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2020 to present
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Podcaster's summary: I'm Jordan Myers and I'm a Master's student studying philosophy at the University of Houston. Plato's Cave is my attempt to exit... well, the cave. It's a philosophy podcast meant to help me guide my ascent to the real world, the truth, the place where life is worth living; and apparently that means giving up a regular job with good pay to pursue the security of the academic job market - the philosophy job market nonetheless. Join me on my journey as I cover philosophical works and speak with the best philosophical minds I can convince to come on the show!

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2022-Aug-08 • 99 minutes
Ep. 46 - Reactive Attitudes and Restorative Justice (PPE series prt3)
In part 3 of the Political Philosophy Reading Group series, Adam, Giffin, and I discuss the paper "Co-Reactive Attitudes and the Making of Moral Community" by Victoria McGeer, wherein she links an adoption of P.F. Strawson's thesis about the reactive attitudes directly to the practice of restorative justice.
2022-Aug-04 • 163 minutes
Ep. 45 - "What is the Point of Equality?" by Elizabeth Anderson (PPE series prt2)
In part 2 of the Political Philosophy Reading Group series, Adam, Giffin, and I discuss the paper "What is the Point of Equality?" by Elizabeth Anderson, which investigated the role of luck in creating egalitarian outcomes. Anderson focuses on a capabilities approach to political equality which differs from some common intuitions held by luck egalitarians.
2022-Jul-30 • 93 minutes
Ep. 44 - Conflict as Property and Restorative Justice (PPE series prt1)
In part 1 of the Political Philosophy Reading Group series, we discuss the formative paper "Conflict as Property" by Nils Christie along with some of its more modern applications in restorative justice.
2022-Jun-28 • 73 minutes
Ep. 43 - Garrett Pendergraft: "Free Will and Human Agency" (50 Thought Experiments)
In this episode, I speak with Garrett Pendergraft about his forthcoming book: FREE WILL AND HUMAN AGENCY: 50 PUZZLES, PARADOXES, AND THOUGHT EXPERIMENTS, which will be out in July 2022! We discuss three chapters on the Garden of Forking Paths, Uncertainty and Deliberation, and Divine Foreknowledge.
2022-Jun-16 • 84 minutes
Ep. 42 - FW/MR: "For the Law, Neuroscience Changes Nothing and Everything" by Greene & Cohen
In this reading group episode, we wrap up the free will and moral responsibility series with a discussion of Greene and Cohen's "For the Law, Neuroscience Changes Nothing and Everything." We talk about the legal and cultural implications of the series through the lens of Green ad Cohen's work.
2022-Jun-15 • 102 minutes
Ep. 41 - FW/MR: "Asymmetrical Freedom" by Susan Wolf
In this reading group episode, Giffin, Adam, Brian, and I talk about the crazy (in the best way) paper by Susan Wolf, "Asymmetrical Freedom." Can we be responsible for bad actions? Only good ones? What does the role of determinism do to our judgements?
2022-Jun-14 • 107 minutes
Ep. 40 - FW/MR: "Reply: The Free Will Revolution" by John Martin Fischer
In this reading group episode, Adam, Giffin, Brian, and I follow up on JMF's reasons-responsive view of responsibility by looking to an earlier paper of his: "Reply: The Free Will Revolution."
2022-Jun-13 • 115 minutes
Ep. 39 - FW/MR: "Semicompatibilism and its Rivals" by John Martin Fischer
In this reading group episode, Adam, Giffin, and I discuss reasons-responsive compatibilism by looking into J.M.F.'s work, excellently laid out in this article. We also discuss JMF's critique of Frankfurt's second order desire account.
2022-Jun-12 • 158 minutes
Ep. 38 - FW/MR: "The Importance of Free Will" by Susan Wolf
In this reading group episode, Adam, Brian, Giffin, and I discuss "The Importance of Free Will" by Susan Wolf, a discussion spawned by our disagreements in the previous episode about the plausibility of Sommers 2007.
2022-Jun-11 • 152 minutes
Ep. 37 - FW/MR: "The Objective Attitude" by Tamler Sommers
In this reading group episode, we discuss "The Objective Attitude" by Tamler Sommers. Giffin thinks that he could happily exist in this state - Adam and I strongly disagree. Brian join us for the rest of the series!
