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Podcast Profile: The Numberphile Podcast

podcast imageTwitter: @numberphile@BradyHaran
50 episodes
2018 to present
Average episode: 53 minutes
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Categories: Interview-Style • Math

Podcaster's summary: Interviews with people who love numbers and mathematics. Hosted by Brady Haran, maker of the Numberphile series on YouTube.

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List Updated: 2023-Dec-02 13:28 UTC. Episodes: 50. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2023-Oct-12 • 51 minutes
The Math of Movies - with Walt Hickey
Data journalist Walt Hickey looks deep into the numbers behind movies, TV shows, and all types of popular culture.
2023-Aug-23 • 55 minutes
Finding Your Place - with Federico Ardila
Federico Ardila is a combinatorialist at San Francisco State University. He’s Colombian and in this episode he talks candidly about the struggles and prejudice encountered by people from different backgrounds as they try to make their mark in academia.
2023-Aug-02 • 28 minutes
Yes, I accept the Fields Medal - with James Maynard
Oxford mathematician James Maynard explains why he feared accidentally refusing the most famous prize in mathematics.
2023-Feb-21 • 64 minutes
An A-Class Reject - with Ed Copeland
He dreamed of being a great cricketer - but his love for equations led Ed Copeland to a career in theoretical physics.
2023-Jan-18 • 66 minutes
A Chain of Chance - with Michael Merrifield
Astronomer Mike Merrifield had terrible handwriting and dreamed of captaining a submarine - now he's an astronomer and world expert on galaxies.
2022-Dec-13 • 44 minutes
Finding a Path - with Tatiana Toro
From a challenging situation in Bogota to a prestigious job in US academia, Tatiana Toro wants to help others find their mathematical pathway.
2022-Jul-11 • 74 minutes
An Educated Adult - with Tadashi Tokieda
Tadashi Tokieda is a Professor of Mathematics at Stanford University - and a popular contributor to videos on our Numberphile video channel. But his path to mathematics was unusual.
2022-May-29 • 37 minutes
The Orchid Room and Cancer - with Hannah Fry
Professor Hannah Fry discusses her cervical cancer diagnosis - and subsequent attempt to make sense of it all.
2022-Apr-18 • 51 minutes
A Passion for Big Numbers (and Liverpool FC) - with Tony Padilla
Tony Padilla is known on Numberphile for tackling the big numbers... But by day he's a cosmologist at the University of Nottingham. Tony's also a life-long fan of Liverpool FC. Brady joined him at Anfield for a game against Watford.
2022-Mar-14 • 43 minutes
The First and Last Digits of Pi
Data visualisation guru Martin Krzywinski has teamed up with composer Gregory Coles to make music based on Pi - the early digits AND the last known digits.
2022-Feb-13 • 50 minutes
An Infinite Debt - with Christopher Havens (Prisoner #349034)
Christopher Havens is serving a 25-year prison sentence for murder - but behind bars he's seeking redemption through advanced mathematics. He has published an academic paper... and is bringing math to other inmates via The Prison Mathematics Project.
2022-Jan-13 • 58 minutes
The Little Star - with Zvezdelina Stankova
Mathematician Zvezdelina Stankova was born in Bulgaria and is now a teaching professor at UC Berkeley.
2021-Dec-02 • 37 minutes
Google's 'DeepMind' does Mathematics
A breakthrough paper is published about using artificial intelligence to do mathematics - we discuss it with DeepMind's Alex Davies and Professor Marcus du Sautoy.
2021-Aug-28 • 54 minutes
Making Sense of Infinity - with Asaf Karagila
From high school drop-out to set theorist, Asaf Karagila shares his journey towards infinity. Asaf is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at the University of East Anglia.
2021-Jul-26 • 51 minutes
A Chance at Immortality - with Marcus Du Sautoy
Mathematical greatness can strike at any time - even on the train between Oxford and London.
2021-May-31 • 58 minutes
The Naked Mathematician - with Tom Crawford
Dr Tom Crawford has been known to strip to his underwear in the interests of math education. He is an Early Career Teaching and Outreach Fellow at Oxford University.
2021-Apr-03 • 39 minutes
Beauty in the Messiness - with Philip Moriarty
Experimental physicist Phil Moriarty works with temperamental microscopes and individual atoms. Today's topics include Ireland, mathematics, failing at university, microscopy, academic gripes... and music.
2021-Feb-25 • 55 minutes
The High Jumping Cosmologist - with Katie Mack
Astrophysicist Katie Mack discusses Twitter, athletics, mathematics, and the small matter of the fate of the Universe.
2021-Feb-02 • 45 minutes
Rockstar Epidemiologists - with Adam Kucharski
Adam Kucharski is among a number of leading epidemiologists who has suddenly been thrust into the limelight. We discuss his career and the current state of the coronavirus pandemic.
2020-Dec-11 • 56 minutes
Statistics and Saving Lives - with Jennifer Rogers
Professor Jennifer Rogers discusses coronavirus vaccinations, the media, and her own path to medical statistics.
2020-Dec-08 • 45 minutes
Why Study Mathematics - with Vicky Neale
Dr Vicky Neale's latest book is about why people should study mathematics - but why did SHE study mathematics?
2020-Nov-25 • 54 minutes
Club Automatic - with Alex Bellos
