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Podcast Profile: Philosophy Casting Call

podcast imageTwitter: @PhiloCCpod@ElainaGMamaril
23 episodes
2021 to 2023
Average episode: 36 minutes
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Categories: Interview-Style

Podcaster's summary: Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Well, this is not about them! Philosophy Casting Call is where Élaina Gauthier-Mamaril, your friendly neighbourhood philosopher, interviews professors, grad students, and non-academics to find out what philosophy looks like now and try to shine a spotlight on thinkers, topics, and themes that are historically marginalised in academic philosophy. This includes women, LGBTQIA, disabled, and BIPOC people who are out there, getting their philosophy on, and who deserved to be cast as philosophers in our culture.

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2023-Mar-09 • 62 minutes
Sh*tposting and Algorithm Hygiene w/Jess Rauchberg
Content note: Because of the topic, this episode will contain some mild swearing. | The end of season 3 has arrived! To go out with fanfare, Élaina interviews digital communications scholar Jess Rauchberg about the rhetoric act of sh*tposting on various social media platforms and how various hygiene policies change the ways in which a wide variety of people (from Nazis to disability activists) engage with culture. This is the perfect episode to listen to if you are curious about the philosophy of social med...
2023-Mar-02 • 42 minutes
A Critique of Distributive Global Health Justice w/Agomoni Ganguli-Mitra
What does interdisciplinarity mean when your discipline is interdisciplinary? In this episode, bioethicist and global health ethicist Agomoni Ganguli-Mitra talks about using philosophical theories alongside scientific epistemologies and feminist approaches to shape our understanding of ‘global health ethics’. Specifically, she gets into her critique of the popular model of distributive justice. | How to reach Agomoni | Website: | Twitter: @GanguliM...
2023-Feb-23 • 35 minutes
The Both/And of AI and Trans Health w/Rebecca Sanaeikia
In this episode, Élaina talks about the ethical challenges of using AI tools in healthcare provision for transgender people with philosopher and bioethicist Rebecca Sanaeikia. They discuss the different versions of “top down” versus “bottom up” ethical strategies and the tension between needing more data on how trans people access healthcare and wanting to keep trans people safe. | How to reach Rebecca | | Twitter: | Linkedin: https://w...
2023-Feb-02 • 34 minutes
Being Near Birth w/Andrea Ford
In this episode, Élaina interviews medical and cultural anthropologist and practising birth doula, Andrea Ford. Andrea discusses her trajectory as an interdisciplinary scholar and the power of studying liminal spaces to better understand what different cultures value. | CW: This episode contains discussion of fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth. | You can find out more about Andrea’s work here: and | Texts mentioned in the...
2023-Jan-26 • 38 minutes
Black Radical Liberalism w/Kristin Waters
In this episode, Élaina interview Kristin Waters, the author of Maria W. Stewart and the Roots of Black Political Thought about combatting epistemicide and choosing to write on philosophy of race as a white woman in the US. | You can buy Kristin’s book and learn more about her work on her website: | Listen to the Gilmore Girls tie-in episode of Women of Questionable Morals: Race and Politics and GG, Oh My! | Texts mentioned in the episode (All links are affiliated to UK a...
2023-Jan-19 • 41 minutes
Non-Ideal Theories of (Trans)genders w/Matthew Cull
In this episode, Élaina interviews fellow philosopher Matthew Cull about the difference between “ideal” and “non-ideal” ethical theories in relation to access to healthcare for transgender people in the UK. | You can read Matthew’s work here: | “Against Abolition”, Feminist Philosophy Quarterly, 2019 | “Demarcating the Social World with Hume”, Philosophical Papers, 2022 | Texts mentioned in the episode (All links are affiliated to UK and any purchases made through them will generate a small com...