2022-Jun-10 • 113 minutes
Ep. 36 - FW/MR: "Alternate Possibilities and Moral Responsibility" by Harry Frankfurt
In this reading group episode, we discuss Harry Frankfurt's landmark 1969 paper, "Alternate Possibilities and Moral Responsibility"
2022-Jun-09 • 109 minutes
Ep. 35 - FW/MR: "Freedom of the Will and the Concept of a Person" by Harry Frankfurt
In this reading group episode, we discuss Frankfurt's famous paper, Freedom of the Will and the Concept of a Person.
2022-Jun-08 • 153 minutes
Ep. 34 - FW/MR: "Responsibility and the Limits of Evil" by Gary Watson
In this reading group episode, we discuss Gary Watson's paper on Intelligible Moral Demand being a way to view the debate on moral responsibility. That paper is his Responsibility and the Limits of Evil: Variations on a Strawsonian Theme.
2022-Jun-07 • 117 minutes
Ep. 33 - FW/MR: "Freedom and Resentment" by P.F. Strawson
In this reading group episode, we go deep into the weeds of PF Strawson's "Freedom and Resentment."
2022-Jun-06 • 78 minutes
Ep. 32 - FW/MR: The Four Case Argument and Basic Argument by Galen Strawson and Derk Pereboom
In this reading group discussion episode, we discuss Galen Strawson's "The Impossibility of Moral Responsibility" and Derk Pereboom's Four Case Argument against compatibilism.
2022-Jun-04 • 54 minutes
Ep. 31 - FW/MR: SEP on Free Will and Determinism
In this reading group discussion episode, we discuss a follow up to our part 1 episode using the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entries on free will and determinism.
2022-Jun-02 • 78 minutes
Ep. 30 - FW/MR: "Free Will" by Sam Harris
In this reading group discussion episode, we start a series on Free Will, Determinism, and Moral Responsibility with Sam Harris's book.
2022-Feb-15 • 57 minutes
Ep. 29 - Max Kiener: Consenting to Objectification
I spoke with Max Kiener about his work in moral responsibility, consent, and Strawson's reactive and objective attitudes. We discussed applied cases of the objective stance, such as manipulating someone into getting the Covid vaccine, undergoing a medical operation, or for someone's best interests.
2022-Feb-10 • 43 minutes
Ep. 28 - Eddy Nahmias: Neuroscience as a (Non) Threat to Free Will
I spoke with the philosopher Eddy Nahmias about his work in Free Will and Moral Responsibility. What type of freedom do we have, or want to have? And does the increasing understanding of the brain threaten our sense of acting freely? Find out all this and more in my talk with Eddy.
2022-Jan-20 • 66 minutes
Ep. 27 - Seth Shabo: Free Will Mysterianism
In this episode, I speak with Seth Shabo about Mysterianism, a view originated by Peter van Inwagen. We also touch related topics: determinism's relevance to responsibility, reactive attitudes, and the Luck Objection to free will.
2021-Dec-29 • 69 minutes
Ep. 26 - Adam Kadlac: Objectification in Sports
In this episode, I speak with Adam Kadlac about a chapter in his newly published book, The Ethics of Sports Fandom. We discuss the pitfalls of objectification within various areas of athletics and from different perspectives. You can purchase the full book now!
2021-Dec-13 • 51 minutes
Ep. 25 - Matthew Flummer: The Free Will Show and Moral Responsibility
In this episode, I speak with Matthew Flummer about various episodes and topics from his podcast, The Free Will Show. We discuss Frankfurt cases, God's Foreknowledge as a threat to freedom, and the type of control needed for responsibility.
2021-Nov-18 • 74 minutes
Ep. 24 - Paul Russell: Free Will, Art, and Morality (& Compatibilism)
In this episode, I speak with Paul Russell about his 2008 paper, "Free Will, Art, and Morality," along with more general topics within the responsibility debate, included in Paul's chapter in the Oxford Handbook on Moral Responsibility (forthcoming). We discuss his case for compatibilism between determinism and moral responsibility.
2021-Oct-22 • 60 minutes
Ep. 23 - Susan Wolf: On Moral Responsibility
In this episode, I speak with Susan Wolf about her first two papers, "Asymmetrical Freedom" and "The Importance of Having Free Will." These papers have been influential to me and I was lucky enough to discuss them with Dr. Wolf. We discuss her views on moral responsibility, reactive attitudes, and her upcoming projects.
2021-Sep-16 • 69 minutes
Ep. 22 - John Martin Fischer: Moral Responsibility Semicompatibilism
In this episode, I speak with John Martin Fischer about his semicompatibilism about moral responsibility. We use his 2012 paper, "Semicompatibilism and its Rivals" as a framework for the discussion.
