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Podcast Profile: Beyond the Physics

podcast imageTwitter: @Beyond_Physics
17 episodes
2019 to 2022
Average episode: 134 minutes
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Categories: Physics • Two Hosts

Podcaster's summary: Beyond the Physics is a podcast run by Joseph Guzman and Irene Roman, PhD physics students, who hope to learn more about the universe, and the people that make up the culture behind the science. Come along as we hope to tackle some of the most difficult, and thought provoking questions of our time, and shatter the notions of what it takes to be a physicist.

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2022-Apr-29 • 95 minutes
Couch Talks #1 - Eigenbros
This is the inaugural first episode in our new couch talk series. It's nice to not always have to be on, worrying about production and heavily researching, or dealing with serious topics. On this first episode, we have the Eigenbros joining us just before they go on hiatus as both Juan and Terence found lab jobs across the country! We chat about science like Quantum Field Theory, some astro stuff, and go on to discuss movies and tv. This was rebroadcast from the Eigenbros patreon which is linked below. Tha...
2022-Mar-21 • 141 minutes
From Eigenbros to Beyond Grad School, Juan pt.2
On this episode, we have a returning special guest Juan from the illustrious Eigenbros podcast. Juan lets us in on big changes heading for the eigenbros as well as what he has been up to since our last interview some three odd years ago. Being forced to leave the graduate program due to not passing the comprehensive exam, Juan shares his experience applying to other schools, finding work and ultimately beginning a new journey to work at a national lab. As always it was a pleasure talking to this fine indivi...
2022-Jan-24 • 110 minutes
2022 Update: Break, Therapy, NVC, COVID
On this episode, we give you an update on where we have been since the last epsiode. We give a detailed breakdown of the trials and tribulations we have been through during each phase of this break. For instance Joe decided to defer the Fall 2021 school semester to do some soul searching and to work on himself. Irene has been working dilligently to try and complete her prospectus and become a full-fledged doctoral candidate. Our heroes also discuss their experience learning about Non-Violent Communication a...
2021-May-08 • 88 minutes
Joe's Imposter Syndrome Deconstruction
On this episode, we give you an update on where we have been since the last epsiode. Running through our coursework, how we've been doing, and an in depth dive into Joe's experience with imposter syndrome and how that has come to a head in recent months. We hope you enjoy the episode and our return to form. Hopefully more episodes will be coming to you regularly during the summer season! Check the episode notes below (depending on your listening platform) for timestamps, email contact as well as references ...
2020-Oct-26 • 184 minutes
Book Club #1 - "Conscious" by Annaka Harris
On today's episode we are introducing our book club with its inaugural episode being on "Conscious" by Annaka Harris. Our guests discussing the book today are: Terence, Ricardo (Ricky) Castaneda, Edward Benavidez and of course Irene Roman and Joseph Guzman. We had a informative discussion on the various definitions, experiments and ideas outlined in the book, as we try to peel away the mysteries associated with consciousness. We hope you enjoy and feel free to send us questions and future book suggestio...
2020-Aug-28 • 204 minutes
Will and Determination- Edward Benavidez
On today's episode we are interviewing my friend from undergraduate physics, Edward Benavides. Edward graduated a year before I did, holding the Society of Physics Student's presidency just before my term. Edward is now a Physics PhD candidate at the University of Massachussetts, Lowell. This conversation is widespanning from his background and untraditional trajectory to get to where he is today, as well as exploring some of the incentives behind Teaching Assistantships, and briefly how we could hope to pr...
2020-Jul-31 • 155 minutes
Fathers Day Special Part 2- Javier Roman
On today's episode we interview Irene's father, Javier. We learn about his life journey, growing up in mexico and moving to the United States to pursue work as an engineer. This is meant to be the final part in the father's day special series. We explore topics such as the american college system, effective ways to enact worldwide change, motivations for moving to america, gratitude and the influence of luck, trump and international students, the anti-science movement (is this a realm of American exceptiona...
2020-Jul-17 • 162 minutes
Fathers Day Special Part 1- John Guzman
On today's episode we are interviewing my father, John Guzman. This is part 1 of a 2 part series meant to be in honor of father's day (belated by this point for sure). But in this conversation we cover ground on aliens, John's prolific spiritual journey, abortion, potential trump re-election, the second law of thermodynamics, the definition of God, and life after death. Again this podcast turned somewhat topical, because not long after it was recorded, the supreme court ruled to uphold abortion rights in Lo...
