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Podcast Profile: Generous Questions

podcast imageTwitter: @DrJoeMorrison (followed by 196 philosophers)
Site: www.generousquestions.co.uk
10 episodes
2019 to present
Average episode: 54 minutes
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Categories: Interview-Style

Podcaster's summary: A podcast about philosophy that's made in the Department of Philosophy at Queen's University Belfast. Joe Morrison asks colleagues, students and visiting academics a bunch of questions about the ideas that they're exploring.

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List Updated: 2022-Oct-04 11:34 UTC. Episodes: 10. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2022-May-10 • 105 minutes
Episode 10: Bob Plant – this game of philosophy
Final episode! A conversation with a great friend, former colleague, philosopher and musician Bob Plant about lots and lots of things, including: the role of luck and contingency in our lives, Professional Paid Philosophy, the academic 'job market', the continental/analytic divide, the scope of what gets called 'philosophy', writing philosophy and writing music.
2022-Feb-25 • 94 minutes
Episode 9: Niall Grimes: climbing and desire
In this episode I spoke with Niall Grimes, a writer, podcaster and climber, about some of the ways he thinks about climbing, the people who do it, and the thoughts that sometimes accompany it.
2020-Apr-21 • 78 minutes
Episode 8: Susan Notess: Listening, silencing, gaslighting and honesty
Susan Notess is finishing up a PhD at the University of Durham on the philosophy and ethics of listening. We talked about what it means to listen, what silencing does to participants in a conversation, our obligations to listen, 'listening exercises', and much much more.
2020-Feb-03 • 52 minutes
Episode 7: Clare Moriarty – Berkeley, Mathematics, Trolling and Tarwater
Come and meet Dr Clare Moriarty, she’s an expert on George Berkeley’s philosophy of mathematics. We talk about: what it’s like to have precarious employment in universities; the nature of working on a subject which overlaps with several disciplines at once; Berkeley's views on calculus, whether Berkeley was a professional troll, and why he was so hung up about tarwater.
2019-Aug-30 • 62 minutes
Episode 6: Aoife – Icelandic Sagas and moral philosophy
Aoife's been reading Icelandic sagas and trying to work out how to make philosophical sense of all the promising and killing and revenge and drama. So we talk about it!
2019-Aug-23 • 25 minutes
Episode 5: Rupert – Ethical Egoism
A chance to meet another QUB philosophy student: I spoke with Rupert, who was in the process of finishing a project DEFENDING ethical egoism, a position which says that a person is morally obliged to do all and only those actions which are in their own self-interest. A moral principle that says: do whatever's good for YOU!
2019-Aug-16 • 22 minutes
Episode 4: Aine – Pyrrhonic Scepticism
An episode with a QUB Philosophy student, Aine, who has been writing a research project in epistemology. We talk about knowledge and scepticism (or skepticism), about dogmatically-held-beliefs and the tranquility of not having having any beliefs.
2019-Aug-09 • 29 minutes
Episode 3: Nancy Jecker – the chronically ill, the newly deceased
I spoke to Professor Nancy Jecker from the University of Washington and about her interests on the ethics of chronic illness, about itai hoteru ('corpse hotels'), about the narrative conception of the self, and about how people in universities use their academic titles.
2019-Aug-02 • 40 minutes
Episode 2: Jonathan Webber – Freedom and Morality
Part 2 of an interview with Jonathan Webber, professor of philosophy at the University of Cardiff. We talk about existentialism, freedom, ethical action, and I also asked him about the process of writing his book, Rethinking Existentialism (2018, OUP), the current zeitgeist for existentialism (as well as the return of essentialist ideas among public/popular intellectuals).
2019-Jul-12 • 38 minutes
Episode 1: Jonathan Webber – projects and choices
Jonathan Webber has published a book, Rethinking Existentialism (2018, OUP), and it's great, so I asked him some questions all about it and about existentialism.