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Podcast Profile: My Nuclear Life

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2020 to present
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Podcaster's summary: On July 16, 1945, in a New Mexico desert, the Trinity Test ushered in the Nuclear Age. No other piece of technology has penetrated the American consciousness like the nuclear bomb and found a place in everything from culture to medicine. This podcast explores how nuclear science has impacted and changed our world in both beneficial and destructive ways. We explore the intersection of nuclear science and society using interviews from historians, policymakers, experts in their fields, and first-hand accounts to weave a picture of your nuclear life. mynuclearlife.com

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How did the U.S. Government plan for nuclear war without you? with Garrett Graff
Underground nuclear bunkers, the birth of FEMA, secret government plans for the end of the world, and more in this episode. Garrett Graff discusses his book Raven Rock: The Story of the U.S. Govern...
Exploring the end of the world with nuclear literature and Daniel Cordle
This episode explores how we, as humans, grapple with the end of the world through nuclear literature including fiction, nonfiction, poems, etc. How do we grapple with the "end" if it is caused by...
Shipbuilding with the precision of a watchmaker - ITER with Michael Loughlin
The history of fusion as a source of energy is discussed along with past and current projects. Is a fusion power plant still decades away? Visit us at: mynuclearlife.com Patreon: www.patreo...
Can Wargaming teach ethics? With John Emery
What is a war game? How did they shape our understanding of the Cold War? Did the mathematicians or social scientists win the war of the COW game? Learn about issues surrounding wargaming at RAND ...
Nuclear Threat Reduction & Current Events with Matthias Grosse Perdekamp
Special episode on reducing nuclear threat with Prof. Matthias Grosse Perdekamp. Recorded when Russia was invading Ukraine.
Radium & Marie Curie go Goth Rock with Charming Disaster
Today's episode features the musical duo Charming Disaster. They discuss the process of writing their new album based on the life of Marie Curie and the element she discovered, stories that did not...
Using nuclear science to understand cultural heritage with Michael Wiescher
What role does nuclear science play in understanding art and culture? Michael Wiescher from The University of Notre Dame explains. Visit us at: mynuclearlife.com Patreon: www.patreon.com/m...
Should Khrushchev receive story credit for Dr. Strangelove? With Nathan and Lee from The UnCover Up
Nathan Radke and Lee Kuhnle from The UnCover Up podcast discuss Dr. Strangelove with Shelly and introduce an interesting conspiracy theory. Lee poses a question on if Nikita Khrushchev should re...
The movie with the finest ending: Failsafe (1964) with Nathan & Lee from The UnCover Up
Nathan Radke and Lee Kuhnle from The UnCover Up podcast discuss Failsafe (1964) with Shelly and compare it to Dr. Strangelove. Find out what character made Lee want to quit watching Failsafe, who...
What's with all the Nuclear Movies? With Nathan & Lee from The UnCover Up
Nathan and Lee from the UnCover Up podcast join today’s conversation in discussing their favorite nuclear movies spanning over the decades, involving wars, nuclear disasters, and so much more! Amon...
Using radiation as a poison. The murder of Alexander Litvinenko with Pete Burgess
In this episode Pete Burgess discusses the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian spy who defected to the UK. Why is polonium-210 a good poison? How do you make it? Why wasn’t the public scared...
How the Norwegians & British ended the Nazi atomic bomb program with Neal Bascomb
In this episode, host Shelly Lesher is joined by Neal Bascomb, author of The Winter Fortress, which tells the story of the plan to sabotage Hitler’s atomic bomb. Listen as Neal tells about the seve...
Announcement & Anniversary Give Away
Our release schedule has changed to the last Tuesday of the month. This episode also introduces information about entering to win some great prizes at mynuclearlife.com drawing on 16 Dec 2021.
Finger on the Button: Life as a Cold War Missileer with Col. (Ret.) Charles G. Simpson
Go inside a US missile silo with Col. (Ret.) Charles G. Simpson as he discusses his time as a US Air Force Missileer which started weeks before the Cuban Missile Crisis and ends shortly before the ...
Scientists as activists, human rights, and ethics with Don Howard
This episode features Don Howard, a Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame with an interest in the ethics of emerging technologies. Shelly & Don explore the ethic...
History of early computing with Thomas Haigh
In this episode Shelly speaks with Thomas Haigh, a historian of computing, about the ENIAC and its influence on nuclear physics. Learn how the ENIAC was more of an experimental apparatus than a co...
The connection between nuclear disarmament, peace, and black freedom with Vincent Intondi
In this episode Shelly is joined by Dr. Vincent Intondi, history professor at Montgomery College in Maryland. He is invited on the podcast today to discuss his recent authorship of his eye opening...
Nuking the Moon and other Shenanigans with The Uncover Up
In this episode, Shelly is joined by 2/3rds of The Uncover Up Conspiracy Podcast, Nathan Radke and Lee Kuhlne. They discuss the Pentagon UFO report, their joint Cold War obsession, what we can lear...