Author and puzzle guru Alex Bellos talks about mathematics, writing, reviews, and his early days running a nightclub.
2020-Oct-23 • 84 minutes
Quiz Shows and Math Anxiety - with Bobby Seagull
School teacher Bobby Seagull made his name on a quiz show - but there's much more to his story.
2020-Oct-05 • 54 minutes
Nursery Rhymes and Numbers - with Alan Stewart
A team of composers and musicians have joined forces to re-imagine classic nursery rhymes with new counts, timings and tempos. It's dubbed Tuplets for Toddlers, and has been led Numberphile's resident composer Alan Stewart.
2020-Sep-12 • 47 minutes
The Importance of Numbers - with Tim Harford
Economist Tim Harford on the importance of numbers and statistics.
2020-Aug-08 • 65 minutes
Why Did The Mathematician Cross The Road? - with Roger Penrose
Sir Roger Penrose is one of the biggest names in mathematics AND physics. Here he talks about sibling rivalry, Stephen Hawking, having ideas, and toilet paper.
2020-Jul-23 • 60 minutes
The Third Cornet - with Katie Steckles
Dr Katie Steckles is a mainstay of the mathematics communications scene and a regular in our videos. Here she discusses her life at school, university, and now as a freelance maths communicator. Plus life as a pirate.
2020-Jul-13 • 39 minutes
The Mathematical Showman - Ron Graham (1935-2020)
Tributes to mathematician Ronald Graham - a man of many talents.
2020-Jul-01 • 60 minutes
The Numeracy Ambassador - with Simon Pampena
Speaking with Simon Pampena, Australia's National Numeracy Ambassador who once dreamed of being a Jedi.
2020-May-27 • 62 minutes
The Happy Twin - with Ben Sparks
Our guest is Ben Sparks - teacher, math populariser, and Numberphile regular.
2020-May-21 • 56 minutes
The Parker Quiz - with Matt Parker
Matt Parker takes a quiz prepared by Brady. The YouTube version of this quiz contains a few visuals at
2020-Apr-19 • 33 minutes
The Accidental Streamer - with 3blue1brown
Grant Sanderson from 3blue1brown returns to the podcast to talk about live-streaming lessons, tracing coronavirus, and a technical mishap.
2020-Apr-13 • 38 minutes
The Legendary John Conway (1937-2020)
We pay tribute to John Horton Conway - with clips from the man himself, plus contributions from Siobhan Roberts, David Eisenbud, Colm Mulcahy and Tony Padilla.
2020-Apr-10 • 45 minutes
Crystal Balls and Coronavirus - with Hannah Fry
Dr Hannah Fry made a film two years ago which predicted the coronavirus pandemic with chilling accuracy.
2020-Mar-31 • 28 minutes
Gondor Calls For Aid - with Kit Yates
Mathematical biologist Kit Yates discussing the coronavirus pandemic.
2019-Dec-13 • 40 minutes
Champaign Mathematician - with Holly Krieger
From Illinois to Cambridgeshire, Holly Krieger’s path to mathematics was an unusual one.
2019-Dec-03 • 82 minutes
Coffin Problems - with Edward Frenkel
Edward Frenkel's fascinating mathematical journey - from the Soviet Union to the United States.
2019-Nov-10 • 42 minutes
The Badly Behaved Prime - with James Maynard
James Maynard is making waves in the world of prime numbers - we spoke to him in his office at Oxford University.
2019-Oct-22 • 54 minutes
Fame and Admiration - with Timothy Gowers
Fields Medallist Sir Timothy Gowers discusses his career - and the role of ‘begrudging admiration’ in mathematics.
2019-Aug-14 • 56 minutes
The Number Collector - with Neil Sloane
We speak with Neil Sloane - creator and keeper of the famed ‘On-line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences’.
2019-Jun-17 • 51 minutes
The C-Word - talking Calculus with Steven Strogatz
We record at the Royal Society in London, with Isaac Newton's original calculus papers.
2019-May-20 • 73 minutes
The Singing Banana - with James Grime
From a difficult school to serving two terms as president of the juggling club - James Grime discusses his mathematical journey.
2019-May-14 • 37 minutes
The Offensive Lineman - with John Urschel
John Urschel is studying for a PhD in mathematics - and played three seasons of professional football in the NFL. He's an offensive lineman who became a graph theorist.
2019-Apr-07 • 75 minutes
A Proof in the Drawer - with David Eisenbud
David Eisenbud's entertaining stories about mathematics are a fascinating glimpse into how math works - how it really works.
2019-Feb-24 • 52 minutes
Parker Square - with Matt Parker
Standup mathematician Matt Parker opens his heart to reveal... a standup comedian who loves mathematics. Order a signed copy of Matt's book:
2019-Feb-11 • 72 minutes
The Math Storyteller - with Simon Singh
Author and campaigner Simon Singh talks about his fascinating career, a famous legal case, and his attempts to change the way mathematics is taught in UK schools.
2019-Jan-08 • 59 minutes
The Klein Bottle Guy - with Cliff Stoll
Computer hackers, Klein bottles and searching for a lost teacher - Cliff Stoll is a man with stories to tell.
2018-Dec-16 • 52 minutes
Delicious Problems - with Hannah Fry
Math celebrity Hannah Fry tells us about her life as public intellectual and thought leader - plus her as-yet unreleased novel 'Free as a Bird', written as a schoolgirl.
2018-Nov-22 • 48 minutes
Fermat’s Last Theorem - with Ken Ribet
Ken Ribet is the president of the American Mathematical Society. He played a key role in the proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem.
2018-Nov-05 • 63 minutes
The Hope Diamond - with 3blue1brown
Grant Sanderson makes incredibly popular math videos - but his views on math education may surprise you.