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Podcast Profile: Out of the Tower

podcast imageTwitter: @Bustingout
9 episodes
2020 to 2022
Average episode: 45 minutes
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Categories: Interview-Style

Podcaster's summary: Podcast by Out of the Tower

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2022-Feb-07 • 60 minutes
Ep. 9 - Digital Originals: NFTs with Dr. Sally Metzler & Christie's Steven Zick and Meghan Doyle
Renowned art Historian Dr. Sally Metzler Director and Christie's NFT experts Steven Zick & Meghan Doyle join the show to discuss the technology’s growing impact on society and the greater art world.
2021-Dec-11 • 34 minutes
Ep. 8 - An (Un)expected Error Has Occurred: Rob Reich on the Challenges of Big Tech
Stanford Professor Rob Reich joins to show to discuss his new book "System Error: Where Big Tech Went Wrong and How We Can Reboot", and how to best confront the legal, moral, and social disruptions of emergent technologies.
2021-Mar-07 • 52 minutes
Ep. 7 - A Comedic Imperative: The Need for Satire in a Politics-Obsessed World with Al Gini
Al Gini, Professor Emeritus of Business ethics (Loyola University Chicago) joins the show to discuss society's need for satire and humor in light of his new book "The Sanity of Satire: Surviving Politics One Joke at a Time."
2020-Dec-27 • 43 minutes
Ep. 6 - Getting (and Climbing) Over It: Changing Corporate Culture with Timmy O'Neill
Timmy O'Neill of Paradox Sports joins the show to discuss the impetus behind this trailblazing organization which provides climbing opportunities to the disabled.
2020-Oct-04 • 58 minutes
Ep. 5 - Corporate Spirituality: A Better Workplace with Peter Ferris
Peter Ferris, the former Chief Evangelist of Equinix, joins the show to discuss the implementation and championing of spirituality in corporate and tech environments.
2020-Aug-30 • 58 minutes
Ep. 4 - Speaking Bridges: Philosophical Curiosity in a Tech-Centric World with Matthew Teichman
Matthew Teichman, Ph.D of the University of Chicago discusses his varied background leading up to philosophy, his teaching methods for promoting philosophical engagement, and what can be done to build bridges between curious laypeople and academic philosophy through linguistics.
2020-Aug-12 • 34 minutes
Ep. 3 - Emotional Transformation in the Pandemic with Sara Protasi
Professor of Philosophy Sara Protasi of the University of Puget Sound joins the show to discuss her article "Virtual Emotions in the Pandemic", exploring the unexpected ways our emotional expressions and values have been shaped by the COVID-19 crisis.
2020-May-30 • 30 minutes
Ep. 2 - Out of the Tower, Into the Gap
Following-up from the previous episode, we go into greater detail about the discrepancies between the skills philosophy students possess and the implementation in more practical contexts.
2020-May-16 • 32 minutes
Ep. 1 - A Louder Voice for Philosophy In Tech
The first episode of a new series! In this inaugural venture, SXSW 2019 demonstrates the growing need for philosophy in the tech sectors, and I discuss how philosophers can gain a greater voice from the outset.