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2018 to 2021
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Podcaster's summary: Most hustlers won’t wait to put off to tomorrow what they can do today. Not us! We can’t wait to put off to tomorrow what we can do today. We’re overripe fruit of the late bloom. Dawdlers. But all things must come to a partial end and this is partially it! ...a whimper into the abyss... | | We do a podcast we call The Dawdler's Philosophy. It's just two of us, Harland and Ryan (maybe not making it even if we try). We mostly talk about ideas and science and stuff. We also talk about things. Stuffing! | | We try to define the terms we use and, well, we try to be nice to each other. | | Expect content. We aren't interested in spectacle or forced passion and drama. But we're also as advertised.

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2021-Nov-18 • 102 minutes
E47: On Margin Haunting - Quo Bros, Margin Haunters, & Secular Gurus
Dawdler’s Classic is back! In this episode we discuss margin haunting in light of the Decoding the Gurus "gurometer." Then we tour a couple frameworks Ryan has come up with for margin haunting. Plus we unveil a neologism you will want rush out right away...
2021-Nov-13 • 31 minutes
Shorts - E33: The World
Episode never sent. This time we release upon the world...The World. Back when we took a year long break without telling anyone we had some recordings we never did anything with. Here is one of these recordings. Harland and Ryan have different styles of thinking about things and that includes "everything." So enjoy this brief excursion into our past. Besides everything and what we make of it, what's The World to you?
2021-Oct-29 • 9 minutes
Dear Dawdler - E5: To Every Philosophy There Is A Season
Oh, the philosophical times they are a-changin'!! "But HOW!?" you ask. With the seasons... And you thought it was all footnotes. Silly philosopher...
2021-Oct-24 • 41 minutes
E46: 10 Things To Hate About Nonfiction Books
Preeeetty self-explanatory this time. Ryan goes over 10 things he hates, doesn't like, despises, etc., in nonfiction books. Harland does his best to disagree. Next episode: 10 things Ryan hates about devil's advocacy! Jk. -Dawds #1 Maps & Legends - Chap...
2021-Sep-24 • 84 minutes
E45: Dawdler Review - Triamonds, Episodic Synchronies, and NME Skeptics!
Whoo boy! Ryan is back in the swing of things with his kids in school and sports and ballet and covid and everyone's FREAKIN OUT! Harland is on a journey through the red states lookin' for a poker game or two. Apparently, Austin is nice...and hot. But th...
2021-Aug-23 • 29 minutes
Dear Dawdler - E4: We Live in a Context (So I See)
"Make a clear concise description of your podcast" they advise for this input. Umm... good luck with that.
2021-Aug-21 • 15 minutes
Dear Dawdler - E3: We Live in a (Complex) Society
Another letter. Another obsessive and compulsive repeating of oneself over and over again. Ryan replies to Harland's reply because he can't help but indulge in his thoughts and justifications. Maybe Ryan misses the point. Maybe he's on point. Tune in to ...
2021-Aug-15 • 29 minutes
Shorts - E32: Putting Thumbs on a Penguin
No one needed this. Few people wanted it. But here it is, world. Basically, we're standing near an on-ramp to the infosphere holding a black markered cardboard sign which reads, "Will podcast for beer - God jest you".
2021-Aug-08 • 15 minutes
Dear Dawdler - E2: We Are All in the Same Boat
Here I am, never-minding my own business when I stub my toe on a liter litter bottle full of semantics. Well how's about that?! It's from my old buddy old pal Sci-Guy Ry-- what a nice surprise! I should really not Dawdle too long and get back to him, ...
2021-Aug-05 • 14 minutes
Dear Dawdler - E1: We Are All Mutineers
We Dawdlers are as advertised. But we're back. Don't get all excited. In this new kind of episode Ryan Writes Harland a "letter." Will Harland write back?
2020-Jul-26 • 27 minutes
Shorts - E31: The Two Cultures
The value of history is that one has the chance to make sense of their present circumstances. How did we get to now? Can we come up with the best solutions to our problems if we think we understand how those problems arose in the first place? Fingers cro...
