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101 episodes
2019 to present
Average episode: 56 minutes
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Categories: Math • Two Hosts

Podcaster's summary: A podcast dedicated to all things quantitative, ranging from the relevant to the highly irrelevant. Co-hosts Patrick Curran and Greg Hancock talk about serious statistical topics, but without taking themselves too seriously. Think: CarTalk hi-jacked by the two grumpy old guys from the Muppets, grousing about quantitative methods, statistics, and data analysis, all presented to you with the production value of a 6th grade school project. But in a good way.

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List Updated: 2022-Jun-29 11:52 UTC. Episodes: 101. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2022-May-10 • 63 minutes
S3E28: The Challenges & Joys of Academia
In this, their 100th episode and Season 3 finale, Greg and Patrick talk about the challenges and joys of a career in academia. Helping to ensure that we don’t let the bastards grind us down are the voices of three insightful assistant professors and three wonderful graduate students. Along the way, we also mention lining up the napkin, hug free zones, margarita night in 2003, relying on the kindness of strangers, Strunk & White voodoo, a mile-high C, Mr. October, going beyond the veil, the Black Plague,...
2022-Apr-19 • 57 minutes
S3E27: Propensity Scores -- I Meant To Do That!
In this week's episode Patrick and Greg get to hang out with Noah Greifer from the Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences at Harvard University to delve into the fascinating world of propensity scores: what they are, how we obtain them, and how they can be thoughtfully used to strengthen our causal inferences. Along the way we also mention Popular Woodworking, fixing things on the back end, hiding your own Easter eggs, 18 hour warnings, easy undergrad majors, Meyers-Briggs career predictions, picki...
2022-Apr-12 • 64 minutes
S3E26: The 411 on Information Theory
In this week's episode, Greg and Patrick talk about information theory: what it is, where it comes from, how it works, and how it can be used to make comparative model inferences. Along the way we also mention Pennsylvania 6-5000, the time lady, the Nobel Prize for Awesomeness, juggling and unicycles, enigma, imaginary friends, lemon juice code, red giants and white dwarves, bits, a level-11 paladin, Hungarian Forrest Gump, snake eyes and boxcar Willies, the Reaper Divergence Criterion, and getting ins...
2022-Apr-05 • 56 minutes
S3E25: Fungible Parameter Estimates and Earthquake Waller
In this week's episode Greg and Patrick discuss the sometimes terrifying issue of fungible weights in multiple regression and structural equation modeling in which selecting a trivially worse criterion of fit can often lead to radical changes in the corresponding parameter estimates. Along the way they also discuss competitive family Wordle, disambiguation, inflammability, perpitty, being nonplussed, running laps after practice, schmungible, audio eyerolls, Haystacks at Sunset, hyper eggs, the Spiderve...
2022-Mar-29 • 60 minutes
S3E24: The Wright Stuff – The Beauty of Path Tracing Rules
In this week's episode Patrick and Greg explore Sewall Wright's path tracing rules as an alternative to covariance and matrix algebra, including how the rules work and the tremendous insights they can provide toward understanding a model. Along the way they also discuss the Unabomber, Crate & Barrel, grocery lane profiling, tedious as poop, throwing dead cats, senior animal husbandman, using your fingers, creepy guy in an alley, sweat pants vs. suits of armor, getaway car drivers, hold my Guin...
2022-Mar-08 • 54 minutes
S3E23: The Mättrix Part II: Using Matrices To Our Advantage
In this week's episode Greg and Patrick continue their discussion from last week in The Mättrix Part Deux, exploring the magic of matrices including estimation, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors. Along the way they also mention flawed audio transcripts, 50 Shades of Greg, drunkenly shoving a matrix, drug mules, things you need, isomorphic interdigitation, plywood and tennis balls, heroin-filled condoms, talking to volleyballs, bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy, meat grinders, not going to prom, vector b...
2022-Mar-01 • 57 minutes
S3E22: The Mättrix Part I: Defining & Manipulating Matrices
In this first of two episodes, Patrick and Greg lay the foundations of matrix algebra, mathematically and geometrically, and start connecting these important underlying ideas to statistics. Along the way, they also mention STDs, the 110 to the 10 to the 405, mystics, skin bags of water, vector Victor, Tac flashlights on misty nights, remembering mnemonics, Stephen Hawking, Bilbo Baggins, and Greg's sultry voice.
2022-Feb-22 • 51 minutes
S3E21: A Low-Resolution Discussion of Sampling Distributions
In this week's episode Greg and Patrick discuss the critical distinction between sample distributions and sampling distributions, and explore all the different ways in which sampling distributions are foundational to how we conduct research. Along the way they also mention Starbucks jazz, one item tests, hot pockets, delusions of grandeur, Tetris and Pong, drawing inappropriate distributions, magical properties, texting pictures of kindle pages, Roman arches, 1970s graphics, never saying never, mumblin...
2022-Feb-15 • 52 minutes
S3E20: The Rise of Machine Learning in the Social Sciences with Doug Steinley
Patrick and Greg discuss the rise of machine learning in the social sciences with guest Doug Steinley, Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Missouri at Columbia and current editor of the APA journal Psychological Methods. Along the way they also mention funeral expenses, Swedish massage, Amy the Chatbot, irony versus coincidence, lavender bath bombs, varmint removal, Planet of the Apes, Voltron, the Cookie Monster, theory smoothies, Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam, ironing your Christm...
2022-Feb-08 • 49 minutes
S3E19: Social Network Analysis: Making Connections with Tracy Sweet
In this week's episode Greg and Patrick have a wonderfully engaging conversation with social network analysis expert Tracy Sweet who is an Associate Professor in the Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology at the University of Maryland. Tracy patiently helps us understand what social network analysis is, and how it can be used to better understand the complexities of human behavior. Along the way they also discuss sliding into DMs, fax machines, older millennials, baboons, too much...
2022-Feb-01 • 55 minutes
S3E18: Aunt Roz's Guide to Latent Means Models
In this week's episode Patrick and Greg discuss latent means models to conduct group mean comparisons while controlling for measurement error, which gives you more power and more accurate standardized effect size estimates. Along the way, they also mention Aunt Roz, table 8, naughty pigs, crossing the streams, big twinkies, asbestos, It's a Small World, churros, 1974 Sweden, Greg's Swedish coach, ghosts, the primrose path, SAT-level words, and humble pirates.