2020-Jun-20 • 175 minutes
Every great dream begins with a Dreamer- Jesus
On todays episode we are joined by my friend from undergrad physics, Jesus. Jesus was a DACA recipient and is currently working in the construction industry. Given the recent ruling by the Supreme Court, this seemed like a good time to upload this conversation. Please forgive any techinical/sound issues, we tried our best to give you the best quality possible given the social distance. Hopefully you enjoy and if you do, please leave 5 stars! Here are some rough timestamps of topics covered: Background: 00:...
2020-Jun-13 • 87 minutes
2020 Update - PhD, Coronavirus, George Floyd
We're Back! Where have we been the past year? How are we fairing the pandemic and protests? What's next for the future of the podcast? Stay tuned if you are curious. If you would like to submit your writings as requested at the end of the podcast, use the email link provided below, we would love for you to share your experiences with us. Thanks for listening everyone, stay safe.
2019-Sep-09 • 152 minutes
The Prestige of Puerto Rico - Gabriel Rodriguez
On today's podcast, Irene and I are joined by our friend Gabriel Rodriguez. Gabriel is a graduate physics student who does research in hadronic physics. We come to understand Gabe's motivations for studying physics as well as his specific sub-field. Having started out as an accounting major, Gabe's individual path proves quite interesting. We learn about some of his upbringing in Puerto Rico, and discuss how the cultural differences discussed could provide value to his scientific perspective. We also talk a...
2019-Aug-09 • 109 minutes
Is Morality Objective? Ft. Eigenbros
On this episode we are collaborating with the Eigenbros Podcast. Eigenbros is run by two physicists, Juan and Terence, both of which have been on our show previously. Note that you can find this same conversation on their Youtube channel if that is of interest to you. The topic of tonight’s discussion is whether morality is objective. For those of you uninitiated, this should be a fun and enlightening conversation. Otherwise if you feel that someone made a considerable blunder, let us know and perhaps we ca...
2019-Jul-29 • 170 minutes
Women in Physics and Astronomy, Also Aliens- Sahana
On this episode of the Beyond the Physics podcast, Irene and I interview our friend Sahana. Sahana is also a graduate student in physics with an emphasis on astronomy. We explore Sahana's motivations for getting into the field and we all reflect on the improbability of us getting into graduate school. But overall, we cover a wide range of topics today, focusing on the most important problems with the culture in physics, and discussing the barriers to entry for success in the field. In particular, we get an...
2019-Jul-15 • 192 minutes
"F#*k your ideas" - Juan Mejia
On this episode of the Beyond the Physics Podcast, Irene and I are joined by our friend Juan Mejia (Not to be confused with our previous guest). Juan and I have known each other for a long time, having met in our undergraduate program at Cal State Long Beach, we both graduated around the same time, and happened to both accept an offer to the same physics graduate school program. To know Juan Mejia is certainly a joy in the unapologetic fervor with which he lives his life. Much of tonight's conversation revo...
2019-Jul-01 • 134 minutes
From Coincidences to Cosmology - Juan
On this episode of the Beyond the Physics Podcast, Irene and I are joined by our friend Juan, Co-host of the Eigenbros podcast. Juan is also a graduate student in physics who currently does research in condensed matter experiment. We talk with Juan about his upbringing in section 8 housing in Texas, and how he feels that has affected his trajectory. We also explore the notion that extremely unlikely coincidences may indicate an interconnectedness of the universe that has yet to be understood. Next we talk a...
2019-Jun-21 • 101 minutes
"The system I was looking for my whole life" - Terence
On this episode of the "Beyond the Physics" podcast, Irene and I are joined by our good friend Terence. Terence was a graduate student in physics, having recently left the program for other ventures. As such, I seek to pick apart his unique perspective on the field. We talk about how Terence got into physics, and how that eventually lead him astray from religion. Naturally then, we deliberate on religion and spirituality, and whether these concepts have a place within physics. One of the main talking points...
2019-Jun-19 • 17 minutes
Welcome to the Beyond the Physics Podcast!
This is the introduction to the Beyond the Physics Podcast. Here you can expect to learn about who I am, my expertise, as well as that of my co-host, Irene Roman, and the goals/motivations of the podcast. We have a rather specific goal in mind, and perhaps a niche target audience. If you are interested in physics, or are currently in physics, and interested in exploring and deconstructing the people behind the science, then this is the podcast for you. We hope to cultivate a new norm in the field, one of fo...