2020-Jul-13 • 43 minutes
Shorts - E30: The American Dream
What is a dream? How do we come to form “cherished aspirations” as one dictionary put it? Why do we bother? And how can such aspirations be American? How can such aspirations be shared widely? Equality, egalitarianism, opportunity. Life, liberty, and the...
2020-Jun-15 • 49 minutes
E44: Subjective Chiroptera of Experience - Thomas Nagel's "What is it Like to Be a Bat?"
This episode is slightly different, in that it is our first attempt at recording while doing a Live Stream! Sounds about the same I reckon. But we're excited anyway. An analysis of Thomas Nagel's 1974 paper "What is it Like to Be a Bat?", which initi...
2020-Jun-07 • 138 minutes
Haunting the Margins - E3: Alan Watts
After another mammoth Dawdle, the Dawdlers finally return to the Margins seeking specters, and find this time the anti-improvement, anti-guru, self-improvement guru Alan Watts. They consider some of Mr. Watts' most controversial opinions with oodles of...
2020-Jun-01 • 60 minutes
E43: Rorty's Mirror of Nature Part II - Dividing by Zero
The thigh-ly anticipated second half of the Richard Rorty Dawdle. Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature, Part II!
2020-May-26 • 78 minutes
E42: Richard Rorty's Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature - Part I - An Ironic Kind of Fellow
Can’t we all just get along and get awards for attendance? Or not? Your science is not better than my poetry! This week we talk about Richard Rorty’s “Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature”. In Part 1 of this topic (WHAT!?) there are plenty of misgivings, ...
2020-May-17 • 23 minutes
Shorts - E29: The Great Server
Again, we return to “The Great Filter”. Ryan is obsessed! This time, Ryan, like millions before him—millions!—has a solution to Fermi’s Paradox and “The Great Silence”. It’s “The Great Server”! Yaaaaaaay! Bury those ear buds deep in your ears! It’s about...
2020-May-03 • 87 minutes
E41: Every Theory of Everything Ever - The Evolution of Religions
Man does not live by bread alone. He also lives with social anxiety and is a bit of a control freak. These neuroses fuel him too. Oh, and lies. This is also critical. Lies must be told. How else can you get people to do shit you don’t want to? In this ep...
2020-Apr-26 • 46 minutes
Shorts - E28: Science NOW!
Still getting our footing here at Dawdler’s HQ. Hence this klunky transition back we’ve been doing since we dropped out after American Thanksgiving. This episode is a long short. Not much structure like a typical long episode, but it is what it is, right...
2020-Apr-20 • 20 minutes
Shorts - E27: Luck vs. Karma
Intent or accident? That is the question. No good deed goes unpunished! But in what world is that!? One where shit is just banging together towards a blah entropic state or one with biased negentropic filters that favor the hustlers? This week the Dawdle...
2020-Apr-05 • 33 minutes
Shorts - E26: Planet(ary Problems) of the Apes
Take yer stinkin’ proteins off me you damn, dirty microbe! This time Harland asks the question: Is there any way for us provincial primates—with all our adaptations for dealing with smaller scales—to address planetary-sized problems? We discuss from ther...
2020-Mar-27 • 18 minutes
Shorts - E25: Pedants and Magisters
Stay in yer lane, puny pedants!! This time the Dawdlers ponder the question: What is preferable, being a pedant or a magister? Tune in to find out which! Then celebrate by doing the ma-corona! [moves: go to beach, dig hole in sand, stick head in]
2020-Mar-22 • 18 minutes
Shorts - E24: Deadlock
Longest. Dawdle. Yet. But we come back to you now at the turn of the tide. This time Ryan asks a question and Harland gets it wrong (of course). But we're ok. Are YOU ok? Let's talk about how the world will end then, shall we?