2021-Jun-04 • 86 minutes
Ep. 21 - Gregg Caruso: Just Deserts & Rejecting Retributivism
In this episode, I speak with Gregg Caruso about this recent book, Just Deserts, co-authored with Dan Dennett. We discuss his claims about rejecting deep moral responsibility while still preserving many distinctions that compatibilists like Dan find important. We also dive into the divide between he (and myself) and Dennett.
2021-May-08 • 66 minutes
Ep. 20 - Per-Erik Milam: Letting Go & Forgiveness
In this episode, I speak with Per Milam about his recent work on letting go as an alternative to forgiveness. These topics naturally touch on the practices of blame and responsibility and Strawson's reactive attitudes.
2021-Apr-15 • 75 minutes
Ep. 19 - Derek Leben: Pascal's Wager & Anti-Natalism for AI
In this episode, I speak with Dr. Derek Leben about his recent Philosophy Now article, Pascal’s Artificial Intelligence Wager. We talk about Pascal's wager applied to AI, the control problem, consciousness, our ability to control the course of AI development, and the meaning that grounds moral realism.
2021-Mar-26 • 38 minutes
Ep. 18 - Tamar Schapiro: Weakness of Will
In this episode, I speak with philosopher Tamar Schapiro about her work on weak willed action from a Kantian perspective. This all relates to her forthcoming book, Feeling Like it: a Theory of Inclination and Will.
2020-Dec-16 • 59 minutes
Ep. 17 - Philip Goff: Panpsychism
In this episode, I speak with Dr. Phillip Goff about Panpsychism. We discuss what we mean by consciousness, why materialist reductionism doesn't satisfy as an explanation of its existence, and what Panpsychism can offer as a theory of consciousness.
2020-Oct-11 • 106 minutes
Ep. 16 - Patrick Lee Miller: Be Right Back and The Entire History of You
In this episode, I speak with Dr. Patrick Lee Miller about two episodes of the phenomenal Netflix series, Black Mirror: BE Right Back and The Entire History of You. We discuss the episode's themes of grief, loss of self to technology, memory, loved ones, relationships, jealousy, and more. This was a ton of fun and I hope you enjoy it as well!
2020-Sep-25 • 53 minutes
Ep. 15 - Brandon Warmke: Moral Grandstanding
In this episode, I speak with Brandon Warmke about his new book, Grandstanding, which he co-authored with Justin Tosi. Brandon is a professor of philosophy at Bowling Green State University. I highly recommend the book, and I hope this talk does it justice. I very much enjoyed speaking with Brandon, and I hope you enjoy our conversation as well.
2020-Sep-04 • 55 minutes
Ep. 14 - Brandon Robshaw: Eternal Recurrence
In this episode, I speak with Dr. Brandon Robshaw about his recent piece in Philosophy Now on Nietzsche's Eternal Recurrence. We also discuss his new book, 'Should a Liberal State Ban the Burqa?' (The short answer is no.)
2020-Aug-23 • 52 minutes
Ep. 13 - David Papineau: Materialism and Consciousness
In this episode, I talk with David Papineau about his rejection of the Hard Problem of Consciousness, how dualism infects thinking about theory of mind, and how materialism is the best account of why we have experiences.
2020-Aug-17 • 60 minutes
Ep. 12 - Bernardo Kastrup: Why Materialism Cannot Explain Consciousness
In this episode, I speak with Bernardo Kastrup, who holds a PhD in Philosophy and Computer Engineering, about the hard problem of consciousness, idealism, theory of mind, panpsychism, and why materialistic reductionism cannot account for the fact of conscious experience.
2020-Aug-14 • 69 minutes
Ep. 11 - Russell Blackford: Philosophy's Future
In this episode, I speak with the Philosopher Russell Blackford about his edited book with Damien Broderick on the problems of philosophical progress, pop-philosophy, academic isolation, interdisciplinary work, and more. This was a wonderful insight on the niche details of the field, and will be of interest to both PhD's and fans of philosophy alike.
2020-Jun-18 • 112 minutes
Ep. 10 - Jon Rosen: What's Fair Game in a Conversation?
In this episode, I speak with Dr. Jon Rosen about his Facebook discussion group Fair Game and about how to have difficult conversations generally. We discuss the challenges, what it means to be a reasonable interlocutor, and more.
2020-Jun-12 • 60 minutes
Ep. 9 - Matthew McManus: Myth and Mayhem
In this episode, I sit down with Matthew McManus to discuss the new book he co-authored: Myth and Mayhem: A Leftist Critique of Jordan Peterson.
