2024-Feb-29 • 27 minutes
One million genomes in two dimensions
US researchers aim to sample genomes from one million diverse people but concerns raised
2024-Feb-22 • 29 minutes
Largest ever covid safety study
A monumental study of 99 million vaccinated people shows how rare adverse effects are.
2024-Feb-15 • 26 minutes
Climate scientist wins defamation case
Will this serve as a warning against politically motivated attacks on climate scientists?
2024-Feb-08 • 27 minutes
Particle physics v climate change
Should we spend $17 billion on a new atom smasher whilst the world literally burns?
2024-Feb-01 • 29 minutes
Unethical data gathering in China
Papers containing DNA data gathered from Chinese ethnic minorities are under scrutiny.
2024-Jan-25 • 32 minutes
Drilling into the past
How scientists can drill into the seabed to find out more about the planet’s deep past
2024-Jan-18 • 28 minutes
Swine fever in South East Asia
Swine fever has reached Borneo, devastating the local wild pig populations
2024-Jan-11 • 31 minutes
Seeking supernovas
How supernovas – the colossal explosions of stars – can help us decipher the Universe
2024-Jan-04 • 30 minutes
Tackling tuberculosis in South Africa
Fighting a disease that has become South Africa's biggest killer
2023-Dec-28 • 28 minutes
Following in the footsteps of ancient humans
Roland Pease travels to South Africa to gain a deeper understanding of human origins
2023-Dec-21 • 31 minutes
Volcanic eruption lights up Iceland
Volcanic eruption lights up Iceland.
2023-Dec-14 • 31 minutes
The science of morning sickness
A team of researchers have uncovered what may cause morning sickness in pregnancy.
2023-Dec-07 • 26 minutes
Can carbon capture live up to its hype?
Climate expert Richard Black discusses the good, the bad and the ugly of carbon capture.
2023-Nov-30 • 31 minutes
All aboard the RRS Sir David Attenborough
The RRS Sir David Attenborough has reached Antarctica for its first full science season.
2023-Nov-23 • 30 minutes
Fires in the Pantanal wetlands
Brazil’s searing temperatures have scorched the world’s largest tropical wetlands.
2023-Nov-16 • 30 minutes
Volcanic rumblings in Iceland
Does seismic activity in Iceland suggest the country is entering a new volcanic era?
2023-Nov-09 • 26 minutes
Sounds of the Cape
Fossil hunting, African penguin rehabilitation and bird bioacoustics on the Western Cape.
2023-Nov-02 • 26 minutes
Climate emergency
Hurricanes, fires and carbon budgets; the impacts of climate change around the world
2023-Oct-26 • 28 minutes
Bird flu reaches Antarctic region
Bird flu continues to spread across the world, putting isolated bird populations at risk.
2023-Oct-19 • 27 minutes
Alarm at Campi Flegrei, Italy
Naples is wondering about the next volcanic eruption.
2023-Oct-12 • 26 minutes
Devastating earthquakes hit Afghanistan
Herat has not seen an earthquake for almost 1000 years but now, five have come at once.
2023-Oct-05 • 30 minutes
The best and the worst
From talking to a Nobel prize winner to discussing allegations of scientific misconduct.
2023-Sep-28 • 27 minutes
Trilobite dinner
What did a 465-million-year-old trilobite eat for dinner? And how can we possibly know?
2023-Sep-21 • 28 minutes
More likely, more intense
Extreme flooding in Libya 50 times more likely and 50% more intense due to climate change
2023-Sep-14 • 27 minutes
Deadly floods in Derna
Devastating floods have swept away the banks of Derna, Libya. How did this happen?
2023-Sep-07 • 28 minutes
Returning to the North Pole
Ice breaker Polarstern returns to the Arctic visiting sites last explored in 2012.
2023-Aug-31 • 28 minutes
Drowning coastal ecosystems
Coastal ecosystems around the world are at risk of disappearing as sea levels rise
2023-Aug-24 • 29 minutes
Brain-computer interfaces
Brain to speech translation allows patients to communicate faster and more expressively.
2023-Aug-17 • 29 minutes
The science behind the Hawaii fire
The science behind the devastating fires that have consumed Lahaina in Hawaii.