2019-Nov-24 • 63 minutes
E40: Maniraptoran Gravy -The Dinosaur Episode
Tastes like chicken! What does? Dinosaurs… Happy Harrahdays, -Dawdlers
2019-Nov-16 • 64 minutes
E39: We Don't Need No Stinking Badges - Whitehead on Laws of Nature
Metaphysical outlaws? Does our universe operate according to some set or other of fixed, eternal rules? Enforced by whom/what? Could these "laws" themselves "evolve"? This week the Dawdlers consider some lawlike generalizations from Alfred North Whit...
2019-Oct-28 • 55 minutes
E38: Cognitive Combinatorialism - What Makes Humans Special?
What makes humans special? Is it language? Culture? Throwing? Semiotics? Impossible burgers? Ryan thinks it’s the extent to which we combine ("meat", cheese, bun - see!?). In this episode we Dawdlers discuss this in this “short long” and will perhaps rev...
2019-Oct-23 • 69 minutes
E37: The Memory of an Old Idea No One Ever Had - Derrida's Hauntology
To be or not to be, that’s the question, isn’t it? In this episode, we Dawdlers discuss Jacques Derrida’s idea “Hauntology.” Not an easy philosopher to understand, we do our best to work out what spooks a Frenchman. In the end, this was but a first foray...
2019-Oct-13 • 56 minutes
E36: The Man on the Street - A Definition of 'Definition'
In this episode Harland engages in some more of that pesky normative semantics and proposes a new definition of the word 'definition' (n): a paraphrastic replacement function. Huh? Well then he defines all those words too! The primary intent is to pro...
2019-Oct-06 • 29 minutes
Shorts - E23: Discordianism
Fnord. This week the Dawdler's dip a toe into the wild and wacky world of parody religion and spread a few memes and participate in their small way to the Pan-Pontification Project. Duck! Here comes a golden apple, thrown into our little party. Let's...
2019-Sep-29 • 17 minutes
Shorts - E22: Self-Evidence
Do we need to explain to you what breathing is? It's obvious. The evidence is in the doing. Or is it? In this Short, we discuss Harland's disdain for the phrase and its strange loopiness. Song: Can't Get Used To Losing You Artist: Andy Williams
2019-Sep-22 • 91 minutes
E35: An Irenic Kind of Fellow - A Discussion on Illusionism with Keith Frankish
A first for the Dawdlers, they speak to a third person. No longer are they experiencing what it’s like to be a duo. Keith Frankish is here to tell them their duality is but a mere illusion and he is the proof! Something like that. Enjoy their conversatio...
2019-Aug-04 • 101 minutes
E34: More Vice Than Virtue – Nelson Goodman’s Fake News
Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose… Been a bit, but the Dawdlers are back. And, yes, things change but we’re still the same ol’ Dawdlers. Yer welcome. This week enjoy our exploration of some mind bending philosophical musings from philosopher Nelso...
2019-Jul-07 • 30 minutes
Shorts - E21: Personal Accountability
“To remain the same in function, animals must change their form.” - Stephen Jay Gould, 1979 Gould wrote the quote above a couple times in different articles. Ryan likes it because he thinks it can apply to systems in general. Thus, to remain the same in ...
2019-Jun-30 • 29 minutes
Shorts - E20: The Monty Hall Problem
In this Short the Dawdlers play a game. Everyone loses. The end.
2019-Jun-23 • 79 minutes
E33: Massimo Pigliucci's Hard Problems - Multi-Level Selection & Cultural Evolution
Times change and the recent past can sometimes become obsolete as the gaze of the mainstream world focuses on its new moment. But it wasn’t long ago when Richard Dawkins was calling for “militant atheism” and Dubya Bush stood on an aircraft carrier in fr...
2019-May-26 • 33 minutes
Shorts - E19: Repeatability in Science
Everything is unique, yet almost everything is ignored. Herein may lie the crux of history as we fashion it for our purposes. Repeatability is a most productive bias.
2019-May-19 • 22 minutes
Shorts - E18: Depression
Life may be meaningless, but is it hopeless? This week the Dawdlers do a little Short on depression. Don't?...enjoy this?
2019-May-12 • 97 minutes
E32: Anatol Rapoport's Man-Made Conflicts - General Systems Theory
This week the Dawdler's take a step back from the previous weeks and dig down behind to examine an example of a general conceptual framework for thinking about systems, identity, and conflict - evolution, memes, and perspectivism; while they examine Anat...