2022-Jan-25 • 55 minutes
S3E17: Logistic Regression: 2 Logit 2 Quit
Greg and Patrick explore the generalized linear model as a powerful framework for building regression models for binary and other discretely distributed dependent variables. Along the way they also mention stealing property, statistical conspiracy theories, mic drops, coming uncorked, getting punched by biostatisticians, big logistic, tapping out, the Oakland Raiders, being 8.5 feet tall, sheep bones, cleaning up after the party so your parents don't find out, arm strength, the regression whisperer, wh...
2022-Jan-18 • 45 minutes
S3E16: Your COVID Rapid Test Result: Are You Positive You're Positive?
In today's episode, Patrick and Greg use the context of COVID rapid tests to discuss issues of sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predicted values, and the generally questionable utility of test accuracy information. Along the way they also mention escape rooms, C4, Embassy Suites, palak paneer, 93% accurate, astragali, SAT prep courses, the volume of a cone, risk and burden, and digging up the Rev.
2022-Jan-11 • 54 minutes
S3E15: Heywood You Help Me With Negative Residual Variances?
In today's episode Greg & Patrick discuss the causes, consequences, and potential solutions associated with negative residual variances in factor analyses, a condition commonly called a Heywood case. Along the we way they also mention vegetarian pepperoni, Jaws Part 2, coffin seat belts, balancing a ship, bad puns, sterilizing needles, dead canaries, hitchhikers, legal depositions, boxes of geodes, knowing what time it is, and models that give you the finger.
2021-Dec-14 • 43 minutes
S3E14: Patrick & Greg's New Year's Balls Drop
Patrick and Greg, perched in a glass booth high above New York's Times Square, ring in 2022 with the help of some friends by counting down quantitative New Year’s resolutions.Along the way they also mention QPod catheters, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, groin height, yelling at NPR, Shimmer, O’Nuckles, intellectual gooses, European Quanterati, smoldering corpses, Dilbert, Dom Perignon, quant club, organ grinders, and non-contiguous sub-4-minute miles.Special thanks to: Rajiv Amarnani, Sam Cacace, Mashael Dewan, ...
2021-Dec-07 • 53 minutes
S3E13: Actor-Partner Interdependence Models
In today's episode, Greg and Patrick talk about the rich array of models for testing hypotheses about mutual influences between people within a dyadic relationship. Along the way they also mention bones to pick, red herrings, bad influences, cow nutrition, playing both sides of the ball, Deion Sanders, the mind's eye, it's not me it's you, background guitar music, phantom variables and money laundering, Kenny from South Park, syllabus bullet points, Eeyore, free steak knives, and fouric ...
2021-Nov-30 • 54 minutes
S3E12: The History of Measurement: A Conversation with Derek Briggs
Patrick and Greg have an in-depth conversation with Derek Briggs, from the University of Colorado, about his new book exploring the fascinating and at times uncomfortable history of measurement and the people who helped develop methods we still use today. Along the way they also mention: outsourcing parenting, where do babies come from, hearing colors, teacher strikes, blowing things up, Morgan Freeman, penguins, driving students nuts, horrible people, quantitative imperatives, and cutting bait.
2021-Nov-16 • 56 minutes
S3E11: The Cons and the Cons of Median Splits
Greg and Patrick talk about median splits and other ways that continuous variables might be categorized to simplify analyses, and the often very high cost of doing so. Along the way they also mention Never Have I Ever, hand cuffs, gold hoop earrings, bungee jumping, Erik, Henry and Penny, having a mini, chug jugs, Hill Street Blues, med kits and bandages, Patrick's mind's eye, Isn't It Ironic, leveling up, asteroids, and gophmunks.
2021-Nov-08 • 58 minutes
S3E10: Observation and Exploration
Patrick and Greg discuss the often forgotten importance of observation and exploration for the purpose of suggesting patterns and forming hypotheses, which can later be refined and rigorously tested within the framework of our well-developed confirmatory machinery. Along the they way they also discuss Orlando road trips, our inner child, crappy glue, melted chocolate, leaning into the pitch, even a penny, 3-by-5 therapy cards, Law & Order, Easy Rider, 200 million digits of pi, The Illuminati, the first ...
2021-Nov-01 • 51 minutes
S3E09: Semi-Partially Clarifying Measures of Association in Regression
Patrick and Greg answer a mailbag question about some foundational principles of regression and correlation, specifically the differences among correlation, standardized regression weights, semi-partial correlations, and partial correlations. They also check in with someone from Season 2: Amanda Montoya's undergrad mentee, Kat. Along the way, they also mention: Ap Olo Gies, mocking by text, particle transporters, walk like an Egyptian, spicing up parties, getting Curraned, your plus one, visuals in an ...
2021-Oct-25 • 59 minutes
S3E08: Statistical Degrees of Freedom... An Intimate Stranger
In today's episode Patrick and Greg talk about statistical degrees of freedom: what they represent, how they are computed, and the importance they play in daily life. Along the way they also mention color blindness, the Skinnylicious menu, Kevin Bacon, Elmo's Diner, the flatties, Amtrak, drinking Guinness at room temperature, sudoku, courage, paying the reaper, Karl Popper's corpse, needing 152% on your final exam, and famous grandfathers.
2021-Oct-18 • 58 minutes
S3E07: In Defense of Researcher Degrees of Freedom
In this episode, Greg and Patrick discuss the many places where researchers make decisions throughout the research process, and they weigh the pros and cons of those researchers having such decision-making freedom. Along the way, they also mention Lucky Charms, frozen waffles for dinner, the fifth down, forking paths, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, sharks in the water, the Dutch, bad actors, the Cyril Burt fan club, 3-ball corner pocket, Rush’s high priests, petulant teenagers, autopilot, cat rodeos, and the ...
2021-Oct-11 • 52 minutes
S3E06: Item Parcels: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!
In today's episode Patrick & Greg talk about the use of item parcels in latent variable modeling: what they are, what might motivate you to use them, and what unexpected complications can arise. Along the way they also mention wheel extenders, walking toward the light, logorrhea, party bands, corpse sniffing dogs, boxes of human heads, academic dunking, getting uppity, crane kicks, mic drops, and Sonya sweeping the leg.
2021-Oct-04 • 52 minutes
S3E05: Pop Quiz 3: Ethan's Revenge
What starts as a friendly check-in with our intern Ethan McCormick in the Netherlands turns into Ethan's Pop Quiz Revenge around the themes of statistical paradoxes and distributions. Along the way, Greg and Patrick also discuss headlamps, airport carousels, prostrate vs. prostate, operatic ambulances, ungulates, how X-mas got its X, Cobra Kai, bromeo, metric time, clang association, paradocies, and William of Orange.
