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podcast imageTwitter: @MathPhysicsPod
112 episodes
2020 to present
Average episode: 59 minutes
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Categories: Astronomy • Math • Physics • Two Hosts

Podcaster's summary: Two university students in the math and physics program dedicated to spreading our interest in the field to the world!

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List Updated: 2023-Jun-07 12:28 UTC. Episodes: 112. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2023-Feb-07 • 99 minutes
Episode #110 - Groups... Theoretically w/ Dr Zack Wolske
Today we talk again with Dr Zack Wolske about the amazingly abstract topic of Group Theory. Come along for the ride. To all our listeners out there, we are so happy to say that you can head over to , and the first 200 of you...
2023-Jan-24 • 76 minutes
Episode #109 - Just Talking About: Adaptive Optics and CFD
Today we talk about our current research projects in computational physics and astrophysics. We discuss some important details about Runge-Kutta methods and the nitty gritty of AO. To all our listeners out there, we are so happy to say that you can h...
2022-Oct-24 • 106 minutes
Episode #108 - Self Taught Genius w/ George Hrabovsky
Today we talk with George Hrabovsky about his career as an incredible amateur scientist. Enjoy this great episode! To all our listeners out there, we are so happy to say that you can head over to , and the first 200 of you t...
2022-Sep-19 • 79 minutes
Episode #107 - Searching in the Summer
Check out MEL Science and their boxes for 50% off your first MEL Science box: PROMO CODE: MP50 Today we talk about both of our summer research experiences in the astrophysics and physics departments. We have spent our ...
2022-Jul-29 • 79 minutes
Episode #106 - History of Physics | Faraday & Tesla
Check out MEL Science and their boxes for 60% off your first MEL Science box: PROMO CODE: "MP60" We are back today with another amazing episode of the history of physics, looking over some of the great discoveries and...
2022-Jul-14 • 78 minutes
Episode #105 - LOOK! Stuff?
Today we talk about the study of the particles that make up our world. How did particle physics begin? And how exactly did we get to where we are today? Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Tiktok: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]...
2022-Jun-23 • 57 minutes
Episode #104 - Our Sun
Today we talk about the gigantic ball of stuff that we're floating around. The Sun is easily the most prominent feature in our sky; landing itself as the most important symbol in ancient astronomy. To all our listeners out there, we are so happy to...
2022-May-20 • 59 minutes
Episode #103 - Transport Me to the Wave Equation
Today we talk about two important equations studied in partial differential equations (PDEs). The intuition that we've cultivated over the past semester has proven to be quite useful when visualizing solutions. Enjoy the episode :) Instagram: @math...
2022-Apr-29 • 75 minutes
Episode #102 - The Mystifying World of Magnetism
Today we talk about all the beautiful things we have learned about magnetism. From symmetries to analogies, there are always beautiful things to learn about magnetic fields. Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Tiktok: @math.physics.podcast Email: math...
2022-Mar-23 • 53 minutes
Episode #101 - The Search for Planets
Today we discuss how we detected planets orbiting extrasolar stars in the galaxy. Enjoy the episode :) To all our listeners out there, we are so happy to say that you can head over to , and the first 200 of you to sign up ...
2022-Feb-23 • 59 minutes
Episode #100 - Are We Alone?
Today we talk about the possibility and the implications of life existing elsewhere in the Universe. We also discuss the philosophical questions that come along with or without being alone. Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Tiktok: @math.physics.pod...
2022-Feb-14 • 96 minutes
Episode #99 - LIFE, A Million Light-Years Away w/ Dr Sara Seager
Today we speak with Dr Sara Seager, a professor at MIT, about her work in exoplanet research. Deemed by NASA as the Indiana Jones of astronomy, it is people like her who can further our conquest. The race to find life elsewhere in the Universe is one...