2019-May-05 • 129 minutes
E31: The Helm of the Mutineers - On Sociopolitical Revolutions
There’s a poem by Portia Nelson called “There’s a hole in my sidewalk”. In it, she keeps going down the street, falls in the hole in the sidewalk, and struggles to get out. The poem is about repeating patterns that ultimately hurt you. The punchline? Wal...
2019-Apr-28 • 70 minutes
E30: The Imbalance of the Century - Zizek v. Peterson
Who's interested in current events!? This week, the Dawdlers talk about the Slavoj Zizek/Jordan B. Peterson "debate": Happiness: Capitalism vs. Marxism. ...and there's not much else to say! So, declaw your lobsters and have a listen!
2019-Apr-14 • 35 minutes
Shorts - E17: Life is Meaningless
Do you laugh in the face of the abyss? Or do you sob uncontrollably? Either way, it doesn't matter you tiny speck of nothing! In this Short, the Dawdlers use Thomas Nagel's 1971 paper "The Absurd" as a guide for a discussion of the meaning of life (or so...
2019-Apr-07 • 18 minutes
Shorts - E16: The Good Life
One way or many ways or any ways... Is there a recipe to live The Good Life?
2019-Mar-31 • 21 minutes
Shorts - E15: Health
What's a healthy podcast release schedule? We sure don't know but are trying to figure it out!
2019-Mar-24 • 23 minutes
Shorts - E14: Fairness
This week the Dawdlers talk about Fairness. Medieval fairs, County fairs...everything...
2019-Mar-17 • 111 minutes
E29: Hustling Past the Graveyard - Ideation in the New Gilded Age
“If you want new ideas, read old books.” -Ivan Pavlov This was the sentiment Ryan witnessed at an evolution conference a few years back. On the one hand, it is a condemnation of the state of originality in science. And, on the other, it is a commendation...
2019-Mar-10 • 123 minutes
E28: The Pleistocene - Part II
Back with Part II of The Pleistocene, Ryan blathers on as H-dog harnesses a mega-punnage. This is the exciting part so are you not excited!? Anyway, enjoy the data dump. Yer welcome. “The” Dawdler’s 00:04:27 – Housekeeping (Sammy Harris-style) 00:17:...
2019-Mar-03 • 100 minutes
E27: The Pleistocene - Part I
Finally!! Ryan gets to talk about the Pleistocene—the epoch in which a new ice age began and we sapiens evolved…into incredible narcissists the likes of which the world has never seen. Two things: In this episode 1) Ryan nerds out while Harland lends int...
2019-Feb-24 • 22 minutes
Shorts - E13: The Future
If you've got a 401k you might think you have comfort that awaits you in 20-30 years. You might consider yourself able to live without working, seeing yourself eating simple meals and meeting friends on easy adventures without a thought toward responsibi...
2019-Feb-20 • 19 minutes
Shorts - E12: Scarcity
How much do you really want something? Is it worth the price? Who decides you want it anyway? In this Dawdlers Short, we explore our thoughts on scarcity. And to commemorate this topic, it will only be available for 100,000 days so get it while it lasts!...
2019-Feb-17 • 120 minutes
E26: Hofstadter's Scrumptious Edibles - Analogy as the Core of Cognition
Does A = A or not!? Or is it just approximate? Or none of it… We Dawdlers take a dip into the book Surfaces and Essences by Douglas Hofstadter and Emmanuel Sander on the significance of analogy-making in thinking. 00:04:40 – The book itself 00:14:30 – Th...
2019-Feb-13 • 24 minutes
Shorts - E11: Authority
Are you talkin' to me? This week the Dawdlers contemplate asymmetrical power dynamics regarding behavioral modification; from parent/child to peace officer/citizen, how do we feel about and deal with exertions of Authority?
2019-Feb-10 • 24 minutes
Shorts - E10: End ofs
How 'bout another Short!? This time the Dawdlers go off about "End ofs". You know, the "End of the World" type ideas. Consider us ambivalent. Enjoy for the world will soon be over!
