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Podcast Profile: Nonlocal: a quantum computing podcast

podcast imageTwitter: @nonlocalpodcast@captainhamptons@henryquantum
4 episodes
2020 to 2021
Average episode: 54 minutes
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Categories: Interview-Style • Physics • Quantum Computing • Three+ Hosts

Podcaster's summary: This podcast takes you behind the scenes into the world of quantum computing research: through conversations with researchers, we explore the latest and most exciting ideas in the field. The podcast is aimed at anyone interested in quantum computing. | | About the hosts: | | Vincent Russo ( has a PhD in computer science. Software engineer by day and quantum engineer by night. | | William Slofstra ( is a mathematician at the University of Waterloo. | | Henry Yuen ( is a computer scientist at Columbia University.

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2021-Jul-25 • 74 minutes
004: Shallow quantum circuits with David Gosset
The point of building quantum computers is that we expect them to be capable of things that classical computers aren't. But how can we prove that this is the case? In this episode we talk to David Gosset, a professor at the University of Waterloo,...
2021-Mar-28 • 35 minutes
003: Quantum certified deletion with Anne Broadbent
Can you ever be sure that someone has deleted your data? Anne Broadbent (University of Ottawa) tells us about a protocol for "quantum certified deletion", where a recipient of your information can prove to you that they've deleted your information. We...
2020-Dec-18 • 63 minutes
002: Quantum channel capacities with Debbie Leung
Quantum channel capacities are known to exhibit counterintuitive properties (superadditivity and superactivation), which make them hard to calculate. In this episode we talk to Debbie Leung (Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo)...
2020-Dec-02 • 42 minutes
001: The origin of the Mermin-Peres magic square
The Mermin-Peres magic square is a simple game which is at the heart of many results in quantum cryptography and quantum complexity theory. In this episode, we trace the origin of the Mermin-Peres square back to two short papers by N. David Mermin and...