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Podcast Profile: COMPLEXITY

podcast imageTwitter: @sfiscience@michaelgarfield
106 episodes
2019 to present
Average episode: 59 minutes
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Categories: Interview-Style • Math • Multidisciplinary

Podcaster's summary: Far-reaching conversations with a worldwide network of scientists and mathematicians, philosophers and artists developing new frameworks to explain our universe's deepest mysteries. Join host Michael Garfield at the Santa Fe Institute each week to learn about your world and the people who have dedicated their lives to exploring its emergent order: their stories, research, and insights…

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List Updated: 2023-Dec-02 13:40 UTC. Episodes: 106. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2023-Jun-30 • 99 minutes
Michael Garfield & David Krakauer on Evolution, Information, and Jurassic Park
2023-Apr-05 • 82 minutes
Mason Porter on Community Detection and Data Topology
2023-Mar-24 • 67 minutes
Andrea Wulf on Magnificent Rebels: The First Romantics and The Invention of The Self
2023-Mar-09 • 67 minutes
Carlos Gershenson on Balance, Criticality, Antifragility, and The Philosophy of Complex Systems
2023-Feb-24 • 60 minutes
Complex Conceptions of Time with David Krakauer, Ted Chiang, David Wolpert, & James Gleick
2023-Feb-09 • 73 minutes
Paul Smaldino & C. Thi Nguyen on Problems with Value Metrics & Governance at Scale (EPE 06)
2023-Jan-25 • 81 minutes
Dani Bassett & Perry Zurn on The Neuroscience & Philosophy of Curious Minds
2023-Jan-11 • 68 minutes
Alison Gopnik on Child Development, Elderhood, Caregiving, and A.I.
2022-Dec-22 • 73 minutes
Ricard Solé on Liquid and Solid Brains and Terraforming The Biosphere
2022-Dec-10 • 78 minutes
Glen Weyl & Cris Moore on Plurality, Governance, and Decentralized Society (EPE 05)
2022-Nov-23 • 49 minutes
John Krakauer Part 2: Learning, Curiosity, and Consciousness
2022-Nov-11 • 51 minutes
John Krakauer Part 1: Taking Multiple Perspectives on The Brain
2022-Oct-21 • 66 minutes
David Wolpert & Farita Tasnim on The Thermodynamics of Communication
2022-Oct-01 • 70 minutes
Kate Adamala on Synthetic Biology, Origins of Life, and Bioethics
2022-Sep-21 • 57 minutes
Miguel Fuentes & Marco Buongiorno Nardelli on Music, Emergence, and Society
2022-Sep-02 • 71 minutes
Steven Teles & Rajiv Sethi on Jailbreaking The Captured Economy (EPE 04)
2022-Aug-19 • 83 minutes
Caleb Scharf on The Ascent of Information: Life in The Human Dataome
2022-Aug-03 • 53 minutes
Daniel Lieberman on Evolution and Exercise: The Science of Human Endurace
2022-Jul-18 • 75 minutes
Aviv Bergman on The Evolution of Robustness and Integrating The Disciplines
2022-Jul-02 • 82 minutes
Sara Walker on The Physics of Life and Planet-Scale Intelligence
2022-Jun-18 • 85 minutes
Dmitri Tymoczko on The Shape of Music: Mathematical Order in Western Tonality
2022-Jun-04 • 68 minutes
Seth Blumsack on Power Grids: Network Topology & Governance
2022-May-21 • 81 minutes
Ricardo Hausmann & J. Doyne Farmer on Evolving Technologies & Market Ecologies (EPE 03)
2022-May-06 • 51 minutes
Eric Beinhocker & Diane Coyle on Rethinking Economics for A Sustainable & Prosperous World (EPE 02)
2022-Apr-21 • 53 minutes
David Krakauer on Emergent Political Economies and A Science of Possibility (EPE 01)
2022-Apr-08 • 74 minutes
C. Brandon Ogbunu on Epistasis & The Primacy of Context in Complex Systems
2022-Mar-26 • 54 minutes
Mingzhen Lu on The Evolution of Root Systems & Biogeochemical Cycling
2022-Mar-11 • 57 minutes
The Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles with Bryant Walker Smith
