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Podcast Profile: Cows in the field

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2020 to present
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Categories: Interview-Style • Popular Culture • Two Hosts

Podcaster's summary: A movie podcast inspired by a Werner Herzog quote, “We have to articulate ourselves, otherwise we would be cows in the field.” Hosted by Justin Khoo (professor of philosophy at MIT) and Laura Khoo (art historian turned fundraiser).

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2024-Apr-05 • 81 minutes
112. Red Dawn (w/ Nat Hansen)
John Milius's 1984 film Red Dawn has a reputation as being a jingoistic conservative fever dream, but we talk with Nat Hansen, who argues that its political outlook is more complex and more interesting. Along the way, we also discuss the film's portrayal of masculinity, the toll of war, the film's many references, from The Battle of Algiers to Alexander Nevsky. | | Follow us on Twitter: @cowspod | Buy a t-shirt or mug:
2024-Mar-22 • 112 minutes
111. Dune Part Two (w/ John DeVore)
We go BACK to Arrakis, desert planet, homeworld of the spice and the Fremen and keeper of Shai Hulud. We're joined again for the journey by major spice-head John DeVore to discuss Villeneuve's two films in relation to Lynch's 1984 version and Frank Herbert's book. Along the way, we consider the worm Uber, the possibility of bad trips with the Water of Life, the lack of St. Alia of the Knife, the deliberate backgrounding of the more mystical elements of the novel, and the film's magnificent score. Repeat aft...
2024-Mar-08 • 123 minutes
110. The 2024 Blobscars! (w/Sean Burns)
Join us and critic Sean Burns to give out silly meaningless awards to our favorite films of 2023! Who will take home the top prize? Who will win best lisp? Tune in to find out!
2024-Feb-16 • 71 minutes
109. The Iron Claw (w/ Fran Hoepfner)
We are joined by Fran Hoepfner (BW/DR, Fran Magazine) to experience the triumph and tragedy of the Von Erich family. We discuss wrestling (duh), Zac, brothers, fathers, bodies, cults, the American political circus, all while trying to figure out our wrestling names and signature moves.
2024-Feb-02 • 65 minutes
108. Anatomy of a Fall
Take the plunge with us and Veronica Fitzpatrick (BW/DR, Brown University) as we explore the moral complexities of narratives, relationships, and justice. Justice for Sandra? Justice for Samuel? Tune in to find out!
2024-Jan-19 • 82 minutes
107. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (w/ Nick Riggle and Matt Strohl)
We're joined by two philosophers of art to discuss how they've helped each other come to a greater appreciation for this quirky but lovable entry into the Fast and Furious franchise. We discuss how art can change depending on the context in which it is embedded, and the ways the franchise could have gone after this film. We also compare notes on the different ways we've come to appreciate this film over time. | | This episode is sponsored by The Art of the Trailer. Learn how to become a professional trail...
2024-Jan-05 • 70 minutes
106. The Blair Witch Project (Reprise) + 2023 Cows Super Quiz
The cows look back on 2023 with a Cows in the Field super-quiz -- how many questions can you get right?? Then, we reprise our Blair Witch episode, wherein we explore why the Blair Witch Project was the tenth highest grossing movie of 1999, why it took so long for Hollywood to capitalize on found footage horror, the nature of horror itself and why we desire to be horrified, as well as what makes the Blair Witch Project so especially horrifying.
2023-Dec-22 • 92 minutes
105. Fred Claus (w/ Emily St. James)
Join us and Emily St. James to discuss Fred Claus (streaming now on Max)! We marvel at the film's strange and unnecessarily complicated backstory about the cosmology of sainthood, discuss Santa Claus's moral epistemology, elf-yourself levels of CGI, why everyone deserves a second chance, and somehow spend five minutes discussing the phenomenon of "ugly hot".
2023-Dec-08 • 79 minutes
104. LA Confidential (w/ Blake Howard)
Time to get HUSH HUSH with Blake Howard (One Heat Minute Productions). Noir, moral compromise, postwar LA, the American Dream, police, the LAPD, Dante FREAKING Spinotti, and MORE!
2023-Nov-24 • 93 minutes
103. Joe Vs. The Volcano (w/ Chad Perman)
Joe is going to die. But he has a chance to be a hero, and live like a king. Only, that means he'll have to jump into a volcano. Is Joe's story all of ours? We sit down with Chad Perman (Founder of Bright Wall / Dark Room) to dig into what makes this zany, existential, transcendent, hilarious, slapstick, profound movie so good. Along the way, we discuss the Kantian sublime, Heidegger's notion of being-toward-death, the meaning of life, and flibbertigibbets! | | Before the episode, you'll hear a trailer for...
2023-Nov-10 • 62 minutes
102. 24 Hour Party People (w/ Mattia Acetoso)
"The smaller the audience, the bigger the history." So, at least, said Tony Wilson, co-founder of Factory Records and larger than life character at the center of Michael Winterbottom's 2002 punk pseudo-music-doc, our topic today! | | We are joined by Professor of Italian Studies at Boston College to explore the pull of nostalgia, anticipated retrospection, how the film's blend of fact/fiction/and legend reflects the mythmaking of its protagonist, and, of course, the music duh! | | What do you t...
2023-Oct-27 • 100 minutes
101. Aliens (w/ Brendan Hodges)
James Cameron's terrifying and overwhelming sequel ALIENS is a rollercoaster that Roger Ebert called "absolutely, painfully and unremittingly intense." We sit down with Brendan Hodges to explore the film's power over us, what all that goo and slime means, the film's anti-bureaucratic "strong individualist" conservatism and second wave feminist ideology, its use of space in allegorical and punishingly literal ways... and so much more. GAME OVER MAN! GAME OVER!
2023-Oct-13 • 78 minutes
100. The Virgin Suicides
It's just us for our one hundredth episode talking Sofia Coppola's The Virgin Suicides! We hit all the good stuff: suburban malaise, fear, control, parenting, childhood, Trip Fontaine's hair, memory, privacy, the joys of human connection, first loves, and Kathleen Turner!
2023-Sep-29 • 93 minutes
99. King Arthur (2004) w/ Jon Gabrus
Have you ever wanted to know the TRUE story that inspired King Arthur? Did you know that Arthur was a freedom fighter battling for the independence of Britannia? Wait until you see what armor Guinevere preferred to wear into battle! And don't forget Tristan and his faithful falcon! Join us and Jon Gabrus (High & Mighty, Action Boyz, 101 Places to Party Before You Die) to unpack this forgotten mid-aughts classic from Antoine Fuqua!
2023-Sep-15 • 81 minutes
98. Starship Troopers (w/ Liam Billingham)
Liam Billingham (Die Hard on a Blank / OuevreBusters) joins us to discuss Paul Verhoeven's meta-propaganda Brechtian war film Starship Troopers. We discuss the film's odd mixture of big budget VFX with soap opera stars, how it's three movies in one, the nature of meaning in a world devoid of conflict, and art that risks embarrassment. It's a squishy, gooey, fun time, so jump on this one way rocket to Klendathu with us, folks!