2020-Apr-24 • 86 minutes
Ep. 7 - Public Historian Justin Clark
In this episode, I speak with Public Historian Just Clark about the current social and economic situation surrounding COVID and about the underlying philosophy and logic of different political ideologies in general.
2020-Apr-04 • 106 minutes
Ep. 5 - The Milgram and Zimbardo Experiments (& Golhagen vs Browning on Nazis)
In this episode, I discuss the Stanley Milgram and Phil Zimbardo experiments and what they say about our human nature. These experiments are also tied into the Browning vs Goldhagen debate on how he German population was convinced to do such terrible acts during the holocaust.
2020-Mar-29 • 95 minutes
Ep. 4 - Ben Burgis: Moral Responsibility in a Determined World
In this episode, I speak with Ben Burgis for a second time about free will compatiblism in a deterministic world. We speak about the metaphysics of free will and determinism, and what should constitude ground for moral responsibility. We also discuss my grad school writing sample and Christine Korsgaard's work.
2020-Mar-20 • 61 minutes
Ep. 3 - Alastair Wilson: The Nature of Contingency
In this episode, I spoke with Professor Alastair Wilson about his newly released book, The Nature of Contingency: Quantum Physics as Modal Realism. We spoke about contingency, counterfactuals, the multiple worlds interpretation of quantum physics, free will, and more.
2020-Mar-16 • 97 minutes
Ep. 2.11 - (ft.) Ben Burgis and Jon Rosen: Do We Have Free Will?
In this episode, Ben Burgis and Jon Rosen join me for a discussion on whether we have free will, or not, and if we do have it, is it the important type of freedom? I very much enjoyed hearing the two of them spar and I hope you find it valuable as well.
2020-Mar-16 • 82 minutes
Ep. 2.9 - Moral Hypocrisy
In this episode, Giffin, Jordan, Brian, and Adam talk about what moral hypocrisy is and what it is not. Plus, how bad is being a moral hypocrite really? Is is actually worse to be a hypocrite than just lie? Find out in this episode.
2020-Mar-16 • 25 minutes
Ep. 2.10 - Moral Responsibility: Freedom and Resentment by P.F. Strawson
In this episode, I discuss P.F. Strawson's landmark paper on moral responsibility, Freedom and Resentment, and its posing challenges towards those who believe free will and determinism have anything to do with responsibility.
2020-Mar-15 • 66 minutes
Ep. 2.7 - (ft.) Clyde Rathbone
In this episode, I speak with Clyde Rathbone who is a co-founder of Letter, a new and very engaging online marketplace of conversations. We discuss why the platform is very unique and inspiring, and about the health of out conversations, doing things that mater, and finding meaning in life. It was a all-around great talk, and I hope you think so too!
2020-Mar-15 • 73 minutes
Ep. 2.5 - Aristotelian Virtue Ethics vs Consequentialism
In this episode, In this episode, Jordan, Brian, and Adam discuss the possible shortcomings of Aristotelian ethics as opposed to consequentialism or deontology. Plus, a quibble on moral relativism.
2020-Mar-15 • 71 minutes
Ep. 2.4 - Aristotle's Virtue Ethics
Part 1 of a 2 part series on Aristotelian virtue ethics.
2020-Mar-15 • 83 minutes
Ep. 2.2 - (ft.) Pastor Paul Vanderklay
In this episode, I spoke with Paul about many interesting topics: God, my religious experiences, his pastoral work, Jordan Peterson's religiosity, interpreting scripture, and more. This was a really interesting and fun episode, and I hope you think so too!
2020-Mar-15 • 76 minutes
Ep 2.3 - (ft.) Helen Pluckrose
In this episode, I sit down with Helen Pluckrose to discuss the grievance studies papers she co-authored. We also discuss epistemology on the left and her upcoming book and how to combat regressive leftism.
2020-Mar-14 • 129 minutes
Ep. 2.1 - (ft.) The Dirty History Podcast
In this episode of Plato's Cave, I invite on Adam from That's BS and two guests from the Dirty History Podcast, Thomas and Woodrow. We talked about WWI and WWII, Imperialism, Rhetoric in history, Random history topics, Moral relativism, and Ethics in history. This was an amazing podcast to record and I hope you like it as well.
2020-Mar-02 • 38 minutes
Ep. 1 - The Allegory of the Cave
In this episode of Plato's Cave, I unpack The Allegory of the Cave from Plato's Republic and Thus Spoke Zarathustra from Friedrich Nietzsche and use both works to explain what I'm hoping to accomplish with this podcast.