2021-Sep-27 • 61 minutes
S3E04: Two Time Point Data: What Is Your Quest?
Patrick and Greg talk about the potential advantages and disadvantages of alternative approaches to analyzing two time-point data. They discuss traditional models for raw and residualized change scores, and describe how each of these remains baked into the soul of contemporary models for repeated measures data. Along the way they also mention: 24 inch pizza pans, movie fails, being otherwise sophisticated, beer bongs, witches, third grade math, emails from PETA, glorious histories, hairy eyeballs, and who d...
2021-Sep-20 • 58 minutes
S3E03: Principal Components Analysis is your PAL
Greg and Patrick discuss Principal Components Analysis: what it is, what it absolutely isn't, and what kind of cool things it can do in its own right. Along the way, they discuss Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the division symbol, Spider Pig, croissants & skewers, doing a nickel in the big house, jumping the starter solenoid, Ptolemy the Weenie, two fingers of whiskey, embracing the "but", the sexual lubricant data base, stylometry, bitcoin forensics, and bad Yelp reviews.
2021-Sep-06 • 62 minutes
S3E02: Johnson-Neyman Regions of Significance
In this episode, Patrick leads Greg and the rest of us through the incredibly cool and powerful topic of regions of significance, a way to help unpack under what moderating conditions treatments and variable relations are statistically significant. Along the way, they also mention: parallelism, Olivia Newton-John, going to the wrong church, laws in Vermont, pick-a-point, nan-aaaah-meters, the whack-a-doodle package of the month, kindergarten math deficiencies, the crossing guard creed, and the rosary landsp...
2021-Aug-30 • 59 minutes
S3E01: Leaping to Statistical Conclusion Validity
In the inaugural episode of Season 3, Patrick and Greg argue (more than usual) about statistical conclusion validity: what it is, what affects it, and how it fits in with other types of validity. Along the way they also mention: FrogFest2021, fostering illusions, coughing up a thorax, entrée vs. entry, 50 hours of community service, 8-hour depositions, statistical herpes, and Cheese Cake Factory menus and calorie counts. Oh, and… the sax is back!
2021-Aug-09 • 52 minutes
A Summer of Love History of Quant, part 3
In this, the third and final episode of SummerQamp, Greg and Patrick embark on a cross country journey in a VW van in quest of the Summer of Love. Along the way they explore three lines of historical development that ultimately come together to close out the 1960's: multiple regression, path analysis, and confirmatory factor analysis. They just begin to draw trippy insightful concluding comments but the fuzz show up and break up the party. Harsh.
2021-Jul-19 • 60 minutes
A Fireside History of Quant, part 2
Nursing their SPF-defying sunburns from SummerQamp 1, Patrick and Greg now find themselves in the woods by a roaring campfire, covered in bug spray. In this second summer installment they transition from previous conversations about the origins of statistics to the incredibly cool and often concurrent history of measurement. Grab a stick, pull up a log, and come roast a marshmallow with us!
2021-Jun-28 • 66 minutes
A Poolside History of Quant, part I
After completely blowing an ambitious summer schedule of weekly episodes, Patrick and Greg sit poolside and shoot the breeze about the fascinating history of quantitative methods. No, for real; it’s actually fascinating. Anyway, they start with some of the old gamblers from the 1600s and work their way through the early decades of the 20th century. This discussion sets the stage nicely for a future summer episode, at least in theory given how long it took to get this one out. HappySummer!
2021-May-10 • 65 minutes
S2E34: The Mentorlorian
In the final episode of Season 2, Greg and Patrick enlist the help of colleagues in a conversation about the joys and challenges of being a good mentor. Along the way they also discuss Cinco de Cuatro, Fozzie Bear, trash compactors and rubber snakes, pitchers at Linda's, giant jugs of wine, meeting the dog, someone in the control tower, 20 to life, parallel play, escalators and stairs, puzzle pieces, terrifying your students, and Professor Q.
2021-May-03 • 57 minutes
S2E33: Truth, Balderdash, and Construct Validity
In this episode Patrick and Greg construct a deconstruction of the construct of construct validity. Constructively. Along the way they also discuss Jacques, sheep STDs, Bill Clinton, college admissions, touching a giant turtle, butwinking, cadaver bingo, nomological networks, teen spirit, playing drop-the-hanky, ticket to the prom, and lipstick on a pig.
2021-Apr-26 • 55 minutes
S2E32: Lies, Damned Lies, and Random Samples
Greg and Patrick talk about how, although textbooks almost exclusively talk about simple random samples, in practice they almost never actually occur. To try to sort this out, they enlist the help of Dr. Laura Stapleton from the University of Maryland, who lived a prior life as an economist and knows a thing or two about sampling designs. Along the way they also discuss killing bugs, Winston Churchill, lies versus omissions, Oprah, signing toast, being conceived in an elevator, strah-TAH, social media polls...
2021-Apr-19 • 61 minutes
S2E31: Quantitude HaiQ / Metaphor for Team Science / Plus Intern Issues
Patrick and Greg celebrate international haiku day with listener-submitted HaiQs, and somehow tie that to a discussion of team science, all while interviewing intern applicant Ethan McCormick. Along the way they also discuss Googling as research, cheddar fries, Big Lima Bean, Mc vs. Mac, moody loners in Montana cabins, English particle accelerators, the Boulder Model, a research prenup, the green room, getting voluntold, the cheese stands alone, quant poetry slam, Guns n Roses, and playing the orchestra.
2021-Apr-05 • 61 minutes
S2E30: ‘Always Center Your Predictors!’ And Other Sh*t My Advisor Says
Greg and Patrick explore the many interesting issues related to centering predictor variables prior to analysis, both in the standard regression model and in the multilevel model. Along the way they also discuss honking Diet Coke through your nose, rashes, hostage negotiation, reading at seven months of age, dealer's choice, Coors Light, Galapagos tortoises, friendly monsters, monkeys at typewriters, umlauts, and shooting stop signs.
2021-Mar-29 • 59 minutes
S2E29: Multilevel Models -- The Often Unnecessary Green Monster
Patrick and Greg fulfill a legal obligation to interview the unnecessarily ubiquitous Dr. Dan McNeish of Arizona State University about why you probably don't need to use multilevel modeling even when you have multilevel data. Along the way they also mention MacNair, safety schools, the Green Monster, driving a Corvette across the country, Compensation Club, anklet shocks, endogeneity, frunks, Tom Brady's middle name, and de-meaning.
