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Podcast Profile: Bioethics for the People

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Site: www.bioethicsforthepeople.com
37 episodes
2020 to present
Average episode: 32 minutes
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Categories: Interview-Style • Two Hosts

Podcaster's summary: Bioethics for the People Podcast is for anyone interested in bioethics. Wait, not sure what bioethics is? We are here to explore that question.

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List Updated: 2022-Dec-07 12:35 UTC. Episodes: 37. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2022-Dec-01 • 57 minutes
Death by Starvation: The Ethics of VSED
In this episode, Dr. Tim Lahey discusses a case in which a young woman in extraordinary pain asks her doctors to help her die. She doesn’t qualify for medical aid in dying, and so she asks for help ending her life in another way.
2022-Nov-17 • 48 minutes
When Your Young Patient Asks to Die
Featuring María Susana Ciruzzi
2022-Nov-10 • 52 minutes
Overriding Parents for the Sake of the Child
In this episode, Tyler and Devan talk to Dr. Jessica Turnbull about a difficult case involving an infant with a severe brain injury.
2022-Nov-03 • 49 minutes
Justifiable Deception
In this episode Dr. Abram Brummett discusses whether it is ever justifiable to deceive patients. He brings to us a case in which direct lying to a patient may have been in her best interest. Do you agree?
2022-Oct-27 • 48 minutes
Halloween Special!
In this episode Darian Goldin Stahl walks us through a spooky scene with a surprise twist!
2022-Aug-18 • 29 minutes
UnConference Episode 3: The Participants
Devan and Tyler interview UnConference participants to ask, "What makes a great clinical ethicist?" and "What is the Best part of being a clinical ethicist?"
2022-Aug-18 • 41 minutes
UnConference Episode 2: The Presenters
Tyler and Devan interview presenters at the UnConference in Clinical Ethics
2022-Aug-18 • 49 minutes
UnConference Episode 1: The Planners
Tyler and Devan meet with the planners and originators of the UnConferences in Clinical Ethics and hear about their goals and intentions for the UnConference. We also discuss how the UnConference is unique and valuable.
2022-Aug-09 • 2 minutes
Season 3 Trailer— ”Propelling Clinical Ethics Forward: A Working UnConference”
UnConference on Clinical Ethics
2021-Dec-27 • 34 minutes
Special Crossover Episode with Bioethics in the Margins Podcast
In this special crossover episode, Tyler and Devan team up with the team at Bioethics in the Margins for our annual Top 10 list of neglected issues in bioethics.
2021-Dec-09 • 31 minutes
Animals, Food, and Bioethics
You are what you eat? In this episode, Devan and Tyler talk with Profs Amy Lewis and Enza Rocco about food, animals, food justice, and bioethics.
2021-Dec-02 • 38 minutes
Death, Dying, and Hospice in the USA
Dr. Harold Braswell shares his research into the history of US hospice system and reforms that could improve how we die in America.
2021-Nov-18 • 27 minutes
#FreeBritney, Guardians & Conservators
In 2003, Britney Spears, the superstar pop singer, had all of her legal rights taken away from her and given to her father. Over the past decade, a concerted effort has been underway to #FreeBritney. The process that led to her ability to make decisions for herself is called guardianship or conservatorship. In this episode, Devan and Tyler talk through the process, the reasons it is helpful for many individuals and patients, and also the potential issues that arise when someone’s legal power to direct their...
2021-Nov-11 • 35 minutes
Religious Exemptions & the COVID19 Vaccine Mandate
Dr. Michael Deem joins us to explore religion, theology, and religious exemptions to mandatory COVID-19 vaccine requirements.
2021-Nov-04 • 37 minutes
COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates, Employee Rights, and Exemptions
What is going on with COVID-19 vaccine mandates? Are vaccine mandates legal or ethical? Exemptions— are those allowed and what are they? Professor Elizabeth Pendo, an expert on health law, disability rights, and bioethics at Saint Louis University School of Law, helps us understand what is going on with COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Prof. Pendo talks about the reasons why employers might create a requirement for a vaccine, and also what rights employees have. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |...
2021-Oct-28 • 37 minutes
Halloween Special Episode 2.0
In the first ever repeat guest appearance on the Podcast, the amazingly talented and sassy fan favorite, Dr. Darian Goldin Stahl, joins Tyler and Devan again for a spooky ooky Halloween episode. Will there be books bound in human skin? Will there be Murder and Mayhem? Will Darian tell us another ghost story? Check out the episode to find out.
2021-Oct-21 • 36 minutes
Solving the Opioid Epidemic
This week Tyler and Devan talk with Dr. Travis Rieder about opioids, addiction, and a motor cycle accident that chanced his life.
2021-Oct-14 • 41 minutes
Kidney to Share
Tyler and Devan interview Martha Gershun and Dr. John Lantos about their new book, Kidney to Share.