The impact of the Cold War on LIGO with Tiffany Nichols
In this episode Shelly speaks to Tiffany Nichols, doctoral candidate at the Department of the History of Science at Harvard University, graduate student affiliate at the Black Hole Initiative and a...
Announcement: My Nuclear Life / The UncoverUp Crossover
We are excited to announce our first crossover!
The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster with Adam Higginbotham
In this episode Shelly is joined by Adam Higginbotham, author of New York Times best selling book Midnight in Chernobyl. Listen as Shelly and Adam talk about his book and about the biggest nuclear...
Death by control rod: The story of SL1 with Todd Tucker
In this episode of My Nuclear Life, Shelly speaks with Todd Tucker, author of several books including Atomic America: How a Deadly Explosion and a Feared Admiral changed the Course of Nuclear Hist...
How to restart a nuclear reactor in Japan after the Fukushima disaster with Dreux Richard
In this episode, Shelly Lesher and Dreux Richard author of the book, Every Human Intention: Japan in the New Century, explore the post-Fukushima nuclear regulatory system of Japan and how to determ...
Soviet bone records, Tom Lehrer, and music for your nuclear protest with Tim & Joanna Smolko
In this episode of My Nuclear Life, host Shelly Lesher speaks with Tim and Joanna Smolko, authors of Atomic Tunes: The Cold War in American and British Popular Music. They discuss atomic music acro...
Deep beneath the surface: Innovating nuclear waste disposal with Elizabeth Muller
In this episode, Lexie Weghorn and Shelly Lesher discuss nuclear waste disposal with Elizabeth Muller, CEO of Deep Isolation. Topics include nuclear energy’s “waste problem”, how nuclear waste is c...
Hanford Lab Pt. 2: How the DOE got into the museum business with Robert Franklin
In this episode, Shelly continues her conversation with Robert Franklin, Archivist & Oral Historian at the Hanford History Project. They discuss how Hanford's B-Reactor became a Manhattan Project N...
Hanford Lab Pt. 1: The triumph of the engineer with Robert Franklin
In this episode, Shelly and Robert Franklin, Archivist & Oral Historian of the Hanford History Project dive into the history of the Hanford Laboratory and B-Reactor located in Washington State. The...
Quarky News: Volk Field 1962
In this new segment of My Nuclear Life find out what happens at Volk Field one snowy night in 1962. For more information visit us at mynuclearlife.com Sign up at Patreon: www.patreon.com/my...
Radium: Luxurious, Beautiful, Expensive, and Modern with Lucy Santos
In this episode Shelly Lesher and Lucy Jane Santos, author of the book Half Lives: The Unlikely History of Radium discuss the beauty industry, salons, and radium in consumer products. Visit us a...
Nuclear newsletters, queer theory, and Freedom of Information with Martin Pfeiffer
In this episode of My Nuclear Life, host Shelly Lesher interviews Martin Pfeiffer, a Ph.D. student of anthropology at the University of New Mexico. He is best known for his twitter account, @Nuclea...
The War Science Won? Building the bomb, ingenuity, and politics with Richard Rhodes (Pt. 3)
Part 3 of our conversation with Richard Rhodes, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book, The Making of the Atomic Bomb. The conversation picks up the historical narrative of the WWII development...
How to turn the US into a factory: Beer in Hanford, Silver from Fort Knox, and PO Box 1663 with Richard Rhodes (Pt. 2)
In this episode of My Nuclear Life, Shelly Lesher continues her conversation with Richard Rhodes, author of award winning book, The Making of the Atomic Bomb. Their previous conversation left off w...
How it all began: Europe, fission, and the Nazis with Richard Rhodes (Pt. 1)
Today on My Nuclear Life, host Shelly Lesher speaks with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Rhodes. This conversation has been broken up into three parts. This Part 1 discussion includes topics...
Sunshine in a bottle. The origins of using radiation as a modern cancer treatment with Aimee Slaughter
In this episode of My Nuclear Life, host Shelly Lesher interviews Aimee Slaughter. They discuss early radium therapy its journey from sideshow attraction to a staple in US hospitals before WWII. Th...
Thwarting nuclear ambitions with sanctions: Iran, North Korea, and ... Sweden? with Richard Nephew
In this episode of My Nuclear Life, host Shelly Lesher interviews Richard Nephew. Richard was the lead sanctions expert on the US negotiating team for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)...
How do you celebrate Alaska Statehood? Nuke them a harbor with Dan O'Neill
In this episode of My Nuclear Life, host Shelly Lesher interviews Dan O’Neil. Dan is author of The Firecracker Boys. In this book, he speaks about Project Chariot, a U.S. atomic energy project in A...
Saving the world with nuclear energy, one microreactor at a time with Leslie Dewan
In this episode of My Nuclear Life, host Shelly Lesher interviews Dr. Leslie Dewan. Leslie earned her PhD in Nuclear Engineering from MIT and is a cofounder of Transatomic Power, one of the first s...