2023-Sep-01 • 91 minutes
97. Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace (w/ Matt Teichman)
The Phantom Menace has weathered the highs and (mostly) lows of fan appraisal. Once derided, then reclaimed, where does it stand in 2023? We issue the definitive assessment: it is good (kind of). Matt Teichman (Elucidations Podcast) brings his colleague Jar Jar Binks along for the ride, as we discuss pod racing, queen wardrobes, lightsaber battles, Jedi Stoicism, ineffectual bureaucracy, and the allure of fascism. Stay with us to the end for a blast of 1999 nostalgia!
2023-Aug-18 • 65 minutes
96. Roma (w/ Agustín Rayo)
We sit down with my colleague Agustín Rayo (Professor of Philosophy, Dean of SHASS at MIT, and winner of the big number duel) to discuss Alfonso Cuarón's autobiographical film, Roma. We discuss memory, dreams, guilt, class, background, lenses, digital formats, and, of course, Mexico City.
2023-Aug-04 • 111 minutes
95. Oppenheimer (w/ Bilge Ebiri)
Join us and Bilge Ebiri (New York Magazine / Vulture) to discuss Christopher Nolan's deconstructed biopic about the man who birthed a very big bomb. Deconstructed narratives, quantum mechanics, moral dilemmas, subjective inflection, brilliant and sure-handed intercutting... and we set the record straight on whether Nolan's films are funny and whether his female characters are poorly developed.
2023-Jul-21 • 64 minutes
94. What Maisie Knew (w/ Daniela Taplin Lundberg)
Joining us to talk about What Maisie Knew (2012) is the film's producer, Daniela Taplin Lundberg (whose feature credits include The Kids Are All Right, Beasts of No Nation, and Honey Boy)! We talk about the challenges making independent feature films, the film's portrayal of divorce and new beginnings, and how it captures the feeling of a memory. After you listen, you should check out Daniela's podcast, Hollywood Gold, a series of interviews with Hollywood producers about the stories we know and love.
2023-Jul-07 • 80 minutes
93. Tar (w/ Emily St. James)
We sit down with Lydia Tár expert Emily St. James to talk about guilt, repression, cancel culture, subjectivity, moral hazards, the Todd Field Cinematic Universe, and... you guessed it... Oklahoma! How is any of this possible? Tune in to find out!
2023-Jun-23 • 70 minutes
92. Gremlins (w/ Brandon Polite)
Bright light! Bright light! We sit down with Brandon Polite (Philosophy, Knox College) to discuss Joe Dante's horror comedy masterpiece. Topics include: Chekov's rules of Gremlin lore, Mogwai metaphors, slapstick humor, why you shouldn't show this movie to young children, practical special effects, old and new Hollywood, capitalism, and what we can learn from Gizmo. Guess who had a stuffed Mogwai as a baby??
2023-Jun-09 • 94 minutes
91. Solaris (2002 version, w/ Phil Iscove)
How did Steven Soderbergh remake an obscure Soviet art-house film based on an even more obscure science fiction novel starring the most bankable A-list movie star? And how did he pull it off?! We sit down with Phil Iscove (Sleepy Hollow / Podcast Like It's...) to unpack the film's poetry and vibes, and explore what it would do to someone to encounter their deepest regrets and desires manifesting in physical form. Come vibe on this very odd and intangible classic of the early aughts!
2023-May-26 • 59 minutes
90. The Box (w/ Matt Strohl)
Our guest Matt Strohl (Philosophy, Montana; author of Why It's OK to Love Bad Movies) thinks Richard Kelly's 2009 film THE BOX is due for a critical reappraisal, and we agree. We talk about altruism, self-deception, faith, freedom, Hell, Sartre, and why this is a freaking Christmas movie! Buckle up for a weird and wild journey into the unknown and unknowable!
2023-May-12 • 88 minutes
89. Manhunter (w/ Carly Severn)
Welcoming back Carly Severn, we take a moment to indulge in Michael Mann's existential police / serial killer drama Manhunter. We talk about the film's distinctive use of unexpected style to convey the inner lives of its characters, the film's (and Mann's overall) focus on the individual rather than societal, dreams, tigers, mental illness, men doing work, men playing god, and the angst of being called to do something impossible. | | Follow Carly on Twitter! | Follow us on Twitter! | Buy a cow shirt on ...
2023-Apr-28 • 72 minutes
88. Body Double (w/ Matt Belenky)
Matt Belenky returns to gush over Brian DePalma's love letter to mediocre men and the women they fancy themselves saving. We discuss the deep anxieties about inadequacy at the film's core, and how DePalma creates magic out of a plot that's somehow both threadbare and unnecessarily complex. Even Pauline Kael, one of DePalma's great champions, thought this one was old hat, but not us -- no -- we positively LOVE its shaggy unreality. So jump on this nonstop train to Hitchcocksville -- we'll supply the telescop...
2023-Apr-14 • 67 minutes
87. Almost Famous (w/ Paul Keelan)
We hit the road with Paul Keelan (Cinematic Underdogs) and talk bands, touring, growing up, and more in this jam-packed episode on Cameron Crowe's memoir film Almost Famous. Paul shares his experience touring with bands, and we discover that we were once in the same room over a decade ago! We talk about the illusion and fantasy of life on the road, the desire to hold on to fleeting moments, and role of writers in crystalizing our most cherished memories in prose. We are not golden gods, but we are on drugs!...
2023-Mar-31 • 93 minutes
86. Match Point (w/ Mary Beth Willard)
How should we engage with the work of immoral artists? We explore this question through the lens of Woody Allen's late period masterpiece Match Point. Mary Beth Willard (Philosopher, Weber State, and author of "Why it's OK to Enjoy the Work of Immoral Artists") joins us to discuss the aesthetic costs of not engaging with art, the expressive nature of uncritically loving the work of immoral artists, and we delve into the film's many themes: guilt, luck, meaning, and morality. These are complicated ...
2023-Mar-17 • 80 minutes
85. That Thing You Do! (w/ Matt Pais)
We're joined by Matt Pais (author of Talk 90s with Me) to discuss a favorite 90s nostalgia flick, made thirty years ago about a time thirty years prior to when it came out. So it's nostalgia about nostalgia, or what some might call meta-nostalgia! We talk about the desire to hold on to the ephemeral, how the film explores the loss of innocence in the 1960s (and compares that with the kind of Gen-X cynicism that gripped the US in the 90s), connections to another film starring Tom Everett Scott (La La Land), ...
2023-Mar-03 • 106 minutes
84. The 2023 Blobscars (w/ Emily St. James)
Join us and professional film/tv critic Emily St. James to talk about the BEST movies of 2022. We give out awards to our favorites, and also discuss some often overlooked categories (best use of 65mm film, best "boys are weird but hot" movie, best bed, best men are trash movie, and best movie to fall asleep to). Which movies will rise to the top and achieve a coveted Blobscar award? And which Nobel Peace Prize winner will be taking home a trophy? Tune in to find out!