2023-Aug-10 • 26 minutes
Pandemic surveillance system at risk
One of the most useful scientific tools you’ve never heard of is being paywalled
2023-Aug-03 • 30 minutes
Bird Flu is back
H5N1 bird flu is spreading to seabirds, mammals, and household pets
2023-Jul-27 • 26 minutes
Ocean current collapse
Is the collapse of large system of ocean currents imminent?
2023-Jul-20 • 26 minutes
On the edge of a new volcano
A spectacular volcanic eruption hits Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula for the third year
2023-Jul-13 • 26 minutes
Europe’s heatwave death toll
Around 62,000 people died in last year's European heatwave - is this the new normal?
2023-Jul-06 • 27 minutes
Melting of Greenland ice sheet
Record-breaking global temperatures are accelerating Greenland ice melt
2023-Jun-29 • 29 minutes
Preparing for crises
We have entered a state of multiple and entangled crises. How can research help?
2023-Jun-22 • 27 minutes
Human embryo models
Scientists have made human embryo models – or “synthetic embryos” - in the lab.
2023-Jun-15 • 28 minutes
Oceans in hot water?
A major El Niño is building and heating up the world. What is the forecast?
2023-Jun-08 • 29 minutes
The beginnings of us
New molecular fossil records shed evidence on the billion-year-old roots of modern life
2023-Jun-01 • 27 minutes
Vaccinating condors against bird flu
Endangered condors are being vaccinated to save them from deadly H5N1 bird flu
2023-May-25 • 28 minutes
Brightest supernova in a decade
The brightest supernova in a decade springs astronomers around the world into action
2023-May-18 • 30 minutes
Return of the Wildfires
The record-breaking heat behind the destructive North American wildfires
2023-May-11 • 28 minutes
Human genome goes global
The Pangenome project captures human diversity with 47 new genomes
2023-May-04 • 31 minutes
Darwin dumped from Indian classrooms
The exclusion of Darwinism from the curriculum prompts protests in India
2023-Apr-27 • 32 minutes
The truth about the Sudan biolab
Khartoum’s National Public Health Laboratory is caught up in the Sudanese conflict.
2023-Apr-20 • 28 minutes
Africa moves towards creating and manufacturing its own vaccines
Africa moves towards creating and manufacturing its own vaccines
2023-Apr-13 • 32 minutes
Bird flu: The global threat
H5N1 avian flu is racing across the world. What can be done to control it?
2023-Apr-06 • 30 minutes
Chasing tornados in the American mid-West
Chasing tornados in the American mid-West – the science behind the current outbreaks.
2023-Mar-30 • 33 minutes
Gene editing breakthrough
New technique to correct gene errors in sick patients
2023-Mar-24 • 31 minutes
Animals at the Wuhan Market
What does animal DNA from the Wuhan Market reveal about the start of the pandemic?
2023-Mar-16 • 33 minutes
Return of Cyclone Freddy
Record-breaking Cyclone Freddy devastates Mozambique for the second time in one month.
2023-Mar-09 • 35 minutes
Human Genome Editing - Promise and Peril
Human Genome Editing: curing genetic disease and ensuring it's safe and available to all.
2023-Mar-02 • 33 minutes
Drought worsens in East Africa
Why the long rains in East Africa are forecast to fail again.
2023-Feb-23 • 32 minutes
Cyclone Freddy batters Madagascar
Cyclone Freddy batters Madagascar and threatens Mozambique and South Africa.
2023-Feb-16 • 32 minutes
CRISPR & bioethics
He Jiankui refuses to talk about his controversial genome editing of twin babies in 2018
2023-Feb-09 • 32 minutes
Turkey-Syria earthquake
Turkey’s most powerful earthquake on record
2023-Feb-02 • 33 minutes
Science on ice
The different forms of frozen water from ice made in labs to Jupiter’s icy moons
2023-Jan-26 • 28 minutes
Bird flu (H5N1) outbreak in mink
A review of the first mammal to mammal transmission of avian flu, observed in Spain
2023-Jan-19 • 29 minutes
Climate science activism
What happens when climate scientists take to the streets?
2023-Jan-12 • 35 minutes
Atmospheric rivers
The phenomenon driving California’s extreme weather
2023-Jan-05 • 29 minutes
One year on from the Tonga eruption
We take a look at everything we’ve learnt since the Tonga volcano erupted a year ago.
