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Podcast Profile: Philosophy Gets Schooled

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42 episodes
2022 to 2023
Average episode: 58 minutes
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Categories: Panel-Style

Podcaster's summary: Philosophers at universities and schools talk about philosophy topics in A-Levels / IB / Highers. Fun and engaging, informative and clear.

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2023-Nov-21 • 79 minutes
PGS - Property Dualism
Part 1: Introduction to metaphysics of mind, dualism and property dualism. Chalmers's zombies! Part 2 (starts 31min 05 sec): Jackson's Mary argument. Epiphenomenalism, introspection, natural selection. Evaluation. Ben Jones, DaN McKee and Mabel ...
2023-Nov-20 • 81 minutes
PGS - Mind-Brain Type Id. Theory / Eliminative Materialism
Part 1: Intro to metaphysics of mind, physicalism, mind-brain type identity theory - explanation, arguments for and against. Part 2 (starts 35 min 15 sec): eliminative materialism - explanation, arguments for and against. Michael Lacewing, Sally La...
2023-Nov-14 • 73 minutes
PGS - Substance Dualism
Part 1: Intro to metaphysics of mind, dualism and substance dualism. Descartes' Indivisibility Argument. Part 2 (starts: 21min40sec): Descartes' Conceivability Argument, criticisms (possibility of other minds, interaction, and category errors). Be...
2023-Nov-13 • 77 minutes
PGS - Philosophical Behaviourism
Part 1: intro to metaphysics of mind and physicalism, 'hard' & 'soft' behaviourism. Part 2 (starts 29min50sec): dualism against behaviourism, Putnam's super-Spartans, circularity and multiple realisability, asymmetry between self-knowledge and k...
2023-Oct-23 • 65 minutes
PGS - Functionalism
Part 1: intro to metaphysics of mind, functionalism, advantages. Part 2 (starts: 24min55sec): inverted qualia, no qualia, Mary argument, zombies, Turing/Chinese room/AI and evaluation of functionalism. Sally Latham, Mabel Rowe and Adrian Samuel chat...
2023-May-11 • 74 minutes
PGS - Reason as a Source of Knowledge
Part 1: Types of knowledge, definitions. Part 2 (18min15sec): Innate knowledge: Plato's Meno, Leibniz, Locke and Hume. Part 3 (41min15sec): 'Intuition and Deduction' - Hume's Fork, Descartes' Cogito, clear and distinct ideas, Trademark Argument, etc...
2023-Apr-22 • 59 minutes
PGS - Cosmological Argument(s)
Part 1: Intro, Kalam and Aquinas (first 2 ways). Part 2 (23min25sec): Descartes and criticisms. Part 3 (41min45sec) Aquinas (3rd way), Leibniz and evaluation. Matt Harris and Michael Lacewing chat with Simon Kirchin. [Music by Alex Grohl]
2023-Apr-13 • 78 minutes
PGS - Scepticism
Part 1: Scepticism: definition and purpose, brains in vats, scepticism vs. normal disbelief. Part 2 (25min25sec): Descartes: waves of doubt and his responses. Part 3 (45min45sec): empiricist responses (Locke, Berkeley and Russell), and reliabilism....
2023-Apr-05 • 54 minutes
PGS - God’s Attributes
Part 1: Introduction (the 'Omni-God'), eternal and everlasting. Part 2 (16min50sec): Foreknowledge and time. Part 3 (33min35sec): Stone Paradox and Euthyphro dilemma. Sally Latham and Michael Platt chat with Simon Kirchin (Univ of Kent).
2022-Dec-15 • 52 minutes
PGS - Teleological Argument / Argument from Design
Part 1: introduction, Aquinas, Paley and Hume. Part 2 (starts 25min05sec): Swinburne, evolution, fine-tuning and evaluation. Michael Platt and Matt Harris chat with Simon Kirchin. [Music by Alex Grohl.]
2022-Dec-14 • 85 minutes
PGS - Key Terms Bonanza!
Key Terms! Part 1: assertion/claim, proposition, true/false, justification, analytic/synthetic, a priori/a posteriori. / Part 2 (starts: 22min05sec): argument, deductive/inductive/abductive, consistent/inconsistent/contradiction, proof, antecedent/...
2022-Nov-03 • 81 minutes
PGS - Theory of Knowledge - in-depth
Part 1 - intro, theory of knowledge, tripartite definition. Part 2 (starts 22min15sec) - Gettier, infallibilism. Part 3 (starts 45min47sec) - no false lemmas, reliabilism, virtue epistemology, and final reflections. Sally Latham and Paul Moore-Bri...