2022-Feb-09 • 77 minutes
Episode #98 - Astrophysics EXPOSED
Today we talk about one of our favorite topics overall in physics: the physics of the stars and the Universe. Enjoy this beautiful episode :) To all our listeners out there, we are so happy to say that you can head over to
2022-Feb-02 • 55 minutes
Episode #97 - A Dive Into Classical Mechanics
Today we discuss the great classical description of physical reality. Mostly talking about Newtonian mechanics and the difference between the high school vs university approach. Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Tiktok: @math.physics.podcast Email:...
2022-Jan-24 • 110 minutes
Episode #96 - Science of the Planets w/ Brett Kreinsen
Today we talk with Brett, a fellow UofT student in the program of physical geography. Enjoy the discussion of all things Earth and beyond. To all our listeners out there, we are so happy to say that you can head over to , ...
2022-Jan-17 • 90 minutes
Episode #95 - The Power of Photonics w/ Dr. Achanta
Today we discuss with Dr. Achanta, director of the National Physics Laboratory in India, about his work in physics. Will photonics eventually replace electronics in the future? Check out today's sponsor Pair at with promo code: QU...
2022-Jan-10 • 84 minutes
Episode #94 - I Have an Idea | A Theory of Consciousness w/ Clement Decrop
Today we speak with Clement Decrop, an author and inventor, about the Idea Space. This was an awesome conversation, enjoy! Where to find Clement: Twitter: @Cream_of_Decrop Website: Check out today's sponsor BetterHelp at bet...
2022-Jan-03 • 75 minutes
Episode #93 - Free University
Today we talk about all of the great resources that we use to learn math and physics online, that are completely free. Go ahead and learn all of the wonderful things that are out there in the Universe! To all our listeners out there, we are so happ...
2021-Dec-27 • 48 minutes
Episode #92 - End of the Year Special | James Webb, the Pyramids and more
Today we do a recap of the podcast in 2021 and some of the biggest events in science for the year. We also talk a little bit about the pyramids, from a listener's request. Check out today's sponsor, BetterHelp at The vide...
2021-Dec-20 • 97 minutes
Episode #91 - How to Count w/ Dr. Wolske
Today we talk with Dr. Zack Wolske about combinatorics, the oldest form of mathematics. We tackle the task of efficiently counting ~things~. Enjoy. To all our listeners out there, we are so happy to say that you can head over to https://brilliant.o...
2021-Dec-15 • 55 minutes
Episode #90 (Part 2) - History of Physics | The Scientific Revolution
This is part 2 of our episode on the scientific revolution of the 15th / 16th century. We talk about Galileo and Kepler in this part. Enjoy Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Tiktok: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected] Twitter.....
2021-Dec-13 • 55 minutes
Episode #90 - History of Physics | The Scientific Revolution - Part 1
Today we talk about four amazing contributors to the scientific revolution in the 15th and 16th centuries. Part 2 will come out on Wednesday. Enjoy the episode Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Tiktok: @math.physics.podcast Email: math.physics.podca...
2021-Nov-30 • 76 minutes
Episode #89 - In This Experiment, We Will Talk About Our Labs
Today we talk about some of the physics labs that we have done so far. These experiments are really interesting and we hope you also get to do some cool ones in your career as well. Enjoy! Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Tiktok: @math.physics.podc...
2021-Nov-22 • 73 minutes
Episode #88 - Just Talking About | Quantum Mechanics and Statistics
Today we simply talk about some of the things we've learned in two of our courses. Half of the episode is about quantum mechanics and the other half about statistics. Enjoy the episode. To all our listeners out there, we are so happy to say that yo...
2021-Nov-18 • 51 minutes
Episode #87 - How to Learn Math
Today we talk about how to build your mathematical intuition. We propose many different scenarios where you can practice visualizing different mathematical situations. Enjoy! Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Tiktok: @math.physics.podcast Email: mat...