2023-Feb-17 • 85 minutes
83. Willow (w/ John DeVore)
With the release of the Disney+ show set in the world of Andowyne, we figured it was time to revisit a beloved fantasy classic from the 80s, Ron Howard's delightfully magical WILLOW! Big time Willow-head John DeVore joins us to talk about how the film was his fantasy gateway drug, and how it's about an adoptive family of ordinary folk who must undertake an extraordinary quest. We discuss all the wonderful action scenes as well as why the film passes the Bechdel test, why the Brownies are the best, and why t...
2023-Feb-03 • 80 minutes
82. Inside Man (w/ Roxana Hadadi)
Who is the INSIDE MAN? We sit down with Roxana Hadadi (Vulture / New York Magazine) to discuss Spike Lee's twisty bank heist thriller from the early aughts. We consider the film's central theme, which focuses around conflicts of duty and consequence, and takes a very even-handed look at a morally complex world. We also compare the film's insistence to call out racism with its casual dismissal of homophobia and sexual assault, and think about the challenge faced by those of us just trying to get by while up ...
2023-Jan-20 • 117 minutes
81. Interstellar (w/ Jon Gabrus)
We hop into a black hole with Jon Gabrus (High & Mighty, Action Boyz, 101 Places to Party Before You Die) to discuss Christopher Nolan's spacetime warping epic! We consider the film's complex relationship with science, exploration, and family obligations; and we defend Nolan against the charge that he's an emotionless filmmaker. Naturally, we try to figure out which character we each are (can you guess?) and then Justin does his best to explain/understand gravitational time dilation. Don't miss out, thi...
2023-Jan-06 • 77 minutes
80. Minority Report (Reprise)
Join us for a re-release of our Minority Report episode from early 2020! We go running with Tom Cruise and discuss the future as it was projected in 2002, the nature of middle knowledge, themes of blindness/control/justice, and give our top five Spielberg movies. | | Follow us on Twitter! | Leave a review on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy the show!
2022-Dec-23 • 72 minutes
79. It's a Wonderful Life (w/ Emily St. James)
Join us and proverbial bringer-of-Christmas-cheer Emily St. James as we dive into Frank Capra's existentialist Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life! We talk about the film's overt and subtle political messaging, which got it labeled Communist propaganda soon after its release, and contrast the zero sum deadlocked conflict of Potter with the generosity and warmth of George and (especially) Mary. We consider various interpretations of what George learns in his journey through the alternate reality of Potte...
2022-Dec-09 • 86 minutes
78. Fight Club (w/ Brian Martinez)
We talked with Jack's inflamed sense of rejection and it told us to watch Fight Club with friend Brian Martinez, so here we are. We go into anger, violence, masculinity, misogyny, absurdism, meaninglessness, privilege, sexuality, narcissism, latent fascism, men's rights groups, male friendships, and also Reel Big Fish?? | | Follow us on Twitter!  | Buy a cows shirt on Threadless! 
2022-Nov-25 • 76 minutes
77. Dogtooth (w/ Jack Draper)
We delve into fascism and parenting and fascist parenting with Jack Draper (Exiting Through the 2010s), talking about mechanisms of control, acts of defiance through reclaiming an identity, the role of film as a revolutionary ideal, and, of course, Frank Sinatra. Oh yes, and can you pass the telephone? I'd like to relax in a nice, comfortable, sea. Listen to Exiting Through the 2010s! Follow Jack on Twitter! Follow us on Twitter! Buy a cows shirt on Threadless!
2022-Nov-11 • 74 minutes
76. The Babadook (w/ Libby Hill)
Is it a bad book or the Ba-Ba-Doo-Doo-Doooooook?? We chat with Libby Hill (The Wrap) about Jennifer Kent's painful and potent allegory about grief, anxiety, depression, parenting... you know -- the BIG STUFF. We discuss how the imagery of the Babadook conveys enveloping dread, and ongoing struggles with our own Babadooks. We talk about being a caregiver without a support system, and how community and friendship can help someone out of a dark place. We also laugh and cry and talk about moms and children and ...
2022-Oct-28 • 88 minutes
75. The Exorcist (w/ Carly Severn)
It just so happens that one of us is probably possessed, and is in need of THE EXORCIST! Join us and Carly Severn (KQED San Francisco) to discuss the Friedkin / Pazuzu of it all. Why is this movie so deeply terrifying, even today, FIFTY years after its initial release?? We talk about parents -- being parents, being kids, dealing with parents, and kids, and why all those familial relationships are apt targets of twisted horror. We talk sacrifice, losing control, the many bodily fluids, and wonder whether Paz...
2022-Oct-14 • 93 minutes
74. Bram Stoker's Dracula (w/ Bilge Ebiri)
Join us and Bilge Ebiri (New York Magazine / Vulture) to delve into Francis Ford Coppola's 1992 masterpiece. We discuss the early critical reception and why the broader consensus has come around to this sexed-up, theatrical, in-camera-practical-effects-driven, reinvention of the classic vampire story.  We discuss the uncanny and the helplessness induced by the film's meandering epistolary style, as well Coppola's genre reinventions and the standoff between materialism and spiritualism. If you haven't s...
2022-Sep-30 • 62 minutes
73. Return of the King (w/ Jamelle Bouie)
We are joined by Jamelle Bouie (NYTimes / Unclear and Present Danger Podcast) to discuss the conclusion to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and bring our miniseries to a close. We pick up the discussion about heroism with Frodo's empathy towards Gollum, Sam's faithfulness to Frodo, and Aragorn's radical faith in the hobbits. Then, we discuss at length Charles Mills' recent essay about the racial ideology embedded in Tolkien's writings and consider what we should make of this in light of our love of these books...
2022-Sep-16 • 79 minutes
72. The Two Towers (w/ Agnes Callard and Robin Hanson)
We sit down with Agnes Callard (Philosophy, Chicago) and Robin Hanson (Economics, GMU) to discuss the second installment in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Two Towers! We talk about the film as a transitional piece that deals with the transformations of its main characters, the addictive and corruptive capacity of power, and wonder about who the hero of the film is and what that  tells us about the notion of heroism. We consider Tolkien's religious inspirations as well as (drawing on Charles Mills' ...
2022-Sep-02 • 92 minutes
71. The Fellowship of the Ring (w/ Bennett Eckert and Rebecca Kuang)
Welcome to the start of our Lord of the Rings miniseries! We kick things off with the first film of Peter Jackson's trilogy, which marks the beginning of Frodo's quest and introduces us to the main players and themes of the books/films. We welcome Bennett Eckert (MIT) and Rebecca Kuang (Yale) to consider what makes Jackson's trilogy such a powerful and successful adaptation, and explore how on (Middle) earth he managed to make these films. We explore the film's central themes while discussing Tolkien's pess...