2019-Feb-06 • 31 minutes
Shorts - E9: Stupidity
Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. ~Albert Einstein The only way to comprehend what mathematicians mean by Infinity is to contemplate the extent of human stupidity. ~Voltaire Present audienc...
2019-Feb-03 • 132 minutes
Haunting the Margins - E2: Terence McKenna
We all dull and enhance our senses in various ways. Some of us, few of us can explore the extremes of sensory manipulation. Even fewer can understand what it means. The Dawdlers return to the theme of Haunting the Margins. This time they take a trip with...
2019-Jan-30 • 25 minutes
Shorts - E8: Artificial Intelligence
Are there inherent limits to the behavioral capacities of artifacts? How would that differ from human bodies? Are not both arrangements of universe, of "stuff"? Why would one substrate permit abilities inaccessible to others? In this week's Short the...
2019-Jan-27 • 82 minutes
E25: A Fetish of Fallacies - Are All Fallacies Created Equal?
“Live” but “not live”, that’s what The Dawdler’s Philosophy Podcast is. “Live” in that it is generally unscripted where we tend to not know exactly what the other host will say. And “not live” in that you can’t listen to it as it is unfolding for the fir...
2019-Jan-23 • 26 minutes
Shorts - E7: Anything is Possible
No, this isn't a New Age affirmation. It isn't a derisive denouncement of low likelihood. It's the Dawdlers giving their takes on modal logic! Herein are considered types of possibility, and how responsible epistemology might interface with metaphysic...
2019-Jan-20 • 102 minutes
E24: In Lieu of Arguments - The Gettier Problem
In art, genius is forgiven if it isn't consistent. Hell, it's probably revered more if it's inconsistent. It's fluid. Not so in philosophy. Consistency is king. Without it one becomes lost and strays from the path. In this episode the Dawdlers (well, Har...
2019-Jan-16 • 22 minutes
Shorts - E6: What Came First: Thinking or Language?
Ever try and prank someone but it back fires and they just go about their business as if they were not even remotely aware of what just didn’t happen? Yeah, that’s this episode.
2019-Jan-13 • 100 minutes
E23: The Moonlight Walks - Aesthetics in Science
Yeats repeats “a terrible beauty is born” in his poem “Easter, 1916”. The poem expresses the emotional limbo of Yeats as he grapples with the post World War I Irish rebellion in response to the broken promise of Irish liberation. Out of acts of violence,...
2019-Jan-09 • 35 minutes
Shorts - E5: Reproducing
Ya like how last week we did death? This week we do birth. It also sucks! Can a Dawdler catch a break? What's that? Is that what we are basically known for? Look, don't be a hater. We mean, hustler...
2019-Jan-06 • 113 minutes
E22: A Farewell to Armchairs - Philosophy Without Intuitions
Imagine a beginner's luck without a point of reference, without any obvious design and you'll have a better picture of intuition and the role it plays in ego and illusion. So there is no luck. There is no accident. Some thinkers are just so in touch wit...
2019-Jan-02 • 23 minutes
Shorts - E4: Mortality
Tick, tick, tick, tick... Happy New Year! Tick, tick, tick... The clock doesn't stop ticking when the ball drops. Another trip around the sun and we're all another year older. They haven't fixed aging yet. Death still seems a likely part of our futur...
2018-Dec-30 • 127 minutes
E21: Ever Since the Universe Invented Imagination - What Do You Believe but Can't Prove?
We are as much our biases as we are our perception to others. Fallibility. It works in mysterious ways. This week the Dawdlers present a discussion from an earlier time than the present moment. It's a conversation they've been meaning to have but not rea...
2018-Dec-26 • 26 minutes
Shorts - E3: Time Travel
The Dawdlers offer some takes on the concept, possibility, and consequences of time travel. Not the kind we're all doing every day [real time "forward"], but that kind from the movies where you can go at high speeds in both directions on the entropic a...