2021-Nov-08 • 117 minutes
Episode #86 - Funny Numbers w/ Dr. Zack Wolske
Today we speak with one of our math professors here at the University of Toronto, Dr. Zack Wolske. We discuss interesting ideas in the field of number theory, as well as the future of math education. Enjoy the episode. Instagram: @math.physics.podc...
2021-Oct-31 • 67 minutes
but why
2021-Oct-26 • 67 minutes
Episode #84 - History of Physics | Hawking & Gauss
Today we talk about two more important figures in the history of science. Although they are unrelated with respect to their fields, Hawking and Gauss are both revolutionary Mathematicians/Physicists. Enjoy the episode. Instagram: @math.physics.podc...
2021-Oct-18 • 69 minutes
Episode #83 - Just Talking About | Python and Differential Equations
Today we talk about the interesting things in our current lives while studying math and physics. Just like every other physics student, we've had to learn how to code. There's also a great connection between computers and the natural existence of the...
2021-Oct-12 • 55 minutes
Episode #82 - Physics in the Real World
Today we talk about more mind-blowing experiments that have been conducted over the years and that have enriched science as a whole. Enjoy this episode, sorry for the late upload. Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Tiktok: @math.physics.podcast Email...
2021-Oct-04 • 100 minutes
Episode #81 - Do YOU Even Exist?
Today we talk about the philosophy of consciousness and the self. Enjoy the conversation and our attempts to connect this to physical reality and math somehow. This week, partnered with World Scientific, we are giving away the book, 'Adventures in ...
2021-Sep-27 • 80 minutes
Episode #80 - History of Physics | Boltzmann & Maxwell
Today we talk about two of the greatest physicists of the 19th century, even having some work in the same field of statistical mechanics. Boltzmann and Maxwell are both known to have greatly contributed to physics, with especially groundbreaking idea...
2021-Sep-20 • 74 minutes
Episode #79 - Wave Check
Today we have an interesting conversation about WAVES in general. What kind of waves exists? How do we describe them? Enjoy this great episode :) Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Tiktok: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected] T...
2021-Sep-13 • 56 minutes
Episode #78 - How to Learn Physics
Today we talk about our best tips for all the uni students out there that are curious about our studying techniques. Thanks to Daria for the episode suggestion. To all our listeners out there, we are so happy to say that you can head over to brilli...
2021-Sep-06 • 65 minutes
Episode #77 - The Life of a Star | Astronomy Part 4
Today we bring back a topic that we haven't spoken about in a long time, astronomy. We dive into the different phases of a star and the different possibilities that are presented once we start to analyze their masses. Enjoy the episode. Instagram: ...
2021-Aug-30 • 72 minutes
Episode #76 - History of Physics | Pythagoras & Euler
Today we take our dive into the history of physics a little further into the past with one of the first "true" known mathematicians, Pythagoras. Also, one of the most diverse mathematicians of all time, Euler, having his name come up in almost every ...
2021-Aug-23 • 67 minutes
Episode #75 - The Secure Conversation | Cryptography's Place in Society w/ Dr. Charles Rackoff
Today we get an introduction to the application of cryptography in our everyday lives. Dr. Charles Rackoff teaches a graduate course at the University of Toronto on cryptography and he's here today to break down some of the fundamental protocols that...
2021-Aug-16 • 61 minutes
Episode #74 - Going Around in Circles
Today we discuss the topic of rotational motion! It is a very important facet of classical mechanics when you study dynamics. There are countless parallels to translational motion that help us understand the "spinning" so well. Instagram: @math.phy...
2021-Aug-09 • 66 minutes
Episode #73 - A Look Into Discrete Math | Sequences & Series
Today we talk about one of our favorite topics that were covered in first-year calculus. Sequences are fascinating and their behavior is studied in order to unveil the secrets to the Universe! Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Tiktok: @math.physics....