2022-Dec-29 • 33 minutes
The James Webb Space Telescope: The first six months
What have scientists learned since Nasa launched its revolutionary telescope?
2022-Dec-22 • 28 minutes
Mosquito pesticide failing
Mosquito pesticide failing
2022-Dec-15 • 33 minutes
Fusion milestone
Fusion milestone - the science behind the headlines
2022-Dec-08 • 31 minutes
Ancient warmth in Greenland
Climate change in the Arctic
2022-Dec-01 • 35 minutes
COVID spreads in China
COVID spreads in China
2022-Nov-24 • 28 minutes
A distant planet’s atmosphere
The chemical composition of planet WASP-39b's atmosphere, 700 light years away
2022-Nov-17 • 27 minutes
Online harassment of Covid scientists
Virologists studying Covid-19 have been subject to online threats
2022-Nov-10 • 31 minutes
Neurons that restore walking in paralysed patients
Neurons that restore walking in patients with spinal cord injuries have been identified
2022-Nov-03 • 26 minutes
What peat can tell us about our future
Peat can offer us early alarm bells to climate change tipping points.
2022-Oct-27 • 26 minutes
Seismic events on Mars
New data from Nasa reveals information on Mars’ origin and evolution.
2022-Oct-20 • 27 minutes
The most powerful explosion ever recorded
A celestial explosion has produced the brightest beam of light ever observed
2022-Oct-13 • 32 minutes
Inserting human neurons into the brains of rats
Fusing the brain of a human with a rat could offer insight into neurological disorders
2022-Oct-06 • 30 minutes
Nobel Prize 2022: The science behind the winners
We meet the winners behind this week’s Nobel Prize announcements
2022-Sep-29 • 26 minutes
The final moments of DART
Reflections on NASA’s latest mission as it hits an asteroid 11 million km from earth
2022-Sep-22 • 27 minutes
Should we mine the deep sea?
A new license for deep sea mining could change the way we harvest rare earth minerals.
2022-Sep-15 • 30 minutes
Science and the causes behind Pakistan’s floods
A new report demonstrates the impact of global warming on flooding in Pakistan.
2022-Sep-08 • 31 minutes
The genetics of human intelligence
A single gene mutation may have propelled a major leap in human brain development
2022-Sep-01 • 28 minutes
The China heatwave and the new normal
The record-breaking heatwave in China and its connection to extreme weather elsewhere
2022-Aug-25 • 26 minutes
Surprises from a Martian Lake Bed
The latest analysis of Nasa’s perseverance discoveries confounds scientists’ expectations
2022-Aug-18 • 28 minutes
Deadly drought
The gloomy predictions for East Africa’s long running drought
2022-Aug-11 • 29 minutes
Icelandic volcano erupts again
Science in the heat of Iceland's new volcanic eruption.
2022-Aug-04 • 30 minutes
Synthetic mouse embryos with brains and hearts
Researchers make synthetic mouse embryos with brains and beating hearts from stem cells
2022-Jul-28 • 28 minutes
The first galaxies at the universe's dawn
James Webb Space Telescope expands our view of the universe ever deeper back in time
2022-Jul-21 • 30 minutes
Heat waves in the Northern Hemisphere
Heat waves in the Northern Hemisphere - how and why more frequent and more extreme?
2022-Jul-14 • 32 minutes
First images from the James Webb Space Telescope
A sensational new view of the universe from the James Webb Space Telescope.
2022-Jul-07 • 30 minutes
Long Covid ‘brain fog’
New insights into the cause of Long Covid ‘brain fog’
2022-Jun-30 • 32 minutes
Extreme heat death risk in Latin America
New study reveals risk of death as temperatures rise in Latin American cities
2022-Jun-23 • 34 minutes
Monster microbe
Gigantic bacterium discovered in the Caribbean. It’s the size and shape of an eyelash.
2022-Jun-16 • 30 minutes
Thirty years after the Earth Summit
Thirty years on, we ask what has the Earth Summit in Rio achieved?
2022-Jun-09 • 30 minutes
Body scan reveals HIV's hideouts
A medical scan which reveals where HIV and other viruses hide in the body.
2022-Jun-02 • 30 minutes
Should we worry about the latest Omicron subvariants?