2023-Jan-12 • 35 minutes
Metagnosis and Narrative Medicine w/Danielle Spencer
In this episode, Élaina interviews Danielle Spencer, the author of “Metagnosis: Revelatory Narratives of Health and Identity”. Danielle explains what she means by “narrative medicine” and what the COVID-19 pandemic and the genre of physician memoirs can tell us about what still needs to happen before we can achieve more holistic healthcare. | You can reach Danielle and find her work on her website: | You can read my review of “Metagnosis” here:
2023-Jan-05 • 49 minutes
Ethics of Kinship in the Archive w/Hannah Sullivan-Facknitz
We are back for Season 3 and an exploration of interdisciplinarity with an interview with crip, mad, activist historian Hannah Sullivan-Facknitz. We talk about retraining ourselves to do anti-extractivist archival work and about how our disabled identities and kinships shape our scholarly work. | You can find out more about Hannah’s work on Twitter @hannahnthewolf and on their website: | Texts recommended in the episode (All links are affiliated to UK and...
2023-Jan-03 • 1 minutes
Season 3 Trailer: What Is Interdisciplinarity?
Philosophy Casting Call is back with a brand new season! For season 3, I, Élaina, your favourite philosophy podcast host, am exploring the meaning of interdisciplinarity. Is it just a buzzword? Is it the future of scholarship? Have we been doing it all along? | To help me answer these metaphysical questions I opened the casting call to non-philosophers who use philosophical concepts or methodologies. So prepare yourself to experience the talents of historians, anthropologists, medical humanists, and new med...
2022-Apr-18 • 43 minutes
A Transformative Practice w/Jimena Solé
In this season finale, Élaina interviews Jimena Solé, a professor of philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires. Jimena talks about her dislike of school growing up, her discovery of Spinoza, and why she believes that philosophising in Argentina and South America can be a transformative decolonial practice. | The first half of the episode focuses on Jimena’s personal link to philosophy and the second half covers her work on the reception of European theories in Argentina. | Read Jimena’s academic work: ht...
2022-Apr-04 • 29 minutes
Gatekeeping, Class, and Applied Epistemology w/Louise Durham
In this episode, Élaina interviews Louise Durham, a PhD student in philosophy at the University of Aberdeen. Louise talks about the three “lightbulb moments” that motivated her decision to pursue academic philosophy. This episode is for all those who have been told to give up and who kept going mostly out of spite. It’s also for everyone who ever failed a logic class. You’re in good company. | You can follow Louise Durham on Twitter @louderlh and out Instagram @philosophyreads. | Book mentioned in this epis...
2022-Mar-21 • 39 minutes
Relational Aesthetic Subjectivities w/Judith-Frederike Popp
In this episode, Élaina interviews Dr Judith-Frederike Popp, a post-doctoral researcher in philosophical aesthetics at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt’s Faculty of Design. They address, among other things,  topics of theory-practice interdisciplinarity, what it means to be a relation subject, and the aesthetic agency of online influencers. | You can register for “Taking Sides: Design and art between autonomy and intervention”, an interdisciplinary hybrid symposium held in Würzbu...
2022-Mar-07 • 40 minutes
Pedagogies of Resistance w/Danna Aduna
In this episode, Danna Aduna, assistant professor of philosophy at the University of the Philippines: Baguio, tells Élaina why she no longer wants to teach male philosophers and how she gets creative with assigned syllabi by experimenting with different ways of running her classrooms. | Content note: This episode contains non-graphic discussions of sexual harassment, sexual violence, and misogyny. | You can follow Danna’s activism on and on Twitter @TimesUpAteneo and @WomenDoingPh...
2022-Feb-21 • 55 minutes
From Aristotle to Waste Colonialism w/Jesi Taylor Cruz
Please enjoy my conversation with Black Jewish philosopher Jesi Taylor Cruz on waste colonialism, flourishing, and anti-colonial philosophy. You might notice the sounds of life, aka seagulls on my side and the hustle and bustle of New York and the coos of a small human on Jesi’s side. I hope this only adds to your enjoyment. | Content note: There is some swearing in this episode as well as discussions of colonial violence, ableism and racism. | Jesi mentions the works of Max Liboiron and you can find a list...
2022-Feb-07 • 39 minutes
The Ethics of AI from a Buddhist Perspective w/Soraj Hongladarom
In this season premiere, Élaina interviews Professor Soraj Hongladarom, author of The Ethics of AI and Robotics: A Buddhist Viewpoint. They discuss finding a way through traditional history of philosophy to interdisciplinary philosophical work. | You can find Soraj on Twitter @sonamsangbo | Rate and review the podcast wherever you listen! | Find Philosophy Casting Call on Twitter and Instagram @philoccpod | Find the transcripts at | Yo...