2021-Aug-02 • 62 minutes
Episode #72 - History of Physics | Max Planck & Alan Turing
Today we talk about the lives and the discoveries of two more physicists/mathematicians: Max Planck and Alan Turing. We discuss the mind-blowing ideas that Planck brought to the physics community and the amazing contributions to mathematics and compu...
2021-Jul-26 • 81 minutes
Episode #71 - What are the Odds You Click on This?
Today we talk about the relatively recent mathematical topic that is statistics! As you might know, Ray is majoring in statistics and has a lot to say about the subject. Join us in our journey of data collection and analysis. Instagram: @math.physi...
2021-Jul-19 • 75 minutes
Episode #70 - How the World FUNCTIONS w/ Mathew Cater
Today we talk with our good friend Matt about functions! What are functions? Why do we need them? And some special guest functions... Enjoy the episode To all our listeners out there, we are so happy to say that you can head over to
2021-Jul-12 • 65 minutes
Episode #69 - The "Exciting" World of Electricity
Today we discuss the basics of one of our favorite topics in physics, electrostatics. It's such an amazing topic to study as we use it every single day but it was once an extremely difficult power to wield. Enjoy the episode :). Instagram:
2021-Jul-05 • 65 minutes
Episode #68 - Mathematics Beyond the Horizon w/ Epic Math Time
Today we talk with Jon from the YouTube channel Epic Math Time. Enjoy this great discussion as we get somewhat of an introduction to the amazing world of Group Theory. Epic Math Time: Power... Log...
2021-Jun-28 • 72 minutes
Episode #67 - Let There be Light | The Massless Particle That Limits the Universe
Today we talk about light itself, one of the most difficult things to actually study and measure, up until this era of science. The mystery around light is actually what opened the majestic gates leading to quantum mechanics. Instagram: @math.physics...
2021-Jun-21 • 57 minutes
Episode #66 - Riding the Waves of Space-Time
Today we talk about one of the most interesting topics in today's world of physics. Gravitational waves were a prediction by Einstein's Theory of General Relativity and were confirmed just recently. Enjoy the episode! To all our listeners out there...
2021-Jun-14 • 64 minutes
Episode #65 - A Linear World
Today we talk about the beauties and wonders of linear algebra. Its deeply seeded roots in calculus and physics makes it the perfect topic to uncover during your mathematical career. Make sure to follow us since we are so close to 10k followers! In...
2021-Jun-07 • 73 minutes
Episode #64 - Discovery of the Subatomic Realm w/ Dr. Don Lincoln
Today we talk with Dr. Don Lincoln from Fermilab. You may know him from his amazing physics videos on Youtube, as well as his great physics books! Find his videos here: To all our listeners out there, we are so...
2021-May-31 • 61 minutes
Episode #63 - Newton's Ultimate Laws of Physics
Today we talk about the famous three laws of classical physics that were first written by Sir Isaac Newton himself. These laws ultimately shifted the world's perspective on how THINGS work. We now understand them as obvious, but obviously, they have ...
2021-May-24 • 78 minutes
Episode #62 - A Theory of Matter | Exploring the Standard Model w/ Dr. Pekka Sinervo
Today we talk with our first reoccurring guest here on the podcast, about particle physics! The building blocks of our universe are especially interesting to humans because they are so mysterious and odd. Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Tiktok: @m...
2021-May-17 • 69 minutes
Episode #61 - History of Physics | Einstein & Bohr Quantize the Universe
Today we have the third installment of our History of Physics series, with Einstein and Bohr. These two physicists were crucial in forming quantum theory at the beginning of the twentieth century. They are both known as two of the most influential sc...
2021-May-10 • 65 minutes
Episode #60 - The Elegance of Trigonometry
Today we talk about a very fundamental topic in mathematics: trigonometry. You may remember it as dull and boring, but we are absolutely amazed by the beautiful things you can find within it. To all our listeners out there, we are so happy to say t...
