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Podcast Profile: Upon Reflection

podcast imageTwitter: @byrd_nick
13 episodes
2019 to 2023
Average episode: 35 minutes
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Categories: Monologue (Non-Course)

Podcaster's summary: Welcome to the Upon Reflection podcast with Nick Byrd, a podcast about what we think as well as how and why we think it. Nick studies the philosophy of cognitive science and the cognitive science of philosophy. This podcast will share Nick's and others' research. For instance, the podcast will discuss the differences between intuition and reflection as well as the ways in which intuitive reasoning predicts different philosophical, moral, and religious judgments than reflective reasoning. The podcast will also discuss topics like implicit bias—e.g., contrary to what you may have heard, implicit bias may not be entirely unconscious and involuntary. If you want to hear more about this research, you can subscribe wherever you find podcasts. And if you end up enjoying the Upon Reflection podcast, then feel free to tell people about it, online, in person, or in your review.

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2023-Apr-25 • 33 minutes
Ep. 12 - Tell Us What You Really Think (with B. Joseph, G. Gongora, and M. Sirota)
I have a question for you: "If a bat and a ball cost $1.10 in total and the bat costs $1.00 more than the ball, how much does the ball cost?". Did 10 cents seem right? The authors of questions like this are attempting to lure you to accept this incorre...
2022-Jun-01 • 23 minutes
Ep. 11 - Testing Implicit Bias (with Morgan Thompson)
In this episode, I read my short paper with Morgan Thompson in WIRES Cognitive Science titled, "Testing for Implicit Bias: Values, Psychometrics, and Science Communication". You may have heard about implicit bias.
2022-May-04 • 47 minutes
Ep. 10 - Great Minds Do Not Think Alike
This time I read my 2022 paper in Review of Philosophy and Psychology titled, "Great Minds Do Not Think Alike: Philosophers' Views Predicted by Reflection, Education, Personality, and Other Demographic Differences". As the title suggests,
2022-Apr-06 • 41 minutes
Ep. 9 - Bounded Reflectivism & Epistemic Identity
In this episode, I read one of my 2022 articles in Metaphilosophy titled, "Bounded Reflectivism & Epistemic Identity". Does reflective reasoning help or hinder our judgment? In this paper, I take a middle view between reflectivism and anti-reflectivism...
2022-Mar-23 • 24 minutes
Ep. 8 - Reflective Reasoning & Philosophy
On this episode, I read one of my articles from 2021 titled, "Reflective Reasoning and Philosophy" in Philosophy Compass. Both philosophers and cognitive scientists seem to think that philosophical thinking could depend on whether we reason intuitively...
2021-Aug-10 • 17 minutes
Ep. 7 - Do Unreflective Intentions Undermine Free Will?
On this episode of Upon Reflection, I read my 2021 paper in Logoi titled, "On Second Thought, Libet-style Unreflective Intentions May Be Compatible With Free Will". Imagine if I could predict your behavior before you even became conscious of your inten...
2021-Jul-18 • 47 minutes
Ep. 6 - Your Health vs. My Liberty (Pandemic Psychology Research)
Welcome to the latest episode of Upon Reflection. This time, I read my paper with Michał Białek, "Your health vs. my liberty: Philosophical beliefs dominated reflection and identifiable victim effects when predicting public health recommendation compli...
2020-Aug-10 • 16 minutes
Ep. 5 - Reflective Reasoning For Real People (Dissertation Defense Overview)
Welcome to Upon Reflection. In this episode, I review the major take-aways and findings from my dissertation titled, "Reflective Reasoning For Real People". I explain what cognitive scientists mean by terms like "reflective reasoning",
2020-May-04 • 35 minutes
Ep. 4 - Online Conferences: Some History, Methods, and Benefits
In this episode of Upon Reflection, I explain how academics should conference better. More accurately, I read my chapter, "Online Conferences: Some History, Methods, and Benefits" from Right Research: Modelling Sustainable Research Practices in the Ant...
2020-Jan-12 • 40 minutes
Ep. 3 - Causal Network Accounts of Ill-being
Well-being has been thought of in terms of happiness, desire satisfaction, and other concepts. But it's probably a combination of much more. This episode explains the causal networks involved in well-being.
2019-Sep-02 • 80 minutes
Ep. 2 - Not All Who Ponder Count Costs (with Paul Conway)
Psychology once claimed that more careful reasoners are more willing to cause some harm for the greater good. But this consequentialist thinking may not be more careful. It might just be more mathematical.
2019-Aug-19 • 53 minutes
Ep. 1 - What We Can Infer About Implicit Bias
Spoiler: Implicit bias is not entirely unconscious and involuntary.
2019-Jul-29 • 1 minutes
Episode 0 - Welcome to Upon Reflection with Nick Byrd
A podcast about what we think as well as how and why we think it.