Two recent subtypes of the Omicron virus are much better at evading our immune defences.
2022-May-26 • 30 minutes
Heat death by volcano and other stories
New insights into Tonga’s cataclysmic volcanic eruption revealed
2022-May-19 • 30 minutes
Death in the rainforest
Climate change may have doubled the death rate of rainforest trees over the last 50 years
2022-May-12 • 29 minutes
Portrait of the monster black hole at our galaxy’s heart
Astronomers image the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy
2022-May-05 • 30 minutes
Mekong Delta will sink beneath the sea by 2100
Vietnam’s vast Mekong Delta is set to sink beneath the sea by the end of the century
2022-Apr-28 • 31 minutes
The Indian subcontinent’s record-breaking heatwave
The Indian subcontinent is roasting in a prolonged heatwave. Is climate change to blame?
2022-Apr-21 • 33 minutes
Climate techno-fix would worsen global malaria burden
Solar geoengineering to curb climate change could worsen global malaria burden.
2022-Apr-14 • 31 minutes
How ‘magic mushroom’ chemical treats depression
Brain scanning study reveals how psilocybin can help people with severe depression
2022-Apr-07 • 34 minutes
Tsunami detective in Tonga
What really happened in the cataclysmic eruption of the volcano Hunga Tonga in January?
2022-Mar-31 • 30 minutes
Radioactive Red Forest
Are Russian troops in forests around Chernobyl receiving a dangerous dose of radiation?
2022-Mar-24 • 32 minutes
Warming world
Extreme temperatures recorded in Antarctica and the Arctic.
2022-Mar-17 • 30 minutes
Covid in the sewers
Could novel forms of the virus be lurking in wastewater?
2022-Mar-10 • 30 minutes
Why are Covid-19 cases rising in Hong Kong?
The territory is experiencing a rapid increase in infections and deaths
2022-Mar-03 • 30 minutes
Covid -19 origins
New analysis shows where inside the Wuhan market the virus first showed itself
2022-Feb-24 • 26 minutes
Reforming the ‘China Initiative’
US scheme accused of persecuting scientists is to be refocused
2022-Feb-17 • 30 minutes
Bone repair from Covid-19 vaccine technology
Messenger RNA used in vaccines against Covid-19 has been used to encourage bone healing
2022-Feb-10 • 30 minutes
Inside Wuhan's coronavirus lab
The inside story of Wuhan’s coronavirus lab
2022-Feb-03 • 30 minutes
Identifying a more infectious HIV variant
A new form of HIV has been uncovered in the Netherlands.
2022-Jan-27 • 26 minutes
The roots of Long Covid
Detecting the early signals for long Covid
2022-Jan-20 • 30 minutes
Tonga eruption – how it happened
Why a small volcanic eruption had a global impact
2022-Jan-13 • 29 minutes
Have we got it wrong on Omicron?
It seems to be no more viable than the earlier delta variant
2022-Jan-06 • 27 minutes
Corbevax – A vaccine for the world?
Could a cheap and conventional vaccine for Covid-19 end the pandemic?
2021-Dec-30 • 27 minutes
2021: The year of variants
The year began with Alpha, and ends with Omicron. What have we learnt?
2021-Dec-23 • 28 minutes
Omicron – mild or monster?
Cases of the latest coronavirus variant are mild, so far – but that’s not the whole story
2021-Dec-16 • 31 minutes
Omicron’s rapid replication rate
Omicron replicates seventy times faster than earlier variants.
2021-Dec-09 • 34 minutes
Can the weather trigger a volcano?
The eruption of Semeru in Java was linked to heavy rain
2021-Dec-02 • 30 minutes
Omicron, racism and trust
How the global political response to the new variant is hampering science in Africa
2021-Nov-25 • 30 minutes
Deliberately doomed dart
The sacrificial space mission designed to protect the Earth from asteroid impact.
2021-Nov-18 • 27 minutes
The end for coal power?
The fossil fuel is on target to be replaced with renewables in both India and China.
2021-Nov-11 • 27 minutes
Bambi got Covid
Why the discovery of Covid 19 in white-tail deer has implications for climate policy
2021-Nov-04 • 32 minutes
Jet fuel from thin air
A solar powered solution to emissions creates aviation fuel from atmospheric gases
2021-Oct-29 • 26 minutes
Can we still avoid climate catastrophe?