2021-May-03 • 89 minutes
Episode #59 - The Dark Side of Matter w/ Dr. Miriam Diamond
Today we talk with Dr. Miriam Diamdond, our thermal physics professor, about her current field of research... Dark Matter! We have studied dark matter in our classes but there is much much more to learn. To all our listeners out there, we are so happ...
2021-Apr-26 • 61 minutes
Episode #58 - Lower Dimensions
Today we talk about the fascinating properties of lower physical dimensions. The very first math topic that we covered here on the podcast was higher dimensions, and now we continue that discussion, but going the other way. There are great analogies ...
2021-Apr-19 • 78 minutes
Episode #57 - The Search for Alien Life w/ Dr. Jill Tarter
Today we talk with the former director and co-founder of the SETI Institute. The institute pioneered the field of scientifically parsing through the universe in search of alien signatures in any shape or form, beyond a reasonable doubt. This was such...
2021-Apr-12 • 68 minutes
Episode #56 - SpaceX is the Future
Today we talk about the amazing space exploration that is... SpaceX. We talk about the rockets, the history, and the plans for the future. Let us know if there's anything we should bring up in the follow-up episode, as of course, there's much more to...
2021-Apr-05 • 62 minutes
Episode #55 - The Integral
Today we talk about the famous long squiggly line that we see in calculus. This is a hard topic to explain if you don't already know a little bit about calculus already, so bear with us. Try to follow along and enjoy the episode :) To all our listene...
2021-Mar-29 • 74 minutes
Episode #54 - Experiments That Changed History
Today we talk about just a few of the many experiments that have changed the history of physics. We each present some notable experiments that are sure to blow your mind, including the very first accurate calculation of the speed of light (which was ...
2021-Mar-22 • 93 minutes
Episode #53 - The Beauty of Mathematics w/ Dr. Trefor Bazett
Today we talk with an amazing teaching professor at the University of Victoria, Dr. Trefor Bazett. He was also a graduate student at the University of Toronto, and has taught the course that we are taking right now! He also makes great educational vi...
2021-Mar-15 • 63 minutes
Episode #52 - Entropy in the Universe
Today we talk about the mysterious quantity in thermodynamics called entropy. Although it's a little bit odd to think about, it actually produces many of the equations we see in thermodynamics, including the ideal gas law. Thank you to Zhora for reco...
2021-Mar-08 • 73 minutes
Episode #51 - A Theory of Everything w/ Dr. Saeed Rastgoo
Today we talk with a very special guest, Dr. Rastgoo, who is in the field of quantum gravity. We discuss the fundamentals of the theory, all the way to possible hints to future alien technologies. Enjoy! To all our listeners out there, we are so ha...
2021-Mar-01 • 63 minutes
Episode #50 - The Math of Business w/ Richard Han
Today we talk with a fellow UofT student and Youtuber, Richard Han. He is a Rotman Commerce student and he takes us through his experiences so far and how math has played a role in his career. Enjoy this conversation, this is our 50th episode, markin...
2021-Feb-22 • 72 minutes
Episode #49 - Rocket Science Part 2
Today we finally follow up on our part one of this much-awaited series. We talk about the newest Mars rover, living on Mars in the future, space missions, and more... Let us know if we should make a part 3! Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Tiktok: ...
2021-Feb-15 • 63 minutes
Episode #48 - Interpreting the Universe w/ Paul Delaney
Today we talk with Mr. Paul Delaney, a senior lecturer, and astrophysicist at York University. Enjoy this awesome conversation about special types of stars, multiple universes, and life elsewhere (even in our Solar system!). It's always a pleasure to...
2021-Feb-08 • 49 minutes
Episode #47 - Conscious Aliens w/ Julian Robinson
Today we talk with Julian Robinson from his podcast, Deep thoughts deeper talks, about awesomely interesting topics as always. Enjoy this more relaxed podcast where we stray a little bit from math and physics-related topics and dive deeper into more ...
