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Podcast Profile: Tensor Voices

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5 episodes
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Categories: Interview-Style • Math • Two Hosts

Podcaster's summary: Tensor Voices is a short podcast series about tensors.

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List Updated: 2023-Dec-02 13:28 UTC. Episodes: 5. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

Kaie Kubjas
Kaie Kubjas - Tensors are a natural way to encode multivariate data Kaie Kubjas' homepage The geometry of rank-one tensor completion Tensor network complexity of multilinear maps Tensor decomposition for mutiple-tissue gene expression experiments Dimension of tensor network varieties
Paul Breiding
Paul Breiding - Matrices are the strange object compared to tensors Paul Breiding's homepage Condition numbers and ill posed locus Interval arithmetic: Book Applications to Algebraic geometry 1 Also this Block term decomposition of tensors: Tensorlab tutorial Decompositions of a Higher-Order Tensor - Part I- III, Lieven de Lathauwer Signal processing: Interesting application General use of tensor decompositions in signal processing
Alessandro Oneto
Alessandro Oneto - Symmetric tensors are homogeneous polynomials Alessandro Oneto's homepage Waring rank, apolarity, secant varieties Shitov's counter example Partially Symmetric Variants of Comon's Problem Via Simultaneous Rank
Mateusz Michalek
Mateusz Michalek - Tensors appear everywhere Mateusz Michalek's homepage Gaussian elimination is not optimal Invitation to Nonlinear Algebra, Chapter 9 - Tensors. Michalek and Sturmfels Algebraic Complexity theory, Peter Bürgisser, Michael ClausenMohammad and Amin Shokrollahi Tensor Spaces and Numerical Tensor Calculus- Wolfgang Hackbusch
Anna Seigal
Anna Seigal - Finding structure in data Anna Seigal's Homepage Ideas for a complex world Eigenconfigurations of tensors Principal component analysis