The UNEP Emissions Gap Report reveals we need to do more to reach our climate goals.
2021-Oct-21 • 27 minutes
Red blood cells’ surprising immune function
New research reveals red blood cells form part of the body’s immune defence.
2021-Oct-14 • 28 minutes
Wetlands under attack
The invasive cordgrass taking over China’s coastal wetlands.
2021-Oct-07 • 29 minutes
Youngest rock samples from the moon
Youngest samples from lava flows on the moon returned by Chang’e-5 mission
2021-Sep-30 • 29 minutes
Drug resistant malaria found in East Africa
The spread of resistance to one of the most important anti-malarials
2021-Sep-23 • 30 minutes
New evidence for Sars-CoV-2’s origin in bats
Study of bats in Laos has identified viruses with a similar spike protein to Sars-CoV-2
2021-Sep-16 • 28 minutes
Ebola can remain dormant for five years
Ebola infections can re-emerge after five years, and cause new outbreaks
2021-Sep-09 • 29 minutes
Keep most fossil fuel in ground to meet 1.5 degree goal
Unexploited oil, gas and coal reserves must stay in the ground to avert temperature rise
2021-Sep-02 • 32 minutes
Hurricane season intensifies
Climate change increases the havoc caused by Hurricane Ida across parts of the US.
2021-Aug-26 • 37 minutes
World’s first DNA Covid vaccine
Authorities in India approve a new type of needle-free triple-dose vaccine
2021-Aug-19 • 39 minutes
Seismic citizen science in Hispaniola
Is there more to come from the Haitian earthquake fault system?
2021-Aug-12 • 29 minutes
Methane: A climate solution?
Can reductions in this potent greenhouse gas help keep global temperature rises down?
2021-Aug-05 • 30 minutes
Record-shattering weather
Why we should expect more sudden extreme temperatures
2021-Jul-29 • 36 minutes
The earliest traces of animal life on earth.
Do rocks found in Canada show animal life 350 million years older than any found before?
2021-Jul-22 • 34 minutes
Your molecular machinery, now in 3D
DeepMind publishes 350,000 of the structures which make all living things tick.
2021-Jul-15 • 31 minutes
Science when the funding dries up
The UK Government’s cap on Official Development Aid, and its consequences for science.
2021-Jul-08 • 34 minutes
Human induced climate change heats up fast
The record-breaking recent Pacific North-West heatwave is attributable to humans.
2021-Jul-01 • 33 minutes
Insects in incredible detail
New technology gives intricate 3D scans of insects
2021-Jun-24 • 40 minutes
Tales of unexpected DNA data
A virologist uncovers more dots to join in the hunt for Covid’s origins.
2021-Jun-17 • 38 minutes
Doubling Earth’s energy imbalance
Nasa scientists find a doubling of our planet’s net solar energy absorption in 15 years
2021-Jun-10 • 33 minutes
Evolving viral variant trickery
Researchers describe mechanisms by which the virus variants are tricking our cells.
2021-Jun-03 • 36 minutes
Zoonotic hotspots and where to find them
Researchers map where the riskiest areas are for viruses to jump from bats into humans.
2021-May-27 • 27 minutes
Nyiragongo eruption
Understanding the world’s "most dangerous volcano"
2021-May-20 • 36 minutes
Robot revolution
The robot arm that comes with feelings
2021-May-13 • 32 minutes
Covid and clean air
How improving indoor air quality can prevent illness from many viruses
2021-May-06 • 29 minutes
Africa’s oldest burial
A fossilised child reveals an ancient caring society
2021-Apr-29 • 37 minutes
Melting glaciers, warming coffee and a Dragonfly on Titan
Melting glaciers, warming coffee and a Dragonfly on Titan.
2021-Apr-22 • 47 minutes
Exponential increase in Indian covid cases
What’s behind the soaring numbers?
2021-Apr-15 • 45 minutes
Rolling out the vaccines faster
Can more money speed up rollout?
2021-Apr-08 • 34 minutes
On the trail of rare blood clots
Scientists in the EU and the UK are looking out for rare blood clots in vaccinated people.
2021-Apr-01 • 37 minutes
Post-Covid outcomes after release from hospital
A third of people hospitalised for covid are readmitted sometime after discharge.
