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Podcast Profile: Philosophy Takes On The News

podcast imageTwitter: @KirchinSimon
26 episodes
2022 to present
Average episode: 74 minutes
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Categories: Panel-Style

Podcaster's summary: PTOTN, hosted by Simon Kirchin. Philosophers talk about the week’s news. Sometimes serious, sometimes insightful. Occasionally funny. Plenty of tangents.

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List Updated: 2023-Dec-02 13:07 UTC. Episodes: 26. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2023-May-24 • 76 minutes
PTOTN - Phil and Comedy special
A special Q&A panel at a Philosophy and Comedy conference! (Univ of Kent, May 2023. Sponsored by the good people at The Royal Institute of Philosophy.) What are the limits of free speech when it comes to comedy? Can comedy be a form of philosophy...
2023-Mar-11 • 77 minutes
S3 Ep2 - 11th March 2023
Public Interest - WhatsApp / Religion in Politics / Hate / IWD. Julian Baggini and Sophie-Grace Chappell chat with Simon Kirchin.
2023-Feb-25 • 46 minutes
S3 Ep 1 - 25th February 2023 - Ukraine special
A special episode discussing the war in Ukraine on the one year anniversary of its invasion. Angie Hobbs, Aaron Wendland and Gerald Lang chat with Simon Kirchin. Aaron has organised a series of benefit talks supporting academics and students in Ukra...
2022-Dec-09 • 75 minutes
S2 Ep 8 - 9th December - End of year special
Constitutional Reforms / Crypto and Effective Altruism / End of Year round-up plus Hopes and Fears for 2023. Fiona Macpherson, Vittorio Bufacchi and Gerald Lang chat with Simon Kirchin
2022-Nov-17 • 70 minutes
S2 Ep 7 - World Cup Special
Should we watch the 2022 FIFA Men's World Cup? Human rights / Moral consistency / Personal feelings / and more, including predictions. Tom McClelland, Lucy O'Brien, Martin O'Neill and Gerald Lang chat with Simon Kirchin.
2022-Nov-10 • 64 minutes
PTOTN - S2 Ep6 - US Mid-Terms Special
Special episode on the 2022 US mid-term elections. A run-through of the results plus democracy, trust, compromise, Trump, information, media and all the rest. Julian Baggini, Fiona Macpherson and Chris Carman chat with Simon Kirchin.
2022-Oct-28 • 88 minutes
S2 Ep5 - 28th October
Political mandates and legitimacy / Negotiations / Art and Protest. Josh Forstenzer and Gerald Lang chat with Simon Kirchin.
2022-Oct-13 • 61 minutes
S2 Ep 4 - 13th October
The absolute state of UK politics / AI. Fiona Macpherson and Chris Henry chat with Simon Kirchin.
2022-Oct-01 • 62 minutes
S2 Ep3 - 1st October
Italian elections / Chess, cheating and limits. Vittorio Bufacchi and Michael Hauskeller join Simon Kirchin to chat about the news in a philosophically-inspired way.
2022-Sep-23 • 64 minutes
S2 Ep 2 - 23rd September
The Queen - monarchism and republicanism / Govt. business under the radar. Julian Baggini, Graeme A. Forbes and Tom McLelland chat with Simon Kirchin.
2022-Sep-10 • 110 minutes
S2 Ep 1 - 10th September
A new PM! / Climate change and reparations / Moral conscience. Piers Benn, Kieran Oberman and Graeme A. Forbes chat with Simon Kirchin.
2022-Jun-24 • 66 minutes
S1 Ep 15 - 24th June
Ukraine. Sentient chatbots? Strike! Helen Frowe, Aaron Wendland and Gerald Lang with Simon Kirchin
2022-Jun-09 • 68 minutes
S1 / Ep 14 / 9th June
Boris's vote of no confidence. Jubilee and values. Food and other policies. Julian Baggini, Fiona Macpherson, Michael Hauskeller and Simon.
2022-May-27 • 96 minutes
S1 / Ep 13 / 26th May
Gun violence. Non-binary. Trans conversion therapy. Partygate. Australian elections. Sophie-Grace Chappell, Vittorio Bufacchi, Chris Henry and Simon.
2022-May-20 • 70 minutes
S1 / Ep 12 / 20th May
Ukraine and Media. University admissions. Jordan Peterson. Helen Frowe, Aaron Wendland and Simon
2022-May-12 • 47 minutes
S1 / Ep 11 / 12th May
Keir, beer and virtue-signalling. Eurovision. Julian Baggini, Rebecca Roache, Graeme Forbes and Simon.
2022-May-05 • 88 minutes
S1 / Ep 10 / 5th May
Roe v. Wade. Elections and Voting. Living with Covid. Piers Benn, Gerald Lang, Fiona Macpherson and Simon
2022-Apr-29 • 99 minutes
S1 / Ep 9 / 29th April
Free speech (Musk&Twitter / Rayner). Climate & ultimate sacrifice. Leadership & French election. Reparations. [NOTE: warning in ep. opening about 2nd segment.] Sophie-Grace Chappell, Josh Forstenzer, Michael Hauskeller and Simon.
2022-Apr-21 • 80 minutes
S1 / Ep 8 / 21st April
Covid and Masks. House of Lords. Elon Musk and Twitter. Julian Baggini, Fiona Woollard, Chris Henry and Simon.
2022-Mar-31 • 105 minutes
S1 / Ep 7/ 1st April
Orders in War. Biden's Speech. Partygate. A Slap at the Oscars. 'Tax the Rich!' Rebecca Roache, Michael Hauskeller, Gerald Lang, Philip Goff and Simon. A BUMPER Episode!
2022-Mar-24 • 75 minutes
S1 / Ep 6 / 25th March
Duties to others. Climate change and energy. Beers in the metaverse. (Plus cool tangents.) Julian Baggini, Fiona Macpherson, Josh Forstenzer and Simon.
2022-Mar-18 • 74 minutes
S1 / Ep 5 / 18th March
Moral compromise. Social glue and practical aid. The news cycle. Helen Frowe, Lucy O'Brien, Graeme A. Forbes and Simon.
2022-Mar-11 • 68 minutes
S1 / Ep 4 / 11th March
Ukraine, permissible resistance and cultural boycotts. Plus: do things matter? Julian Baggini, Sophie-Grace Chappell, Gerald Lang and Simon.
2022-Mar-04 • 50 minutes
S1 / Ep 3 / 4th March
Ukarine, sanctions and permissible resistance. Ocean justice. Simon talks with Helen Frowe and Chris Armstrong.
2022-Feb-25 • 63 minutes
S1 / Ep2 / 24th Feb
Ukraine, Jimmy Carr's joke, and misogyy and hate crime. Joining Simon are Helen Frowe, Graeme A. Forbes and Andy White.
2022-Feb-20 • 70 minutes
S1 / Ep1 / 18th Feb
This was recorded on 18th February 2022: an auspicious moment as it was our first episode. Simon, Julian Baggini, Vittorio Bufacchi and Philip Goff. We discussed animals and veganism in the light of footballer Kurt Zouma kicking his cat, the monarch...