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Podcast Profile: Beyond The Big Bang

podcast imageTwitter: @BeyondtheBB (followed by 1 account on physicist, mathematician, and astronomer lists)
Site: www.youtube.com/channel/UCIqFHjEucH-ui5Nrf9e-LlQ
5 episodes
Average episode: 61 minutes
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Categories: Physics • Three+ Hosts

Podcaster's summary: Ever wonder what Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard from The Big Bang Theory talked about behind closed doors? Wondering is over. We're a group of young physicists navigating academia and the tech industry one challenge at a time. We discuss everything from new science discoveries to funny stories from our time in graduate school. Tune in, get to know us, and you might learn something mind-blowing along the way!

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List Updated: 2022-Jun-29 11:52 UTC. Episodes: 5. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2021-Apr-15 • 52 minutes
EP5: how physics affects our personalities, do problems actually keep us up at night, and when physics becomes philosophy
In this episode, we discuss how physics has started to profoundly affect our personalities. Turns out that all those things you hear from old profs about being so excited about a problem you can't sleep and about how one begins to dream in physics is actually true! Here you'll hear about our personal experiences with dreaming about physics and how it only seems to happen more often. We also take a short detour to debate when physics becomes philosophy or whether they're really that different ...
2021-Apr-08 • 38 minutes
EP4: Should we work on climate science instead of string theory?!
During World War 2, physicists from across the US came together during a global emergency to produce the atomic bomb. While we don't discuss the ethics of this scientific development, today we walk about whether we should get the worlds smartest minds together, Manhattan Project style, and get them to work on the world's most pressing issues. Why should we work on string theory and theoretical particle physics when climate science and ending global hunger are more pressing issues? Join the convers...
2021-Mar-14 • 122 minutes
EP3: Flatland, Talking Flat Earth with Mark Sargent
Alex and Hannah invite Mark Sargent to talk about the physics and psychology behind the Flat Earth conspiracy. Why do people still believe in a flat earth today? As scientists can we do anything about this? Mark Sargent is a well-known flat-earther and has nearly 19 million views on his Youtube Channel. Listen for a friendly conversation about the current state of science denial and what should be done about it.
2021-Feb-25 • 55 minutes
EP2: Flat Earth, still a virgin after college, and Nobel prizes in computational physics
In this episode, we discuss our hate for pseudoscience and the flat earth conspiracy. The group is split and we can't agree on whether it's right to invite Mark Sargent, flat earth leader, onto the podcast. Despite our argument, we all come together to learn some striking facts about Trevors stellar undergraduate performance, albeit at a price!
2021-Feb-20 • 38 minutes
EP1: Who we are, how we met, and how this all started
Welcome to Beyond The Big Bang: The Podcast! In this episode you'll find out who we are, how we all met and why we exist on the internet in the first place. Find us on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxkT0EuJe5aa5LWXWhKORzQ...