2021-Mar-25 • 42 minutes
Science on the side of a new volcano
Fagradalsfjall, hints of leptoquark, and the 2020 rise of the preprint
2021-Mar-18 • 35 minutes
International science at sea
International research collaborations feel the pinch of UK cap on development spending
2021-Mar-11 • 34 minutes
A shooting star parked on your driveway
A rare type of meteorite lands next to a rural UK house, and is now in professional hands
2021-Mar-04 • 27 minutes
Uncovering history with Little Foot's skull
Neanderthal hearing, CO2 emissions in 2020, the Brazilian variant and scanning Little Foot
2021-Feb-25 • 31 minutes
Waste not, want not
Novel recycling to make new products
2021-Feb-18 • 33 minutes
Weird weather
Why is there snow in Texas?
2021-Feb-11 • 33 minutes
Perseverance approaches Mars
How Perseverance will land on Mars
2021-Feb-04 • 30 minutes
Mixing Covid vaccines
Can Covid vaccines be mixed?
2021-Jan-28 • 34 minutes
New Covid vaccine
Next-generation of RNA vaccine
2021-Jan-21 • 28 minutes
Saving the Northern White Rhino
Bringing back the Northern White Rhino from extinction
2021-Jan-14 • 30 minutes
Gravitational waves and black holes
Gravitational waves from colliding supermassive black holes
2021-Jan-07 • 27 minutes
New variants of SARS-Cov2
SARS-Cov2: UK and South African new variants
2020-Dec-31 • 26 minutes
Coping with Covid
Making sense of a year of confusion
2020-Dec-24 • 27 minutes
A year with Covid -19
Looking back on how the virus emerged and the scientific response
2020-Dec-17 • 31 minutes
Covid -19 – Mutations are normal
Viral mutations happen all the time but we still need to be wary of their impact.
2020-Dec-10 • 26 minutes
The unchecked spread of Covid-19 in Manaus
Around three-quarters of the Brazilian city’s population are thought to have been infected
2020-Dec-03 • 33 minutes
Freak weather getting even freakier
This year has seen record-breaking Atlantic hurricanes, and now an Australian heatwave
2020-Nov-26 • 31 minutes
Vaccines – the Covid confusion
The problems with incomplete or contradictory trial data published by press release.
2020-Nov-19 • 35 minutes
Covid- 19 – Good news on immunity
After infection or vaccination immunity to the virus may be long lasting
2020-Nov-12 • 33 minutes
Covid-19 defeats US Marines
The virus spread amongst recruits despite a range of thorough precautions
2020-Nov-05 • 39 minutes
Coronavirus spreads from mink to humans
What does transmission of coronavirus from mink to humans mean for the future vaccine?
2020-Oct-29 • 26 minutes
Osiris Rex stows asteroid material
Successful closure of lid on Osiris Rex spacecraft
2020-Oct-22 • 34 minutes
Nasa probe Osiris Rex lands on asteroid
Osiris Rex probe touches asteroid Bennu to sample secrets of the early solar system
2020-Oct-15 • 36 minutes
Covid-19 mortality
Why is there such a range in the number of deaths from Covid -19 between countries?
2020-Oct-08 • 37 minutes
Do Covid–19 mutations matter?
Results from the most detailed investigation to date into SARS –CoV-2 virus mutations
2020-Oct-01 • 37 minutes
Are children the biggest Covid-19 spreaders?
The world’s largest study of Covid-19 transmission shows children have a major role.
2020-Sep-24 • 42 minutes
Why Covid -19 vaccines may not stop transmission
They are only designed to prevent disease developing, none have been tested against spread
2020-Sep-17 • 30 minutes
Malaria resistance breakthrough
Discovered in East Africa, the finding holds promise for completely new treatments.
2020-Sep-15 • 26 minutes
Monitoring Covid-19, harvests and space junk
Monitoring spread of Covid-19, harvests in Africa from space, and space junk
2020-Sep-10 • 38 minutes
Covid -19 science versus politics
Are the politicians finally coming round to the scientist’s views on the way forward?
2020-Sep-03 • 31 minutes
Nyiragongo - is Goma under threat?
More than 2 million people live around this volcano, which has become more active
2020-Aug-27 • 39 minutes
Covid-19 therapy controversy
Is convalescent plasma really a ‘tremendous’ treatment for Covid-19?