2022-Oct-31 • 25 minutes
PGS - Problem of Evil - short
Simon Kirchin (University of Kent) summarizes some of the main points and questions about the problem of evil. Check out the in-depth discussion for more details. [Music by Alex Grohl]
2022-Oct-31 • 78 minutes
PGS - Problem of Evil - in-depth
1st part - intro and Augustine. 2nd part (starts: 32min25sec) - Plantinga and more on free will. 3rd part (starts: 58min50sec) - Hick and concluding reflections. Matt Harris, Mabel Rowe and Sophie Williams chat with Simon Kirchin (University of Ke...
2022-Oct-19 • 76 minutes
PGS - Religious Language - in-depth
Especially good for AQA and EDexcel. Part 1 - intro, cognitivism and noncognitivism, Ayer and logical positivism. Part 2 (starts at 29min50sec) - Hick, Flew/Mitchell/Hare and Wittgenstein. Sally Latham, Sophie Williams, Ben Jones chat with Simon K...
2022-Oct-11 • 15 minutes
PGS - Natural Law and Situation Ethics - short
Simon Kirchin (University of Kent) introduces natural law ethics and situation ethics. Check our our in-depth discussion too. [Music by Alex Grohl]
2022-Oct-11 • 65 minutes
PGS - Natural Law and Situation Ethics
1st part - Natural Law intro. 2nd part (starts at 19min30sec) - Natural Law Discussion. 3rd part (starts at 37min20sec)- Situation Ethics. Michael Platt and Toby Bownass chat with Simon Kirchin. [Music by Alex Grohl]
2022-Oct-11 • 15 minutes
PGS - Ontological Argument - short
Simon Kirchin (Kent) chats and introduces the ontological arg. Check out our in-depth discussion as well. [Music by Alex Grohl]
2022-Oct-11 • 58 minutes
PGS - Ontological Argument - in-depth
1st Part - Anselm and Gaunilo. 2nd Part (starts at 21min) - Descartes, Kant and Malcolm. Michael Platt, Paul Moore-Bridger and Ben Jones chat with Simon Kirchin. [Music by Alex Grohl]
2022-Oct-03 • 15 minutes
PGS - Perceptual Knowledge - short
A short episode where Simon Kirchin (University of Kent) introduces the topic of perceptual knowledge. Check out the in-depth episode for more discussion and analysis. [Music by Alex Grohl.]
2022-Oct-03 • 92 minutes
PGS - Perceptual Knowledge - in-depth
1st part - Direct realism. 2nd part (starts at 39mins) - Indirect realism. 3rd part (starts at 1hr07m20sec) - Idealism. Michael Lacewing, DaN McKee chat with Simon Kirchin. [Music by Alex Grohl]
2022-Jul-27 • 25 minutes
PGS - Abortion, Euthanasia, and Simulated Killing - SHORT
Simon Kirchin (Kent) introduces three topics - abortion, euthanasia, and simulated killing. Also, check out the in-depth PGS episode on these three topics. [Music by Alex Grohl]
2022-Jul-27 • 19 minutes
PGS - Business Ethics - SHORT
Simon Kirchin (Kent) introduces some of the main issues in business ethics, for both the OCR religious studies specification and in general. Also check out the PGS in-depth episode on business ethics. [Music by Alex Grohl]
2022-Jul-27 • 100 minutes
PGS - Abortion, Euthanasia, and Simulated Killing
Three topics. Part 1 (personhood and abortion). Part 2 (43min00sec - killing and letting die, and euthanasia). Part 3 (1hr11min05sec - simulated killing in video games, films, etc.) DaN McKee, Beth Mackintosh, Michael Platt and Simon Kirchin. {M...
2022-Jul-27 • 74 minutes
PGS - Business Ethics - in-depth
In depth discussion about Business Ethics. Part 1 (introduction, stockholders vs. stakeholders, corporate agency, CSR). Part 2 (28min20sec - whistleblowing, globalisation). Part 3 (56min07sec - capitalism and human flourishing, normative ethics). ...
2022-Jul-21 • 23 minutes
PGS - Virtue Ethics and Aristotle - SHORT
Simon Kirchin (Kent) introduces some of the main ideas in Aristotelian Virtue Ethics and summarizes some of the conversation in the in-depth episode on Aristotle and VE.