2021-Mar-22 • 57 minutes
S2E28: McNeish v. Quantitude -- Training Quantitative Methodologists
Pursuant to court order, Greg and Patrick find themselves legally compelled to discuss key aspects of training quantitative methodologists, including knowledge acquisition, knowledge application, and knowledge generation. Along the way, they also mention: Nuckles, too many Dans, onomatopoeia, The One, the number of the day, a big tylenol, bluesheets, Mr. Miyagi, Lunch n Learn, reviewing for journals you can't publish in, the Durham Bulls, the final countdown, dependent studies, and stage phases.
2021-Mar-15 • 60 minutes
S2E27: (re)Connecting With Discrete Data
In this episode Patrick and Greg discuss the challenges of having ordered categorical data, as well as the seemingly magical limited information and full information analytical options to deal with such data. Along the way they also discuss sky cranes, the Mars Climate Orbiter, metric vs. imperial units of measurement, Lockheed-Martin, left hands and right hands, the A380, 6-inch extension cords, Home Depot, billion dollar shooting stars, being unidextrous, playing the recorder, star wipe, Jell-O molds, thr...
2021-Mar-08 • 57 minutes
S2E26: MLM vs. SEM: Opportunities for Growth
In this episode Greg and Patrick attempt to resolve long festering relationship issues that arise between the multilevel modeling and structural equation modeling approaches to growth curve analysis. Along the way they also discuss first dates, Jets and Sharks, Cubs and Cardinals, Montagues and Capulets, Tsingtao Beer, Thunderdome, stupid LISREL tricks, pressure math, dirty secrets, selfishness, and National Haiku Day.
2021-Mar-01 • 59 minutes
S2E25: Options for Small Samples
In this episode Patrick and Greg talk about the dreaded but often very real case of having a small sample size: what you should watch out for, and what options you have to squeeze the most information and inferential potential from your precious data. Along the way they also mention Name That Tune, Space Mountain, the Tiki Room, parapraxis, extraordinary least squares, Applebee's, B words, Eeyore, the psychological science accelerator, and Yoink!
2021-Feb-22 • 57 minutes
S2E24: The Equivalent Models Problem
In this episode Greg and Patrick explore the freakish and terrifying topic of equivalent models, particularly as they arise within the structural equation modeling analytical framework. Along the way they also discuss rinsing toes, palindromes, anagrams, being a tad unquiet, under-teaching, double-secret probation, scary cousins, sausage makers, Tribbles, empty beer bottles, Hard Core History, a severely hungover John Stuart Mill, the walk of shame, and expecto patronum.
2021-Feb-15 • 56 minutes
S2E23: Research Questions About Variability
Patrick and Greg talk about variability — both within individuals and within groups — as a source of really interesting and often overlooked research questions, to complement our well-developed skillset for studying means. Along the way, they also mention: Natatoriums, finding your spot, picking at a scab, the Polkaholics, Location Scale models, high-fiving statisticians, Inception, cooking with gas, Corvettes, fingernails in the dashboard, Kai Ryssdal, your grandfather’s stock, parenting consistency, and ...
2021-Feb-08 • 61 minutes
S2E22: Outliers -- And Then Things Got Weird
In this episode Greg and Patrick embark on a sometimes unhinged discussion of outlying and influential observations: where do they come from, how are they identified, and what do we do with them. Along the way they also discuss the outlier bell, stubbornness, pre-holiday grievances, Polly, Sesame Street, being more less likely, Greg's freak brother, operas, Nebraska cornfields, talking to volleyballs, stepping on rakes, name that dissertation, butt cramps, and acetone.
2021-Feb-01 • 61 minutes
S2E21: Yes, Virginia... There ARE Latent Variables
In this episode Patrick and Greg talk about latent variables: what they are, why we care, and under what circumstances we can analyze them directly. Along the way they also discuss: BWI, dadgic, Patrick's bromance, the economy, Chris Botti, inter-planetary probes, Gronk, 118 degree dry heat, the evil eye, and Dora the Explorer.
2021-Jan-25 • 60 minutes
S2E20: The Future of Teaching Quantitative Methods
Greg and Patrick again subcontract out their own work by inviting a range of experts from different disciplines to share their perspectives on the future of teaching quantitative methods. They also discuss revenge, cryogenics, evacuation com...., American Idiot, 11 reasons why we blink, being hardly sorry, Googling how to fly a 737, machine directed latent mixture basket weaving...in R, the Levy Series, no half measures, penguin freezers, the Suez Canal, John Wesley Powell, Pacific Naval Warfare, and ignori...
2021-Jan-18 • 60 minutes
S2E19: Pulling Back The Curtain On Tenure
In today’s episode, Patrick and Greg talk about the tenure process: what it is, why it exists, how they see it, and some thoughts that might be helpful on the journey, fully realizing that institutions and fields are different, so your mileage may vary. Along the way, they also mention Fermat's Theorem, Ten Year, The Wizard, Flying Monkeys, the child catcher, water on rocks, fat old bald men, intellectual punches in the face, Charlie Brown Fails Tenure, 70% of zero, Cosmic Cantina, research quality as ...
2021-Jan-11 • 59 minutes
S2E18: Regression -- Like That Old High School Friend You've Outgrown
In this episode Patrick and Greg compare and contrast multiple regression and the structural equation model and argue that although regression has brought us far, there are numerous reasons to turn to the SEM to continue to drive us forward. Along the way they also address gad flies, the Louisiana Purchase, Kool-Aid, high school friends, spring break, STDs, Southwest Airlines, radial arm saws, courage, buying paint at Home Depot, Agatha and Karl's corpses, and 737s vs. DC-3s.
2021-Jan-04 • 60 minutes
S2E17: Embracing Your Non-Normality
Greg and Patrick ring in the new year with a rambling discussion of univariate and multivariate normality: what it is, when and why we assume it, and does it really matter. (Spoiler alert -- it DOES). Along the way, they also discuss statistics history, supplement #2, Larry the Book Shop Guy, Isaac Newton's BFF, platypuses, collaborating with someone because your names rhyme, unicorns, calling in the wolf, nerf footballs, semi-non-sequiturs, irreconcilability, those crazy 1970's, and fax machines...