2020-Aug-20 • 32 minutes
Trouble in Greenland
Has the loss from Greenland’s vast ice sheet reached a tipping point?
2020-Aug-13 • 38 minutes
Putin’s Covid-19 vaccine
Despite widespread alarm, Russia is not about to roll out an untested vaccine.
2020-Aug-06 • 33 minutes
Counting the heat health threat from climate change
Huge death toll from rising temperatures projected for century’s end.
2020-Jul-30 • 35 minutes
NASA rover heads for Mars ancient lake
NASA 2020 rover launched on fresh search for life on Mars
2020-Jul-23 • 35 minutes
Making a Covid-19 vaccine for two billion people
The challenge of making two billion Covid-19 vaccine doses within the year.
2020-Jul-16 • 34 minutes
How long do Covid-19 antibodies last?
New research on how long our defences against the coronavirus last.
2020-Jul-09 • 30 minutes
Rwanda’s game changing coronavirus test
African scientists have developed a reliable, quicker and cheaper mass testing method
2020-Jul-02 • 32 minutes
Covid -19 and Children
Why a minority become gravely ill is still a mystery
2020-Jun-25 • 26 minutes
Record high temperatures – in the Arctic
Siberia has seen 38 degrees Celsius, 100 degrees Fahrenheit
2020-Jun-18 • 34 minutes
Covid -19 hope for severe cases
A readily available drug prevents some deaths, and others may also be useful
2020-Jun-11 • 28 minutes
Food security, locusts and Covid -19
Efforts to eradicate locust swarms and save harvests continue despite the pandemic
2020-Jun-04 • 32 minutes
The medical complexity of Covid -19
Understanding viral damage to the brain and heart
2020-May-28 • 32 minutes
Brazil’s Covid chaos
The number of cases and deaths may be much higher than official figures show
2020-May-21 • 31 minutes
Covid-19 vaccines
More than a hundred vaccines are in development to fight the virus
2020-May-14 • 38 minutes
Loosening lockdown
Understanding which situations pose the highest risk for virus transmission is key.
2020-May-07 • 44 minutes
Covid -19 new hope from blood tests
Research from New York shows how our own immune response is responding to Covid 19
2020-Apr-30 • 49 minutes
Ebola drug offers hope for Covid-19
Early trials suggest Remdesivir can aid recovery
2020-Apr-23 • 43 minutes
Presidents and pandemics
Why they don’t mix
2020-Apr-16 • 33 minutes
Italy, getting Covid-19 under control
Tentative steps to relax the lockdown
2020-Apr-09 • 26 minutes
Covid 19 - the threat to refugees
The impossibility of social distancing and even handwashing in crowded refugee camps
2020-Apr-02 • 33 minutes
Covid 19 – The fightback in Africa begins
As cases spread in Nigeria, can lessons from Ebola counter covid 19?
2020-Mar-26 • 29 minutes
The science of social distancing
Why staying home is the best defence against Covid -19
2020-Mar-19 • 33 minutes
Covid -19, are you carrying the virus?
Research from Italy and China, shows many people have the coronavirus but no symptoms
2020-Mar-12 • 38 minutes
Covid -19 how infectious is it really?
The pattern of transmission and prospects for drug treatments.
2020-Mar-05 • 30 minutes
Australia’s fires - fuelled by climate change
Fires were at least 30% worse due to mankind’s influence on the climate.
2020-Feb-27 • 30 minutes
Tracking coronavirus spread
More new cases of Covid-19 are now outside China than inside - how can we map the virus?
2020-Feb-13 • 26 minutes
CoVid-19: Mapping the outbreak
A new public tool allows anyone to see where the virus is spreading
2020-Feb-06 • 30 minutes
Coronavirus, prospects for treatment?
Could untried drugs developed for Ebola stop the virus?
2020-Jan-30 • 34 minutes
Understanding the new coronavirus
Analysis of the impact of the new virus
2020-Jan-23 • 28 minutes
New Coronavirus
What science can tell us about the emergence of a new virus in China
2020-Jan-16 • 27 minutes
Mount Taal volcano
Why Mount Taal volcano near Manila produces so much ash and lightning
2020-Jan-09 • 27 minutes
Australia’s extreme fire season
2019 was Australia’s hottest year on record, a major factor behind the continued bushfires
2020-Jan-02 • 26 minutes
Adapting California
Living with the threat of fires and earthquakes.