2021-Oct-12 • 2 minutes
Season 2 Trailer
We are doing things a little differently this season. Join us to hear about new and exciting topics in bioethics, health care, medicine, and society! As always, we are keeping it conversational, fun, and accessible. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ...
2021-Feb-15 • 24 minutes
Hot Take #4: No Cuts, No Butts, No Coconuts!
The rollout of the COVID19 vaccine has been…interesting, to say the least. There have been many news stories about folks jumping in line to get their vaccines. Is this ever ethical? What should you do if you are given an opportunity for a vaccine, but don’t feel like you should? Devan and Tyler talk about some of the hiccups in the vaccine roll out. “The Vaccine had to be Used. He Used It. He was Fired,” The New York Times (Feb 10, 2021). “How People are Jumping the COVID-19 Vaccine Line,” NPR News (Feb 9, ...
2021-Jan-14 • 43 minutes
Medicine, Professionalism & #MedBikini
This episode features Devan’s famous TikTok dancing, and, perhaps more interestingly, Dr. Alyssa Burgart about professionalism, medical education, bioethics, and host of other topics. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ...
2021-Jan-12 • 20 minutes
Hot Take #4: The Vaccine Rollout
In this episode, Devan and Tyler discuss how vaccine distribution is going and whether or not it is ethical to mandate people to take the vaccine.
Why is there a philosopher in the hospital?
Some folks may be surprised that in many hospitals across the country there are ethicists wandering the halls. In this episode, Tyler and Devan chat with Dr. Virginia Bartlett about clinical ethics. Who are clinical ethicists, what do they do, when would they be involved in the care of patients? | | | | | Read more of Dr. Bartlett’s published work here:“Retrieving the Moral in the Ethics of Maternal-Fetal Surgery: A Response to ‘Fetal Repair of Open Neural Tube Defects’ by Radic, Illes, McDonald” ...
2020-Dec-17 • 42 minutes
A Digital Afterlife—What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Cross-over Episode with the Weird Religion podcast
2020-Dec-14 • 25 minutes
Hot Take #3: We Have a Vaccine! Now What?
In this episode Tyler and Devan discuss plans for distributing the new Covid vaccine and who counts as a “healthcare worker” in phase 1a of the rollout.
2020-Dec-10 • 30 minutes
Religion and Bioethics
Devan and Tyler talk about religion in medicine, including what it’s like to work as a hospital chaplain and the ways patients bring up religion in the hospital. They also talk with professor Patrick Smith about how he came into bioethics from his training in Christian ethics and social justice.
2020-Dec-05 • 19 minutes
Hot Take #2: Prenatal Screening, Parenting, and Disability
Devan & Tyler talk about the ethical issues raised in an Atlantic Monthly article entitled: “The Last Children of Down syndrome.”
2020-Dec-03 • 23 minutes
Disability Bioethics
This episode Devan and Tyler discuss the documentary Crip Camp with professor Joseph Stramando. Learn what disability studies and disability philosophy contribute to bioethics.
2020-Nov-21 • 17 minutes
Hot Take: Covid-19 Vaccine Challenge Trials
In this special episode, Tyler and Devan discuss the basics of human subjects research, including the ethical challenges in Covid-19 challenge trials.
2020-Nov-19 • 30 minutes
Bioethics, Social Science & Homelessness
Devan and Tyler catch-up with Prof Jason Wasserman and discuss bioethics, social science, and Wasserman's work with people experiencing homelessness.
2020-Nov-12 • 32 minutes
What counts as “bioethics”? What perspectives and topics have been marginalized? In this episode, Devan and Tyler talk with Professor Keisha Ray about her work in black bioethics and why it is necessary.
2020-Nov-05 • 29 minutes
Busting Myths in Clinical Ethics
In this episode, Devan and Tyler check-in with professor Tom Tomlinson to discuss some of the misconceptions and myths that surround end of life decision-making and clinical ethics.
2020-Oct-29 • 33 minutes
Halloween Special! Featuring Darian Goldin Stahl
In this week’s true-crime-adjacent Halloween special, Tyler and Devan talk to Darian Goldin Stahl about the infamous grave robbers William Burke and William Hare.
2020-Oct-22 • 28 minutes
Who wouldn’t get a Covid vaccine?
This episode we discuss the future of a Covid vaccine and why anyone wouldn't want to be first in line once the vaccine is distributed. We discuss vaccine hesitancy with Mark Navin.
2020-Oct-15 • 27 minutes
Who Belongs in the ASBH?
This episode, Tyler and Devan recount their experiences at the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities. They interview professor Ana Iltis, the current president of the ASBH, about how she became a bioethicist and who comes to the ASBH.
2020-Oct-08 • 30 minutes
Bioethics in a Pandemic
This episode, Tyler and Devan discuss how their role as bioethicists has changed during the pandemic. They talk with Matthew Wynia about his work in bioethics and his predictions of what will change in bioethics as a result of Covid-19
2020-Sep-25 • 2 minutes
Season 1 Trailer
Learn what we are about and what you can look forward to this season.