2020-Dec-14 • 59 minutes
S2E16: Holiday Airing of Grievances
In this very special episode, Greg and Patrick host the Quantitude Holiday Party at the Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, NC. In addition to the traditional holiday Airing of Grievances, the party features a number of special guests from across the spectrum of quantitative methodology, some more inebriated than others. Please join us to end this otherwise awful and challenging year with some much-needed light-hearted silliness and festivities.
2020-Dec-07 • 61 minutes
S2E15: Ethics in Quantitative Research
In this episode Patrick and Greg explore the many faces of ethics in quantitative research, particularly as related to issues that arise in the day-to-day analytical decisions we make. In that spirit, Quantitude has an ethical obligation to warn listeners that they also discuss speedometers, rushing and dragging, shoplifting, calling me Shirley, asteroids vs. pinball, apple pie, Beneficence and Non-malefeasance playing tonight at the cat's cradle, forgetting things are illegal, stringing barbed wire, d...
2020-Nov-30 • 60 minutes
S2E14: Control (Variable) Issues
Greg and Patrick discuss issues of controlling for extraneous variables, by randomization and by design, but especially the challenges and assumptions associated with statistical control. Along the way they also mention drag racing, Volkswagen Bugs, Seabiscuit, Harrison Bergeron, Diet Coke, Janet Jackson, John Denver, gastrointestinal distress, Sewall Wright, and babies and bathwater.
2020-Nov-16 • 58 minutes
S2E13: You Want ME To Do a Quant Review?!
In this episode Patrick & Greg consider in what ways they have become their parents and then attempt to use that insight to better understand how one can provide a quantitative review of a substantive manuscript without becoming the much reviled Reviewer 2. Along the way they also discuss Ginsu knives, not wearing pants, Ouija boards, using "and" in place of "but", five-finger death punches, the kraken, happy feet, mad libs, everyone needing a Longstreet, book vs. movie endings, and ...
2020-Nov-09 • 60 minutes
S2E12: Post-Publication Review -- Patrick's Truly Horrible Idea
Greg and Patrick discuss Patrick's potentially horrible idea for post-publication review, in which a journal is created for the sole purpose of reviewing the soundness of the quantitative methods used in papers that have already been published in flagship journals. Hair-brained scheme, or sheer genius? You be the judge. Along the way they also mention driving without headlights, homemade explosives, modified wheelchairs, the IJCC, guacamole at Margaret's Cantina, dishwashers and JetDry, the IAD, b...
2020-Nov-02 • 60 minutes
S2E11: The Replication ... Dilemma
Today Patrick & Greg step off-camera and pull in Dr. Samantha Anderson who is a quantitative psychologist at Arizona State University and is an expert in all things related to the so-called “replication crisis.” They are uncharacteristically quiet as she talks about the past, present, and future of replication in the social sciences. Along the way they also discuss: Ask Sammy, bioluminescence, cheat day, podcast pre-registration, music that makes you younger, Defcon 5, or maybe 1, or 3, mother-in-laws, ...
2020-Oct-26 • 62 minutes
S2E10: Type I Terror
Greg and Patrick talk about the control of Type I error rate. Well, more like... they say stuff, change their minds, say stuff, change their minds... and in the end — spoiler alert — reach no unified conclusion whatsoever. But they do manage to hit a number of the relevant issues around Type I error control, albeit largely accidentally and inconsistently. Along the way, they also mention porch witches, furries, cereal killers, neuralizers, why some TAs deserve hazard pay, lawyering-up, rocking chairs in un...
2020-Oct-19 • 56 minutes
S2E09: MANOVA Must Die
Patrick and Greg hold a traditional Irish funeral for multivariate analysis of variance, starting with a heartfelt eulogy in front of family and friends in the church and then moving to a more honest reckoning with Mom and Aunt Dotty at the reception in the school gym following the service. Along with a celebration of a life questionably well lived, they also discuss Ned Devine, mildly inebriated priests, champagne supernovas, the four British actors, eugoogalies, leeches, cowardice, senescence, legal discl...
2020-Oct-12 • 59 minutes
S2E08: Mediation and the Art of Squid Spleening
In this episode Patrick and Greg follow up last week’s discussion of moderation by tackling its partner in crime, mediation, including causal challenges, ways of testing, and how they think about it as part of a larger analytical system. Along the way they also manage to discuss word association, personal grievances, light switches, the Concord, sharp sticks, hats and horses, getting shivved, and Jeff Spicoli.
2020-Oct-05 • 62 minutes
S2E07: Moderation -- Well, It Depends
In this episode, Greg and Patrick bicker about moderation and discuss the critical importance of moving our science away from thinking in terms of main effects and towards the conceptualization of the conditions under which an effect might hold. Along the way they also discuss the Carsophagus, Sisyphean tasks, the London Museum, pineapples, 9.8m/sec^2, military helicopters, the MILF model, public service announcements, and Spinal Tap.
2020-Sep-28 • 61 minutes
S2E06: Applying for Jobs: Unsolicited Advice from Uncle Greg and the Guy in the Yellow Shirt
Patrick and Greg offer completely unsolicited career advice as you identify and apply for positions following your doctoral training. They discuss what to consider when selecting where to apply as well as drafting personal statements, CVs, letters of recommendation, and research statements. Along the way they also comment on World War II quiz shows, eHarmony and tinder, the long con, mortgaging retirements, morning research inspirations, the 3rd and 4th ribs, promptness, and academia as community dinner the...
2020-Sep-21 • 57 minutes
S2E05: Model Based Thinking
In this episode Greg and Patrick wander semi-drunkenly around the topic of model-based inference and discuss how this perspective can help move us forward as a scientific discipline. They also somehow manage to discuss explosives, sniffing glue, homemade 787s, catfish noodling, the Ikea helpline, Calvinball, Ludwig Beethoven, Rube Goldberg, hell's half acre, denouements, and intolerable hypocrisy.
2020-Sep-14 • 59 minutes
S2E04: Bayesian Wake Up Call
Patrick and Greg impulsively launch the inaugural segment of "Quantitude Wake Up Call" where they forget how longitude works and call Bayesian expert Roy Levy at 5:40 in the morning. Although somewhat rattled, Roy helps the Quantidudes better understand Bayesian inference and describes the many ways that this approach can help move our science forward. Along the way they discuss Jedi mind tricks, the birds and the bees, time zones, Virgos, the Dark Side, cowards, subjectivity, lecturing bus driver...