2022-Jul-21 • 110 minutes
PGS - Virtue Ethics and Aristotle - in-depth
Aristotelian Virtue Ethics. Part 1 (Normative Ethics, virtue and eudaimonia). Part 2 (23min05sec - function arg., virtues - courage and wit - doctrine of the mean, habits and skills). Part 3 (56min23sec - voluntary, invol. and nonvol. action, phron...
2022-Jul-19 • 13 minutes
PGS - Sexual Ethics - Short
Simon Kirchin (Kent) summarizes some of the main issues regarding sexual ethics and introduces some of the main discussions of the in-depth PGS episode on Sexual Ethics.
2022-Jul-19 • 84 minutes
PGS - Sexual Ethics - in-depth
Sexual and relationship ethics. Part 1 (Intro and intervention/rules by state and others into relationships and activity). Part 2 (26min40sec - Natural Law tradition, reproduction, do we have a function?) Part 3 (57min55sec - the value of sex to g...
2022-Jul-05 • 29 minutes
PGS - Metaethics - short
Simon Kirchin (Kent) summarizes the area of metaethics talking through moral realism and anti-realism. Also - check out the two in-depth episodes on metaethics. Part ONE is on realism, part TWO is on anti-realism. [Music by Alex Grohl]
2022-Jul-05 • 115 minutes
PGS - Metaethics - Part TWO - Moral Anti-realism
Metaethics and Moral Anti-realism. Part 1 (Intro to metaethics. Intro to anti-realism, key terms such as cognitivism and noncognitivism). Part 2 (23min53sec - error theory and John Mackie). Part 3 (1hr03min15sec - noncognitivism - Ayer, Hare - e...
2022-Jun-26 • 95 minutes
PGS - Metaethics - Part ONE - Moral Realism
Metaethics and Moral Realism. Part 1 (Intro to metaethics and moral realism) Part 2 (25min30sec- moral naturalism, Moore's Open Question Argument). Part 3 (54mins25sec - moral nonnaturalism, and problems with the OQA, summary). Paul Moore-Bridger...
2022-Jun-16 • 90 minutes
PGS - Animal Ethics & Eating Animals - in-depth
Part 1 (introduction to animal ethics - pets, zoos, traffic, entertainment, experiments etc.). Part 2 (28min07sec - eating animals - production and consumption, vegetarianism vs. veganism, and lions eating antelopes!). Part 3 (1hr12min17sec - normati...
2022-Jun-16 • 14 minutes
PGS - Animal Ethics &Eating Animals - short
Simon Kirchin (Kent) highlights some of the main moral questions surrounding animals and humans eating animals and animal products. Also - check out the in-depth discussion. [Music by Alex Grohl.]
2022-Jun-12 • 22 minutes
PGS - War and Peace - short
Simon's short intro to some of the main philosophical issues about just war, peace and pacifism. Check out the in-depth episode for more. [Music by Alex Grohl.]
2022-Jun-11 • 102 minutes
PGS - War and Peace - in-depth
Part 1 (Just War Theory - before war/jus ad bellum). Part 2 (45min33sec - JWT - during war/jus in bello). Part 3 (1hr00min36sec - JWT - after war/jus post bellum). Part 4 (1hr23min02sec - peace and pacifism). Lauren Traczykowski and DaN McKee cha...
2022-Jun-05 • 28 minutes
PGS - Deontology and Kant - short
Simon talks through some of the main features of deontology and Kant's moral philosophy. [Music by Alex Grohl]
2022-Jun-05 • 100 minutes
PGS - Deontology and Kant - in-depth
Part 1 (normative ethics and a general intro to deontology, plus the good will, maxims, duties, categorical and hypothetical imperatives). Part 2 (33min00sec - The Categorical Imperative - first two formulations). Part 3 (1hr07min50sec - problems f...
2022-May-23 • 9 minutes
PGS - Utilitarianism - short
Simon gives a short summary about utilitarianism.Check out the in-depth discussion with teachers for more.
2022-May-23 • 91 minutes
PGS - Utilitarianism - in-depth
Part 1 (Normative Ethics, Bentham and Mill, pleasure and pain). Part 2 (37min55sec - Mill's proof, act-util vs. rule-util.) Part 3 (55min15sec - problems: demandingness, pleasure, integrity.) Paul Moore-Bridger, DaN McKee and Michael Platt chat w...
2022-May-21 • 10 minutes
PGS - Moral Philosophy / Ethics - General Intro
Simon gives an overview of moral philosophy / ethics to introduce you to the various PGS episodes. (Music - Alex Grohl)
2022-May-15 • 2 minutes
Philosophy Gets Schooled - trailer
PGS - brief description. Get involved! (Music - Alex Grohl)