2022-Feb-25 • 74 minutes
Elizabeth Hobson on Animal Dominance Hierarchies
2022-Feb-11 • 54 minutes
Hard Sci-Fi Worldbuilding, Robotics, Society, & Purpose with Gary Bengier
2022-Jan-27 • 46 minutes
Multiscale Crisis Response: Melanie Moses & Kathy Powers, Part 2
2022-Jan-13 • 46 minutes
Fractal Inequality & The Complexity of Repair: Kathy Powers & Melanie Moses, Part 1
2021-Dec-22 • 71 minutes
Reflections on COVID-19 with David Krakauer & Geoffrey West
2021-Dec-13 • 58 minutes
Tina Eliassi-Rad on Democracies as Complex Systems
2021-Nov-24 • 81 minutes
Simon DeDeo on Good Explanations & Diseases of Epistemology
2021-Nov-05 • 33 minutes
Lauren Klein on Data Feminism (Part 2): Tracing Linguistic Innovation
2021-Oct-23 • 46 minutes
Lauren Klein on Data Feminism (Part 1): Surfacing Invisible Labor
2021-Oct-07 • 63 minutes
W. Brian Arthur (Part 2) on "Prim Dreams of Order vs. Messy Vitality" in Economics, Math, and Physics
2021-Sep-24 • 52 minutes
W. Brian Arthur on Economics in Nouns and Verbs (Part 1)
2021-Sep-08 • 64 minutes
Tyler Marghetis on Breakdowns & Breakthroughs: Critical Transitions in Jazz & Mathematics
2021-Aug-14 • 66 minutes
Katherine Collins on Better Investing Through Biomimicry
2021-Jul-30 • 54 minutes
Deborah Gordon on Ant Colonies as Distributed Computers
2021-Jul-16 • 66 minutes
Reconstructing Ancient Superhighways with Stefani Crabtree and Devin White
2021-Jul-01 • 46 minutes
Mark Ritchie on A New Thermodynamics of Biochemistry, Part 2
2021-Jun-17 • 41 minutes
Mark Ritchie on A New Thermodynamics of Biochemistry, Part 1
2021-Jun-04 • 49 minutes
Andrea Wulf on The Invention of Nature, Part 2: Humboldt's Dangerous Idea
2021-May-21 • 51 minutes
Andrea Wulf on The Invention of Nature, Part 1: Humboldt's Naturegemälde
2021-May-07 • 58 minutes
Sidney Redner on Statistics and Everyday Life
2021-Apr-23 • 61 minutes
Orit Peleg on the Collective Behavior of Honeybees & Fireflies
2021-Apr-08 • 48 minutes
Jonas Dalege on The Physics of Attitudes & Beliefs
2021-Mar-26 • 64 minutes
J. Doyne Farmer on The Complexity Economics Revolution
2021-Mar-12 • 60 minutes
James Evans on Social Computing and Diversity by Design
2021-Feb-26 • 60 minutes
David Stork on AI Art History
2021-Feb-12 • 50 minutes
Alien Crash Site Invades Complexity: Tamara van der Does on Sci-Fi Science, with Guest Co-host Caitlin McShea
2021-Jan-29 • 72 minutes
Mark Moffett on Canopy Biology & The Human Swarm
2021-Jan-15 • 72 minutes
Cris Moore on Algorithmic Justice & The Physics of Inference
2020-Dec-23 • 59 minutes
Science in The Time of COVID: Michael Lachmann & Sam Scarpino on Lessons from The Pandemic
2020-Dec-11 • 62 minutes
Artemy Kolchinsky on "Semantic Information" & The Physics of Meaning
2020-Nov-26 • 90 minutes
Peter Dodds on Text-Based Timeline Analysis & New Instruments for The Science of Stories
2020-Nov-11 • 55 minutes
Scott Ortman on Archaeological Synthesis and Settlement Scaling Theory
2020-Oct-29 • 62 minutes
Helena Miton on Cultural Evolution in Music and Writing Systems
2020-Oct-14 • 52 minutes
David Wolpert on The No Free Lunch Theorems and Why They Undermine The Scientific Method
2020-Oct-09 • 21 minutes
Introducing Alien Crash Site, a new SFI Podcast with host Caitlin McShea
2020-Sep-30 • 70 minutes
Vicky Yang & Henrik Olsson on Political Polling & Polarization: How We Make Decisions & Identities
2020-Sep-16 • 59 minutes
Carl Bergstrom & Jevin West on Calling Bullshit: The Art of Skepticism in a Data-Driven World
2020-Sep-02 • 57 minutes
Natalie Grefenstette on Agnostic Biosignature Detection
2020-Aug-12 • 67 minutes
The Information Theory of Biology & Origins of Life with Sara Imari Walker (Big Biology Podcast Crossover)
