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Podcast Profile: The Big Idea

podcast imageTwitter: @DavidEdmonds100
42 episodes
2018 to 2020
Average episode: 10 minutes
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Categories: Broadcast Radio Programs • Philosophy+/Philosophyish/Ideas/Etc. • Story/Narrative-Style

Podcaster's summary: What are the big ideas shaping our world now?

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List Updated: 2023-Dec-02 13:07 UTC. Episodes: 42. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

2020-Dec-19 • 12 minutes
Fighting pandemics
The 2020 pandemic has transformed our world, but it won’t be the last to do so
2020-Dec-12 • 11 minutes
The science of addiction
Why drug addicts want drugs – even when they don’t
2020-Dec-05 • 12 minutes
The new normal
How Donald Trump is reshaping our ideas of normal behaviour
2020-Nov-28 • 10 minutes
Do cities need rules?
How does the way a city is run change its inhabitants' lives?
2020-Nov-21 • 15 minutes
The science of sleep
What does sleep do for us, and what can go wrong if we don't get enough?
2020-Nov-14 • 12 minutes
The importance of fairness
Why it pays to be fair, and why people are less selfish than you think
2020-Nov-07 • 12 minutes
How do we spot rogue cops?
Within every police force there are bad cops, but could there be a trick to spotting them
2020-Oct-31 • 13 minutes
Understanding emotions: Should we follow our hearts?
How noticing things in our bodies can help us read our feelings
2020-Oct-24 • 15 minutes
Does behaviour tracking help tech companies become better at saying sorry?
2020-Oct-17 • 14 minutes
Why living in the city could make you happier
What makes some cities more successful than others?
2020-Oct-10 • 13 minutes
Why do we find things disgusting?
Meet a ‘disgustologist’ who has been uncovering answers to our uneasy feelings
2020-Oct-03 • 10 minutes
The fragility of choice
Where do our opinions come from, and how easy is it for people to change them?
2020-Sep-26 • 10 minutes
The truth about marriage
And how your relationship may be less stable than you think
2020-Sep-19 • 10 minutes
How to topple a dictator
Is violent or non-violent protest more effective?
2020-Sep-12 • 11 minutes
Why do we laugh?
And why a cognitive neuroscientist says laughter deserves more research.
2018-Sep-23 • 9 minutes
The Afterlife
Suppose you knew that after your natural death the human race would die out…
2018-Sep-16 • 9 minutes
Why Are Some Nations Rich?
Why are some nations richer than others?
2018-Sep-09 • 10 minutes
How does language work?
Neuroscientist Cathy Price examines the workings of language
2018-Sep-02 • 9 minutes
A Future Without Doctors?
Can you imagine a future without doctors?
2018-Aug-26 • 9 minutes
The Intelligent Tree
Are trees intelligent?
2018-Aug-19 • 11 minutes
Consciousness: A Strange Theory
Is consciousness everywhere?
2018-Aug-12 • 11 minutes
The Teenage Brain
Why can’t teenagers get out of bed in the morning?
2018-Aug-05 • 9 minutes
How To Stop Murder
How can we reduce murder rates?
2018-Jul-29 • 9 minutes
Democracy and Famine
What is the cause of famine? It’s not the obvious answer
2018-Jul-22 • 11 minutes
Dimensions of Discrimination
Do black women face more prejudice than black men or white women?
2018-Jul-15 • 10 minutes
Inequality Makes Us Anxious
Inequality makes people anxious. How?
2018-Jul-08 • 12 minutes
Are We All Racist?
Are we all racist?
2018-Jul-01 • 11 minutes
The New Distrust
Are we living through a crisis in trust?
2018-Jun-24 • 9 minutes
Contact Theory
How do you stop different groups from hating each other?
2018-Jun-17 • 10 minutes
Economics and Mosquito Nets
What can economics tell us about the use of mosquito nets?
2018-Jun-10 • 10 minutes
Memory Wars
Should you trust your memory?
2018-Jun-03 • 9 minutes
A World Without Livestock?
The meat burger with no meat
2018-May-27 • 9 minutes
Outrage and Moral Conscience
Why is there so much outrage on social media?
2018-May-20 • 9 minutes
Is there a limit to the number of friends we can have?
2018-May-19 • 9 minutes
Baby Boffins
Babies are much smarter than their parents might realise
2018-May-17 • 9 minutes
Will we be able to control computers of the future?
2018-May-16 • 9 minutes
Social Physics
What can data tell us about the success of cities?
2018-May-15 • 9 minutes
The Growth Mindset
Why do some kids do better at school than others?
2018-May-14 • 9 minutes
Can our experiences be passed down biologically to our children and grandchildren?
2018-May-13 • 9 minutes
Future Gazing
Can political experts predict the future?
2018-May-12 • 11 minutes
Monkey Money
What can monkeys tell us about the stock market?
2018-May-11 • 2 minutes
The Big Preview: The Big Idea
The search for the most interesting ideas around.