2022-Aug-19 • 63 minutes
70. Jurassic Park
It's time to visit Jurassic Park (1994)! We discuss the tenuous relationship between science/art and commerce, while thinking about the relationship between order, chaos, and personal responsibility. Does Spielberg see a bit of himself in Hammond, the doomed entrepreneur who wants to bring magic to the masses? It's a movie about procreation and playing god, but also coming to terms with limitations. Justin goes on a rant about why night time shooting doesn't look as good as Jurassic Park did over 25 years a...
2022-Aug-05 • 106 minutes
69. Closer (w/ Carly Severn)
Join us and Carly Severn (KQED San Francisco) to talk about Mike Nichols' 2004, super emo and eminently re-watchable melodrama, Closer. It's a game of sexy Tetris between four hot people, but also a contrapuntal reflection on appearance and reality, and also a movie about two dudes who can't get over the fact that the women they've slept with have slept with other men. We somehow hit on nice guy-isms, the film's use of elision, love, passion, and Damien Rice. Also, did you know that many of the photographs ...
2022-Jul-22 • 81 minutes
68. North by Northwest (w/ Adam Kane)
Today we're joined by friend of the show Adam Kane to discuss Hitchcock's bombastic spy thriller North By Northwest! We discuss film's confusing setup, symbolism (and Hitchcock's refusal to read into this film), the demand not to ask silly questions, how old Cary Grant's character is supposed to be, the many MacGuffins, the many love triangles, Mount Rushmore, and Saul Bass himself. This episode is sponsored by Crop Duster Assassins Ltd. -- if you need to take someone out and you want to do it in the least ...
2022-Jul-08 • 73 minutes
67. Sully (w/ Chris Kaiser)
Join us to talk about the Miracle on the Hudson with friend Chris Kaiser (Columbia University / the podcast Said and Done)! We delve into Eastwood's hatred of bureaucracy and tease apart his complex feelings towards individualism and collective heroism. Is the film dripping with gay subtext? We explore the semiotics of a mustache and wonder what goes into Sully/Skiles slash-fiction. We also consider the possibility that, through his filmmaking, Eastwood is helping us repair our relationship to our own histo...
2022-Jun-24 • 70 minutes
66. Repo Man (w/ Toby Levers)
The life of a repo man is intense, which is why we invited friend Toby Levers to join us to talk about Alex Cox's punk rock satire Repo Man! We discuss the film's influence and influences, as well as how it manages to mash together genres in a style all of its own, fashioning the spirit of suburban punk on to a social critique of ex-hippy middle class malaise and the inherent contradictions of rebellion. We chew on the obscure wisdom of Miller (played by the magnificent Tracey Walter) before riding away int...
2022-Jun-10 • 71 minutes
65. Friday Night Lights (w/ Edward Lewis)
It is with clear eyes and love in our hearts that we dive into this classic football parable from the aughts with friend and returning guest Edward Lewis. We discuss the role of suffering in achievement, the paradox of youth, and the cycles that shackle us to our communities. We think about regret and expectation, and above all share our love for the film, which has since been eclipsed by the TV show of the same name. Come toss the football and punt when you should go for a touchdown, it's Friday Night Ligh...
2022-May-27 • 60 minutes
64. Top Gun (w/ Sean Burns)
We stuff into a tiny F14 cockpit with Sean Burns (WBUR’s The ARTery) and fly into the danger zone to discuss why Top Gun is a sports film that forges a new American myth with dazzling imagery and zero subtlety. We consider the view that Tom Cruise is America's son and get into the trenches with Kelly McGillis to unpack their love triangle with Val Kilmer's Iceman. Also discussed: the effects of g-forces on the human body, what our callsigns would be, and why 80s American jingoism is quaint and endearing. Ta...
2022-May-13 • 70 minutes
63. It Follows (w/ Alison Willmore)
Not to be downers, but, everything alive must die. This is something the kids from David Robert Mitchell's devastating horror film must come to terms with, as they are stalked by a demonic entity that, no matter where they are, is constantly walking towards them. We sit down with Alison Willmore (Vulture / New York Magazine) to discuss how the film works as an allegory for social class, capitalism, personal trauma, sexual politics, and manages to channel both existential dread and the experience of a panic ...
2022-Apr-29 • 57 minutes
62. National Treasure (w/ Keith Phipps)
We sit down with Nicolas Cage expert Keith Phipps (author of The Age of Cage) to discuss the second highest grossing film of Cage's career (second only to its sequel). We consider the point at which this film lands in the arc of Cage's career, and how he draws on his well of acting experience to craft a character that blends elements of conspiratorial mania and fifth grade boy scout energy, selling the four-quadrant appeal of a movie about treasure hunting and historical preservation to both children and ad...
2022-Apr-15 • 90 minutes
61. The Da Vinci Code (w/ Andrea Rosen)
Have you ever wondered whether a famous painting contained a clue to a mystery that, once revealed, would upend the world as we know it? Well, you're in luck because in this episode we dive into The Da Vinci Code with museum expert and curator Andrea Rosen! We explore the tough questions of whether to reveal the lie at the center of Catholicism or just go on living your life because no one would care, and then discuss the film's art historical bonafides, whether Robert Langdon is a good professor, and wheth...
2022-Apr-01 • 67 minutes
60. Collateral (w/ Katie Walsh)
Join us and Katie Walsh (LA Times, Miami Nice) for one night in L.A. as we journey through deserted streets with a meek cabbie dreamer (Jamie Foxx) and his assassin fare (Tom Cruise). We discuss cities and alienation, indecision and action, order and chaos, psychopaths and empaths, coyotes and subways. We gush about Cruise and Foxx playing against type, and wonder about how taxi drivers manage to keep all those streets straight. You might be surprised to find out where this Michael Mann film stacks up in hi...
2022-Mar-18 • 119 minutes
59. The First Annual Blobscars
Join us for a spoiler-free celebration of the very best films of 2021! We discuss our nominees and winners in the following categories: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (non-gendered, pick 2), Best Supporting Actor (same thing), Best Score, Best Scene, and Most Overrated. Each film can win in only one category, so the stakes have never been higher! Tune in for the suspense, stay for the coveted, career-defining, awards. | Justin's ranking of 2021 films
2022-Mar-04 • 86 minutes
58. Basic Instinct (w/ Matt Belenky)
Join us and Matt Belenky (Movie Talk Podcast) to dive headfirst into Paul Verhoven’s classic 90s erotic thriller! We try to figure out what happened and why, and then explore how the film dissolves boundaries between Sharon Stone / Catherine Trammell and Nick Curran / audience member. We consider the possibility that the film is simultaneously exploitative and empowering, and lavish in its many unnecessary Americana details. Finally, we get to the bottom of why this was the peak time for ice picks.
