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Podcast Profile: Why Beauty is Truth - A short history of symmetry

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Categories: Course-Style • Math • Physics

Podcaster's summary: Professor Ian Stewart presents a short history of symmetry and how this concept relates to mathematics, physics and the universe around us.

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Symmetry, string theory and an equation for everything (plus - could we be living in an asymmetrical universe?)
In this episode Professor Ian Stewart explores the connections between symmetry, particle physics, string and superstring theory.
Symmetry and Quantum Mechanics
Professor Ian Stewart looks at the world of Quantum Mechanics and how symmetry informs our understanding of particles and waves.
Physicists, Einstein and Symmetry
Professor Ian Stewart shows how the mathematicians work on symmetry and group theory influenced the work of physicists and how Einstein’s work revolutionised our view of the symmetries of the universe around us.
Group theory and the failed revolutionary
Professor Ian Stewart talks about the life of Evariste Galois – the failed revolutionary who developed Group Theory and changed the way we think about mathematics, physics and the world around us.
Competitive mathematics in Renaissance Italy
In this episode Professor Ian Stewart describes how the scandalous world of competitive mathematics in renaissance Italy encouraged the development of our understanding of equations, algebra and laid the foundations for our modern understanding of symmetry.
Babylonian and Greek mathematics
In this episode Professor Ian Stewart talks about the Babylonian approach to mathematics, how the Greeks used geometry to solve equations and the impact of Omar Kyham.
What is symmetry?
In our first episode Professor Stewart explains what symmetry is and how mathematicians and physicists have approached the subject. My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-755a0c5eb5b2dea934766a5f408f850c}