2021-Feb-01 • 65 minutes
Episode #46 - The Million Dollar Problems
Today we talk about the famous problems that will earn you 1 million dollars each for solving! But obviously, it's not as easy as you might think; these have been unsolved for a long time and will probably remain unsolved until the next millenium. Un...
2021-Jan-25 • 79 minutes
Episode #45 - 3Blue1Brown Loves Math w/ Grant Sanderson
Today we talk with Grant Sanderson from the amazing youtube channel 3Blue1Brown. His videos have inspired us in our careers so far and we absolutely enjoyed talking with him in what is officially the longest episode of the podcast ever. If you haven'...
2021-Jan-18 • 60 minutes
Episode #44 - Rocket Science
Today we talk about the science behind rockets, so come on guys, it's not rocket sci... oh. Guess how many times we used that joke. How do rockets work? Why is there an entire science dedicated to it? Let us know what you think: Instagram: @math.phys...
2021-Jan-11 • 56 minutes
Episode #43 - The Earth is Flat
Today we discuss the infamous idea that claims the Earth is flat instead of spherical. Are these claims valid? Is it just a coincidence that physics can explain everything? Let us know what you think. Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Tiktok: @math....
2021-Jan-04 • 55 minutes
Episode #42 - The Heart of Quantum Mechanics ft. Dr Aephraim Steinberg
Today we discuss quantum physics, for the first time, with somebody that's actually qualified to talk about quantum physics. Our second-year quantum mechanics professor, Dr. Aephraim M. Steinberg, joins us to talk about various topics in the field. W...
2020-Dec-28 • 51 minutes
Episode #41 - Does Physics Even Exist?
Today we discuss philosophical ideas in physics. Some belive that you can't even talk about physics without talking about philosophy. This is our second episode discussing philosophy, let us know what we should talk about next! Instagram: @math.phy...
2020-Dec-21 • 49 minutes
Episode #40 - The Big Math
Today we talk about the big math... the spicy math.... the calculus and all the subtopics one would cover in that class. We love calculus and here's why you should too... Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-Dec-14 • 53 minutes
Episode #39 - Does Math Even Exist?
Today we talk about the philosophical aspects of mathematics and we discuss interesting topics that could be a reality... or not? Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Twitter: @MathPhysicsPod Email: [email protected] https://plato.stanfo...
2020-Dec-07 • 43 minutes
Episode #38 - History of Physics | Fourier/Taylor
Today we talk about two different personalities that have both discovered two different ways to approximate functions. We discuss these two methods and the implications of each one. Website that helps your understanding of Fourier Transforms: http://...
2020-Nov-30 • 46 minutes
Episode #37 - BLACK HOLES
Today we talk about one of the most fascinating objects our universe has to offer. How can this exist? How was it predicted? Black holes will truly blow your mind. Email: [email protected] IG: @math.physics.podcast
2020-Nov-21 • 44 minutes
Episode #36 - Q.E.D.
Check out our recorded video on youtube at Today we talk about logic and proofs. This was especially important for us in our first year and now in our courses as we study basic concepts in analysis. How to Prove It - t...
2020-Nov-14 • 54 minutes
Episode #35 - Rocking Maths with TomRocksMaths (Tom Crawford)
Today we talk to Tom Crawford from the University of Oxford, and the Youtube channel TomRocksMaths. Make sure to check out his amazing content! @tomrocksmaths and IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-Nov-09 • 40 minutes
Episode #34 - History of Physics | Newton/Feynman
Today we discuss the lives of two very influential personalities in the world of physics. This is the first installment in our new series "History of Physics". Email: math.physics.po[email protected] IG: @math.physics.podcast resources: https:/...
2020-Oct-31 • 45 minutes
Episode #33 - The Big Bang
Today we talk about one of the most mind-blowing events in history: the birth of our universe. What happens when a universe is born? How does it evolve into what we know it to be today? Email: [email protected] IG: @math.physics.podcas...