2022-Feb-18 • 118 minutes
57. Twilight (w/ Matt Strohl)
What does it mean to say that a movie is so bad it's good? Is Twilight (2008) such a movie? We sit down with Matt Strohl (Philosophy, University of Montana), author of the new book "Why It's OK To Love Bad Movies", to talk about what it means to love and appreciate the beauty of bad films, and why bad movie love is an important and often overlooked mode of engaging with films. Along the way, we discuss the social aspirations of taste, what makes "Twilight" a potentially conventionally bad film and why those...
2022-Feb-04 • 84 minutes
56. The Usual Suspects (w/ Erich Hatala Matthes)
How should we feel about and how should we engage with art made by immoral artists? We consider these questions in the context of The Usual Suspects along with Erich Hatala Matthes (Wellesley), whose new book on the topic (Drawing the Line: What to Do with the Work of Immoral Artists from Museums to the Movies) provides a philosophical guide to the complexities of these challenging issues. We consider whether the film's aesthetic value is diminished by the behavior of its creators, and discuss why, consider...
2022-Jan-21 • 69 minutes
55. Spider-man 2 (w/ Sam Adams)
Come swing through the streets of Manhattan with us and Sam Adams (Slate) as we discuss Sam Raimi's melancholic and reflective Spider-Man 2! We talk about the film's major themes of grief and the burden of heroism, as well as Sam Raimi's view of humanity as fundamentally decent. We consider the film in light of the tragedy of 9/11 and how it highlights the heroic in all of us. We also marvel at how a big budget superhero film manages to have a climactic finale that consists mostly of two guys reflecting on ...
2022-Jan-07 • 85 minutes
54. The Matrix Resurrections (w/ David Chalmers)
It's time to go back to the Matrix! Join us and David Chalmers (Professor of Philosophy at NYU) to discuss the fourth Matrix film, and distinguish what we like and don't about its meta- and first-order narrative interpretations. We bring in past and future guest Emily VanDerWerff to provide some broader context about the film and what makes it great, before turning to discuss whether what happens in a simulation is real and whether we can live a good life in a simulation. We also consider whether we are com...
2021-Dec-31 • 106 minutes
Bonus Episode: Revisiting Forrest Gump (1994)
We don't have a new New Year's episode for you, but we do have a classic episode of us battling to the death over whether Forrest Gump is a good movie. We hope you enjoy this discussion and may you celebrate the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 more joyously than Lieutenant Dan does in this movie. We'll be back with The Matrix Resurrections next week!
2021-Dec-17 • 85 minutes
53. A Charlie Brown Christmas (w/ Emily VanDerWerff)
It’s the coldest time of the year, which means we need community more than ever to help us stay warm and remind us of the ongoing project of humanity and our part in it. So consider us the luckiest Peanuts on block, since we get to welcome back Emily VanDerWerff (Vox & Arden Podcast)! We talk about endings, opportunities for renewal, and the melancholy that comes with our experiences of the holidays. We also delve into our personal religious beliefs (or lack thereof) and how they interact with our feeli...
2021-Dec-10 • 106 minutes
52. Eyes Wide Shut (w/ Carly Severn)
It's the holiday season, and what better way to start than with a veritable Christmas classic, Stanley Kubrick's final film, Eyes Wide Shut! We sit down with Carly Severn (KQED San Francisco) to discuss noble lies in relationships and society, Tom and Nicole's challenging (and, ultimately destructive) performances, and the interrelations between power, anonymity, powerlessness, and nakedness. Along the way, we explore how social structures prop up divisions and reinforce fantasies that may be either ruinous...
2021-Nov-26 • 69 minutes
51. 12 Monkeys (w/ Barry Lam)
This week we are joined by Barry Lam (Professor of Philosophy at Vassar College and host of HiPhi Nation) to discuss Terry Gilliam's manic time travel science fiction masterpiece, 12 Monkeys! We explore how the film manifests the philosopher David Lewis's theory of time travel, while also depicting the madness of foreknowledge and the futility of attempting to change what's already happened. We discuss the possibility of closed causal loops, the challenges of political activism, pandemic tie-ins, and how th...
2021-Nov-12 • 80 minutes
50. Sunshine (w/ Vishal Dave)
Join us on an interstellar journey with friend Vishal Dave as we attempt to reignite the dying sun -- it's Danny Boyle's unfairly overlooked 2007 sci-fi masterpiece, Sunshine! We discuss the ethics of self-sacrifice and the nature of embarking on a journey of no return. We ponder the enormity of the universe and what it might do to someone to confront that head on -- how might facing the limits of human knowledge and exploration affect the individual? Religious readings and humanity's need for spirituality ...
2021-Oct-29 • 84 minutes
49. Dune (w/ John DeVore)
We sit down with fellow Dune-head John DeVore to discuss two DUNE movies -- David Lynch's 1984 troubled masterpiece, and Denis Villeneuve's 2021 re-imagining of Arrakis. Can Villeneuve's film live up to the inevitable hype? How do the two films capture the mystical weirdness of the book? What is that weird spider-person in the Harkonnen's palace? Join us as we drink the juice of Sapho and ride a spice maggot into the folds of space and beyond! | | Follow @JohnDeVore on Twitter! | Read John on Dune here: | ...
2021-Oct-15 • 88 minutes
48. Punch Drunk Love (w/ Sean Burke)
Join us on the harmonium as we revisit Paul Thomas Anderson's (not-)musical tragicomedy Punch Drunk Love with Sean Burke (Founding Partner, Whistler Partners). We discuss how Adam Sandler embodies the awkwardness and anxiety of male adolescence, and how Anderson mixes color and sound to create an overwhelming kaleidoscope of social panic, rage and repression, and fear of public humiliation. Yet, underneath it all, we find a simple and pure love story -- perhaps one of the most hopeful in recent memory -- ye...
2021-Oct-01 • 91 minutes
47. In the Line of Fire (w/ Bilge Ebiri)
Bilge Ebiri (New York Magazine / Vulture) returns to talk with us about this classic nineties Wolfgang Petersen conspiracy thriller that pits an aging Secret Service Agent (Clint Eastwood) against an anarchistic terrorist (John Malkovich) intent on assassinating the President. We reflect on how the movie reflects cautiously on Eastwood's broad career, regret and second chances, and consider the virtue of sacrificing oneself in defense of democratic institutions (flawed as they may be in practice). Along the...
2021-Sep-17 • 58 minutes
46. The Mummy & The Mummy Returns
The cows journey to Hamunaptra to find some ancient artifacts, and along the way revisit perhaps Brendan Fraser's most famous works. Laura confesses her love for Brendan Fraser and Justin confesses his love for Arnold Vosloo, and attempts to make the case that the Mummy is a misunderstood villain. The cows enjoy the dual parallel love stories and show appreciation for the depiction of a healthy, loving, relationship between characters Rick and Evelyn, and definitely do not discuss a certain questionable CGI...