2020-Sep-07 • 54 minutes
S2E03: Pop Quiz 2020 -- The Big Payback
The episode begins with what Patrick believes will be a discussion of statistics in the news, but then turns into a surprise attack by Greg that rapidly devolves into a second edition of Pop Quiz (covering scales of measurement, probability and odds, intraclass correlation, null hypothesis significance testing, suppression, and Bayes' Theorem). In addition to relentlessly attacking each others' credibility, the Quantidudes mention Waldo, Flat Stanley, "and so uhhhhh," Max Headroom, Matt ...
2020-Aug-31 • 61 minutes
S2E02: The Auto-Regressive Cross-Lagged Horror Picture Show
Patrick and Greg open with a disagreement about time travel movies, which then somehow devolves into a discussion of alternative approaches to modeling longitudinal data. They agree that a core issue to consider is the separation of within-person and between-person components of change over time, both theoretically and analytically. Throughout the discussion they also mention antici-, hot tub time machine, chipmunks, garbage disposals, digging up John Stuart Mill, whiteboard problems, cats and laser pointer...
2020-Aug-24 • 59 minutes
S2E01: We Know What You Did Last Summer
In this, the inaugural episode of Season 2, Greg and Patrick continue their summer strategy of subcontracting out talent by inviting people to call-in and describe what quantitative work they did over summer vacation. In addition to being amazed at the many cool quantitative things people are doing out in the world, the discuss imprimaturs, battle without honor, digestive rituals, hostage videos, underwear, utility infielders, Alexis in a Lexus, affectionate slaps, Strunk & White, irony vs. paradox, and...
2020-Jul-20 • 57 minutes
Quanti•Qamp VIII: Congratulations! Now You Feel Like a Quantitative Imposter
In recognition of your hard work this summer to become a quantitative leader in your field, you are hereby presented with... a brand new case of Imposter Syndrome! Patrick and Greg explore what it is, where it comes from, what you might be able to do about it, and, possibly most importantly, that it's actually a good problem to have. This episode concludes Quanti•Qamp 2020, with Season 2 of Quantitude coming in August.
2020-Jul-13 • 56 minutes
Quanti•Qamp VII: Being a Lifelong Quantitative Learner
Greg and Patrick dedicate Week 7 of Quanti•Qamp to three core topics: mocking one another, how to continue learning both foundational and novel quantitative methods across your career, and mocking one another. Despite their many disagreements, they unanimously concur that the challenge of keeping abreast of newly developed quantitative methods is entirely Kris Preacher's fault. Carry on. And go learn something!
2020-Jul-06 • 60 minutes
Quanti•Qamp VI: Enhancing Diversity in the Quantitative Sciences
Week six of Quanti•Qamp welcomes special guest Dr. A. Nayena Blankson, a Professor of Psychology at Spelman College who is a leading national voice in diversity and equity in academia. Nayena talks with Patrick and Greg about how we can capitalize on the current national conversation about race and equity to enhance diversity in both academia in general and in the quantitative sciences in particular.
2020-Jun-29 • 61 minutes
Quanti•Qamp V: Building a Quantitative Culture Within Your Home Department
In the fifth week of Quanti•Qamp, senior leadership at the QuantiGon recruit a new Commander to demonstrate proper preparation, organization, and executive control. The guest Executive Officer is Dr. Rebecca Brock, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, who will motivate a discussion about how to build a quantitative culture in your home department or research unit. Patrick and Greg clearly learn nothing about leadership despite Dr. Brock's best ef...
2020-Jun-22 • 58 minutes
Quanti•Qamp IV: Writing a Pedagogical Quantitative Paper
In the fourth week of Quanti•Qamp, neither Patrick nor Greg have read each other's emails about the organization of the episode and thus entirely ad lib a discussion on how one might write a quantitatively-oriented pedagogical paper. Because they are completely unprepared for the episode, they also forget to provide the next QQamp assignment; however, being the seasoned academicians that they are, they will somehow blame you for not completing the assignment, because by now, "you should have known...
2020-Jun-15 • 56 minutes
Quanti•Qamp III: Quantitative Research Using Existing Data
In the third week of Quanti•Qamp, Patrick and Greg ramble semi-coherently about how you might use existing data to drive a quantitative research idea as well as to serve as the foundation for making a unique quantitative contribution. They explore different potential data sources and discuss the variety of ways these might be used in the pursuit of a quantitative research question. They conclude with the next QQamp assignment: identify a small number of existing data sets in your substantive field that you ...
2020-Jun-08 • 54 minutes
Quanti•Qamp II: Choosing a Journal
In the second week of QuantiBootQamp (remember....the "boot" is silent), Greg and Patrick open with what they agree is a pretty bizarre coincidence. They then discuss, with occasional disagreement, how you might select a journal for your own quantitatively-oriented contribution. They conclude with the next Quanti•Qamp assignment: to read the mastheads and editorial board lists of at least three journals that might serve as a home for your quantitative paper.
2020-Jun-01 • 51 minutes
Quanti•Qamp I: Developing a Research Idea
In this inaugural episode of QuantiBootQamp (where the "boot" is silent), Patrick and Greg express their surprise that people seemed to think this was going to be a fun summer camp. They then explore various ways that you might develop a quantitatively-oriented research question embedded within your own area of study, and end by assigning the first Quanti•Qamp assignment: to develop a quantitative research question of your own.
2020-May-11 • 58 minutes
Episode 27: Call To Arms
In this, our final episode of the season, we reveal that we have actually been quietly arming sleeper cells around the world and that we are now sending out a call-to-arms for listeners to rise up and become quantitative leaders in their own fields of study. Along the way we also discuss scaling fences, bad business decisions, Henry the Fifth, Braveheart, saddles and horses, sideways fish, Legos, Kapla blocks, meta-nerds, more ice cream sandwiches, pyramid schemes, and knuckleheads.
2020-May-04 • 60 minutes
Episode 26: The Internal Validity Pre-Flight Checklist
Greg and Patrick talk about internal validity -- broadly and traditionally -- but also as an increasingly important lens through which to view our information-saturated world, and be responsible, critical, and skeptical members of scientific communities as well as society. Along the way, they also mention gargling bleach, 5G cell towers, vaping lysol, fecal transplants, the problem with firetrucks, Star Trek and causality, Sherlock Holmes, melon-wrapped prosciutto, kitty physics, the regression fairy, tails...