2020-Jul-23 • 63 minutes
Fractal Conflicts & Swing Voters with Eddie Lee
2020-Jul-15 • 66 minutes
Fighting Hate Speech with AI & Social Science (with Joshua Garland, Mirta Galesic, and Keyan Ghazi-Zahedi)
2020-Jul-06 • 59 minutes
The Art & Science of Resilience in the Wake of Trauma with Laurence Gonzales
2020-Jun-25 • 58 minutes
Geoffrey West on Scaling, Open-Ended Growth, and Accelerating Crisis/Innovation Cycles: Transcendence or Collapse? (Part 2)
2020-Jun-17 • 50 minutes
Scaling Laws & Social Networks in The Time of COVID-19 with Geoffrey West (Part 1)
2020-Jun-08 • 40 minutes
Better Scientific Modeling for Ecological & Social Justice with David Krakauer (Transmission Series Ep. 7)
2020-Jun-02 • 57 minutes
The Future of the Human Climate Niche with Tim Kohler & Marten Scheffer
2020-May-11 • 47 minutes
Exponentials, Economics, and Ecology with David Krakauer (Transmission Series Ep. 6)
2020-May-04 • 45 minutes
Embracing Complexity for Systemic Interventions with David Krakauer (Transmission Series Ep. 5)
2020-Apr-27 • 51 minutes
Rethinking Our Assumptions During the COVID-19 Crisis with David Krakauer (Transmission Series Ep. 4)
2020-Apr-20 • 44 minutes
On Coronavirus, Crisis, and Creative Opportunity with David Krakauer (Transmission Series Ep. 3)
2020-Apr-17 • 45 minutes
Caroline Buckee on Improving COVID-19 Surveillance & Response
2020-Apr-13 • 42 minutes
COVID-19 & Complex Time in Biology & Economics with David Krakauer (Transmission Series Ep. 2)
2020-Apr-06 • 47 minutes
Rigorous Uncertainty: Science During COVID-19 with David Krakauer (Transmission Series Ep. 1)
2020-Apr-01 • 29 minutes
Sam Scarpino on Modeling Disease Transmission & Interventions
2020-Mar-26 • 49 minutes
Laurent Hébert-Dufresne on Halting the Spread of COVID-19
2020-Mar-19 • 36 minutes
Andy Dobson on Epidemic Modeling for COVID-19
2020-Mar-12 • 66 minutes
Nicole Creanza on Cultural Evolution in Humans & Songbirds
2020-Mar-05 • 77 minutes
Melanie Mitchell on Artificial Intelligence: What We Still Don't Know
2020-Feb-27 • 53 minutes
Albert Kao on Animal Sociality & Collective Computation
2020-Feb-20 • 56 minutes
David B. Kinney on the Philosophy of Science
2020-Feb-13 • 66 minutes
Kirell Benzi on Data Art & The Future of Science Communication
2020-Feb-06 • 62 minutes
Chris Kempes on The Physical Constraints on Life & Evolution
2020-Jan-30 • 59 minutes
Andy Dobson on Disease Ecology & Conservation Strategy
2020-Jan-23 • 50 minutes
R. Maria del-Rio Chanona on Modeling Labor Markets & Tech Unemployment
2020-Jan-15 • 61 minutes
W. Brian Arthur (Part 2) on The Future of The Economy
2020-Jan-08 • 57 minutes
W. Brian Arthur (Part 1) on The History of Complexity Economics
2019-Dec-18 • 66 minutes
Matthew Jackson on Social & Economic Networks
2019-Dec-11 • 50 minutes
Ray Monk on The Lives of Extraordinary Individuals: Wittgenstein, Russell, Oppenheimer
2019-Dec-04 • 66 minutes
Melanie Moses on Metabolic Scaling in Biology & Computation
2019-Nov-27 • 79 minutes
Mirta Galesic on Social Learning & Decision-making
2019-Nov-20 • 64 minutes
Olivia Judson on Major Energy Transitions in Evolutionary History
2019-Nov-13 • 60 minutes
Rajiv Sethi on Stereotypes, Crime, and The Pursuit of Justice
2019-Nov-06 • 48 minutes
Jennifer Dunne on Reconstructing Ancient Food Webs
2019-Oct-30 • 46 minutes
Jennifer Dunne on Food Webs & ArchaeoEcology
2019-Oct-23 • 50 minutes
Luis Bettencourt on The Science of Cities
2019-Oct-16 • 39 minutes
Sabine Hauert on Swarming Across Scales
2019-Oct-09 • 56 minutes
The Origins of Life: David Krakauer, Sarah Maurer, and Chris Kempes at InterPlanetary Festival 2019
2019-Oct-09 • 47 minutes
David Krakauer on The Landscape of 21st Century Science