2021-Sep-03 • 58 minutes
45. George of the Jungle
Have you ever seen two cows swing through the trees? We talk about Brendan Fraser's ultimate committed performance as George of the Jungle in this most silly and juvenile and heartfelt movie. We wonder about heroic fools, praise the film's strategy of giving the central arc to Ursula, and comment on the film's questionable presupposition of human language learning. Along the way, Justin reveals his ignorance about children's movies and Laura pens her love letter to Brendan Fraser. 
2021-Aug-27 • 58 minutes
44. Encino Man
The cows begin their Frassersance mini-series with this wonderful curio of the 90s, about a pair of high school dorks (Sean Astin and Pauly Shore) who find a frozen caveman (Brendan Fraser) in their backyard. We discuss the film as an adoption story, and explore what parents can learn from the innocence of their children. We also dig into Pauly Shore's character Stoney Brown, who embodies the atelic ideals of striving just to be, rather than to accomplish. Don't wheeze the jah-uiceeee!
2021-Aug-13 • 95 minutes
43. Office Space (w/ Robert and Sheryl Khoo)
We are joined this week by special guests Robert and Sheryl Khoo (parents of a co-host of this very podcast) to talk about Mike Judge's TPS-ridden middle-class satire, Office Space! We talk about our experiences working within soul-crushing bureaucracies, and also the surprising upsides of meetings. We consider the case for Lumbergh and the plight of the middle manager, and wonder whether it is possible to earn a living within a capitalist economy without losing yourself in the process. And we evaluate the ...
2021-Jul-30 • 93 minutes
42. Rounders (w/ Anders Schoubye)
We sit down at the poker table with Anders Schoubye to discuss perhaps the greatest poker movie ever, confronting our true calling, and what the movie gets right, and wrong, about poker and gambling. Who is team Damon and who is team Teddy KGB? Tune in to find out!
2021-Jul-16 • 56 minutes
41. The Last Days of Disco (w/ Whit Stillman)
We are joined by the writer, director, and producer of The Last Days of Disco, Whit Stillman, to talk about his film, his fascination with complex female friendships and group social life generally, as well as the appeal of shaggy narratives. Whit regales us with stories that inspired the film, his experience with disco, his days in publishing, and getting to know George Plimpton. If you haven’t seen The Last Days of Disco, you should check it out now! It’s truly a wonderful film and Whit is a hilarious and...
2021-Jul-02 • 124 minutes
40. Ali (w/ Blake Howard)
We get into the ring with Blake Howard (One Heat Minute Productions) to discuss Michael Mann's incredible biopic of Muhammad Ali. Despite being a major box office failure, we make the case for revisiting this stunning and complex portrayal of the greatest boxer as he transitions from brash fighter to heroic inspiration for a social movement. We explore how Michael Mann and his astounding cast and crew (including a career-defining performance by Will Smith) manage to simultaneously humanize and glorify Ali w...
2021-Jun-18 • 80 minutes
39. Tampopo (w/ Nick Riggle)
Join us for a noodle-filled extravaganza as we dig into Tampopo with Nick Riggle (Philosophy, University of San Diego). We explore the interrelations between film and cuisine, and why ramen makes an ideal subject for a food film combining elements of both high art and (so-called) low art. Our love of Guy Fieri comes up more than once as we wonder about the role of the film's many zany side vignettes and how they are used to celebrate pure aesthetic values, while Nick unpacks what it is to be awesome and tea...
2021-Jun-04 • 71 minutes
38. Inception (w/ Tom Shone)
The cows are joined by author and film critic Tom Shone (The Nolan Variations) to discuss Christopher Nolan's epic dream-heist blockbuster, Inception. We discuss Nolan's obsessions with knowledge and self-deception and his ambivalent obsession with fantasy and escapism. We explore the film's central premise -- that the cinematic experience is akin to a shared dream -- and how Nolan weaves the premise into the core of Inception through repetition and intentional plot holes. And we finally close with a celebr...
2021-May-21 • 105 minutes
37. Amadeus (w/ Edward Lewis)
The cows are joined by friend Edward Lewis to revisit one of the greatest films of all time, the shortest three hour movie, Milos Foreman's Amadeus. We witness genius through Salieri's eyes, marvel at his ability to appreciate and translate the beauty of Mozart's music to the uninitiated, and resign ourselves to our own mediocrities. We also discuss the relationship between historical accuracy and authenticity, and how it achieves ecstatic truth through fabrication. And we ponder the renewing possibilities ...
2021-May-07 • 115 minutes
36. Mission Impossible (w/ Adam Kane)
The cows are joined by friend Adam Kane to talk about Tom Cruise's first outing as Ethan Hunt. We discuss what makes spy movies so appealing and fun, and situate the movie in the broader cultural context of the post-Cold War nineties. We explore the weird and wonderful career of Tom Cruise and how he managed to harness Brian DePalma's stylistic flourishes to create one of the tightest, most stressful, spy/heist movies ever.
2021-Apr-23 • 79 minutes
35. Midsommar (w/ Emily VanDerWerff)
Emily VanDerWerff (Vox) joins us to discuss Ari Aster's folk horror masterpiece, Midsommar. We discuss how the film subverts folk horror genre tropes to craft a compelling story about the loss of a relationship, self-discovery, and adoption into a new family. Emily articulates a trans reading of the film, and we discuss how it grapples with the challenge of accommodating our desires for individual autonomy alongside our impulse to find acceptance within a community. Bear suits and Taylor Swift also come up....
2021-Apr-16 • 114 minutes
34. True Lies (w/ Van Lathan)
The cows revisit True Lies with Van Lathan (The Ringer), discussing how James Cameron inverts the hero’s journey to tell a story about a spy struggling to connect emotionally with his wife and kids while saving the day and causing a lot of mayhem and destruction in the process. Is it the best action comedy of all time? Is it Arnold’s best performance? How does its portrayal of terrorism and American militaristic impunity play today? Tune in to find out! Follow Van on social media: @VanLathan Send us a voic...
2021-Apr-09 • 89 minutes
33. Bonus Episode: Another Round (w/ Paul Keelan)
We crack open a few cold ones (figuratively) with Paul Keelan (Cinematic Underdogs) to unpack and disagree about the Oscar-nominated Another Round. How does the film experiment with existentialism, and how does it explore our complicated relationship with alcohol? Is it worthy of being recognized as among the best films of the year, or is it just Old School dressed up with Kierkegaard quotes? We also react to its portrayal of gendered divisions of labor and explore the film's attitude towards its characters...
2021-Mar-26 • 114 minutes
32. The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans w/ Keith Phipps
We head down to the Big Easy with Nicolas Cage scholar Keith Phipps (author of The Age of Cage: Four Decades of Hollywood Through One Singular Career) to discuss Werner Herzog's hallucinatory tale of a bad cop trying to do the right thing, of addiction in the swamp, of nature's ever-encroaching wildness into our staid lives. We dive deep into Cage and Herzog both, exploring why they make a perfect pair and how their take on Bad Lieutenant differs so radically from Abel Ferrara's original. We consider the po...