2020-Apr-27 • 56 minutes
Episode 25: Reviewer 2 -- A Love/Hate Relationship
Patrick and Greg draw on their experience in author, reviewer, and editorial roles to talk about the manuscript review process, and offer strategies for revising a manuscript and crafting a letter in response to editorial guidance and reviewer feedback. Along the way they also discuss spring break for octogenarians, spitting on graves, being flabby and unfocused, Milo and Otis, meat on a stick, subway jumpers, understanding square roots, voodoo dolls, ugly babies, Klingons, hostage negotiators, and rejected...
2020-Apr-20 • 62 minutes
Episode 24: Research in the Time of Corona
In today’s episode, Greg and Patrick start a conversation about how COVID-19 has had an instantaneous and lasting impact on research, what we can do about it right now, and what we can be thinking about for the future as we move forward, together. Along the way they also manage to mention... elevators of blood, Joe Exotic, wisdom of crowds, a fatted ox, skinned knees, intellectual judo, I meant to do that, truck drivin’ subtlety, Apollo 13, hitting a change-up, naive optimism, Thomas Kuhn, and losing your b...
2020-Apr-13 • 61 minutes
Episode 23: Carlo. Monte Carlo.
Patrick and Greg spend an hour stumbling through the world of Monte Carlo computer simulation methodology as a way of knowing within the quantitative sciences. They also delve into: bad ideas, the Dans in Patrick’s life, unique Zoom backgrounds, typical birth weights, theoretical models underlying reading glasses, Jan Ken Pon, being due, archery, blue and green blox pots, felonious speeding, horse races, and Easter egg hunts.
2020-Apr-06 • 63 minutes
Episode 22: Factor Analysis -- The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
Greg and Patrick are inspired by possibly the greatest Western movie ever filmed as they navigate The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of factor analysis. In addition to arguing that exploratory factor analysis isn't really exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis isn't really confirmatory, they adroitly traverse topics including sabbatical do-overs, Corona Academy, leeches, tall ship wine, grad school accomplishments, Roz from Monsters Inc., extraverted statisticians, bread pudding, obituaries, th...
2020-Mar-30 • 59 minutes
Episode 21: Integrative Data Analysis -- The Quest for a Cooperative, Cumulative Science
Patrick and Greg are inspired by the community support we are witnessing during this time of crisis, and they expand this discussion into the community of science. They drill down into the collaborative approach of integrative data analysis in which models are fit to data that have been aggregated across multiple independent samples. They also discuss Quarantudesday, setting food on fire, when the cops show up, being a supportive spouse, defense mechanisms, psychometric punches in the face, not doing crappy...
2020-Mar-23 • 62 minutes
Episode 20: Sir Mixture-A-Lot
Greg and Patrick waste an hour of your time drunkenly wandering along the dangerous cliffs overlooking mixture modeling. In addition to exploring the potential promises and unadulterated dangers of mixture models as a mode of scientific inquiry, they also mention drama nerds, hunchbacks, date night for the Lincolns, name dropping, UConn women's basketball, inductive-deductive wishin'-and-a-hopin', Chihuahua heads, cats cradle, and albino gorillas. We hope you enjoy the episode.
2020-Mar-16 • 63 minutes
Episode 19: Live from The Rusty -- Irish Storytelling & Quantitative Limericks
Patrick and Greg celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Irish storytelling of some of their own epic academic fails, interspersed with a selection of quantitative limericks submitted by Quantitude listeners (as well as a few of their own). The final selections are read by a special guest (who, be warned in advance, is a bit grumpy). Also mentioned: white elephants, nuns fighting, Garfield phones, apology tours, bear poop, the inverse of an eyeball, prune festivals, creative uses for up-lights, Piaget, chutne...
2020-Mar-09 • 50 minutes
Episode 18: A Conversation with Katherine Masyn -- The Power of Three
Patrick and Greg have a blast hanging out with quant super-star Katherine Masyn, arguably one of the coolest people on earth. In addition to talking about professional development, the futility of making plans, and how to make meaningful contributions to science, the trio also discuss the power of three, mad cow disease, evaporated metal films, green laser pointers, mashed potatoes, and Patrick getting schooled on the non-binary nature of life, the universe, and everything else. Finally, for those listeners...
2020-Mar-03 • 61 minutes
Episode 17: Planned Missing Designs (or, How to Beat a Metaphor to Death)
Greg and Patrick start with what seems like a reasonable metaphor linking musical compositions to planned missing data designs, and then they proceed to beat it to death. Then, just when you think they've buried it, they dig it back up and beat the carcass some more before eventually just running out of time. In addition to planned missing designs, they also mention the Kenny G paternity test, every trumpet player's sworn duty, tied 16th notes, Benny und die Jets, the Durham Bullhorns, wastebasket...
2020-Feb-25 • 62 minutes
Episode 16: IF EPISODE=16 THEN EPISODE=-999;
In Episode 16 of Quantitude, Patrick and Greg have more fun than is probably socially acceptable when talking about missing data. In addition to embracing the Zen-like paradox of "the presence of missing data," they also discuss West Point, "is" versus "are," middle school English teachers, relentless tenacity, talking narwhals, being completely pregnant, taking in shows at Cat's Cradle, circus tents, and books by Richard Bachman.
2020-Feb-18 • 60 minutes
Episode 15: Academia and the Chamber of Secrets
Greg and Patrick embark on a free-ranging discussion of many of the things no one bothers to tell you when entering academia, some that were particularly (and often pleasantly) surprising. They also talk about learning to fly, parenting, Richard Russo, Bayesian personality, Craisins, just noticeable differences, crayon giraffes, academic mulligans, final_final_final drafts, dead birds, Britney Spears, volitional reinvention, unconditional atta'boys, and the academic Pez dispenser.
2020-Feb-11 • 64 minutes
Episode 14: Model Fit & The Curse of the Black Pearl
Patrick and Greg take on the topic of model evaluation and fit, particularly as applied to structural equation models. They also discuss compulsive counting, mashed potatoes, letting the horses out of the barn, building model 747s, Jenga, Moses's third tablet, the Pirate Code, demon conferences, and Roo Mates.
2020-Feb-04 • 62 minutes
Episode 13: How Do I Get Scale Scores? Weight, Weight... Don't Tell Me...
Greg and Patrick pursue several topics raised on prior episodes on scale reliability and measurement invariance to their logical conclusion. Namely, they ponder the multitude of persnickety issues associated with putting a set of items into the psychometric sausage maker to grind out scale scores for use in subsequent analysis. In addition to bickering with one another over a host of trivial issues, they also discuss Neil Peart, needless aggression, time travel, rapping the MMPI, paying the reaper, pokes in...