2018-Dec-23 • 108 minutes
E20: The Great Silliness - Consciousness Does Not Exist
Harland and Ryan were born on the same day 3 years apart. December 22. To celebrate they're doing an episode on consciousness and how you, yes you, dont have it!! Happy birthday to us, eh? Eh... They don't know philosopher Keith Frankish's birthday, but ...
2018-Dec-19 • 23 minutes
Shorts - E2: Determinism
In this episode, the Dawdlers take on determinism. Are killers gonna kill? Haters gonna hate? Chefs gonna cook? Eh...Anyway, Harland plays therapist and Ryan plays games because they're fun. And this is just the way it is because it has to be, as all thi...
2018-Dec-16 • 103 minutes
E19: The Muck Raker's Son-in-Law - R.A. Fisher's Science and Statistics
People love to talk about the pitfalls of statistics and how we can "lie" with it. Those people don’t do statistics. In science, statistics is often quite difficult. It's there to help us with very complicated problems, not to hurt others with simple cra...
2018-Dec-12 • 31 minutes
Shorts - E1: Does Everyone Have a Right to Their Opinions?
Hello World. It’s us Dawds, trying out yet another new thing. We thought we’d discuss a kinda off-the-cuff, shootin’-from-the-hip type format in addition to the usual 2+ hours we do. It’s more of a relaxed stroll with intermittent skipping as opposed to ...
2018-Dec-09 • 139 minutes
E18: Wittgenstein's Inner Parliament - Exploring "On Certainty"
There are these people in workplaces who have a talent for completing assigned tasks well. Their results are basically always excellent and up to the specifications and requirements for getting the job "done right". Worker bees, we call them. And they ar...
2018-Dec-02 • 135 minutes
E17: The Final Induction - The Method of Multiple Working Hypotheses
Ryan has kids. Kids have diseases and general poor hygiene. Thus, Ryan has diseases and sometimes poor hygiene. But he loves ‘em, those little rascals. In this episode, the Dawdlers explore this kind of parental affection, but for ideas. How much affec...
2018-Nov-25 • 126 minutes
Haunting the Margins - E1: Robert Anton Wilson
"If you don't mind haunting the margins, I think there is more freedom there. It's like being a politician in opposition; that's where you can be most sincere. But, of course, you sometimes look at people taking lead parts and think they've got all the g...
2018-Nov-18 • 160 minutes
E16: Episodic Synchrony - Diversity in Consumer-Resource Systems
“I suppose most scientists—most authors—have one piece of work of which they would say: It doesn’t matter if you never read anything else of mine, please at least read *this*.” Richard Dawkins wrote that in a note to a 1989 paperback edition of his book ...
2018-Nov-11 • 110 minutes
E15: The Rolling Wall of Fog - Science v. Philosophy
There may not be philosophy-free science, but there *is* radical-free philosophy. Harland tries it out for as long as he can in this episode on the possible differences between science and philosophy. Buckle your chin straps, Truth Seekers! 00:04:50 – Sc...
2018-Nov-04 • 138 minutes
E14: Nietzsche's Rich Pageant - Exploring "Will to Power"
If we're lucky, we're able to add a little sumptin'-sumptin' to the end of the line. Maybe it's a good twist or we bring more than a few threads together. But every once in a while someone comes along and braids so far ahead they leave us all behind. Per...
2018-Oct-28 • 127 minutes
E13: Footnotes to Fermi - The Aliens Episode
So, this guy Enrico trolled humanity once and it’s left us reeling ever since. This week the Dawdlers discuss the implications of this troll and explore a few threads on why we don’t get no satisfaction from our attempts to catch signals emitted by extra...
2018-Oct-21 • 120 minutes
E12: Daniel Dennett's Easy Problems - Content, Consciousness, and Intuition Pumps
This time the Dawdler’s examine Daniel Dennett’s book “Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking” (2013). Regardless of all that, these two tools think they think. Topics explored are philosophical zombies, Occam’s Razor, black boxes, and sorta operat...