2021-Mar-12 • 96 minutes
31. The Brood (w/ Jed Shepherd)
Do you suffer from intergenerational trauma that is manifesting itself in physical malformations on your body and raising red flags for your significant others? Then join us and Jed Shepherd (writer/executive producer of Host) to discuss David Cronenberg's self-described "more realistic Kramer vs. Kramer," a film about a couple working through some issues while plagued by demonic children in matching snowsuits. If you haven't seen the movie, listen to the first 13 minutes for our spoiler free pitch for the ...
2021-Feb-26 • 94 minutes
30. Clueless (w/ Andrea Rosen)
The cows take the 405 to Sherman Oaks with friend Andrea Rosen (Fleming Museum of Art) in this revisit of Amy Heckerling's totally wicked rom-com about modern girl friendships. We discuss the nature of Chers and Karens, how power relations structure what counts as knowledge, and who does and does not count as "clueless." We revisit our past selves in high school, reflect on the linguistics of Valley Girl speak, and laugh about which characters we were and who of them is most smooch-able. Dance along to No D...
2021-Feb-12 • 104 minutes
29. The Master (w/ Dan Harris)
The cows are joined this week by Dan Harris (Philosophy, Hunter College) on their journey through past lives to uncover and exorcise a few trillion-year-old traumas. We consider how Paul Thomas Anderson depicts a divided soul across three individuals struggling to find order and humanity in a chaotic, animalistic, world, and explore how trauma and masculinity intertwine to forge vulnerabilities, and even love, between two men whose life trajectories seem pointed in opposite directions. We can't pick just on...
2021-Jan-29 • 110 minutes
28. Groundhog Day (w/ Kieran Setiya)
We are joined by Kieran Setiya (Philosophy, MIT) to discuss what makes life worth living, what's lost in an infinite time loop, and to what extent flourishing within such a loop is possible. Along the way, we explore grief, the midlife crisis, atelic actions, the Buddhist concept of Saṃsāra, Kierkegaard, female agency in a world dominated by the male perspective, and the metaphysics of time loops and time travel. Supervenience violations and imaginative resistance are considered, as is Bill Murray's career ...
2021-Jan-22 • 80 minutes
27. Tenet
The cows reverse entropy to discuss Christopher Nolan's bewilderingly dense sci-fi masterpiece in this surprise bonus episode. Part one is a spoiler-free pitch for the movie, while part two explores themes and philosophical issues. Justin argues that the movie is a thematic trilogy with Inception and Interstellar about the evolving nature of parenthood, while Laura makes the case that Kat (Elizabeth Debicki) is the emotional core of the movie. Also covered are: what it is like to interact with time-inverted...
2021-Jan-15 • 141 minutes
26. The Conversation (w/ Robert Pierce)
The cows are visited by longtime San Francisco resident and old friend Robert Pierce to discuss Francis Ford Coppola's 70s paranoia thriller. Situated in the tumultuous transition period of the mid-1970s, the movie captures the cynicism of a generation slowly being engulfed by the temptations of urban renewal and fears of privacy violations. We consider how Coppola and Hackman craft a compelling character study out of a protagonist riddled with contradictions by injecting elements of their own lives into th...
2021-Jan-01 • 80 minutes
25. Excalibur (w/ Bilge Ebiri)
The cows revisit the Arthurian legend with Bilge Ebiri (New York Magazine and Vulture). We discuss how the film weaves together opera and Jungian archetypes while exploring humanity's complex and often violent relationship with nature, the challenges of self-governance, the allure of a benevolent dictator, and the tragedy befalling the virtuous leader who desires not to lead. Thematic links to the rest of Boorman's filmography are considered, as well as how Excalibur compares with other portrayals of the q...
2020-Dec-18 • 87 minutes
24. Happy Gilmore (w/ Tim Gilman)
The cows hit the links with Tim Gilman (WMBR 88.1 FM Boston) to finish off 1996 with a comedy that just might be a bit deeper than it lets on. Why is Happy so angry? Could it be in reaction to the contempt shown by the moneyed elite to the working class, a response that reflects the current rise in popularity of populist demagogues across the world? Or might it be a reflection of his inner turmoil at being terrible at what he loves most? Along the way, we discuss our obligations to care for our elders, prop...
2020-Dec-12 • 43 minutes
23. Bonus Episode: On the Rocks (2020)
The cows watched Sofia Coppola's latest and came to very different conclusions, which necessitated an emergency episode to sort it all out. Join us for a maybe autobiographical discussion of the complexities of modern parenting, gendered divisions of cognitive labor, and not losing yourself when asked to shoulder the emotional labor of your friends and family.
2020-Dec-04 • 83 minutes
22. Fargo (w/ Molly Perkins)
The cows freeze in Minnesota with friend Molly Perkins in this revisit to the Coen Brothers' 1996 folktale noir. Themes of faith, deception, encountering the inexplicable, Scandinavian roots, and ecstatic truth are all discussed, along with highlights of favorite supporting cast members and a head-to-head comparison of psycho killers Gaear Grimsrud (Peter Stormare) and Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem).
2020-Nov-20 • 85 minutes
21. Space Jam / Kazaam (w/ Vishal Dave)
Join the two cows on their journey into the world of fantasy basketball-star-crossover vehicles, featuring guest Vishal Dave! It's 1996 and Michael Jordan is fresh back from retirement, ready to take on the Monstars and save the NBA from a bunch of talentless hacks. Is there a tragic emptiness at the core of Space Jam, marked by Jordan's self-destructive quest for dominance? And how does it compare to what might be its polar opposite -- Kazaam, a rapping genie movie about a child who comes to accept the imp...
2020-Nov-06 • 102 minutes
20. Bottle Rocket / Hard Eight (w/ Mattia Acetoso)
The cows are joined by Mattia Acetoso (Italian Literature, Boston College) to discuss the feature debuts of Wes and Paul Thomas Anderson. What might we learn about these original and influential directors' first films? Both movies center around misfits who retreat from a random and often harsh reality to form their own surrogate families and find new ways of living. Along the way, genres are subverted, narratives obfuscated, and souls redeemed.
2020-Oct-23 • 58 minutes
19. Scream / The Craft
The two cows discuss the social complexity of female high school friendships and the sexual politics of teen horror in their reappraisal of these two '96 classics. They explore how cliques can provide social insulation as well as opportunities for emotional manipulation, and consider how the "horror movie rules" encode a Puritanical ethics towards sex and drugs while also aiming to satisfy the male gaze by providing copious instances of such behavior.