2020-Oct-24 • 40 minutes
Episode #32 - Life is a Simulation
Today we discuss the popular ideas that point to the Universe actually being a simulation. Do you think it's possible? IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-Oct-17 • 47 minutes
Episode #31 - Answering Your Questions! (10k Q&A)
Today we answer your questions, celebrating our 10 thousand downloads. Leave any more questions in the comments for next time. IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-Oct-10 • 41 minutes
Episode #30 - Inventing Physics
Today we discuss physics in general, why it comes naturally through observations, why notation is important yet arbitrary, etc. Next episode is 10K Q&A so ask your questions on any of the platforms below!!! Instagram: @math.physics.podcast Email: mat...
2020-Oct-03 • 38 minutes
Episode #29 - Quantum Mechanics pt. 2
It's finally here!!! We have put off this episode for a long time but we're glad to have done this part 2. Hope you enjoy! IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-Sep-26 • 58 minutes
Episode #28 - Developing Your Superpowers ft. Mathew Cater
Today we have a lengthy discussion with our good friend, Matt, while we have the chance to record all in the same location. We talk about many different topics, so sit back and enjoy this awesome conversation. Instagram @math.physics.podcast Email:...
2020-Sep-19 • 39 minutes
Episode #27 - Types of Numbers
Today we discuss different types of numbers and why they are important in our modern theories. How can imaginary numbers even exist??? This episode was recorded live on youtube right now!! Follow on instagram @math.physics.podcast Email: math.phy...
2020-Sep-12 • 39 minutes
Episode #26 - A Conversation with BlackPenRedPen (Steve Chow)
Today we talk with one of our favorite math youtubers, BlackPenRedPen, about his career in maths and his youtube channel. Check out his channel for incredible math videos and interesting problems. Make sure to follow to podcast where ever you might...
2020-Sep-05 • 44 minutes
Episode #25 - Atmospheric Physics ft. Dr Paul Kushner
Today we interview our other first year physics professor, Dr Paul Kushner, who works here at the University of Toronto in the atmospheric physics and geophysics department. Make sure to follow the podcast on instagram (@math.physics.podcast) and e...
2020-Aug-29 • 38 minutes
Episode #24 - Listener Q&A Pt. 1
Today we answer questions that were asked in an email by one of our fans. If you also have questions or any comments at all, make sure to email us or contact us on instagram. Email: ma[email protected] Instagram... @math.physics.podcast
2020-Aug-22 • 31 minutes
Episode #23 - Parallel Universes
Today we discuss the idea of parallel universes and how it came from the MWI in quantum mechanics. We also talk about timelines and some paradoxes that can arise from the existance of such ideas. Make sure to follow the podcast on instagram @math.p...
2020-Aug-15 • 44 minutes
Episode #22 - Early Physics Education ft. Mathew Cater
Today we discuss with Matt the trials of teaching math and physics WELL during the early years in a students career. We also go off into a discussion about our school lives as we approach the first day of class. IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: mat...
2020-Aug-08 • 28 minutes
Episode #21 - The Astronomy Episode Again
Today we read your comments and we take your requests for a third installment of the Astronomy Episode. We finally discuss retrograde motion and more... IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-Aug-03 • 31 minutes
Episode #20 - Life in the Universe
Today we discuss how life may be able to appear elsewhere in our own solar neighbourhood, as well as other places in the entire universe. IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-Jul-30 • 33 minutes
Episode #19 - Alien Math
Today we discuss what it would be like for aliens to invent mathematics in a different part of the universe. What would be the same? What would be different? IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-Jul-15 • 34 minutes
Episode #18 - Our Second Year Courses
Today we discuss our upcoming courses that we'll be taking in the Fall. We also talk about some of the things that make our school great! IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-Jul-07 • 28 minutes
Episode #17 - UofT Physics Laboratories
Today we discussed, as promised, our experiences in our physics labs at the University of Toronto. We give a glimpse into the experiments we did and talk about our favorite ones. IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-Jul-01 • 31 minutes
Episode #16 - Error Analysis in Physics
Today we discuss uncertainties in practial physics and how we encountered error analysis in our own lab classes. Stay tuned for the next episode where we'll talk about our personnal experience in our lab classes at UofT. IG: @math.physics.podcast E...