2020-Jan-28 • 65 minutes
Episode 12: Measurement (Non)Invariance -- Can We Ever Fail to Not Incorrectly Reject It?
In this episode, Patrick and Greg respond to a call-in question that raises a host of issues revolving around measurement invariance testing. In addition to complaining about horrible terminology commonly used in quantitative methodology, they also address pirate mothers, irreverance, time machines, quadruple negatives, buying firewood, digging up bodies, the Schotz clock, and dumpster fires. There are also return appearances of Whac-a-Mole and the poking stick.
2020-Jan-21 • 56 minutes
Episode 11: Grants -- Recommendations for Applicants (Disc 2)
In Part 2 of a two-part series, Greg and Patrick draw on their experiences with the National Institutes of Health and the Institute of Education Sciences (as grant PI/co-PI, reviewer, panelist, and panel chair) to offer recommendations for those planning to seek funding for their own research projects. They also talk about a thousand monkeys, stages of grief, Southwest vs. Spirit Airlines, proper use of the word "however," Red Bull, and banana peels.
2020-Jan-14 • 54 minutes
Episode 10: Grants -- The Process (Disc 1)
In Part 1 of a two-part series, Patrick and Greg draw on their experiences with the National Institutes of Health and the Institute of Education Sciences (as grant PI/co-PI, reviewer, panelist, and panel chair) to discuss aspects of the grant review process, including the scoring criteria, conflicts of interest, what it's like "in the room," and what happens after grants are reviewed. They also talk about turkey legs, sausage making, acronym-based drinking games, hairy eyeballs, roller coaste...
2020-Jan-07 • 63 minutes
Episode 9: Grumpy Old Man & Village Idiot Argue About Reliability
In this first episode of 2020, Greg and Patrick welcome the new year by offering what listeners have come to expect: no apparent plan for the episode, followed by rambling, circular, and barely internally-consistent discussion. At least they are, well, reliable. In fact, their meanderings lead them to a discussion of just that topic -- reliability. In an impromptu segment they call "Grumpy Old Man & Village Idiot" the Quanti-dudes talk about the often-forgotten but absolutely critical importan...
2019-Dec-16 • 18 minutes
Episode 8: A Very Special Quantitude Special Holiday Special
HI! This iz JiffffY the leeemur. Im the nU Qwante- quawnti- QPod inteRn. Here iz a speshuL hoLliday eppisowd i made for ar lissnerz, with a seEkrit gesstt! The qDoods wil be bAk innn Janyouairie with alll Nu eppisoads. HapPppee hoLlidayz!!!!!! And pleeZ share this eppisowd with frenDz!
2019-Dec-09 • 66 minutes
Episode 7: Talking to Strangers... About Quantitative Methodology
In this episode, Patrick and Greg respond to a call-in question from Alexis, asking about how one describes to another human being what a quantitative methodologist actually is, leading to a broader discussion about how one makes unique contributions to the sciences from a methodological framework. In addition to talking about quantitative methodology as a way of knowing, they also mention: portmanteaus, social skills, druncles, Zantac, half-Transylvanians, NASCAR pit crews, carving a turkey, ice cream sand...
2019-Dec-02 • 29 minutes
Episode 6: Model Modification and Whac-a-Mole
In Episode 6 of Quantitude Greg and Patrick take their very first phone-in question, which seems to confuse both of them as they are on the computer and not the phone. Regardless, they talk with Tessa from the University of Maryland about her question of how to best use modification indices when fitting confirmatory factor models out in the real world. In addition to completely ripping off the Car Talk Guys from NPR, they address The Pod, rusty knives, Applebees, Patrick's favorite game at the North Ca...
2019-Nov-26 • 59 minutes
Episode 5: The Don Hedeker Tapes -- Interview With a Rock Star
In this episode of Quantitude, Patrick and Greg have the pleasure of talking with the always-entertaining and high-energy Don Hedeker, University of Chicago Professor of Biostatistics. They discuss Don's work in nonlinear mixed effects models, the importance of variance as an outcome, and ecological momentary assessment, as well as his advice for graduate students and indeed anyone presenting and writing in our field. Also mentioned in this episode are: getting scooped, day jobs, the Brady bunch, Germa...
2019-Nov-19 • 57 minutes
Episode 4: Advice for Grad Students -- Our 2 Cents (Exact Value!)
In this episode of Quantitude, Patrick and Greg draw on their 50+ years of combined experience to offer what is clearly questionable advice for graduate students. They begin with a discussion of a recent survey of the best and worst ranked jobs possible (spoiler alert: don't be a taxi-driving logger on your newspaper reporter beat). They then proceed to discuss challenges facing graduate students today and provide some advice that might help along the way. During their discussion they also mention warm...
2019-Nov-12 • 56 minutes
Episode 3: Pop Quiz SmackDown (Volume 1)
Greg and Patrick plan the episode around one topic, but things take an unexpected turn as the episode rapidly devolves into a series of pop quiz questions thrown from Patrick at Greg and back again. Rules of engagement are negotiated on the spot: without preparation, each person has 90 seconds to respond to a question of the other's choosing, which is in turn graded and argued over. Pop Quiz questions wind up addressing a range of topics that are core to understanding the thoughtful application of stat...
2019-Nov-05 • 37 minutes
Episode 2: (Statistical) Power Struggles
In the second episode of Quantitude, Patrick and Greg channel the spirits of the two old men from the Muppet show (Waldorf and Statler, in case you're curious) and argue about the relative risks and benefits of statistical power analysis. They also discuss Patrick's mother, leaf blowing, 11 year-old saxophone players, the fortuitous ambiguity of child labor laws, vision in pigs, the poop emoji, and they properly use the word 'persnickety.' Enjoy!
2019-Oct-22 • 3 minutes
Quantitude, The Trailer
Patrick and Greg offer a brief non-Hollywood quality trailer that gives an initial sense of what is in store for future listeners of Quantitude.
2019-Oct-21 • 25 minutes
Episode 1: Welcome to Quantitude / Origin Stories
In the inaugural episode of Quantitude, Greg and Patrick introduce themselves, describe their goals for the podcast, and talk about their own professional trajectories -- kind of like superhero origin stories, but without the "super" or "hero." They also discuss what not to say in your application to a quantitative graduate program, a lifelong dream of becoming a police officer, building up to a "tight ten," hot yoga, broken legs, army recruiters, parental wisdom, and umlauts. ...