2020-Oct-09 • 68 minutes
18. Independence Day
The two cows start their journey through 1996 at its blockbuster peak, revisiting Roland Emmerich's game-changing blow everything up alien disaster extravaganza, Independence Day. What made the 1990s such a fertile time for disaster flicks, and what makes ID4 one of the best movie star vehicles ever? The cows also explore neoconservative themes of US military dominance on the world stage, and discuss the case for Randy Quaid being the emotional center of the film.
2020-Sep-25 • 72 minutes
17. Mulholland Drive (w/ Agnes and Abe Callard, and Ryan Clark)
The cows take a drive with Abe and Agnes Callard (Philosophy, U. Of Chicago) and Ryan Clark into David Lynch's fantastical and depraved version of Los Angeles. What mysteries will they find in Club Silencio, or on the set of the Sylvia North Story? What explains the continued appeal of Lynch's absurdist masterpiece? How does he deploy narrative and filmic tropes to subvert his audience's expectations and what are we to make of the often frustrating and contradictory results? Follow Agnes on Twitter and rea...
2020-Sep-11 • 62 minutes
16. Identity
Things get scary when the two cows are stranded in a motel on a rainy night with James Mangold. What makes a good twist? What’s the appeal of Agatha Christie? Is this a movie about white guilt, or flaws in the criminal justice system? Tune in to find out!
2020-Aug-28 • 105 minutes
15. Forrest Gump
The cows revisit 1994’s Best Picture winner, Forrest Gump. Is it a conservative agenda piece, portraying Forrest’s racial colorblindness as the envisioned end of racism in America, or is it a sober reflection on the history of violence and racism baked into contemporary America and American cinema? Is Jenny’s the story of an entire generation’s complex relationship with shifting power dynamics and its reckoning with an inability to impart lasting social change? Tune in for this and much more in our longest ...
2020-Aug-14 • 58 minutes
14. Titanic
The cows go back to Titanic and explore how Cameron weaves together themes of love, memory, duty, and class into a massive scale disaster flick. Is Titanic, which was at the time the most expensive and highest grossing movie ever, secretly an anti-capitalist propaganda piece? Or is it just the pinnacle of Hollywood bombast? Tune in to find out!
2020-Jul-31 • 55 minutes
13. Vampire's Kiss / The Assistant
The two cows journey into the madness of toxic masculinity, pairing the madcap Nicolas Cage classic “Vampire’s Kiss” with the recent Kitty Green masterpiece, “The Assistant.” How do artists use hyper-realism and non-realist expressionism to depict challenging and often elusive problems? What is the significance of using vampirism as the framing device to portray workplace misogyny? And how can we cope with the moral harms toxic masculinity imposes on those of us forced into the orbit of a serial predator?
2020-Jul-17 • 65 minutes
12. Searching for Bobby Fischer
The two cows visit the chess hustlers in Washington Square Park to dive deep on one of the best sports/parenting movies, Searching for Bobby Fischer. What does the pursuit of excellence demand, and is it ultimately worth it? How should we as parents or mentors advise those who would strive for such greatness? Also discussed: the tragic and cautionary tale of Bobby Fischer, Jordan vs. LeBron, contempt vs. compassion for one’s opponents, and the fashion of IZOD polo shirts.
2020-Jul-03 • 71 minutes
11. Children of Men (w/ Vishal Dave)
The two cows are joined by friend Vishal Dave to visit humanity in its final days in Children of Men, a movie that seems in retrospect sadly prescient for our current times. What would knowledge of the imminent end of humanity mean for the final generation of humans and how might it affect what matters to them? How does Cuarón weave does art and iconography into the film and what themes does he use art to invoke? Why does Julianne Moore rule? And more!
2020-Jun-19 • 62 minutes
10. The Blair Witch Project
The two cows delve into the Black Hills Forest to sort out why the Blair Witch Project was the tenth highest grossing movie of 1999, why it took so long for Hollywood to capitalize on found footage horror, the nature of horror itself and why we desire to be horrified, as well as what makes the Blair Witch Project so especially horrifying.
2020-Jun-05 • 86 minutes
9. No Country For Old Men (w/ Edward Lewis)
The two cows head to Texas with their pal Edward to consider one of the best film adaptations of a book ever. Topics discussed include encounters with the unintelligible, grappling with our shared fate of becoming lost to the passage of time, Sartrean bad faith, and Anton Chigurh’s quarantine haircut.
2020-May-25 • 65 minutes
8. The Social Network
The two cows revisit a more innocent time, when Facebook was just a silly site where people posted relationship statuses and the only concerns about it involved whether your mom saw that frat party photo your friend tagged you in. Is Sorkin overrated? Is this a breakup movie? Is it a movie about revolutions without ideals? What is Jesse Eisenberg like in real life?
2020-May-17 • 89 minutes
7. Contact (w/ Molly Perkins)
The two cows are joined this week by special guest Molly Perkins; together, they embark on an interstellar journey into the bureaucratic maze of academic funding. Join us for a discussion of aliens (where are they?), McConaughey vs. Fichtner (who best?), scrunchies (what do they signify?), our favorite first contact movies, and whether this is Robert Zemeckis's masterpiece! [0:02:08] Overview [0:25:31] McConaughey: good/bad? [0:44:57] Aliens!! [0:51:40] Laura's scrunchie breakdown [1:13:32] Talking Zemeckis...
2020-May-07 • 76 minutes
6. Minority Report
The two cows go running with Tom Cruise and discuss the future as it was projected in 2002, the nature of middle knowledge, themes of blindness/control/justice, and give their top five Spielberg movies. 10.44: Future talk 28.34: Justin's philosophy corner 41.31: Theme and variation 67.22: Spielberg ranked
2020-Apr-18 • 56 minutes
5. Five Streaming Double Features
The two cows recommend five double features, all streaming on either Netflix or Amazon Prime. The themes are: High and Low, Paranoia, Families Falling Apart, The Rules of the Universe, How to Win Friends and Influence People. . . . . Movies recommended: High and Low (0:59 Bringing out the Dead // 5:00 Inside Llewyn Davis) Paranoia (9:27 Clue // 12:53 The Conversation) Families Falling Apart (15:52 Suspiria [2018] // 20:03 The Squid and the Whale) The Rules of the Universe (25:13 Killing of a Sacred Deer // ...
2020-Apr-13 • 43 minutes
4. Can't Hardly Wait
The two cows go back to high school to revisit this classic 90s teen comedy and discuss house parties, a real life Trip McNeely story, and Siskel & Ebert's rating scale.
2020-Apr-05 • 55 minutes
3. Joy Ride
The two cows take a road trip to discuss how a decade of bored contentment in America gave rise to both the gen-X slacker and prank culture, laying the seeds for a generational conflict that takes center stage in this highly rewatchable 2001 John Dahl thriller.
2020-Mar-30 • 65 minutes
2. Terminator 2: Judgment Day
The two cows discuss time travel, religious themes, and the nature of sequels in this action-packed episode.
2020-Mar-19 • 34 minutes
1. The Departed
The two cows go to confession with Martin Scorsese's Boston crime drama.