2019-Dec-26 • 26 minutes
Gaming climate change
Can a role-playing game improve climate negotiation outcomes?
2019-Dec-19 • 26 minutes
Understanding the Anak Krakatau eruption
How a relative small volcanic eruption caused a tsunami
2019-Dec-12 • 26 minutes
White Island volcano eruption
Why a small eruption on White Island was so dangerous
2019-Dec-05 • 35 minutes
CRISPR babies scandal – more details
Evidence for a series of scientific and ethical errors have emerged
2019-Dec-02 • 29 minutes
New malaria target
Molecular research opens the way to prevent antimalarial resistance
2019-Nov-21 • 27 minutes
Politics and Amazonia’s fires
Satellite data shows this year’s Amazon fires have been the worst since 2010.
2019-Nov-14 • 30 minutes
Australia burning
To what extent is ‘Bush fire weather’ influenced by climate change?
2019-Nov-07 • 29 minutes
Climate in crisis
Inaction on climate change while the impact of air pollution is likened to smoking
2019-Oct-31 • 29 minutes
Wildfires and winds in California
How dry land and high winds are fuelling fires in California
2019-Oct-24 • 37 minutes
Is quantum supremacy ‘garbage’?
Has a new era of computing finally arrived or not, or is it both at the same time?
2019-Oct-17 • 29 minutes
Malaria's origins and a potential new treatment
How malaria jumped from great apes to humans and why Antarctica may hold a new treatment
2019-Oct-10 • 30 minutes
From batteries to distant worlds
Nobel Prize wins for a range of well-known discoveries
2019-Oct-03 • 30 minutes
Drought likely to follow India’s floods
Despite extreme rainfall, climate scientists predict drought in India within months.
2019-Sep-26 • 30 minutes
Global climate inaction
The latest climate report look like earlier ones, where is the call to action?
2019-Sep-20 • 31 minutes
South East Asia choking - again
Why even staying indoors offers no escape from fires across the region
2019-Sep-12 • 26 minutes
Embryoids from stem cells
Embryoids from stem cells; water vapour in atmosphere of rocky exoplanet;
2019-Sep-05 • 35 minutes
New evidence of nuclear reactor explosion
An isotopic fingerprint is reported of a nuclear explosion in Russia last month
2019-Aug-29 • 31 minutes
Nanotube computer says hello
A 16bit computer processor made of carbon nanotubes is unveiled to the world.
2019-Aug-22 • 30 minutes
Amazonian fires likely to worsen
Is it going to be a particularly bad burning season for Brazil’s rainforest?
2019-Aug-15 • 33 minutes
Cracking the case of the Krakatoa volcano collapse
Scientists investigate the precise physical events around last year’s lethal eruption.
2019-Aug-08 • 26 minutes
Keeping tabs on nuclear weapons
Can science overcome the political impasse in nuclear proliferation policy?
2019-Aug-01 • 27 minutes
The snowball effect of Arctic fires
The long term consequences of the intense burning across the region
2019-Jul-25 • 30 minutes
The human danger – for sharks
A global appetite for shark meat and fins threatens these iconic predators
2019-Jul-18 • 29 minutes
The moon landing and another big space anniversary
The comet Shoemaker – Levy 9 spectacularly crashed into Jupiter 25 years ago.
2019-Jul-11 • 30 minutes
'Free' water and electricity for the world?
The solar panel which simultaneously produces electricity and purifies water
2019-Jul-04 • 28 minutes
Analysing the European heatwave
An analysis of weather and climate variables shows global warming had a role
2019-Jun-27 • 28 minutes
Is climate change driving Europe’s current heatwave?
Scientists are unpicking the influence of anthropogenic forces on this event as it happens
2019-Jun-20 • 28 minutes
Iran’s nuclear plans
What the threat to increase stockpiles of uranium really means
2019-Jun-13 • 29 minutes
South Asia heatwave and climate change
South Asia has experienced record temperatures, is this becoming the new normal?
2019-Jun-06 • 35 minutes
US foetal tissue research ban
The Trump administration halts scientific research on tissue derived from human embryos