2022-Jan-31 • 1 minutes
Season 2 Trailer
Philosophy Casting Call is back for season 2! I’m Élaina Gauthier-Mamaril, your host and resident casting director. This season, I took a trip around the world and interviewed underrepresented philosophers who live and work in 6 different countries. | Join me as I ask professors, postdocs, and graduate students how they got into the ethics of AI, decolonial environmentalism, social epistemology, and much more. Make sure you follow Philosophy Casting Call on your favourite podcatcher and you won’t miss the s...
2021-Aug-09 • 35 minutes
On counter-narratives and writing the books we want to read w/Kathryn Belle
In this season finale, Élaina interviews Kathryn Belle, founder of the Collegium of Black Women Philosophers, associate professor at Penn State University, and owner and director of La Belle Vie Coaching. They discuss Prof Belle’s work on philosophy of race and engaging with black feminist philosophical scholarship on Simone de Beauvoir’s “The Second Sex”. | You can find Kathryn’s teaching and research interests here: | And you can find out more about La Belle Vie Coachin...
2021-Jul-26 • 52 minutes
On creative philosophical practices and the power of showing up w/Jen Scuro
This is the one where Élaina asks Jen Scuro about her artistic practice’s place in all the stages of her academic career. Plus, there’s a bonus update at the end! | CN: Ableism and miscarriage | You can learn more about Jen on her website: and find teaching resources on her page: | Books mentioned in the episode: | | Addressing Ableism, by Jennifer Scuro | | The Pregnancy (does not equal) Childbear...
2021-Jul-12 • 41 minutes
On gender justice in sport w/Beth Doran
This is the one where Élaina and Beth Doran discuss what it means to feel “capable” in philosophy, applied philosophy, and questions of gender justice in sport. | As mentioned in the episode, I recommend checking out Translash Podcast ep 15: Trans Athletes Speak Out and Translash Media’s mini series “The Anti-Trans Machine”, which starts with the episode “It’s Not Really About Sports”. | Articles mentioned in this episode: | | “Against sexual discrimination in sport”, by Torbjörn Tännsjö | | “Sex Equali...
2021-Jun-28 • 51 minutes
On trigger warnings as epistemic virtues w/Anna V.
This is the one where Élaina interviews Anna V. about loving theory, feminist philosophy of language, and the importance of trigger warnings for epistemic quality. | You can follow Anna on Twitter @a_nonamename where they post about their research and new publications. | Books mentioned in this episode: | | “The Coddling of the American Mind”, by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt | | “Re-Enchanting the World: Feminism and the Politics of the Commons”, by Silvia Federici | | “The Feminist and the Sex ...
2021-Jun-14 • 37 minutes
On public philosophy, reparations, and teaching in jail w/Asil Martinez-Katout
This is the one where Élaina interviews Asil Martinez-Katout on asking for what you need in philosophy and teaching others to never stop asking questions. You can find out more about Asil on their website: You can learn more about the Center for Public Philosophy at UC Santa Cruz here and here. | Articles mentioned in this episode: | | "Roasting Ethics" by Luvell Anderson | "Racist Humor", by Luvell Anderson | | | Remember to rate and review the podcast wherev...
2021-May-30 • 39 minutes
On the state of philosophy of disability w/Shelley Tremain
This is the episode where Élaina interviews Shelley Tremain on her work in feminist philosophy of disability. |  Rate and review Philosophy Casting Call on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen.  | | Find Philosophy Casting Call on Twitter and Instagram @philoccpod  | | Find the transcripts at ... | | You can support the podcast on Follow Shelley on Twitter @biopoliticalph and www.biopoliticalph...
2021-Apr-23 • 1 minutes
Season 1 trailer
This is the one where Élaina introduces the podcast! | Hi! My name is Élaina Gauthier-Mamaril and I’m the host of a new fortnightly podcast: Philosophy Casting Call! Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Well, this is not about them! Philosophy Casting Call is where I, your friendly neighbourhood philosopher, interview professors, grad students, and non-academics to find out what philosophy looks like now and try to shine a spotlight on thinkers, topics, and themes that are underrepresented in ...