2018-Oct-14 • 130 minutes
E11: I Just Wanna Get off the Bus - The Overpopulation Episode
Typically, people may describe a “wide-ranging” podcast conversation as covering topics from A to Z to あ. Maybe that’s the case for those podcasts. Us dawdlers? Eh… Ryan thinks this episode is on the psychology of “over”-population and Malthusian growth ...
2018-Oct-07 • 127 minutes
E10: The Argument Argument - Walking the Tightrope 'twixt Truth and Nihilism
The free world is kind of a mess right now. Seems we've lost something in a trade or hit a wall. We're so team oriented sending and receiving messages is like exchanging alien signals. Naturally, if we are to decode these strange outbursts, it's time to ...
2018-Sep-30 • 128 minutes
E9: Megadeath - The Mass Extinction Episode
Once again, Earth gets the bullet too! This episode the Dawdlers yammer on about Mass Extinction. Ryan is trying not to screw up and Harland is working on his impromptu pun skills. Hopefully something is learned but likely it's just not nothing. Oh, and ...
2018-Sep-23 • 124 minutes
E8: Curing this Guy's Headache - Alfred Korzybski's General Semantics
Hey you! Yeah you, dummy. You know what time binding is? No? Good! We (Ryan) don’t either. This episode the Dawdlers get in over their heads with Alfred Korzybski’s General Semantics. Well, Ryan is in over his head. Harland just can’t get his out of his ...
2018-Sep-16 • 130 minutes
E7: Summer at Aphelion - The Climate Change Episode
Hot topic alert! This episode the Dawdlers pull focus on planet Earth. They talk about Earth processes, especially climate. I guess one could say this is the climate change episode. Yaaay! Earth gets the bullet too! BUT they spend much of their time on t...
2018-Sep-09 • 139 minutes
E6: NME Skepticism - Pyrrho was Right!
Last time the Dawdlers had an original idea it was pretty goofy. This time it is less goofy. So “less goofy” in fact, anyone who listens might get downright pissed off. How dare us! For shaaaame… Anyhoo, this topic is a take on skepticism. Some may say i...
2018-Sep-02 • 169 minutes
E5: This Reminds Me of Another Future - The Emergence Episode
New rule: no new ideas after two hours! This time we talked about the idea of emergence and naturally, its counterpart, reductionism. Of course, supervenience was all thinking it’s host to this party like Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters, “Hiya doin’! Why do...
2018-Aug-27 • 114 minutes
E4: The Tiger in the Bushes - The Truth Episode
Uh oh. We're talkin' 'bout the truth. There are various positions on the truth these days. Truth, post-truth; we take a different direction. We think it is a better direction. But, at this point, it's hard to remember what that direction was exactly. You...
2018-Aug-27 • 131 minutes
E3: Triamond Joy! - A World Beyond Truth Seeking
Triangles. Diamonds. Triamond Joy! In this episode the Dawdlers go deep into lesser known territory: original ideas. Truth Seekers, Game Players, Overseers, and Engineers are united in a unique interpretive mechanism for evaluating contributions to inqui...
2018-Aug-26 • 142 minutes
E2: An Immense Investment in the Utterly Obvious - Gould and Lewontin's "Spandrels of San Marco"
Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Harland and Ryan tackle Stephen J Gould and Richard Lewontin’s paper “The Spandrels of San Marco” and discuss adaptationism’s benefits and flaws in evolutionary biology. This is a topic we thought we coul...
2018-Aug-26 • 139 minutes
E1: John Searle does not Understand - The Chinese Room Argument
This time the Dawdlers are attempting to make sense of being in a room where they have to understand Chinese. John Searle sure can’t help! To remedy this, Harland and Ryan take a deep dive in a shallow pool, with a close consideration of John Searle’s Ch...
2018-Aug-26 • 56 minutes
E0: Dawdlers & (but mostly) Hustlers - Introducing the Dawdler's Philosophy
Dawdlers, Harland and Ryan, discuss The Dawdle. Admittedly a less popular concept in 2018 America than The Hustle, but this dichotomy is considered and arguments presented that perhaps too many underestimate the virtues of Dawdling. P.S. This is episode ...