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Podcast Profile: Two Philosophers Drink Beer & Discuss Film

podcast imageTwitter: @twophilpodcast
3 episodes
2021 to 2022
Average episode: 42 minutes
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Categories: Popular Culture • Two Hosts

Podcaster's summary: Listen to Dr Daniel Murphy and Dr Gregory David Jackson offer philosophical readings of popular films, whilst drinking beer. Follow us on or to get involved with the discussion.

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2022-Oct-21 • 34 minutes
Episode 32: End Credits
This is the final episode of 'Two Philosophers Drink Beer & Discuss Film'. In it, we talk about our experience of doing the podcast and why we have decided to end it. We also make one final film recommendation before having a farewell toast courtesy of some delicious beers from Mescan Brewery and Whiplash Beer. Thank you so much for listening to our podcast over the last couple of years. All of the episodes will remain online for another year, if you would like to listen to them again.
2022-Jan-14 • 47 minutes
Episode 31: Her
In this episode, we examine the 2013 film 'Her', directed by Spike Jonze and starring Joaquin Phoenix with Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams, Rooney Mara, and Olivia Wilde. Our conversation highlights a mood of loneliness as central to the film and explores Hannah Arendt's view that loneliness constitutes one of the main characteristics of modern life. We then consider the manner in which, what Shoshana Zuboff labels, 'surveillance capitalism' functions as an central aspect of the operating system that Theodore...
2021-Sep-10 • 45 minutes
Episode 30: Trainspotting
In this episode, we consider the 1996 cult classic 'Trainspotting', directed by Danny Boyle and starring Ewan McGregor. Our discussion consults the early writings of Emmanuel Levinas to offer an existential phenomenological analysis of addiction, before considering some of the more totalitarian aspects of the society depicted in the film with reference to Francis Fukuyama, Ayn Rand, and Herbert Marcuse. Greg also makes a surprising revelation that may threaten the very premise of our show! Follow us on twit...