2020-Jun-28 • 35 minutes
Episode #15 - Engineering at École Polytechnique Montréal ft. Raphael Rowley
Today we talk with Raphael Rowley, a first year electrical engineering student, about his experience at the École Polytechnique Montréal. We discover the differences with going into a similar domain but through another schooling system. IG: @math.p...
2020-Jun-23 • 35 minutes
Episode #14 - The Astronomy Episode Continued
Today we continue on the topic of astronomy, discussing about the moon, stars and black holes. IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-Jun-18 • 29 minutes
Episode #13 - Odd Geometrical Shapes and Objects
Today we discuss geometry. We picked out a few shapes and objects in order to dive into whatever that interesting trait may be. Make sure to follow the podcast to recieve notifications when a new episode goes live.
2020-Jun-13 • 31 minutes
Episode #12 - The Astronomy Episode
Today we discuss fun topics about space, the beggining of the universe and our solar system.
2020-Jun-10 • 37 minutes
Episode #11 (Part 2) - Just Dudes Being Dudes ft. Mathew Cater
As the title suggests, today we discuss any topic that comes to mind in this second part to our conversation with Mathew. IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-Jun-09 • 32 minutes
Episode #11 (Part 1) - Upper Year Math and Physics at UofT ft. Mathew Cater
Today we discuss Mathew's experience as an upper year student at UofT, following the path that is coming in the near future for us. IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-Jun-06 • 26 minutes
Episode #10 - Our Favorite Math/Physics Topics
Today we discuss our favorite topics that we've come to know and love throughout our first year in university and high school as well. IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-Jun-01 • 29 minutes
Episode #9 - Quantum Mechanics Pt. 1
In this video, we discuss different phenomena that occur in quantum mechanics, namely quantum tunneling and quantum entanglement. This is part 1 of many where we just begin to scratch the surface of our endeavor into quantum mechanics. IG:
2020-May-28 • 32 minutes
Episode #8 - Special Relativity
Today we discuss why special relativity is important and how it can explain the warping of space and time. IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-May-25 • 30 minutes
Episode #7 - Condensed Matter Physics ft. Dr. Stephen Julian
Un Today we discuss quantum physics and condensed matter physics with our physics professor from UofT, Dr. Stephen Julian. IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-May-21 • 32 minutes
Episode #6 - Infinity and Infinitesmial
Today we talk about the implications of inifinity and its counterpart, the infinitesmal. ie, the really big and the really small. IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-May-18 • 30 minutes
Episode #5 - Math we can’t understand ft. Mihai Alboiu
Today we interview Mihai Alboiu, our calculus professor in first year. We talk about his branch of mathematics and other interesting topics. IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-May-15 • 37 minutes
Episode #4 - Particle Physics ft. Dr. Pekka Sinervo
Today we talk with Dr Pekka Sinervo, a particle physicist that has worked at CERN and has taught physics at the University of Toronto for many years. IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-May-11 • 31 minutes
Episode #3 - Constants in Nature
Today we discuss different physical and mathematical constants in nature, how they were derived, and why they are so important. IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-May-08 • 29 minutes
Episode #2 - Higher Dimensions
Today we talk about 4-D objects and interesting ideas concerning higher dimensions. IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]
2020-May-08 • 32 minutes
Episode #1 - Math and Physics at UofT
Today we introduce ourselves and talk about the lives of students in the math and physics program at the University of Toronto. IG: @math.physics.podcast Email: [email protected]