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2022 to present
Average episode: 26 minutes
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Podcaster's summary: Each week, UnDisciplined takes a fun, fascinating and accessible dive into the lives of researchers and explorers working across a wide variety of scientific fields.

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2023-Mar-09 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: Why are book bans on the rise in the US?
There are some ways in which this latest cycle of censorship is different, and perhaps even more alarming.
2023-Mar-02 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: Is climate change making us sicker?
Climate change isn't just making our world incrementally warmer – its impacts are making us sicker, both physically and mentally.
2023-Feb-23 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: The battle between danger and denial
When the EPA told people in Globe, Arizona, that their soil was toxic and needed to be cleaned up, many residents responded in a surprising way.
2023-Feb-16 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: How can we hold politicians responsible for their inciteful speech?
Almost everyone these days seems to agree that political discourse in this country has gotten too heated – a group based in Utah created a tool to try and change that.
2023-Feb-09 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: Technology is decreasing your attention span – here's how to help that
Our attention spans have been significantly changed by the digital devices that surround us, but there's things we can do to help that.
2023-Feb-02 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: Surprising and often accidental discoveries that changed the world
The "project of physics" will never be complete, but some scientists in the 19th century thought there was little left to explore. Thankfully, that wasn't the case.
2023-Jan-26 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: How do we prevent a dead pool in the Colorado River Basin?
Sometime in the next few years, the water level in Lake Powell may drop so low that it will be impossible for the lake’s dam to continue producing electricity.
2023-Jan-19 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: What Lula's election means for Brazil's rainforests
What Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva does now about the Amazon may impact every person on this planet.
2023-Jan-12 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: The 2000-year-old modern scholar
Plutarch's work continues to find relevance today on pretty much every issue under the sun.
2023-Jan-05 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: How Donald Trump exploited the discourse of American exceptionalism
Scholars Jason Gilmore and Charles Rowling have argued that Trump has taken American exceptionalism and turned it on its head.
2022-Dec-29 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: On outliving our parents
Many of us will be having the experience of not only outliving our parents, but growing to ages they never saw, and living those years without their examples.
2022-Dec-22 • 25 minutes
UnDiscplined: Does the canine coat reflect immunity to a deadly disease?
A team of researchers noticed that as you go south along the Rockies, the number of black coated wolves will increase. But what does this have to do with the deadly canine distemper disease?
2022-Dec-15 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: The forgotten wives of Joseph Smith
Many of Joseph Smith's wives have been lost to history due to early secrecy and reluctance to discuss these marriages. Historian Todd Compton is trying to change that.
2022-Dec-15 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: Man's best friend in life and art
We’re doing a deep dive on dogs in art, and what that relationship means about dogs and humans alike.
2022-Dec-15 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: Military veterans can offer lessons on cultivating inner peace
For veterans post traumatic stress is real, but so is post traumatic growth.
2022-Nov-17 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: Researchers unraveled the mystery of European eel migration
We're talking to the researchers who tracked European eels to solve 100 year mystery.
2022-Nov-11 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: What can be done to save this 80,000-year-old aspen forest?
Some parts of the Pando tree forest are thriving, others are nearly gone. And it's not clear what could or should be done to save it.
2022-Nov-03 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: how "thinking like a predator" helped a USU ecologist study bumble bee mimicry
Mimicry is an evolutionary survival tactic in which multiple species share a similar appearance in order to signal to predators that they should be left alone.
2022-Nov-03 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: Dense bones allowed the Spinosaurus to hunt under water
A study suggests the Spinosaurus may have been subaqueous foragers, which means they pursued prey underwater.
2022-Oct-21 • 26 minutes
UnDisciplined: rattlesnakes have a genetically diverse venom toolbox to keep up with evolving prey
A new study suggests that rattlesnakes evolved to reach into a toolbox that already has everything they need to adapt, overcome, and eat well.